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/tg/, I'm making a BBEG for a Saga game. He or she is going to be a Sith Lord. Although a general plan and backstory is already set, I'm unsure of gender and species. So, for inspiration, I come to you. I'll dump my whole, if woefully small NPC folder, which actually has a pair of good Sith pictures in it, in return for any kickass pics you have that I might take for the villain.

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Make him a bona-fide cyborg. He's extremely weak in the force because he's basically Sith robocop.



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I'm not so sure how this wound up in my NPC folder rather than my generic /tg/ folder, but whatever.

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Well this looks like as good a place to start as any.

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Then we have this.

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Maybe his/her apprentice for that. The Sith Lord's plan is similar to Kreia's in KotOR 2, in that they hate the Force and want it to die. But to her, it was a hatred of the fact she felt it stripped away free will. For the current BBEG, it's because in their musings on the dark secrets of the universe that sapient mind was not meant to know, they became convinced the Force was fully sentient, and was in fact playing games with their fates. Basically, they can see the fourth wall of the game/movies/EU, but is partially maddened by theories of what lie beyond it.

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And since you're mentioning cyborg apprentices...

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Integrate parallel universe nerd arguments.

We demand it.

"What if there was a universe where everyone lived in a happy Federation? would that please you? Do you think it would be perfect?"

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>Can see past forth wall.

Have it occasionally yell at the players in the middle of conversations their having out of character.

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This was my first instinct, to make them something like a super-mutant Shistaven. Because a bear-Sith is awesome. But then I realized my players might shoot me.

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And this woman is... most likely not a Sith. But she still seems to fit with the style of the series.

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And here's some Mara Jade/random red head Jedi. Would you believe I'm already more than half done with this folder? It really is pretty dinky.

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How in the fuck did PenPen get from my animu folder to here?!

Some days I don't understand what I was thinking when I file some of these things.

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Nagai one of starwars' space elves, in an '80's goth variety

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Well then, let's have ourselves a two-for-one special.

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Dunno if they really count as space elves though. The basic idea of a tall thin humanoid is there, but their bone structure as I've seen in all the relevant art makes the proportions more disturbing than anything else. Besides, they were the most xenophobic and arrogant fucks in the galaxy until the Yuuzhan Vong showed up.

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pen pen is awesome, so don't sweat it.

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I don't know much about star wars, but it seemed like the light sabre wouldn't necessarily stop after 3-4 feet. so like if you had really powerful force powers, couldn't you just have like a 50-foot-long sabre?

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It only occurs to me after posting that arrogant is a total elf thing. But seriously, sexy fetish art aside, I always held some level of creeped out factor with the nagai.

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it's more like a beam of plasma held in place by magnetic fields, which is why it can reflect blasters.
Star Wars SCIENCE! makes a lot more sense if you assume it's all plasma based weaponry

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Because you'd need a powerpack for that. And it's just not worth it when you can throw a saber or use lightning to the same effect.

Also, nearing the end of my stash of NPC/character portraits. I'll probably swap to landscapes of epicness after I hit the end.

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Could be a power related issue. The handle, she can on'y take so much Cap'n!!

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The size of the blade has nothing to do with the force.

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It just occurred to me that most of the Goa'uld from Stargate would make good Sith.

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It's the opposite of the length of a Jedi's penis, like how people compensate with larger cars in the real world.
This does mean that Yoda is hung like a horse, and I have no clue what this means for Darth Maul.

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And it's off to backdrops and landscapes with me, after this.

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that's where my ignorance shows, I guess, I always thought it was powered by the force

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Female Wookie Sith Lord!

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no, it has a power pack (like a super battery)

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You want Sith huh? How's this?

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Female Zabrak, only without the stupid full body sith tattoos. Those things have got to be such a fucking give away.

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Don't think the idea hadn't crossed my mind. I could always make some tables and roll randomly I guess.

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There's a Force power that lets you make disguises that could cover that up. But that seems like a waste of a limited amount of powers.

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Female Ewok Sith Lord!

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i'm so disillusioned

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Nope it has a battery that basically recharges it self as long the connection isn't severed which only happens when it comes in contact with something.

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Wookies are very rarely force users, there are only 3-4 of them in all Star Wars, and George has gone on record saying that no more can be introduced.

The more you know.

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Yeah, but it's a game, you know? Just because they're rare doesn't mean it's impossible. But again, probably not going to be my final product.

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Who gives a damn what Lucas said, it's his campaign which isn't canon so he can make an all wookie jedi party if he wanted to.

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> all wookie jedi party

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no, no it's cool man
I think it's a stupid rule too, I was just telling you about it.
Wookies are awesome.

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And I need to crash. Hopefully this thread will still be here when I crawl out of bed, with how slow night time /tg/ can be in the wee hours. If not, thanks for all the pictures folks.

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I've heard of it before, but Lucas is just getting stupid about the series. Limited his master race (wookies) in force users just because there was a few every now and then in novels.

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I met this guy who told me about his Sith Ewok. He started as a normal Ewok who was force sensitive, but the DM was apparently the used car salesman of the Dark Side. That Ewok ended up with so many points... It was very well done.

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