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Hey, /tg/! Listen! Fairies are AWESOME! They are tiny and make great scouts, have dickish magical powers and can breed with anything! Why don't people play as them more often in D&D?

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-4 Strength

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-4 Strength

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-4 Strength

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rolled 92 = 92

/r/ muscle fairies

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Plus they fit into fridges.

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and in your uretha.

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Because the DM loves to make a better flytrap, that's why.

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Don't you mean pixies?

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Because in America pedophilia is banned

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I wouldn't be able to enjoy cold iron flavored gum
But I also think a fey PC weakens the ability to use them as the hidden horrors of the forest

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... more?

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The farther away you get from normal size and form (wings) the less equipment you find available for yourself.

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>Why don't people play as them more often in D&D?

Spriggan berserker. You only try it once.

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rolled 1 = 1

silly Ausfags, pixies are not real. specifically not real children.

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lol wow whered that come from

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Yaaay! I love Cirno!

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If I was a DM and one of my players wanted to use a pixie or whatever I would probably use the variant massive damage rule by size from the DM's guide just to spite them

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Pleasure motes are where it's at.

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Magical armor resizes itself... and with the insane defense bonus from size, I don't think you have to worry as much on early levels.

There's a level adjustment for most fey though, making them hard to play from level 1.

Other then that, fey PCs can be fun, if you have a player/party that won't fuck around too much.

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/r/ing cat sidhe nekoko template

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this comic is retarded

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not everyone gets to start with magical armor, and artifacts can stay the same, as well as weapons and other things

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And then they have sex.

And then she dies.

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Knock yourself out.

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Not everything should be a player character race. Fey should stay otherworldly and dangerous and often just plain WRONG. They harken back to an earlier age of the world, when their land was closer to ours, a land with more explicit magic, odd rules. They latch onto our world and insinuate themselves into the biosphere in an effort to "hang on" and not get sucked back to where they came from. Because they like it here, and dont want to leave. Maybe there's something wrong with their home.

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Now that's impressive.

OP, it's because of Level Adjustment and not being good optimization races. That, and it makes you " that guy", like playing Catfolk.

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Awesome, thanks to both of you. This comic started out hilarious, became d'aaw, and if Cirno melts on his dick, it's going to end in hilarity.

.... SO. Um. OP. I think you just got the answer to your question....

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That character always makes me sad.

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the true ending was nekoko. so...

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I once had a pixie campaign.

Every player was a pixie, but their stats weren't modified other than being able to fly. Treated as medium creatures.

Humans and elves were all huge (and used giant stats) while dwarves, halflings were large (and used ogre stats).

Quest was to stop a human village from logging their forest. After sabotage didn't work, found out where the human king was and managed to get the pixie kingdom recognized as a viable ally via a few quests.

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>fern gully campaign

This is your BBEG.

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I just might jack that idea.

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That's an interesting approach to take. A dungeon could be an ant hill or something

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If i remember well, you can do a lot fo crazy shit as a Pixie in DD3.5 LA+4 but improved invisibility at will, massive characteristics boosts except -4 Str ( don't freaking care, can do anything else, based on Int/cha/dex), you fly, can cast charm person at will.
Basically, you can do many things as a pixie. I've always wanted to play one, never had a campaign where they could have integrate the game well, so human instead...

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She...kinda melts. Then Yukari shows up. Just read it, it's a decent fap/shlick, and amusing.

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I can't see how that'd be decent to fap/schlick to if she dies

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An all-Fairie campaign could be pretty cool, actually.

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Elves are based off of the Vanir, and also fill that role. Gnomes are tinker spirits/mischevious bringers of douchey destruction, like what you said. Orcs are evil fantasy niggers that were meant to be Always Chaotic Evil.

The fantasy classics all started out from myth and superstition, and all wanted you dead. Unless you only want humans in your games, this is not a good rubric for exclusion.

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That is just scary

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pixie warlock with levels of expert can do epic shit. using hide in plain sight and sniping/sneak attacking with eldrich blast while also enjoying the benefits of being tiny and near invisible goes a long way.

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>Was expecting more fairy porn
>I am disappoint

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rolled 52 = 52

she's a frost fairy, she dies every time there's a heatwave and reappears the next time it chills. that's why she apeas under-aged despite being older than the rest of the touhous.

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Seriously, who HASN'T jerked off to this card before?

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Why bother? You're not a full caster, so you can't do everything you ever want to and are therefore limited in all the creative stuff you can pull.

That's the problem with 3.5.

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uh, what?


You're thinking of Letty, but you got that wrong too.

She's a child because all fairies that way. In fact, of all the fairies, she's likely the smartest and the most mature, but that's by fairy standards.

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>why play if you're not optimized?

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I don't understand the rationale behind most level adjustments, and monster characters in particular, at least in 3.5. Now, here out my logic on this for a moment. CR X is supposed to represent a challenge to a 4-man party where all the members are level X such that it will consume 1/4th that parties resources. Shouldn't, therefore, CR be equivalent to character level? Because you get cases where, after adding HD and level adjustment together to produce a theoretically equivalent monster character, the total is something like 20 while the CR remains at 12, and is thus vastly underpowered compared to its non-monstrous companions. It just doesn't make sense to me. Could someone explain the reasoning?

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bursting with nectar. and why am I reminded of bondage fairies?

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Being constantly tiny has its own advantages. And if you were going to minmax in the first place why would you consider being a fairy?

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You are now imagining what would happen if the fairy girl shrunk Quaritch instead of that logger dude.

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No. Monsters aren't expected to survive an encounter so a persistent or at-will ability is less valuable than for a PC that will have multiple encounters per day.

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I was toying back then to play a Warlock/ factotum fairy, perhaps with a few marshall levels somewhere.
Not a powerhouse with uberspells, but the ultimate party backup : party boost for all, ultimate skillmonkey !
I remember some crazy build using the Master Thrower PRC, a "minigun" like fairy ranger. it was quite impressive, tripping people at range.

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Yep, just did. It was decent, like you said.


It ends with the character getting a chance to save her before she melts from his lavasperm. By going to the fairy-land. Where he'll probably have to SEND MEN TO SUMMON WORMS or something; shit be crazy there.


I really don't want to derail this thread, but I have a folder labeled "touhou trollan" for a goddamn reason.

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>You are now imagining what would happen if the fairy girl shrunk Quaritch instead of that logger dude.


It'd be glorious. Quartich riding a stag-beetle, armed with a twig quarterstaff, beating the shit out of any douchebag fairy that tried to talk shit to him. This has to be a game. This IS my next 3.5 game.

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Monster = 1 guy
Party = 4 guys

a party of 4 goblins with PC classes, played like PCs and with PC wealth, will stand a pretty decent chance of murdering any non-superminmaxan party of the same level, and will at least give them a really good fight.
Now, if the goblins all can throw fireballs naturally, well that power is probably the equivalent of having a few levels, so they're gonna have to have less HD or they'll totally kill the entire party, because then its like they're higher level.

Hepra derrup

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>they think faeries have butterfly wings

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Keep in mind, though, that monster abilities don't scale at all well, and having less HD their saves, base attack, and pretty much everything will be significantly lower than the rest of the parties'. So, on some particularly egregious examples, you could have hit points, saves, and all that equivalent to a 12th-level character while the rest of the party is running around at 20th, and have no PC class levels on top of that.

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When I want to play a character in DD3,5 with my mates, sure I min/max. I'm the min/maxer of the team.
But first, i find a character concept, then i go building. And I do it with the DM, because i'm here to play with friends, no to disrupt the DM or other players fun.
And when i'm ready, i help my bros to optimize their characters.
So please keep this kind of garbage out. You don't optimize for optimizing, but in order to survive and have awesome characters and nices roleplaying opportunities with your friends.

So, sure playing a fairy is NOT the most Uber powerful extra cheese you can find, but yes, it is quite powerful on the right hands.

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yeah, level adjustment doesn't always work very well.

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>he thinks laughinggirls.jpg isn't old as fuck
>in a minute he'll post a reply that demonstrates his ignorance of the deliberate irony above

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Youŕe thinking of Letty, baka.

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What's that?


Don't mind if a do!

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Two guesses at what goes in there.

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>It'd be glorious. Quartich riding a stag-beetle, armed with a twig quarterstaff, beating the shit out of any douchebag fairy that tried to talk shit to him.


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And the answer is: other fairies!

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With something like 110 unofficial touhou, it's hard to keep them apart sometimes.

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your fetish is not welcome here.

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They're all official.

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My fetish is something that would be a lot more common if fairies actually existed.

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his dumb fuckin butt

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lol impotent white male cant take cute, lashes out the only way he knows how: poorly drawn laughable violence

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I sure wish I knew who the guy is who does this guro paperchild stuff.

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As long as you remember the important ones, all is forgiven.

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It's all over gurochan, not that hard to find.

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I need to know this guys website. It is both creepy and erotic, not to mention artistic as hell.

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This poorly-drawn crap?

Hell no. At least the original ones got the lighting right and had a degree of draftsmanship.

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gurochan, /art/

You'll have to look.

You know what?

I'll just bundle up everything I have and put it on mediafire. Give me about 15 minutes.

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Danka, good anon.

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tineye will take you to his devart page, were he has published all of this and more.

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huh. never seen it over there. Perhaps I should start a thread.

... sadly, this is more /tg/ related then one might think. I once drove my party absolutley batshit with fey; pixies, grig, the whole nine yards. Everybody else was getting super pissed with me, except for the guy who plays the insane wizard who solves every problem the same way. As others kept on dropping from fatigue as the grigs played on, he just grimly kept rolling will saves- and finally beat one.

"FIDDLE WHILE YOUR GROVE BURNS, YOU LITTLE FUCKS," declalreth he, before casting an explosive Fireball centered right on our location- and every fey in the area.

Everybody limped out of that with 5 or less HP, but the Wizard, after stabilizing on his own, collected the crispy corpses of the fey and was considering all sorts of gruesome uses for them at the end of the session.

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Get this off /tg/.

I love Om's work as much as the next gurochanner, but /tg/ is not the place for it.

Most people don't like guro; we don't need to inflict it upon them. That's why we have our own little site.

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tinyeye failed me the one time I tried it, but I had only one image to go by, so...


WIN. Thank you, anon. I'm not sure if the porn keeps the thread discussion alive or the thread discussion keeps the porn alive. Either way, /tg/- getting shit done while we fap.

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Most of his guro stuff, though as far as I know, not all of it(can't find the start of the first set of fairy pics at the moment, and the archives are huge).


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I believe that's why he's mediafiring it, instead of dumping in this thread. Come, now, help us discuss fey and their use in games, as PCs or whatnot.

Or follow the example of this thread:


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adult cirno gives me a mega boner

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Anon, you are an officer and a gentlemen. I thank thee.



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I was going to post the pic of Cirno sitting on the shoulder of an armored knight dressed in her colors- it's the most baffling thread-related pic ever- but apparently it's already somewhere on the board.

Man, /tg/ is fucking weird with the hivemind shit, sometimes.

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If the game were about pulling pranks and stealing creampuffs, that would be perfect.

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The One Ring has been kidnapped by the BBEG.

Are you a bad enough pixie to sneak in and rescue Ring?

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Holy shit, she has Yuka rapeface.

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Another adult Cirno.

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Though Letty isn't a fairy. Still, at the very least Cirno is over 60 years old. She could even be timeless but her actual age is never mentioned, so we only know she's over 60 by the fact she sort of remembers the previous flower incident that happens every 60 years, it's just Cirno didn't really CARE about it, or have a good memory.

Polite sage because I don't know if the thread is over and would rather not bump it if it is.

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Tiny hammer Elysian-catachans?(Whatever that Unified army was called)

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change the filetype.>>10281721

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A campaign where the default enemy type is crackhead fairies going through withdrawal.

RACIST MODE: the fairies happen to be black.

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Faerie Meat.

Fun game. Cannibalistic faeries gone berserk.

>> No.10282920

Pretty lesbian faeries nuzzling and moving in my hand is my fetish.

>> No.10282999

If you're a woman, that is now my fetish.

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Great fucking game. The minis were supposed to be 1:1, so your terrain was wherever you felt like playing. Totally fun using shit like your dining room table or garage for combat.

They also sold packs of just fairie wings so you could convert any other model to a Fairy Meat model. 'Nid and Necron fairies for the win.

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Non-human lesbians you say? Sounds pretty heretical...

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>> No.10283130

I am. So is the person holding that faerie. (Long and actually defined fingernails gives it away. Also, it's a good erocg.)

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>> No.10283326

Yeah, I had noticed that.
Also: Lesbian + Lesbian Fairy = Awesome.

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Bump for lesbian faeries.

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Time to oil up!

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>> No.10287736

This picture is stupid. Semen goes into the vagina, preferably while the girl is screaming for you to pull out.

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Original picture.

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Hey people, remembah us?

>> No.10288041

How could anyone forget.....

>> No.10288052

dude, no, the semen goes in the vagina, but while she is sobbing pathetically begging you to make her a momy

>> No.10288066

Who doesn't?

(Answer: Tinkerbell, because of the GHB.)

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....that's hilarious.

>> No.10288082

No way. Still got all the pdfs.

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This would be the best crossover porn ever.

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Fun that I see this subject, as I'm going to play this afternoon (lol european timezones) in a game where all players are fairies, leprechauns and other kinds of nine centimeters high trolls (that's about three/four inches for you imperialsystemfags)

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Because tiny fairies don't exist in 3e.

You are thinking of PIXIES, which are size small, same as halflings.

>> No.10291159

Countdown to inevitable splat reference showing you're wrong.

Never claims something doesn't exist in 3E, my son.

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>Become a Knight.

>Get Fairy Sidekick

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Grig are tiny.

>> No.10291265,1 [INTERNAL] 

Pleasure motes: Tiny faeries that cause orgasmic bliss when irritated or annoyed.

Book of Erotic Fantasy for 3.5.

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