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Is there at least one of these a day or something? I know damn well that is /tg/'s GET IN HERE picture for namefags and their roleplaying.

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Seems to be the case.

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Bump, I guess.

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pizza here, you called?

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Because I need to find Coggirl and Mehl so we can jump into the warp and get Khornette back from wherever she is?

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He'll likely be on soon, I know we're heading to Pripyat tonite. Regardless I'm sure he'll try and help you folks.

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These threads are always fun. Where's Doomrider been of late?

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Haven't seen him actually, been wondering the same myself, it feels empty.


Inquisition business?


Your hat is huge.

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Possibly Tzeentchnette ate him.

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Naw man, game night. So I'll probably be around too, since this one is on ORPG.

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>Arrives, possibly with Tarvus

>> No.10280945

>Departs, due to WARP SHENANIGANS

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That... could possibly happen and is something I don't even want to imagine.


Picture related.


Ah, good to hear that.

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So, why do you spray the Tyraneldar every time it pops up? From what I've seen it's fairly well behaved in comparison to the company it travels with.

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I have no idea, seems like the right thing to do.

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>is in soulstone, You're squirting Tarvus


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>Blood Rain

I'm liking the sound of that.

Also, you have NO IDEA how difficult it is to reconstitute your aetheric essence when different bits of you are banished to different realms of Chaos.

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Call of the search, I found her.

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fbbltgbgh stop that
And yes, perils. Liar and me derped bodies, but I think hivemind is screwing with it.

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Call it off, even.

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Hey, RPfags. Call me curious: Are you still under the effects from the 'sexy perils' thread?

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It's probably somewhere in the ship, with other Genestealers right now

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no, this is real perils

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Not that I know of.

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I wouldn't know, I don't have to worry about any of those wussy Psychic shenanigans.

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Call of the Search, a new exploring game by Activision.

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Some of us are.

>my body derping around with genestealers
I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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And I was just about to jump into the warp to find you.

What am I supposed to do with this now?

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>Blood rain, warp dickery
Are you out of your mind...

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It's like being back with Mike but with more psychedelic and less Mikes.

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No, seriously. I hear the howling vortex of Kal'shagar is nice at the moment. Which is to say, it's being mobbed by Furies and fought over by all four Chaos Powers. Nice weekend trip.

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That's been open for two days, mind you.

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oh hey you guys what's going on

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Oh okay

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Just the usual. Shenanigans.

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And I was planning on visiting the Khornate daemon worlds too.

Anyway, sorry to be the one to bring this up, but did you hear about Narl?


My mistake.

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Blood rain, I'm in my soulstone, Tarvus is in the zoanthrope body.

try not to manifest
>end telepathic communication

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Blood rain; some stay dry while others feel the pain.


Wait, what?

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Well shit. There's a blood rain AND a weakened veil. Why did you do this?
...liar where's the up button on this thing I'm dragging half of you along the ground

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How the fuck did you manage that I swear I leave for one minute and you guys manage to get tangled up in such shenanigans ugh!!

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I already told you, I was going to look for Khornette.

>> No.10281212


Think harder... but not too hard...

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Narl? Oh, what about him? I've been scrying for him for months - time running funny in the warp and all - but can't seem to find him. He's not still being held in some null-cell somewhere, is he? That's just downright inhumane.

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Hey nimue not much it's just raining blood and I'm stuck in liat's body. Why?

>> No.10281241

Did anyone tell ya the bad news?

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Again, I'm sorry to be the one to break the news, but Narl was executed by the inquisition. They used a psycannon bolt round so his soul would be torn apart along with his body.

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I think I'll say it since I'm the only one with a void shield.
He's dead, Khornette. And I mean really dead. Like gone for ever dead. They executed him with a psy-bolt.

>> No.10281262


He's dead! Ain't that a great revelation?


Kinda late, there.

>> No.10281279


Hahaha, you're a funny couple of guys.

No, seriously, where is he? I've been thinking and I want to tell him that I want us to start going serious instead of just hanging out and sleeping together. I mean he's been really good to me, so it's not fair I keep him hanging like this.

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But some assassin apparently went back in time with the ghostbusters' capture device and said he got the soul, and gave it to Alis.

No idea whether or not he was being truthful or where she took it either.

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I noticed.

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Doomrider's gonna be pissed. He wanted to tell her.
>hits ceiling
Ffffow omnissiah damnit I already miss my legs.

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Again I'm just confused as to -how- you managed to do that.

Bloody perils.

>> No.10281309


I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.

He was shot in the head with a bolt pistol loaded with a psycannon round. Both body and soul gone.

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I know I'm not terribly serious most of the time, but for once I am. I'm really sorry, Narl's gone.
I have my doubts as to the truth of all that, seeing as that phonebooth just sat there while he made airplane noises.

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It's a Real mess though the chaos gods have brought that purple haired chick back from far worse. so there may be hope even if the assassin was mistaken.

>> No.10281336

It's a police box thank you very much.

>> No.10281346


But...but this...they can't! I mean, they couldn't have done, surely? It's just not...fair. It's not fair. We weren't hurting anyone!

>> No.10281353

It's legitimately on the charts, check for yourself.
...I think it's wearing off as well. I think I'll just, ah, be leaving now.

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>shows an image on the auspex

They weren't kidding.

>> No.10281355


I'm sorry, both Mehlman and Varity confirmed the news.

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I'm afraid that's what the Imperium does to anyone without power who does something they don't enjoy. He was deemed a heretic most foul, likely as a lesson to those of us who still claim to be loyalist and are at least mildly heretical.

>> No.10281362


Again, not too hard...


Tried to manifest some tape around a Soroitas
ended up with perils

>> No.10281369


Nope, it's as true as saying the sun rises in the morning. Like I've said before, if there wasn't a Grey Knight present, I would've kicked his body. I had to keep to witty one-liners, sadly.


Why does nobody get that it was deserved? They say it's not fair for the Inquisition to do their job! He proclaimed himself a heretic and showed off his deeds every chance he can get, and people are SURPRISED he was executed?!

>> No.10281384

Like I said assuming you can get your parents and the bird douche in on it, cause the Uncle seems like he would do it ,you can probably have him put back together, although he may talk kinda funny....

Hell Emps himself will likely help, (Don't those bolts need his blessing anyway?)

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... well... now I just need to figure out where the genestealer went...

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That fucker was the loyalist of this crew last I fucking checked.

>> No.10281410

>Pats her back and offers her a box of tissues

>> No.10281418

Remind me to never use any psychic powers here. Ever.

I don't wanna get swapped with like, Bubbles, or something.

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It must suck hitting the ground with something that's not designed to touch it.


Can't you only use offensive powers, anyway?

>> No.10281451

I'm pyromancy / divination, so I've got some non-offensive ones.

Which I'm terrified of using now.

>> No.10281454

We WILL find a way to put his soul together. .. Just need some of the big folk to get back.

Look we are all heretics now, and I WILL introduce anyone who says otherwise to a damn cattleprod.

>> No.10281456

Do...do you at least know what happened to his body? I'd like to visit it.

>> No.10281468

They still have it, but we are gonna get it back.

>> No.10281469

I'm currently trying to wrangle some favors to get it delivered to me instead of the Malleus or Hereticus. As far as I can tell, both the body and my request are caught up in the bureaucracy.

>> No.10281474


It'll be fine, its happened before
>rubs dirt from face

>> No.10281497

Technically, I'm not a heretic. But I can only be a heretic after the debate of a tribunal of my peers and an official declaration of Extremis Diabolus and the signing of a Writ of Traitorus Horriblus. So no, I'm just a Radical.

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>finds body
>also finds genestealers, hundreds of them
Does that mean you can send fire into the future?

>> No.10281507


I distinctly remember someone saying they wanted to give him a viking funeral.


I'm still loyal to the God Emperor, and if you dare get that prod near me I swear by him that you will end up with pain, great pain.

>> No.10281518

Blasted Ecclesiarchy, their crusades are a wast of time.

Get what back?

>> No.10281523

That would be nice. It might help me get some...I don't know. Closure?

I suppose I should thank you for telling me what happened. So, thanks. But right now, I think I just want to be alone for a while.


>> No.10281524

If by "viking funeral" you mean "nuclear apocalypse".

>> No.10281538


Take care.


A somewhat-great man once said: "Sure, why not?"

>> No.10281548


You can't put it back together if it was completely destroyed, idiot.


Yeah, I can see why. The least of your worries is the NORMAL Perils.


Still being held by the Inquisition, I'm pretty sure. Probably burnt with their 'holy' promethium.


Yeah, it has to have SOME armor, being a tyranid.


>But I can only be a heretic after the debate of a tribunal of my peers and an official declaration of Extremis Diabolus and the signing of a Writ of Traitorus Horriblus

I'm pretty sure it didn't work like that for Eisenhorn, but different ranks of Inquisitors handle things differently.


Some dead idiot's body.

>> No.10281550

If by Viking you mean nuclear, that was Tom.

If by viking you mean nuke servitor sent to avenge himself that was me.

>> No.10281564

The Inquisition has it... that's all....

>> No.10281567

Ah much better, how do I look?

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>> No.10281591

For some reason, I recognize that quote...
> didn't work that way for Eisenhorn
>possibly works differently for higher ranked Inquisitors
Sure, why not.
I'm good with either.

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>> No.10281598

YOu know that is gonna bite you in the ass sometime?

>> No.10281614


Maybe. Maybe not.


I've gotta start recording this.

>> No.10281617

Applying neclear weaponry directly to the cadaver. That, my friends, is a true warrior's death.
Well, at least they're fun.
one second
>running from genestealers
>no fate points left, feeling vulnerable

>> No.10281627

And by "that" I mean the Genestealers that Tarvus's body is hanging out with.

Aw sheet I just realized Tarvus's body is with GENESTEALERS and what they do to captives....

>> No.10281631

....Don't make me start sniping people.

I'll do it. I'll totally do it.

>> No.10281649

When you escape you ay want to check for implants and run a rape kit...

>> No.10281656


Alex needs to be invited to judge a Tyranid wet t-shirt contest.

>> No.10281659

'NOT ENOUGH *CASH*, stranger.'
Sorry. Couldn't resist.

>> No.10281661


I'd love to help, but Genestealers work differently

>> No.10281662


>> No.10281666


If that happens, I start shooting. If shooting fails, I shoot it some more. If all shooting fails, I chainsword it. If that fails, well, not much I could do about it to start with, right?

>> No.10281676


Well, I'm pretty sure it depends on the accusations of heresy. Something major, like with Eisenhorn? No tribunal. Minor things, like some of the stuff you've been doing? Tribunal.

Where are y'all even getting atomics? Is Tom just pulling them out of his Inquisitorial ass?

>> No.10281679


I'm cool with this.

>> No.10281680

The body was scheduled to be immolated.
Ha ha.....

>> No.10281685


>> No.10281694

Fun, is purging heretics or xenos with bolter rounds.
Not guarding some shrine or retrieving worthless artifacts.

>> No.10281708

In that case I have a hard ride ahead of me don't I?

>> No.10281714


Well aren't you lucky, here comes the first contestant now!

>> No.10281717

Sure, why not.

>> No.10281725

You sabotage the promethium tanks, they won't realize it until too late.

>> No.10281729


>> No.10281732


Now I didn't bring that along...
>using synapse to get warriors to intercept Genestealers

>> No.10281747


They don't teach you kids how to manage boredom these days?


As it should be.


Is that all you're going to reply?

>> No.10281756

Stealers are semi-independant, especially when they are in cult starting mode.

>> No.10281767

Sure, why not.

>> No.10281773


Whatever that is, it's not going to win any contests if I'm judging.

>> No.10281788

I never thought for once you would agree with me.

>> No.10281813

.. You know. I've never tried it.

Here goes...

... wait a sec, blood rain is still going, isn't it? Fffff

>> No.10281819

>still running like a bitch, cally complaining about orfice invasion
>realizes he is starting to hate Liar's genestealers with a passion
wait what are you talking about
oh omnissiah this is going to get worse isn't it

>> No.10281824


I know that, and they are in that mode apparently.

so just gonna put them down.

>> No.10281834

>jumps into trench before perils

>> No.10281845

Not only is the considered heresy, but I would risk harming Sisters of Battle.

It's not boredom, it's anger. I can be of far greater use and yet they give me meaningless missions.

>> No.10281848

>> No.10281875

>bloodrain = instaperils
>In before daemonhost/instakill

>> No.10281885

What the dicks is going on in this thread?

>> No.10281888


>> No.10281891

Even CAin *BLAM*ed people who got raped by stealers, thankfully we have a synpse creature to keep you from gettinh out of control, although we may have problems with you trying to continue the cult.

>> No.10281893


Oh.. dear... incoming

>> No.10281895

The fuck are you guys doing?

>> No.10281896


Still looking repulsive as ever, I see.


I don't even know who you are, but I honestly just don't care.


Since it looks like you're keeping my banner for a while, I'll have to make a headband for you. Mark of Him on one side, Aquila on the other.


It doesn't matter if you could be used better elsewhere; you suck it up and follow your orders. Sheesh, they forget how to train Space Marines in the past 10,000 years?

>> No.10281921

You still playin that loyalist game?


"What we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE"

>> No.10281928

Fapping, what else?

>> No.10281934


Yes, slap a fucking Terminator suit. You're really smart.

>> No.10281945

You don't want to know, Ceiling Tau.

Just stay up safe here in the vent with me.

>> No.10281946

That's fine with me.
You won't sway Terminator, trust me.

>> No.10281954

He can out-bitchslap you, you know. He has a powerfist.

>> No.10281965

Don't mock me Rubric. My chapter is on of the few that has NOT forgotten their ways.

The orders of coming from the damn Ecclesiarchy, not my Chapter.


>> No.10282001

Not like you're any less of a jackass.
You really are as stupid as you appear. And not everyone is the heretics, just most of them. Terminator is pretty loyal.

>> No.10282002

Very good. Carry on then.

>> No.10282011



>> No.10282036

Hey, the fuck you doing ganking my booze?

>> No.10282043

Maybe now would be a good time to get Termie laid.

>> No.10282047


Hey, watch your mouth, this one's mine, rations and all.

>> No.10282051

.. ow. My head hur-- this isn't my head oh what the hell.

>> No.10282053

I'm confuse. What do you people even do here?

Why has everyone not been exterminated for heresy?

Is it safe to show my true self?

>> No.10282056

That'll happen when Varity does.

>> No.10282063


>Don't mock me Rubric.

Just saying that never works.

>My chapter is on of the few that has NOT forgotten their ways.

Says the Space Marine with his nearly all mechanical body. They didn't do that back during the good times; well, probably. We didn't fight with the Iron Hands that much.

>The orders of coming from the damn Ecclesiarchy, not my Chapter.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Iron Hands listened to the Ecclesiarchy.


>Not like you're any less of a jackass.

You wound me with your harsh implications.

>> No.10282070

That ended -really- badly last time. What makes you think it will work now?
Ha ha. Perils. At least I'm not a Tau again. No thanks to you Fuuka.

>> No.10282075


Does this mean I can... I can order you around?

My god, the possibilities are endless!

>> No.10282078

That was a belt or folded whip slap.

It's from a movie

>> No.10282085

We know that green necron liquid shuts him down. We just have to find the female necron again.

>> No.10282090

Err. Sergeant. I'd advise.. Looking down at yourself first.

.. Though I suppose compared to some Perils this is mild.

>> No.10282103


Oh boy, thats not good, enjoy your malt beverage...


I wonder sometimes, but these people seem more accepting than most mon'keigh, I've gained a liking to them

>> No.10282114

Anyone seen Verity aht and abaht 'ere?

>> No.10282117


What do you mean "look down"...


Fuck, not this again.

>> No.10282124


Doesn't make you any less stupid.


Not that crap *again.*




Extremely so.

>> No.10282126

>Skids past blockade of 'nid warrious/gaunts

Do it, heretic.
welp, at least it'll wear off in 1d10 rounds.

>> No.10282132

Fine. I'll believe you... This time, Gue'la.

>> No.10282137

Ho ahead and show off, I don't care. And this is the Tiji sector, anyone who is here was dumped here because the Sector Governor is given a stipend to put up with us.
Bad. Idea.

>> No.10282146

That was back when I didn't have an AI. Now if I shutdown, it will take control.

>> No.10282148


Hey, Tom, it appears that I have boobs. Again.

>> No.10282155

Huh. They look different from this, um, angle.

... I really look like that? I gotta eat some more cheeseburgers, dang.

>> No.10282175


Well, I... I mean you... us?

Fuck, I don't know, but WE have it in some of the right places.

>pats own butt, looks at Krieger body

And I don't look that bad myself.

>> No.10282178

Good job Alex, keep up the good work.

>> No.10282179



< What disturbs me the most about that statement is not actually that you have boobs, but that you had to include "again" at the end. >


>> No.10282184

Where is the beer. I'm not drunk enough to understand this thread yet.

>> No.10282185

IT's the Quick and the Dead

And I, well I am the quick.

>> No.10282191

Nope. Got crew yet?
Quick, take off that dress.

>> No.10282193

Oh wow, this is hilarious. What I get for not reading the folder I'm looking at well enough. Regardless, I appear to have been effected by the perils as well.

>> No.10282200


Ha ha... no.

>> No.10282201

Fergat mah name.

>> No.10282209

.. wat?

>> No.10282217


>Genestealers get razed, last thing we need is Siren or god forbid Leviathan on our doorstep


I think they are quite nice

>> No.10282221

...Sometimes they remove them from the dead.

...I try not to think of why.

>> No.10282229

Forgot to link to my previous post. The folder containing the spares for my time as a tau is right next to my general spares. Hit the wrong folder, didn't check, and then posted.

>> No.10282234

So, does this mean we have a tau running around in an inquisitors body now?

>> No.10282250

Not s'much a crew as a rabble o' ne'er-do-wells wiv a shared set o' goals.

An' only in th' area of four besides meself, at that.

Why, ye lookin' t' join?

>> No.10282251


Use the Armageddon-pattern autogun on your back, the Garm-pattern bolt pistol in your holster on the chainsword on your scabbard.


I know, they are squishy, right?

>> No.10282253

If you say it's okay then..

HEY! I am not a heretic! I think.

>> No.10282259

Whatever happens, it ain't my fault.

>> No.10282280


Reminds me of when I used to sleep on a certain banshee's breasts, back at the craqftworld... before my exile...

>> No.10282283

So, just a question: If one of you died, who would get the remaining body?
Ahahaha. Oh wow, it's Neshi Perils Day all over again.
Sup, Til. How's tricks?

>> No.10282290

Not if it's the same as last time, in which case I was just turned into a female tau and changed back as a matter of course.
Hey a robot or something. Go talk to Termie, he's pretty much one.

>> No.10282296

Damn witches....
There's always that meltagun.

>> No.10282297

.. Let's not find out.
>draws bolt pistol, marvels at it

These things are lighter than I thought they'd be.

>> No.10282308

...banshees sure are kinky little minxes.

>> No.10282310


No, I like my body.

My real body.


Hey! I never said you could touch them!

>> No.10282317

Yeah, they are. Good times. Good times.

>> No.10282321





Well, for someone like you, it fits.

Also, it seems I'm pretty safe from the body switching shenanigans, as according to the fluff, the Rubric Marines' souls are locked into the armor until it's destroyed.


Probably just the increased muscle mass.

>> No.10282334


I'm not touching them
>is a telekinetic

>> No.10282345


Whatever, stop fondling them with your mind then.

>> No.10282363

So How about that crew we were getting together for finding Khornette goes and steals us a body?

>> No.10282368

> teeth grit behind gasmask

Also ugh how do you breathe in these things.

>> No.10282369

>Hey a robot or something. Go talk to Termie, he's pretty much one.

I'm a cybernetic organism technically.

The AI has been reprogrammed. It should no longer be a proble-...Varity?

>> No.10282370


...Not bad.

>> No.10282373

Still raining blood......

>> No.10282375


>realized was thinking a bit too hard
Oooh My bad

>> No.10282393




They are getting all weird, dammit.


First you inhale then you exhale, take it off it's that much of a bother.

>> No.10282400

I think, according to the Dark Heresy rules, the person that actually owns the body that died is the one that dies in the event of death while body switched.


That's racist. Just cause I have giant screws for joints doesn't mean I want to bump featureless hard crotches. What if I prefer someone that isn't all hard and metallicy?

>> No.10282401

>waves bolt pistol

Cut that out! At least wait for me to get BACK in my body before you start fondling it!

.. er... Well really I'd rather you not at all right now but you get what I mean.

>> No.10282409


Luckily, its not a real manifestation...
Some of the things I can do are warp immune, you know

>> No.10282416


Yes, you in particular would know.


And you're surprised we think of you as a pervert...


Better to breathe through that than breathe in poisonous gasses.

>> No.10282417


*Steps out of time machine*
*Takes off party hat*
*Bushes self off*

Hey guys! What did I miss?

>> No.10282422

Hey Nimue. Take off the gasmask.
I'm in no position to at the moment, m'dear. Too busy getting periled and genestealered. Whipped up any new kinds of explosives lately?

>> No.10282425

...not really, no.

>> No.10282434

Then go do the horizontal monster mash with something you'd prefer.
Close enough.
Just because I'm a dick.
>fondle tiem

>> No.10282439


Honest mistake

>> No.10282442

Uh, we never said you had to have sex with him. He doesn't really do that anyways. Tom just said talk to him. Nothing more.

>> No.10282446

Whoa why is it blood rain?!

>> No.10282448

Hm? Who?

>> No.10282462

Don't ask me. I don't know either

>> No.10282491

Dude, get the fuck up here. Now.

>> No.10282496


I botched a manifestation, rolled two 76's

>> No.10282506


Hope I can find my camera by the time this bloodrain stops

>> No.10282510

Heey, errr. Those in the know.

How long is a DH round again?

Getting a little uncomfortable in this uniform here.

>> No.10282514

... no.

'Aven't 'ad th' time, really.

>> No.10282516

*Jumps on to ceiling with stolen anti grav boots*

Don't ask where I got these.

>> No.10282527

*Stares at you for a few seconds*

...no one. It was nothing. Forget it.

>> No.10282529

Those soul bits you caught are now sitting in Slaaneshi territory till Alis gets back...

And we broke the news.

>> No.10282541


If you take that uniform off I swear by the God-Emper... DAMMIT, IT BURNS WHEN I SAY THAT!


>> No.10282549


combat is around 4 seconds, normal time probably three minutes

>> No.10282560


>> No.10282561

About five seconds.
Can I help you with something?

>> No.10282571

Ohhhhh.... Yeah hey sorry about that Khornette. Well at least you can... ummm. Crap yeah I'm not a soul expert kinda guy. I just travel through time in this stolen time machine. Also don't tell the ghostbusters where there trap is.

>> No.10282579

>written accents


>> No.10282585

Okay. Just a little while more.. I think..

Of course, this being horrible SUPER PERILS or whatever, we really have no idea.

OKAY OKAY. You don't do anything rash, I won't.

But these pants are feeling weird aaaaa

>> No.10282592

>Talk to him.

And what, do you suppose, we have in common?

What do we even talk about?


>> No.10282598



>> No.10282602

...So take it off?

...It's not your body, after all.

>> No.10282613

(shifty eyes)

>> No.10282624

Oh. They didn't tell me these things in the House where I was trained..

Of course they didn't really tell me much other than how to burn things with my mind, see the future, and not get KILL by DAEMONS...

>> No.10282626

This is getting interesting...

>> No.10282627

*Finds camera*

YOu two go ahead and start this shindig, I figure we can get a good payday off it.

One more favor, We need the body.

>> No.10282642


>> No.10282649

Small talk. About the weather. "Hey, how's that RAINING BLOOD and all."
You know, the usual.

>> No.10282654

I'm so glad we're watching all this from the ceiling.

>> No.10282669


Okay, sorry about the outburst, this is not a pleasant situation, specially since I was in a similar one before. Empero... GAH damned Slaanesh...

>> No.10282675


Hey, boss. How'd you like my work? I know you didn't ask for those murders, but it's not like I got any blood on your canisters.

>> No.10282677

...yes, closer to the rain.

>> No.10282679

So you've been up to something, eh? Care to fill us in on what?
How is having three eyes going for you?

I'm going to go to the medicae bay now. Stupid genestealers. I think all these perils are screwing with Cally, as well. She's been real quiet latelhnngkphgg

>> No.10282717

Aw sheet! He's gone genestealer cult rape mode now.

>> No.10282721

Unless you can get me out of an Ecclesiarchy contract, no.

If you are damaged I could repair you. But such a thing you could do by yourself could you not?

>> No.10282740

Man, good thing I took that fearless talent...

>> No.10282750

Depends..... what are the conditions of said contract and who, precisely, is it with?

>> No.10282764


Hey.. uh.. Terminator. Do you have to deal with the trouble of changing body parts if you want to change cloths too?

>> No.10282793

...I know a couple bonesingers, if you ever wanted a real skeleton.

...you know, so someone could actually "jump your bones".

>> No.10282809


heya changeling, a drawfag did this fer yeh


>> No.10282810

Dem paper shredders man...

>> No.10282818

*cue drumroll*

>> No.10282829

Oog~, feeling a little wobbly.. I think it's wearing off!

>> No.10282837


Oh dear..

>> No.10282842

...now's your last chance.

>> No.10282843

Nope that's blood redirection.

>> No.10282854

Get him under control!

>> No.10282856


Yes, finally, all I have to do is take this headband off and I'll have a trophhhhhh...

>> No.10282884

Blood redirection..?
>totters and falls over

>> No.10282890


First you make the wrong noise for the TARDIS, and now you have it not making a noise at all! Make up your mind.


Give that to me, if you don't mind.

>> No.10282895

From the new toy between your legs.

>> No.10282898


>waiting to see if he actually requires suppression of Genestealer ganglia

>> No.10282902

>Falls unconscious against Rubric

>> No.10282908

It is a long contract made between the Ecclesiarchy and my chapter. It was first used to grant the my chapter the right to use the Dark Age chip that contained the AI. They are now using it to have control over me ever since the AI was reprogrammed, keeping them from being able to deem me a heretic.

I do not wear clothes, only armor. I do not even have any from of synthetic flesh.

>> No.10282933


Ooh! I'm so pretty...

By the way, why do you guys make such a big deal about changing genders? I change genders at least ten times a day, usually more.

>> No.10282936

S'nice work, better n' wot Grey could manage e'en on a good day. 'Ow are ye wiv yer 'ands?

>> No.10282954

It's usually a touch more complicated than that....
I'm aware of that. Who in the Ecclesiarchy holds the contract?

>> No.10282960

Ah, wait, hold your fire. It's just me.
...Do you have any clue how throughly saturated I am right now with warp energy? It feels...good. Nice, even.

>> No.10282973

Because we're not used to doing it. But you get used to it after a while...
I find it frightening that I can say that...
Should be human and male again soon if they're actually swapping back.

>> No.10282976

You mean to.

>> No.10282986


Oh boy..

So was your host body penetrated by genestealer tongues... or other instruments?


>> No.10282987


Hey, thanks.
But really, that depends entirely on what you want with them. Lockpicks? A knife? A club?

>> No.10282995



Well, it ain't the first time I've had to take care of Nimue...

>> No.10283010


... Makes sense. Sorry, just a bit curious.

>> No.10283022

Oh yeah I got kinda drunk and played with the default settings when I stole it. How does it go again?

>> No.10283033


I'm a finely honed.. uh.. something.

..You know you are very pretty when you show your eyes.

>I do not wear cloths

When you actually think about it, I'm not wearing any either~

>> No.10283043

I do not know who exactly. The Ecclesiarchy are keeping that hidden from me. What I do know is that it is one of the higher ups in this sector. Specifically, one of only five that have stepped foot on Medusa in the past year.

>> No.10283050


oh hey i'm me again hooray

i feel weird

>> No.10283090

And That may very well be the loophole we need!

I can have my "Relations" from back in the city see if they can get us out of this mess.

>> No.10283095

>stays on the floor, rubbing his forehead

What... what in the Emperor's name?


Sorry about that... gah... must have been all the touching...

>takes off mask and rubs forehead harder

>> No.10283098

Looks like you kept a souvenir........

>> No.10283101


...is it less weird now?

>> No.10283102

... he actually has a face!

>> No.10283109


Can you stand on your own, little one?


I don't really remember; the last Doctor Who episode I saw was the one on Mars, and that was a while back. I know it doesn't make a "FWOOSH!" though.

>> No.10283116

What I don't think I di--

>> No.10283117

Hm.... without that I cannot promise anything. But I have my ways. I can see what I can do.

>> No.10283118

Internal medical scans indicate so. What have you been putting him through? The gene sequequencing of the parasite matches your own.
...Also, how did you make it...rain blood?

>> No.10283119

>When you actually think about it, I'm not wearing any either~

Yes, I can see that.

>> No.10283127



>stands up

Of course I do, what a silly thing to say.

And now that we are on the subject of "saying", not a word of this to anyone who wasn't here, you hear me?

>> No.10283131

Tools, mos'ly. Going t' need an extra set ov 'ands aroun' 'ere.

>> No.10283132

Yeees. I should be alright in a moment or two.

That was probably the oddest experience I've had yet.

>> No.10283147

Of course. It's not like everyone in the sector saw it already, anyway.

>> No.10283159

Stiiiiiil raiiiiniiing!

I ould not advise burnytiem.

>> No.10283168

...don't worry I'll make an entry in the Black Library.

>> No.10283171


>> No.10283172

Oh. Well it just so happens that I have to go back in time every now and again and kinda fill in for the Doctor.
Since I kinda *whispers* killed him after I stole the time machine. *cough* *cough*

>> No.10283173


Genetic changes are due to a retrovirus that the genestealers oh so lovingly implanted...

as for raining blood, that's an error any psyker can pull


They're so nice even an Eldar cant keep their hands off?
>thinking too hard again

>> No.10283180


Tools, fine. I might need a bit of help with Imperial technology at first, but how hard can it really be?

>> No.10283185


I will cut you. Cut you bad.

>> No.10283187

If you can somehow fix this, me and my chapter will be in a great debt to you.

>> No.10283201

Hopefully he comes back as the best one.

>> No.10283212

Then stop looking at my naked chassis, YOU CAD!

>> No.10283217


.. I guess that's a nice ego-boosting way of putting it.

>> No.10283219


Okay; I'll be here if you need help.


>killed him after I stole the time machine.

Bull crap.


Yeah, the Tenth was my favorite, too.

>> No.10283229

Nice third eye there, guardsman.

>> No.10283247

Oh no I mean I shot him with this space-phasing round I kinda acquired through various means *shifty eyes*. I'm pretty sure he's in one of two places.
1. The fluffy dimension of lovable kitties.
2. The dimension of man eating crabs.

At least that's what it says on the box.

>> No.10283251


>stops telekinetically doing things ALA Sixaxis on Rosemary, on MGS4
.. Of course.

>> No.10283254

I have pull... but it will vary how much I can sway. But since it's you.... well, we'll see. I will help however I can, and this is an area in which I hold marginal expertise.

>> No.10283258

We Finally agree.
Great he has a copy of her eye and she has a copy of his....

Oh boy....

>> No.10283262

Jus' depens if ye're willin' t' learn. Ye got that kin'a occupational commitmen'?

>> No.10283267

...see? Everybody wins.


>> No.10283273


Ha ha... but seriously, no.


Indeed... anyway, I forgot to cop a feel myself while I was in your body, mind if I do it now?

>> No.10283297


That all depends on the reward, doesn't it? Somehow I get the feeling that traipsing about the galaxy with both you and Verity will be entertaining enough to warrant such, ah... Occupational commitment, as you put it.

>> No.10283300

Careful there you did keep some aspects of eachother...

Big S has to be involved..

>> No.10283315

rolled 17 = 17

>Rolling WP to resist third eye mutation

>> No.10283319

We may be in need of the ship for operation "Best Funeral Ever"

>> No.10283321

I am sorry if I have offended you. For well over 1,000 years I have been fighting alone. I am not a very...sociable person.

I will not forget this.

>> No.10283329

wait what
um I guess

>> No.10283330

Speaking of Ver, ye ain' seen 'er lately 'ave ye? I need t' give 'er a piece o' me mind on the shite job she did wiv some ov Grey's wirin'.

>> No.10283332

>Success with two degrees


I do believe you are mistaken, my good sir.

>> No.10283344

You have a -5 penalty for each post in her body, and each of hers in yours.

>> No.10283354


Panties girl here. Stop trying to control other people's characters. Or I shall eat you.

>> No.10283358


Oh, he'll be back to get it. In fact, I'm surprised that the TARDIS works without him, or that you know how to work it.


Are there sociable Space Marines? I've certainly never met one.

>> No.10283365


>> No.10283366


Jolly good, don't mind if I do then.

*Pokes, prods and gropes boob*

Interesting, most interesting.

>> No.10283367

>rolls aroudn liek a cartwheel, biting tail ala Ouroboros


>sees that as an open invitation to Alex
>continues slowly rotating

>> No.10283373


Sorry, boss. She tends to avoid me, since I do this a lot.

>> No.10283376

Aw shit meant -1 sorry.

>> No.10283386


>> No.10283391

I have heard that the Salamanders often spend time with humans.

>> No.10283393

..I was just joking.. dear.

You need to get out more often. How did you become nothing but metal anyway?

>> No.10283399


And now the other one.

>repeats process with other boob

>> No.10283408

Heh. I can fix that.
>quiet buzzing noise
Ah, maybe you just can't see it yet~♪

>> No.10283415


>stops rotating

>> No.10283443



>> No.10283445

Nimune roll to avoid getting your end of the side effect.

>> No.10283449

'At's terrifyin'. Ye must be a real 'it at parties.

>> No.10283452


I could tell you a lot of things about the Salamanders, none of them flattering. Besides, spending time with does not equate to being very good at doing so. But, then again, my view of them is tainted with the thought of their pre-Heresy brethren.


He still has a brain; fat lot of use it gets, though.

>> No.10283455

>My WP is 39
>My face

>> No.10283459


careful, they alter brain tissue

>> No.10283468


Vot joo doing? Keep fehlaytink yooself, darling!

>> No.10283483


I could tell you a lot of things about the Salamanders, none of them flattering. Besides, spending time with does not equate to being very good at doing so. But, then again, my view of them is tainted with the thought of their pre-Heresy brethren.


He still has a brain; fat lot of use it gets, though.


That was not a very good decision, if you ask me...

>> No.10283489


They feel quite nice, actually.

My congratulations, you have very fine pair of breasts.

>> No.10283490

rolled 5 = 5

errr okay

>> No.10283493

Oh, well, I guess I have something to do, now....
Can I help you with anything else?

>> No.10283494


... I was biting my tail

>> No.10283496

Well, a lot of it came from simple enhancements or replacements due to parts lost in battle. But most of it is due to a battle were I and a few chapters aided some Grey Knights in a fight against a Daemon Prince.

It was a long time ago. But like most things, I remember it will.

>> No.10283502

Thought you saved at 30 that one time oh wait that was tarvus.

>> No.10283518

haha, I am the greatest

>> No.10283524

Ooh, is it story time?

>> No.10283532


That's a very poor impersonation; I can actually understand what you're saying.


Better than anyone else here, certainly.

>> No.10283552


Mmnheh. I like to think so. For whatever reason, though, some people don't like me to impersonate them. Hell if I can make sense of it.

>> No.10283554

You have a choice of keeping it or not.

Assuming that passed by a lot since it's your big important stat right?

>> No.10283560

>Daemon Prince


I just woke up in a lab. Nothing that interesting.

>> No.10283574


I haven't been putting my heart into it.


It sure didn't look like that's what you were doing.

>> No.10283577


Mmhmm... mind if I take a picture?

>> No.10283583

i don't even know what you're talking about!

>> No.10283606

Depends on the lab.

For example was there a short red haired boy chasing a Blond girl with pigtails?

>> No.10283619

How much did you pass by was the question.

>> No.10283626

>buzzing stops
I need to fix some, ah, things up there anyway.
>buzzing starts again
You should burn them with future-fire.

Don't forget, one of these days you're going to mutate. And when you do, you'll be reminded of a certain someone...

>> No.10283628


>resists urge to sunder robe, for said picture



>> No.10283639

Well I'd cer'ainly appreciate if'n ye didn' do any impersonations of me. Get me?

>> No.10283651


What do you mean?


Do I need to get the squirt bottle out?

>> No.10283656

umm if you wish
By like, 35, yeah
It's still blood-raining I am not falling for that again

>> No.10283658

Oh! Oh!

I wouldn't mind being impersonated!

>> No.10283680

Yeah I don't really care if I'm impersonated because I don't have any significant relationships or anything here to destroy, I'm like, white noise half the time

>> No.10283681

Quick before she decides wether or not to will away the mutation!

>> No.10283686

Not really. I am mainly here because of repairs. My armor has been damaged and my left hand has been crippled.

It is a long story. I do not think anyone here would be interested though.

You could say I was born in one too. For I have almost no memory's of my life as a human. Those that I due have are blurry and feel more like dreams then memories.

>> No.10283690


The thoughts were for your benefit, and mine... and anyone else in the area

>> No.10283697

>Takes out camera

Would you like to pose, maybe expose your bosom a bit more?

>> No.10283704

You have 65 and passed by 35?

Or you have 35 and passed by 5?

>> No.10283719

>For example was there a short red haired boy chasing a Blond girl with pigtails?

..There wasn't anyone there at the time. So I left.


>> No.10283720

I have no idea I just have like 40 WP and rolled a 5 whatever many successes that is

I am not very good at this

>> No.10283721


>Urge rising

>> No.10283734


Yeah, I could tell; if you did, you'd be flirting with Chemrat and saying things in that non-understandable accent.


I remember mine as clear as day; maybe whatever I'm using is more efficient than the human brain.


Are you sure about that, little one? You're letting them take advantage of your state.

>> No.10283743

eeh something like this?

>> No.10283744

Ah, well, that's unfortunate. I'm just passing through... I'll leave you be, then.

>> No.10283748


Sure, sure. No need to ask twice, boss.
I don't think many people would like it if I impersonated you, anyway.


No, I'm sure you wouldn't! Unfortunately for you, I'm knackered.
Wait, what happened to your accent?

>> No.10283780


Yes, just like that, now stay still...
>Takes picture
There we go, many thanks, Nimue. Would you like to have a copy sent to your dataslate, if you have one?

>> No.10283782

I *think* he means failure (or choice now that you passed I guess) gave you a copy of Alexandros's dick

>> No.10283792

>I don't think many people would like it if I impersonated you, anyway.
Oh? An' wot's 'at s'posed ter mean then?

>> No.10283797


>sunders robe

>> No.10283802

Erm,,, uh.... ah....uh, oh...

>> No.10283810

>see pic
Uh sure

>> No.10283824

The main reason I cannot remember my time as a human is due to the augmentation process. The Chapter does not want us to remember it. It helps in cutting out our humanity.

>> No.10283826

So how, ah, was it?
But the release of power, channeling the warp through you, it must feel good!
Hold it, 40 WP? What rank are you?
And you should totally draw a picture of me. ~<3

>> No.10283828

MAybe... well that wasn't my original idea but I guess if it is a choice at this point you choose now...

>> No.10283834


Well, I'm mostly talking about Gnollbard and Verity. I doubt they'd appreciate being misled to that degree.

>> No.10283837


I will need an address then, if you'd be as kind as to write it down, I have a piece of paper around here.
>Hands her a pen and a little notebook
There you go.

>> No.10283860


>floats back slowly, into the shadows
well... thought too hard, again

>> No.10283872


Aren't you topless now?

>> No.10283883

Gulp, as in I guess if you want for A) that to be the copied bit, and B if you wanted any copied bit...

I swear theat wasn't what I *originally* meant but ... it sounds kina cool........<.< >.>

>> No.10283898


>It helps in cutting out our humanity.

The normal augmentation process seems to do that fine.


Oh, don't tell me I have to make another for you! I already have to make a headband for Nimue...

>> No.10283906


Oh, that. I was nid infected and slowly transforming, but I decided that was dumb and fixed it. I'm kinda shocked no one noticed.

>> No.10283912

Ignore upper quote.

And me if that means I don't die...

>> No.10283922


No, I wasn't thinking about my cloth.

>> No.10283923

You're asking her for her number? Oh you sly dog, you.

>> No.10283929


I noticed, but it'd be metagaming to point it out immediately.

>> No.10283947


... About Nimue's, then? My word, how scandalous.

>> No.10283952


never noticed that

>> No.10283955

There was a manual under the seat. Also I may have given it a few viruses with my choice of internet sites.

>> No.10283979

We must be different from humanity in both body and mind. We are weapons of war and Angles of Death.
Nothing less and nothing more.

>> No.10283997


>Angles of death
I think acute would make better angles of death. Better for piercing, you know.

>> No.10284000

>never noticed
...Yeah, I gathered that. It wasn't as if I was trying to nom people all the time and hearing voices demanding I eat biomass or anything.

Not obvious at all.

Does a girl have to grow four arms to get noticed around here?

>> No.10284020


What seat? The TARDIS doesn't have seats, at least in the main chamber. Besides, TARDISes don't have manuals, either.



I've always wanted to be a 90 degree angle, haven't you?

>We must be different from humanity in both body and mind.

Yes, we must; we don't want to start whining about relationships in the middle of battle, eh?


Yeah, but obtuse angles seem to be a lot more versatile.

>> No.10284028

THe fear of actual nids made me think you were infected by those 'stealers that severed from the hive.

>> No.10284032


Yes, and on that note
>puts claws close together
Watch the straps

>> No.10284063


Never knew you were implanted by a 'stealer :/

>> No.10284078


You were the only one who could hear the voices. Also, there were commonly questions about what was happening to you, but I don't think people wanted to come right out and say it without a reason for knowing.


Do they? Yes, I suppose so. But at the same time, we're talking about angles of death, not angles of a frying pan, or whatever else.


Nah, I'm good.

>> No.10284087

Apparently my vox needs some repairs as well.

>> No.10284117


that wasn't meant for you... I was yelling passed you, at the Navigator

>> No.10284120


Apparently so.

>> No.10284123

That would explain why all the directions were naked women... As for the seat I stole that too.

>> No.10284157


>> No.10284209

>takes a brief RAGE MODE detour to ANGRILY and DANGEROUSLY write her contact info before passing it to Alex

>> No.10284213


My cue to leave

>down the rabbit hole

>> No.10284248


Damn it, Liar; now I have to make some new clothes and give out my banner for longer!


You've always had some trouble with that set, haven't you?

>> No.10284272


Hee. Silly mortals.

>> No.10284291

I wasn't implanted by 'stealers. That's the really funny thing.

But some emergency biomancy cleared the problem right up.

>> No.10284296

Oh shit, I ain't even TOUCHIN' her.

>> No.10284297


>> No.10284303


Didn't it have something to do with thinking about Karbon's tits whilst operating the transformation gun?

>> No.10284306



< Oh calm down. >


< It's not like we're seeing anything we haven't already. >


>> No.10284311

Well, I had three options. There was this vox, a servitor class vox, or the ones found in Dreadnoughts.

>> No.10284326

well then get me something to wear and do it fast I am not terribly keen on running around in my birthday suit on this ship

>> No.10284346


Again, much appreciated.

I do have have a poncho in my back-pack, supposed to work as a half tent, it's not a dress but it'll work until you repair it or get a new one. Would you like it?

Oh, and the water bottle works wonders against that tyranid.

>> No.10284349

She has a point.

I mean, look at Termie of example. His eyes are so high-tech he could be looking through clothing all the time for all we know.

>> No.10284382


Well, better than talking in a monotone or talking in a monotone while yelling, eh?


He doesn't seem the type; I wouldn't trust Tom with that, but I can be damn near completely sure Termie wouldn't.


What happened to obsessing over the old Dreadnought?

>> No.10284387

Um sure

Is it one of those heavy canvas things? How big is it?

I mean I could.. yeah, use it as a poncho temporarily..

>> No.10284390


>> No.10284411

>Hands Nimue mesh armour. Probably too small.

>> No.10284414

Also New thread?

>> No.10284416

rolled 59 = 59

ugh fine

>> No.10284424


Yes, it's canvas, double water proofed, it's supposed to cover a full grown man, so it'll be a bit large for you, but it can be trimmed down with a knife or scissors, I guess. I also have a blanket you can use.
>Searches backpack, takes blanket and poncho out
Here you go.

>> No.10284435



< Your question assumes I was ever obsessing over him to begin with. >


< Which is absurd. >


< I never obsessed over that old tin can. >


< The very idea is ridiculous. >


< I have no idea where you could have gotten the notion. >


< ... >


< Shut up. >


>> No.10284440


You still have my banner you could use, too.



>> No.10284456


Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

>> No.10284458

yeah this isn't going to work
thank you sir
>eyes it
This'll take a minute for me to figure out..

>> No.10284464

Tsundere wraithlord is tsundere.

>> No.10284467

...something like this?

>> No.10284470


Vice Versa - The soul of the psyker is cast out and swaps bodies with a nearby being for a short period of time, if there is no nearby other, the soul wanders the warp for the same period and returns slightly less sane.

>poskes head out

uhhh.. everything alright?

>> No.10284473

Are you sure? I mean it's probably big enough I could wrap it around me like a towel and not be overly encumbered like I would be with the poncho...

>> No.10284501


Let me know if you need any help.


Are you serious?

>> No.10284505

I will end you
> But whooooo

>> No.10284510


Eh, it's your choice. I can make some clothes for you, but that will take a while.


Very much so.


Oh, Tzeentch damn it...

>> No.10284520

Hloy sheet mindswap AGAIN!

>> No.10284535

Roll a die for how many of us there are + my horse.

>> No.10284544

Yeah but how many of us are here and more importantly in my vicinity?

>> No.10284558


I think I was closest, handing you the poncho, then Rubric, Termie and then the rest.

>> No.10284559

My unique post count.

>> No.10284565


>"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

>> No.10284575

rolled 71 = 71


>highest roll gets posessed
>rolls d100 for chance

>> No.10284581

rolled 4 = 4


>> No.10284582

Rubric and Termie are probably immune anyways.

>> No.10284600

...Maybe we can get you something like this instead...

...some spirit gems might help you too.

>> No.10284603

rolled 5 = 5

I rolled a d9 count it against my list

>> No.10284615


>However, the powers unleashed reduced all Marines without psychic abilities to ash, sealing every clasp and joint of their armor and trapping their souls within.

>trapping their souls within.


I'm pretty sure that makes me immune.


Close enough.

>> No.10284621

Alex again?

>> No.10284624


>> No.10284633

rolled 33 = 33

If we work on saves
Will roll again for the (Spess)horse.

>> No.10284645

rolled 93 = 93


>> No.10284647

Sounds a little far fetched to me.

>> No.10284650

rolled 95 = 95

Tee hee

>> No.10284671


Somehow this does not surprise me.

>> No.10284676


(Is that for the Horse? because, thats bad, if the horse doesnt count then Shadowseer is up)

>> No.10284683

well I guess I'm not naked anymore
though my body is
warp around me, what an evening. When is this bloody rain ending?!

>> No.10284695

rolled 50 = 50

I'm armour why am I rolling.

>> No.10284698


>> No.10284704

rolled 11 + 5 = 16

This is funny remember 1d20+5 posts til it is over,(It lasted 15 last round SO I base it on that) -1 to souvenir saves per post.

>> No.10284712


Just hand me the poncho and my combat knife, should be either around my... your belt or your leg.

>> No.10284716


Well, I'll wrap the banner around your body and make sure it stays there until you get back into it.

>> No.10284733

.. let's go with Rubric's idea.
I'm going to sit over here until this is over.

>> No.10284744


You are not touching her... my body, that's final.

>> No.10284750

...how boring.

>> No.10284752


>is now confused as to who switched bodies, pretty sure it would be either Shadowseer or Fukka dependant on thier rolls

>> No.10284755

rolled 75 = 75


>> No.10284757

rolled 13 + 5 = 18

12 posts split between the two of ya starting at>>10284712

>> No.10284776

rolled 3 + 5 = 8

derp 16 posts sorry.

>> No.10284788

> is pretty confused by this too

>> No.10284791


Poncho and knife, please?

Oh, and the pen too, might as well give you my number.

>> No.10284796

rolled 20 = 20

I'm auto DQing myself because I should really head to bed now.

And I wish I had a drawing tablet. Drawing in MSPaint is impossible. Drawing hands in MSPaint moreso. Drawing four hands in MSPaint takes an act of God.

>> No.10284809

.. yeees. here you go.

>> No.10284811


>> No.10284819


Oh, please, I'm one of the only people here not interested in seeing someone naked.

>> No.10284827

Were we rollin based on my list or the saves

>> No.10284828


Thank you.
>Starts working on makeshift dress

>> No.10284830

rolled 83 = 83

Well that's my cue to leave.

*Hops on board time machine*

Time to press some buttons.

Later! Have fun with the perils!

*Fades out*

>> No.10284836

>isn't sure, but either way is mad embarassin'.
.. maybe it's both in some horrible way.

>> No.10284843


I should stop thinking so hard

>> No.10284851

rolled 86 = 86

>Is similarly befuddled. Oh well, it was a good idea.
...I'm going to Resist Possession in advance now. It seems the Perils are all bodyswa-

>> No.10284853

List of people not interested in sex:

I've got nothing.

>> No.10284858

Well either you are in the horse for its save or in Alex for the list, Choose I guess.

>> No.10284882


You should stop thinking.


No, they'll tell everyone you man-handled me. Do not want.

>> No.10284884


Exactly. You can't trust Alex with a young woman's body.

>> No.10284894

fuck horses, let's go with alex as I assumed

>> No.10284896

...good time to sneak back into the webway.

>> No.10284910



< You can safely add me to that list as well. >


>> No.10284929


I can't do that.

Otherwise I quit functioning.
thought is a bit important for this construct..

>> No.10284939


>No, they'll tell everyone you man-handled me. Do not want.

Making sure a banner stays closed is considered man-handling now?


Yeah, a dreadnought and a wraithlord would have some difficulty in bed, huh?

>> No.10284940


That sounds like a very good idea.

>> No.10284960

List of people not interested in sex:

List of people not interested in sex, excluding Grandpa Dreadnought.

>> No.10284968



< I hate you all so very much. >


>> No.10284983

rolled 55, 64 = 119

>mass possession
>daemons for everyonr, 2d6 rounds
>willpower at start of turn, failure means you whaargarbl and get 1d5 corruption

>> No.10284986

Because if that anon who besmirched my name was right a horse is far worse to fail the second save on.

>> No.10284992


I could always sunder YOUR clothing..

as in Your real clothing

>> No.10285001

rolled 35 = 35

>...within 1d100 metres.

>> No.10285004

List of people that need to get laid BIG time.
mmaaaaaayybe Termie.

>> No.10285006


You mean my combat uniform, what would you achieve with that, other than leaving me in my underwear and making me resort to my spares?

>> No.10285015

rolled 37 = 37


>Rolling for save!

>> No.10285035


You're one of the only people I don't hate, Tileth.

>> No.10285038

rolled 78 = 78

...But before I actually go.

Time for some perils!

>> No.10285041



>pass or fail

>> No.10285044


um. Alex doesn't, does he.

>> No.10285057


>Bloodrain just got longer in duration

>> No.10285069


And then I would take my gun and put a bullet in your head, or this knife here.
>Puts poncho over naked body
There we go, body's all covered now, Nimue.

>> No.10285077

>Implying we were not going to leave the first one on all night.

>> No.10285091



>> No.10285092

Even if you fail you can say the hivemind nomed it.

>> No.10285099

Thank you.

.. now what?

>> No.10285130


True, warp immunity an all..
>belches a purple flame

>> No.10285135


Wait, I guess.

Uhm... search my... your backpack, there should some rations, a portable stove and some water. Anyone care for a cup of tea or recaf?

>> No.10285138

rolled 11 = 11



< *sigh* Damn Mon Keigh and your damn incompetent psykers. >


>> No.10285160

..Well that's dull.

Well it could be worse. I think I really got the nid infection this time.. biomancy is useful.

>> No.10285174

rolled 1 = 1

>vs WP
>My WP is 52 now.

>> No.10285183

Okay, think I got it.
>sets up a delightful little campsite
I always like tea. Is this some of the crappy ration tea or decent stuff?

>> No.10285187


We may be incompetent, but we're so lovable, huh?


You're going with Alex's plan? My dear, that may not be the wisest decision, but it gives me time to work on some new clothes for you.

>> No.10285188

14 as of this post.

>> No.10285202

15 one more right as you get set up.

>> No.10285203


Tea rations are disgusting, I got mine through a... contact of mine.

>> No.10285213


>look on, befuddled

are you alright?

>> No.10285214


>> No.10285222



< No. >


< Just, no. >


>> No.10285233

Roll saves against willpower-16

>> No.10285234

Please do. Say-- you picked up needlework over your millenia as a Rubric Marine? Neat! Skills! I'm terrible at clothiering. My mum always was the one who bothered with that stuff.
Well, that's good to know. Anyone else want some?

>> No.10285236

rolled 66 = 66

Wait.. shit.. DAEMONS?


>> No.10285244

rolled 100 = 100


>> No.10285254


>> No.10285255

rolled 1 = 1

>rolling against 23

>> No.10285263


Hot diggity damn.

>> No.10285270

According to that asshole who insulted and intrigues me you now have a dick, however you may choose what you copied off his body.

>> No.10285276


anyone want me to ... eh... project a warpfield... to protect us all?

>or do I have to dive into the warp to save someone

>> No.10285279


Heh; that's why I like you so much. You're so easier to mess with than most, and your tsundere-ness is cute.


I did, though I am loathe to say it. I have to keep presentable, and bullets tend to mess up the few clothe effects that I keep, like the flag I have on my helmet.


Holy Tzeentch...

>> No.10285298

>Checks his own body

Everything is where it's supposed to be, no extras, no nothing, and the tea's almost done too!


You okay?

>> No.10285316

>wasnt sure about gaining traits from people you swapped souls with, after all, this isn't Lolneshi rolls

>> No.10285323

> isn't sure either
I'm.. cold. Tea please.

>> No.10285355


>Hands her the blanket
The poncho should be enough, but if you are cold, get closer to the stove and put this on.
>Pours her a cup and hands it over
Sugar, milk?

>> No.10285362

It seemed reasonable and honestly it wasn't supposed to be a dick.

>> No.10285365


So, what do you want? Dress, robe, etcetera? Want any insignia on it?

>> No.10285373


... What sort of tea is that?

>> No.10285374

rolled 94 = 94


>> No.10285387


good thing I don't have to dive into the warp to save someone

Casting a shadow in the warp is pretty nice... but...

I think I could cause physical harm to the psyker..

>> No.10285397

Both please.
Makes me wonder what the original idea was.
Um. Whatever you think might be appropriate. And insignia-free might be best for now, don't want to get bad attention from people who oppose whatever insignia I end up with.

>> No.10285398

rolled 56 = 56


Well that doesn't seeAUUUUUGH!

>> No.10285408

>Daemonhost - One of the most dangerous perils; the psyker is possessed by a daemon, becoming an unbound daemonhost.

... Why do I sense something BAD

>> No.10285435

rolled 29 = 29


>> No.10285449


I'll make you a dress fit for a Sorceress.

>> No.10285450


English breakfast, don't know what English is though.


Very well.
>Adds and hands over cup again
Hier gehen Sie.

>> No.10285455

>Shadow in the Warp is a 4th Edition Tyranid Psychic Power. It is as if the Tyranids have blocked out the connection to the warp, making any psychic abilities very difficult to accomplish, affecting psychic races like the Eldar most heavily. It does however have the added benefit of keeping the denizens of the warp in the warp.

>... Should I make it so?

>> No.10285456

I meant for him to roll against the eye( since someone brought it up) and thought you needed to roll against something too.

>> No.10285473

rolled 67 = 67

>I think you pick whichever trait you wanted from the other person if you failed.
>Also, I we to take a WP check for that as well.

>> No.10285480

Oo. I'm excited!
Thank you sir~.
I'm still not sure -what- notable feature could carry over though, since, well, Krieger.

>> No.10285481

oops forgot to namefag

>> No.10285506


My strong character, my charming good looks, my amazing personality... I know, I know, I was just joking.

>> No.10285509

I guess the anon may have come up with it but I would hope not.

>> No.10285520

...so.. many.. failed.. rolls..

pain.. hurt..

>> No.10285534

You forgot Varity on that list. And probably a couple others.

>> No.10285549

>Looks around, trying to discern who's about to be Daemonhost'd


>> No.10285560

The horse.

>> No.10285575


You could direct it at me. Not sure what'll happen, but I sincerely doubt it'll work quite right.

>> No.10285578

rolled 2 = 2

>can't roll under 50 for some reason, woo
>rolling for it, 1=yes 2=no

>> No.10285584

It snapped out of it once, though that was from a radical testing a ritual...

>> No.10285586


Anything for you, little one; I'll be finished momentarily.


Varity secretly wants it.

>> No.10285588


(I mean true daemonhost, the very permanent variety)

>> No.10285604


That she does, the question is from whom.

>> No.10285631

>see pic, ignore outfit
oh the anticipation!

>> No.10285678


(Do you want me to find a picture, or do you want to make it up? I'd prefer the latter, but whatever.)


That's one of the great mysteries of the universe.

>> No.10285696

>give me a general description of the design and I'll make it happen!

>> No.10285697

Something heretical and that is why she is such a bitch.

>> No.10285700

rolled 70 = 70


>Takes note of closing Daemon
>Rolling d100 for Shadow of the Warp success

>> No.10285731

rolled 89 = 89

>One last -30 WP roll! Have to roll under 23. Let's do this.



>> No.10285732

rolled 69 = 69

>Fatepoint motherfucker!

>> No.10285739


(I have no idea how to describe how things look. At my best, you'll get: "Yep, that's a dress, alright.")

>> No.10285742

Ok my other horse can get hosted

>> No.10285751

rolled 17 = 17


Fuck it...
>risking aneurism
>rolling 1d20 for success this time

>> No.10285756

I doubt it.

>> No.10285772

> I mean more like major design elements; hood, no hood, sleeves, no sleeves, detached sleeves, neckline, etc.

>> No.10285787

IT makes sense that she wants to fuck daemons or something and the internal conflict makes er such a bitch.

>> No.10285789


>collapses while putting out a field much akin to Za Warudo.
>All warp based communication and warp abilities within this field are impossible, Daemons trying to enter from the warp cannot enter the field.

>> No.10285810

Gets the Tyranid First aid kit from saddlebags.

>> No.10285814

Not everything or everyone cares about sex, unlike almost everyone it seems in this new batch of people.

>> No.10285825



I'm alive!

Just let me check how many corruption points I managed to get...

>> No.10285837

I don't really. I just wanted to be pretty~.

>> No.10285839

>Calmly sips tea while waiting for Nimue to return with her dress.

>> No.10285846


(I'm having trouble even thinking of that; my stupidity when it comes to clothes is frightening. It's probably because I have no set mind image of sorceress, or the fact that I do not have an ounce of creativity in me. This is why I asked earlier if you could make it up.)

>> No.10285851


>collapses into sparky, glowy, yet daemon-free heap.
>d20s are your friends, /tg/.

>> No.10285857

> Alrighty! I shall make it up~

>> No.10285869


Hey, I just change oils for a Techpriest. I wouldn't call that sex.

>> No.10285883


(Thank you; I was never good with clothes.)

Here you go; is it to your liking?

>> No.10285887

Thel me ahboout zure mothah....

>> No.10285940


Ah, by Khaine my head...

Never thought I could make good use of such a cursed ability..

>> No.10285955


You look ... terrible

>> No.10285990

That's cause I'm drawn terrible! If I had a drawing tablet, I could use my full skill. Hm, I seem to have a lot of corruption points here, but I don't feel all that bad. I feel great, actually.

Well that was weird. Maybe the character sheet is wrong. I don't feel all corrupty.

>> No.10286023


You've mutated... don't look in a mirror

>> No.10286026

>Raises eyebrow and keeps drinking his tea in silence

>> No.10286057

oh omnissiah cally that was stupid
Ah shit. Karbon?

Nice tyranid mutations there.

>> No.10286114

Well there is always the trial by fire purification.

>> No.10286116

rolled 5 = 5

Well now I just HAVE to l


...And this was my favorite shirt. Now it clashes with my skintone.

>> No.10286126


Well. Ye've seen better days, lass.

And how did I get 'ere?

>> No.10286142


I'm alright.

>> No.10286147

We broke the news but didn't drop names yet so you may have a little time to live.

>> No.10286156


Broke the news? What news?

>> No.10286202


Narl's death.

>> No.10286208

Just that he was dead, we didn't even tell her that VArity pulled the trigger personally, and only due to your influence.

>> No.10286232

>nid mutations
...I don't feel very nommy.

Do you happen to have a nice hot rock with you, by chance?

>> No.10286236

>Looks up
Hey Mehlman, how's it going?

>> No.10286267

>moves much much more slowly now that is focused on keeping up a SAFE ZONE.

so... should I just keep this up until the blood rain wears off?

>> No.10286283

Oh. Well...thanks?
Howdy, mate.

>> No.10286291

You look kind of glowy and tyraniddy there.
...thanks for that, by the way. Cally got out of hand. She'll have to be decomissioned.

>> No.10286296


Just relaxing.
>Points at stove
Having a cup of tea and waiting for my companion. You?

>> No.10286323


Nah, I'm more fer booze lately. What companion're ye talking about?

>> No.10286328


I'm using a standard ability for all synapse creatures... so... yeah

on the other hand, I hope it doesn't draw any nearby hiveships

>> No.10286345


Nimue, guess she must be putting on the dress Rubric made for her, long story.

I do hope Varity is not around, is she?

>> No.10286380

>using synapse
>not drawing hive ships
Er, maybe we should just get a big umbrella or something.
I thing cally fused herself to my spine again.

>> No.10286401

Annother surgery needed or are you not mindlinked?

>> No.10286447


Not that I'm aware of, she's not. Rubric can sew? Will wonders never cease?

>> No.10286460


Good, I'm not in the mood to see her anyway and yes, apparently the big, bad chaos space marine can sew.

>> No.10286476


Ignore that I've heavily mutated. I'll just sit over here and suffer and try not to freak out or be purged for mutations.

I'm perfectly fine. Nothing wrong at all. Nope. Not at.. hey.. where did my tits go?

>> No.10286502



< He can sew? >


< I am never going to let him live that down. >


>> No.10286507


Shut up.

Just... shut up.

>> No.10286512

I like it.

I feel pretty~.

>> No.10286553


Now we both have something to tease each other over. You, with your crippling love of Grandpa Dreadnought and me, with my ability to sew.


I'm glad to see that I'm not as rusty as I thought I was.


>> No.10286554



Lovely job.

And Fuuka, cheer up. I'm sure if you eat enough they'll come back!

>> No.10286555

>wolf whistle
Impressive, most impressive.

I think pretty would be an understatement here.

>> No.10286570

NO more purges, the line has been fucking drawn.

>> No.10286588


that is nice
>warp shadow still in effect :v

>> No.10286589

Ooookay. Where were we? Tea I think it was. And rations. While we're waiting for this horrid rain of blood to stop.

>> No.10286596

...You well drawn slut.. well.. two can play at that.

>> No.10286601

Definitely not. She's comatose. I'll...end her now.

>> No.10286622


You are not mistaken, tea and rations, afraid I don't have any scones or pastry to go with the tea, will biscuits do?

>> No.10286633

Biscuits! How delightful.

Anyone else care to join us?

>> No.10286639


that may take a couple days, Someone lengthened the time.

At least we're perils free while you're inside my synapse range

>> No.10286647


I hope there's some kind of more permanent shelter here we can hide in, getting a tad sleepy.

>> No.10286666


If you still have the poncho, I can make tent, though it'll have a hole in it... which we can cover with the blanket.

>> No.10286675

Sure, I got some coffee, jerky and beans to add to the mix. infact I will just leave them with you, I have to be going.

>> No.10286685

Hm! That could work. Might be a little close quarters though~.

>> No.10286690

Needs more ruffles.

Honestly, nobody sees any difference. You're still just as adorable.

>> No.10286692


>> No.10286705

Oh, hello, Mercenary. I trust you have been well? It's not been too long, but I see fit to ask.

>> No.10286708


Have Rubric sew it up.

>> No.10286714

Covered wagon, plus 2 extra tents, I am gonna conk out in the wagon you can use them as you wish.

>> No.10286716


I can stand guard and sleep outside if that's a problem.

>> No.10286720


I, uh...do I know ye?

>> No.10286733


Yeah; too big for me with other people.


It was on the spot.

>> No.10286734

Of course not. But my question stands.

>> No.10286740

Oh lovely, a tent. And don't worry, I don't mind. After NOT ONE but TWO, er, experiences together..

>> No.10286746

Up nighty night the spare tents are in the right front storage bin.

>> No.10286751


Uh, as well as I can be. Been hittin' the drink a bit more, but otherwise fine.

>> No.10286758


I better get to work setting the tent up then.

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