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Gentlemen... how do we kill Cultist?

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With Darth Vader

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Just like you kill any follower of Chaos.

Keep killing them every time their dark gods revive them

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Make her popular among the masses, and /tg/ will turn against her.

>> No.10277788

with rape perhaps?

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Silly Anon, you can kill Cultist but she will always come back because the dark gods are arseholes.

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It already has. We're discussing how we get rid of her now.

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inb4 DD

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You don't, she has a destiny.

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L-leAve C-Cultist to me.

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Then there's your answer. We purge the gods.

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>Purge the Gods

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You mad, battle brother.

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Cultist will only die when she is no longer annoying.

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we don't we cleanser her of the taint of chaos and keep her safe... VERY safe.

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It's simple

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In after someone mentions DD

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Well the first step would be to stop posting threads about her

you fucking idiot

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No. I am.

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rolled 9, 8, 3 = 20


get over it

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She dies when she's forgotten.

Like that witch in merlin.

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Well it seems this turned into a namefag thread right quick.

Funny thing is the OP likely hates that too.

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rolled 76 = 76

can't wait till I can Fettered...

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rolled 76 = 76



well, fuck me running sideways

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OP is pretty clearly a cultist fan to start a thread all about her. She is super kawaii

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I believe your clone has already done that.

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fuck damn... two 76's.

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# Blood Rain - A cloud of psychic energy envelops the area, causing storm winds and rain of blood. While this storm is in effect, any psychic powers in the area always cause perils of the warp


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Hopefully this is the sexy perils cart.

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Good thing we are not psykers.

>> No.10278364

Does that count for nascent psyker stuff as well? I dont have the rules on me right now. Also:

>> No.10278365

Guess not, now please don't do that again just yet.

>> No.10278388


counts as every form of manefestation.

>personally can't wait til I learn Shadow in the Warp

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OH GOD! Damn psykers!

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Oh boy....

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Good god what is it with all the namefags and tripfags in here

It's like

Tripfag city or something

goodness me

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>lol yes
...Okay, then.
I wonder what would happen if I weakened the veil...

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The City of Madness, where the Nightmares live.

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Bad shit, Very bad shit

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Psycannon bolts.

>> No.10278492


Get out of here you, you... Double Dalek!

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If you wish to kill Cultist from scratch, you must first invent the universe

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She's not Haxtes.

>> No.10278513

rolled 85 = 85

Heheheh. Eheh.

>> No.10278538


Oh nice.

Psykers gonna wreck shit, or possibly be devoured by the Warp

>> No.10278539

Urge ta loot...rising

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Interestin' It kept him from ordinary revival (Though the timetravelan ghostbustan assassinatan guy may have grabbed most of the pieces. SO maybe it could kill her, doubtful though.

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Why do I always forget to close parenthesis and quotes BUT ONLY in these threads?

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>Gentlemen... how do we kill Cultist?


The only thing she's effective at is trolling and inducing rage, that's why the chaos gods revive her.

You ignore her, act indifferent, she ceases to be useful. When the chaos gods get bored (and they will, they're at patient as a pack of six year olds in a hot car), they'll go do something else and then you can BLAMM!!! her when they have their backs turned. That is, if you even still care.

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rolled 1 = 1

>eveything blows up, 1d10+5 energy damage to everything within 2d10 metres of him
>all his gear gets destroyed
>cally is gear
>psyker and random being within 50 metres swap bodies for 1d10 rounds

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>Is glad he's more than 50 metres away

>> No.10278682


Hooo boy

>> No.10278710

LIkewise, but I left my horse tied up near him...

>> No.10278722

easily, bolter round will do job well enough, or just concentrated lasgun fire...
real question is, how to prevent her from getting revived?

>> No.10278752

Good point, actually. Who IS within 50 metres of me?

>> No.10278775


Good thing im a blank.

"hey guys whats going on?"

>> No.10278781


I got no idea

>> No.10278788

>>10278752A horse

>> No.10278793

Just you, pretending you're a blank.

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>> No.10278909


if i dont see it, its not real!

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Make her official 40K canon.

Then /tg/ will hate her.

>> No.10278925

Right then. Since nobody's going to fess up apart from totally-not-a-blank Foron and Cowboy's null horse, whoever MIGHT be within 50m roll a 1d100.

>> No.10278970

rolled 86 = 86


>> No.10278983

It isn't a null, poor thing got possessed once I was close to putting it down when that inquisitor showed up.

>> No.10278988

convert her

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>> No.10279034

rolled 97 = 97


rolling, dont brake my inferno pistol.

>> No.10279043

English isn't the dude's first language.
Dammit, Darius!

>> No.10279075


neither is mine, so?

>> No.10279076

He south american or from actual spain?

>> No.10279104

With massive titties.

>> No.10279113

rolled 69 = 69


fuck that! using a faith point to re-roll that!

>> No.10279128

Actual spain.
He hasn't fully mastered English yet. It REALLY shows in his webcomic. http://eatatau.smackjeeves.com/

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Bitches love WKD

>> No.10279139

There's a little cultist inside everyone.

Like that festering zit that just won't go away.

>> No.10279173

Not really. Just men who like characters drawn with disgustingly large breasts.

>> No.10279180

Like this

>> No.10279184

>> No.10279186


>disgustingly large breasts


>> No.10279192

What the hell is that on his cock?

>> No.10279203


A commissar hat naturally.

>> No.10279209


You should see Graph's work..

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>> No.10279229

If you're the sort of idiot that can be aroused by unfeasibly large breasts on anything, you should just go back to playing Final Fantasy and watching anime. His artwork is good, in the sense he can draw well, but what he draws, and the way he draws it, is horrible.

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>> No.10279244


to reiterate

>> No.10279247

>faith point
>foron is a sister of battle

Liar, you're a partial hivemind, right? I don't think I can do hivemin-

>> No.10279265

Think he means fate.

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>> No.10279269


Oh de-

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>> No.10279290


i do.

>> No.10279299

>Too late, it's canon now. Foron is Sororitas Commissar.

>> No.10279316

He wishes.Even if that wasn't completely abominable fluff rape incarnate, were he.

>> No.10279321


i may have to find a drawfreind for this... Liaaaaaar....

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>> No.10279339


Yes... I know what you mean, already. reference?

now I hope this is temporary, otherwise Slaanesh will devour my soul and Siren will devour Tarvus'

>> No.10279341

I support this plan

>> No.10279356

were he?

THe fuck does that mean?

>> No.10279366

>Were he
>Were he a Sororitas Commissar.

>> No.10279387


a sister reference...

>> No.10279400

Yet that wasn't what the sentence said.

If you took the reversal rule (Or whatever its name was.)

It would be "He wishes. Were he, even though it would be incredible fluff rape."

Still does not fit

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>> No.10279415


a commissar reference...

>> No.10279421


I'm more worried about the feeling I'm getting... that... disappearing, feeling

>> No.10279444

I do believe you've just done the stupidest thing ever.

>> No.10279457

He only took part of the hivemind his body is running looking for syntax and you are stuck in the gem for a little.

>> No.10279476


Well... I did worst things, but i think this will "Bend the fluff over so hard it will blead" kinda stupid

>> No.10279491


Oh, that's interesting.

I guess that body's a null the...


may want to restrain it

>> No.10279497

>Well... I did worst things
Until you wrote that sentence, I doubted you had.

>> No.10279498

In other words don't worry slaanesh isn't gonna omnom your soul.

>> No.10279501

Yeah, it's temporary and I can see foreverrrr
...Why do you think Slaanesh is going to eat you?
...And why do I want to eat you?

>> No.10279526

He only got the equivalent of a gaunt I think...

Although a Genestealer would be a more even trade for a human soul ya know bein clever and all....

Hey where'd he git to?

>> No.10279536


Im not a good speller, anyways, back to the task at hand!

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>> No.10279598


>> No.10279646

Fuck your cute cultist chan

I like her skanky and threatening, (she'll bite your cock off)

>> No.10279648


Prt 2

>> No.10279656


Well, The hivemind tends to do that, I hope you have will saves, you're going to need them

>> No.10279663


Fine then.

>> No.10279676


>> No.10279703


Dear god, what have we made...

I dont know where to save it too, my SoB folder or my Commissar one, what to do?!

>> No.10279704

rolled 35 = 35

>will saves
>30 will

>> No.10279740


awwww! thats so sweet!

>> No.10279749


well, you may of gained one insanity point.

>> No.10279768

Tarvus! 'eyyyyyyyyy!

WP = 35

>> No.10279771

"Is... this what you wanted /tg/?"

>> No.10279776

rolled 74 = 74

>this one at -20, due to failing the last one

>> No.10279806


Heh, I lol'd.

>> No.10279810


Damn right it is.

>> No.10279821

rolled 33 = 33

rerollan, brief brain lapse on how to dice.

>> No.10279889

who? me?

>> No.10279894

Just y'know..Throwing it out there.

>> No.10279898


Seem to be having trouble

>> No.10279929

Dem hips.

>> No.10279943

You could try disease.... no?

>> No.10279968

Wee Cultist is tiny.

>> No.10279992

What is going on in this image?

>> No.10280033

My freind really did this with his girlfreind, when he told us that he did that, multiple simultaneous facepalm.

>> No.10280043

drown her!

>> No.10280086


Macha got a strop on, so Cultist is trying to cheer her up, and renegade sister and shlick tau are talking about something.

>> No.10280143


God i feel dirty after saying that. Knowing all there names and shit...

>> No.10280162

>next mod is -30
>no hope

>> No.10280170

Dat grin.

>> No.10280180


How's the haunted crazy house jail going?

>> No.10280183

I don't follow 'strop on".

and you should. I usually do as well.

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>> No.10280232


having a hissy fit.

>> No.10280243


>would raise brow if he could.

Just fight it, all I can say

>> No.10280272

And how Cultist gets waffles.

>> No.10280280


You, sir, are a tyranid.

>> No.10280310

Sweet jesus, look at the time! Its 2:23 for me at the moment.

Good night ladys and gents, see you all some time tomorrow morning.

>> No.10280316

aw ; ;

>> No.10280323

Oh yes, I got that, I was wondering if there was a story why.

>> No.10280329


Gute nacht.

>> No.10280362

Add one to that.

>> No.10280388

Whatever happened to Chink anyway?

>> No.10280416

Nah at the moment he is stuck in the soul gem whilst Tarvus. gets mindfucked by the hive and a genestealer runs off possessing his body

>> No.10280427


Fine by me.

>> No.10280429


Chink died

>> No.10280473

>> No.10280475

To that I respond with.

>> No.10280481


Aaaand on that note, some dude from the /tg/ vidya chat wants me to take up his legacy

>> No.10280502

Fucking Liar

>> No.10280526


his site, may wanna read up

>> No.10280531

Don't jus don't

>> No.10280544


"Violator" isn't my thing, I turned it down.

>> No.10280551

KIA I didn't ear anything about Big China smacking arround little china in the past few years...

>> No.10280570

Aw shit

inb4 six demon bag etc.

>> No.10280579

He sure updates frequently, what with the being dead and all thing.

>> No.10280619


'Is Dead' is his most recent "update"

unless hes pulling our legs

>> No.10280625

May 2009?

Just over a year ago...

>> No.10280678

He's had the RIP bit up for longer than that.

>> No.10280753

There is no date on the RIP

>> No.10280760

Then I don't know. Hahaha

Tarvus, how you feeling out thar

>> No.10280767

rolled 1 + 1 = 2


>> No.10280797

Awww, but somebody's gotta draw the sick shit.

>> No.10280896

Find someone else to cater to you.

>> No.10280919

How's about we just press the fucking button already? Get a seperate thread goin so we don't have such a mix of the two topics?

>> No.10280927

So... did steench make him into the 3 headed moster instead of making cultist into a sorcerer?

>> No.10280943


someone did


>> No.10280949

Hwee chould larhve herr to beets?

>> No.10281092

>> No.10285018

to kill Cultist for good, we must first kill the dark gods that keep reviving her.
This is only achievable by killing any sentient being in the universe except Necrons, 'Nids and Tau. Chaos and the warp will cease to exist, then the survivors can kill Cultist.

>> No.10286901

Red hair.
Shark Teeth.
Worshipper of Chaos.

She sounds like one of Xiombarg's Eloihim.

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