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Posting for the graveyard shift.

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I am mostly okay with this.

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I like how BAM isn't "Volleyball Team Coach," just "Volleyball Team"

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>Marine Biology

Goddamn it...

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>special ed


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How is a graphing calculator /tg/?

>Agricultural Engineering
Funny, I could have sworn that was there a minute ago.

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Is that.. .. Edwin under Transmutation?

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>How is a graphing calculator /tg/?

How many times have you used a calculator when gaming? It was either that or Touhou.

>Is that.. .. Edwin under Transmutation?
Yes, that's shim.

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lovely to shit finally git done. wtf is the mascot though?

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>that or Touhou

The universe will fucking IMPLODE if somebody puts Toehoes on this...completely unimportant, meaningless chart of meaninglessness that nobody really cares about.


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>Civil Engineering
>Cybran ACU

Supreme Commander was a city planner?

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I vote Master Transmuter for Transmutation.

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She's pretty cute given that 80% of her body is a mass of levitating metallic shards.

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A mixture of awesome and cute.

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Why is random warcraft douche still on Aerospace Engineering?

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There was lots of rage about this earlier, but it looks pretty decent now. Good job.

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rolled 60 = 60


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I see what you did there

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Ok... I lol'd a bit more than I should have...

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You forgot the name dammit!

Troll University! (The Fightan Trolls!)

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I don't

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You googly-eyed every single pic?

Now that's dedication.

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It's finished? And who was decided for Photography?

I never got to suggest a Bishop with porns.

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Thank god, the photoshopped furry pic is finally gone.

>> No.10264900

about time

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>no theatrical studies
>no King in Yellow

Chart I am disappoint

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Oh god this is awesome. Also
That would be an amazing class.
"Mr.Denton there's a bomb in my bag."

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