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Jesus. First off, their tails. Their tails are all overly thick, and reptilian looking, like a dragon or dinosaur. The base of the tails are so thick that it pretty much covers up/negates any possible ass they may have, they end up having lizard butt. Second, the horns, oh god. The horns fuck everything up, the hair doesn't grow from the areas the horns come from, so they have fucked u[ hairstyles and hairlines, making them look partially bald on some parts of the head. Plus some have fucked up foreheads, like klingons/male draenei, due to their horns growing so close in front and being so huge. It's like they have a big fucking bald area where other beings would have a hairline.

Look at the picture, her hairline and hair are all kinds of fucked up, and she has no ass due to that fucked up tail. How the fuck do they even wear pants or dresses anyway, cut holes in everything they find, or do they have magic clothes? Fucking stupid.

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>"He plays a tiefling rogue!"

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she looks hot. stop being a bitter moron.

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Also their tails don't do shit. They can't attack with them, can't hold or use weapons with them. All the tail does is serve as a hindrance, since it can get stopped or or grabbed by enemies. Wow. Also due to looking like straight up demons, no npc in their right mind would fucking trust them, unless you're a shit dm.

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I believe I have just the image for this.

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How does she look hot? Look at her fucking hairline. And her ass, or should I say lack of one thanks to that dinosaurian tail. Wtf is that tail like anyway, scaly, smooth skin? Who the fuck knows.

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or you follow the given fluff where they're a known quantity and accepted as members of society.

seriously, you're not even fucking trying to troll.

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"handle bars" and "safety belt"

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op is probably the kind of guy who still wanks to playboy models

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all i know is that the tail feels damn good rubbing your balls while she rides you.

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Sheena Easton wonders why you think she's ugly, TC?

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Fuck your shit.

They're fine as hell and smell like burning paper. A finer woman there ain't.

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>play female Tiefling
>RP the tail as highly sexually sensitive

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I think this is just the OP's way of asking for demon/succubus pics.

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And around the base of the tail, and the base of her horns.

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Just make a tiefling with a mohawk.

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I generally like tieflings represented more like satyrs, you know, very hairy/furry legs and such, like goat legs but with human feet.

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tits from HELL

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Yeah, god forbid I find normal human women with normal hairlines and asses attractive, and not weird demonic spirits with dinosaur tails.

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you sick bastard...

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Eh, some girls get horny when you massage their feet.

sage for shit thread.

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Why are you HERE?

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yOU mEAn likE tOrgo?

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tHe MAsteR is DeAD, buT NOt as YoU kNOW iT.

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Astaroth looks so cute when she's dressed like that, and the horn cozies just make it all the cuter.

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HE wouLD nOt appROve

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My MonsterGirls folder has a subfolder just for her.

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If you like models as it seems, I am laughing hard at the idea that you like "normal" woman.

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>I've never fucked a bald chick

she's hot, it just isn't to your tastes.

deal with it.

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Just Astaroth, or Asmodeus as well? Mine has both.

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Alright, I'm out. Someone else start dumping!

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First off, burning paper smells horrible, who the fuck smells paper burning and thinks "mmmmmmm, sexy..." I never heard of any burning paper perfume or cologne.

Second, look at your pic, her tail is very thick, but drawn coming out above her ass on the damn spine. Her tail should be growing from where her asschecks are, meaning she shouldn't even have a damn butt, yet she got drawn with a human ass. Fail.

Look at this pic, I point out what's wrong with it.

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Just Astaroth. I just like her better!

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Yeah, because Heidi Klum is abnormal but a chick with a lizard tail isn't?

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wtf scales? yuck.

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Until recently playboy models were a more realistic expectation than supermodels or what ever.

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curious, are those thick tiefling tails scaly or smooth like the rest of their skin? i see no scales drawn on them so it makes me wodnder how they feel..

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You've obviously never heard of pyromania. Everyone has some kind of mental quirk. Of the lot, I'd say liking to light paper up isn't too bad.

I mean, it's better than the assburgers that's affecting you.

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Yeah, I don't have meat patties coming out of my ass, thank you very much.

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so how come we never see threads for aasimar anyway?

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I love tieflings as much as the next neckbeard, but I am totally with the OP regarding the first pic. Skinny tails are acceptable, wide ones are total shit. Small horns are really sexy, large ones just look awful.


That is how I see a tiefling done right. Demonic and otherworldly, but not silly looking.

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Tielflings are "normal", but I don't have any problems with that.

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I saved that pic purely for her eyes. I like odd colors.

Pic related.

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tieflings are not normal, you damn aspie

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All that tiefling needs is bigger horns, and a bigger ass>>10260055

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ya know, I'm just gonna go ahead and dump the rest of my folder.

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Did somebody say odd colored eyes? I THINK SOMEONE DID!

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oh shut the fuck up and enjoy the delicious tiefling ass.
moar astoroth maybe?

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Compared to Naga they are.

Not that I have anything against nagas...

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I know its WoW, but dem horns...

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Not sure if this is weird eye colors or weird lighting, but either way this looks like tiefling done right. Throw some horns on that bitch and you are in the game.

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What ass, that fat tail is blocking any ass she would have!

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If she were smiling, I'd be all over that. As it is it looks like I'm dinner.

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Just like everyone else!

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Is it just me and one other guy dumping?

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Except you.

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Yay! I'm unique!

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Ashlyn is always appreciated!

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Like I said, I likes em all...

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Even metal ones!

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C'mon people, content!

Look, it's even /tg/ related!

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There is more of her. Look up Ozoi on danbooru.

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I'd post more Astaroth, but it's time for me to be off so I can get up for work in the morning. Sorry.

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I know, I learned about her on Gurochan.

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Wait, why would a tail come out of her ass? A tail is an extension of the spine.

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Runnin' dry here.

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And the spine comes out of....?

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Disgustingly hideous. I hope you also realize she can't masturbate with that tail, it's too thick and the tip has spikes which would tear her apart. Dumbass tielfing lovers.

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not the the ass

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For cats and dogs and stuff, yeah... there's no reason to think that demons and devils, and their spawn, would obey the rules of evolution.

This isn't a case of "a wizard did it lol," its a case of beings that by definition did not evolve.

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Look! I'm having fun and you can't stop me!

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The tail should come out right between her asscheeks, except she shouldn't have any, because the tail is so thick, she'd have an ass like a lizard. Hint, lizards have no asses.

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Haha! Oh man, this is hilarious!

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No, they shouldn't come from right between the asscheeks. They should come from above the cheeks. Where the spine is. Ever heard of the tail bone? It's not right in the middle of the ass, you pathetic retard.

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That's all for me I'm afraid.

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Holy God, what a complete raving faggot.

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So you expect me to believe these creatures defy the rules of evolution, and have fucking tails growing just above their ass, in a way that just happens to make sure they have "sexy" asses for people to jerk off to. Wow.

>> No.10261049

unless they're just soft and fleshy in which case they're probably stimulate her and not tear her apart. AWW YEAH!

>> No.10261050

is this right?

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>you expect me to believe creatures that explicitly did not evolve into the given form defy the rules of evolution

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Oh really? Then how can she masturbate with her tail then? Or how would she be able to fuck your ass with that tail? It's too thick, plus the shit on the end(be it spikes or that classical triangle point shit devils tend to have) would rip your ass open. Or your mouth if you want to suck the tail. Only tail that would work would be a more ratlike tail without any stuff at the end, and rather thin.

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>So you expect me to believe these creatures defy the rules of evolution, and have fucking tails growing just above their ass, in a way that just happens to make sure they have "sexy" asses for people to jerk off to. Wow.
>Demon(ic heritage)



>> No.10261092

>defy the rules of evolution

>> No.10261111

You know how she does it?
She just does it.

>> No.10261114

It sucks to fall on your tail bone. I did it once when I slipped on a stair, it was sore for weeks. Sure you don't sit on it, but be damned if you want to lean back while sitting.

>> No.10261115

So instead she's insert all that in her pussy or ass, and end up so stretched only a man with a 12 inch dick as thick as a soda can can please her. Wow. How's it feeling knowing only an orc can please your precious tiefling women?

>> No.10261127

Nope, her cunt just snap right back.

>> No.10261146

Like there aren't spells to tighten someone back up. Fuck man, sex magic is all over the place.

>> No.10261158

>implying the tip of her tail is clearly not depicted as being three fingers thick, max.

>> No.10261169

Yeeaah... beings that were Intelligently Designed to be sexy tend to be sexy.

>> No.10261177

But she'll have already felt that sensation, your dick will never be enough now. She'll force you to go to the store to buy dick growth potions, and you'll come back home to find some orc like Garrosh railing her fucking hard as she yells 'My bf was never as big as you!" and then he'll laugh at you cuz he sees you, and he'll whip out his 12 inch dick as thick as a beer can and you'll feel sad.

>> No.10261188

Most girls would be more pleased by attention to the outside than the inside.

>> No.10261189

>>I want pictures of Tieflings but I don't want to go to /r/, so I'll troll and people will give me what I want.

>> No.10261194

Yeah except why would she fuck you, a man who needs sex magic, when she can fuck an orc, they don't need magic to please her. Your fantasy is ruined.

>> No.10261199

And then you'll disintegrate him, because, y'know, you're a goddamn wizard.

>> No.10261208

What if we ARE an orc?

>> No.10261216

I think this whole thread was just a ploy to start describing hot orc on tiefling action.

>> No.10261229

You think your tiefling will be pleased with you after using her tail to stretch her pussy and asshole out, especially with those barb pointy things? Only an orc male can please her now, it's too late. While you are out getting dick potions, she's being railed by the Horde.

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>> No.10261232





>> No.10261237

you raise good points but I would still hit it

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>> No.10261245

>How the fuck do they even wear pants or dresses anyway,

Now you're starting to understand why I like devil girls!

>> No.10261246

But your tiefling gf will already have cuckolded you. It's too late.

>> No.10261256

Too late, we're an orc wizard now.

If SHE can be a magical fictional creature, so can we.

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>> No.10261276

also we give ourself a second penis.
for good measure.

>> No.10261281

Nah, just disintegrate her. Get another one.

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>> No.10261303

Look just accept it, just as black men owned you irl with white girls, orc men are now owning you in fantasy with tiefling girls.

>> No.10261312

how is it twisted to disintegrate (or otherwise kill) someone for fucking your gf without your permission?

>> No.10261319

Here, I'll give you a 4/10 for your effort. Keep it up!

>> No.10261329

The she'll fuck an Ogre, their dicks are even bigger!

>> No.10261332

OK, so we're an orc wizard murderous spousal abuser.


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>> No.10261349

Too late, Trite.

>> No.10261353

>> No.10261358

But what's to stop another orc from railing her? She already stretched her pussy with her tail, and wants that feeling again, your normal dick during sex will NEVER be enough. Face it man, may as well go fuck some elves, least they can't stretch their holes out with fucked up tails.

>> No.10261362

Fuck you, I'm a Wizard!

Mm-mm, chocolate...

>> No.10261366

And we're a Goliath now.
>she'll fuck a grey reaver!
So we'll be a Storm Giant.
>she'll fuck a Dragon!


>> No.10261375

orc = black (former slaves of... Sauron?)
tiefling = white (used to be the evil empire of Satan's stand in that kept the man down)
? = asian

>> No.10261377

Then your new girl will fuck an Ogre barbarian with an even bigger cock, 15 inches long, and thick as a wooden club.

>> No.10261384

Custom zombie girl, good hentai but short

>> No.10261394

you're right, we're a wizard, we can do better. we should polymorph the orc into a second tiefling fuckbunny and violater her with our new double orc dicks as well as having the original tiefling stretch her open with her for some reason prehensile and sexually stimulating tail until she is a broken mindless sex slave.

everybody wins.

>> No.10261398

Then she'll fuck an eldritch horror, you're screwed. Just fuck elf women, they're better and don't have vagina ruining tails.

>> No.10261408

And yet we're still fucking her. And she still loves us.

Oh! This just means we can fuck other girls too!

I'm fishin fer a mermaid...

>> No.10261418

a doppelganger warshaper was both the orc and Ogre

>> No.10261420

>fuck some elves


>> No.10261424


>> No.10261435

Here, just pick something and fuck it.

>> No.10261439

Then a troll fucks them both while you're away with his bigger dick that always regenerates so he never goes soft.

>> No.10261443

This > failtroll linear logic

Fuck the obvious, the typical, the mundane, THIS! IS! HIGH HEROIC FANTASY!

>> No.10261449

Can we fuck the troll?

I roll to fuck the troll.

>> No.10261457

he is still the doppelganger warshaper

>> No.10261469

Elf women are scrawny, weak, fey things constantly raped by orcs, why would we want a piece of that?

>> No.10261473

Annnnnd another pick-and-choose.

>> No.10261487

I know i'm too much of a geek when my first response to that picture is to point out that the rakshasa's hands aren't backward.

>> No.10261491

Sure, but then an Incubus fucks your tiefling gf and you can never satisfy her ever again.

>> No.10261493



>> No.10261503

Wow, he must be good.

I fuck the Incubus.

>> No.10261511

That is one of the shittiest charts ever. Bad on so many different levels.

>> No.10261534

Because, unlike tieflings they won't masturbate and stretch their holes out, leaving them unable to be satisfied by you.

>> No.10261542


>> No.10261553

Now a Baalor fucks your tiefling gf, and his dick is 2 feet long and as thick as a large lead pipe.

>> No.10261583

Hell, I'll go for it.

>> No.10261589



>> No.10261594

Now I hope you learned a valuable lesson. Teifling women ain't no good, stick to humans and elves.

>> No.10261608

I fuck the Balor too.

>> No.10261616

Most martial characters rely on manufactured gear such as a sword and a shield or natural endowments such as teeth and claws to survive on the battlefield. The warshaper finds those options sadly limiting, instead growing and evolving her own weapons and armor to suit the threat at hand. Blessed with the ability to change form at a moment's notice, warshapers delight in surprising their foes by growing massive claws, armored skin, or other unpleasant surprises.

>> No.10261618

Yeah but now a Tauren male snatches the Incubus away and fucks him with his dick, which is 3 feet long and like a firehose.

>> No.10261623

unless you have the magical ability to assimilate all other species' sexual prowess.

>> No.10261636

>instead growing and evolving her own weapons and armor to suit the threat at hand
>warshapers delight in surprising their foes by growing massive claws, armored skin, or other unpleasant surprises.

>> No.10261695

What part of 'fuck them all' didn't you understand?

Fuck the Tauren. Then fuck his wife. Then fuck them both.

Hell with it, invite the teifling and the balor too.

>> No.10261805

They don't want you, your dick is too fucking small. You're the asian of the fantasy world now, and they;re all blacks. Just accept it and deal. It's your fault, you just had to date a tiefling, knowing she had that bigass tail. Now look at what happened. Why didn't you fuck a nice tight elf girl?

Elves are prettier than tieflings btw, no gross tails stretching their pussies, and weird horns ruining their hairlines. Tieflings barely even have hair!

>> No.10261823

>your dick is too fucking small


>> No.10261825

Everything you throw at the tiefling, we enslave and fuck. Our cocks shall never be dry, thanks to our slutty tiefling slave luring us a never-ending supply of flesh.

Goddamn, tieflings are awesome.

>> No.10261841

Then we gang fuck YOU into a bloody pulp with our new fuck buddies we summon to do it for us. We're a fucking wizard bitch.

>> No.10261858

Elves don't want us, they want to fuck tiefling MEN with their prehensile double-penetrating tails and handsome, mysterious features.

>> No.10261921

I dont even care...

>> No.10261950

that's just because every girl has a warforged under her bed for those lonely nights. they don't count.

>> No.10261958

That's okay. They don't need to be willing.

I still fuck them.

Anything else?

>> No.10261967

wtf is a double penetrating tail?

>> No.10261968

at one point i wanted to play a 3e tiefling from the monster manual (pic related) and liked the idea of having to keep my lineage a secret (i.e. keeping horns or what have you hidden). i thought it would be a fun character to play. probably would still be a fun character if tieflings were extreeeeeeemely fucking rare, but I wouldn't touch the fagshit 4e tieflings with a ten foot poll.

>> No.10261982

>> No.10261995

No you don't fuck them, you sit in the corner crying as they rail your tiefling gf all day and night and make you watch. And they all laugh at you cuz their dicks are so huge yours can't even compare.

Also a dragon is gonna come and join in, and his dick is 10 feet long, and 6 feet circumfirence.

>> No.10262000

face is eh, but DEM HIPS

>> No.10262005

what makes the 4e tieflings worse?

>> No.10262027

I fuck the Dragon too. Mmmm, scales...

>> No.10262031

but you can craft your own upgrades

>> No.10262040

The dragon wants your tiefling gf, not you, your dick is too small, human.

>> No.10262061

fucking wizard. Dick is sized to fit. your argument is invalid.

>> No.10262064

dragons are smaller than that or they wouldn't kidnap human princesses.

>> No.10262073

I loooooove dragons....

>> No.10262083

> implying you run our fantasy
> implying your elf bitch didn't just run off with a tiefling while your insiginificant peter is torn off as a trophy by a kobold because you're a faggot-ass eladrin pantywaist
> damn, turnabout is fair play, son

>> No.10262095

The dragon put a curse on you, making you unable to change your penis size.

>> No.10262096

A wizard ain't human anymore, bro. He's anything he wants to be. We've got this covered.

>> No.10262110

is MMO

>> No.10262116

We dispel the curse because we're a goddamn wizard.

Damn, you're like the most insufferable DM on the planet or something.

>> No.10262118

I put on a wetsuit, time to go diving.

>> No.10262119

It's not MY elf bitch, I was just saying you should have gotten with an elf, not a tiefling. Elf women aren't sluts like tieflings are, and they won't stretch their pussies out with ugly ass lizard tails.

>> No.10262125

>>10260121 the given fluff where they're a known quantity and accepted as members of society.
>>10260094 due to looking like straight up demons, no npc in their right mind would fucking trust them, unless you're a shit dm.

>> No.10262129

not before I turned it into my compliant female sex slave who will gladly remove her own curse so i can wreck that chick.

>> No.10262132

We ALWAYS satisfy

>> No.10262141

The elf is too busy having her holes stretched by a tiefling dude's tail.

>> No.10262143

The dragon put a special attribute to the curse, if you manage to dispell it, you can never get an erection again. And the only way to break it is to let every single devil in the 9 layers of the abyss fuck you up the ass.

>> No.10262146

forgot pic lol

>> No.10262155

I'm starting to get bored here, troll. Entertain me some more.

>> No.10262168

Done and done, since devils are not found in the Abyss.

>> No.10262169

Okay, we do that.

Then we fuck the dragon.

>> No.10262171

elves aren't sluts, and the male tiefling is too busy fucking your slutty tiefling gf, and you won't even do shit cuz you're scared.

>> No.10262173


I dispel that too.

Also, I pu on my robe and my wizard hat

>> No.10262174

>Elf women aren't sluts
elves are total fucking sluts. they're like the blond cheerleaders of the fantasy world. they're terrifically easy and terrible lays.

>> No.10262182

Again, you are basically a terrible DM. You do not have DM powers here; nothing you say is binding, and we can ignore your "points" freely, as they are not valid to begin with.

>> No.10262184

then i cast shrink item on the dragon

>> No.10262191

Half-elves man, how do they work?

>> No.10262205

contingent counter spell

>> No.10262206

So you'd let EVER devil assfuck you? You know how many devils there are? You'd NEVER be done, a new one forms like every minute or so, bwahahahahahaha

enjoy your never ending assrape

also your tiefling gf will see you being assfucked and never want you again cuz she'll see you as less of a man now.

>> No.10262222

I fuck all the demons.

Then I fuck the dragon.

>> No.10262224

bullshit, elves are so loyal that if you try to rape one, they actually die

>> No.10262234

fucking high school pregnancies of the fantasy world.

>> No.10262236

>> No.10262237

>You know how many devils there are? You'd NEVER be done, a new one forms like every minute or so, bwahahahahahaha



>> No.10262239

No devils in the abyss, so its gold.

>> No.10262245

>actually thinks he'll be able to walk again, much less move after such a harrowing experience
>doesn't realize Abbadon's dick is 50 feet long, and 35 feet circumfirence

>> No.10262246

>if you try to rape the willing

>> No.10262261

Meanwhile, you come home to find your elf gf in bed with a Dragonborn Paladin. Sorry, broseph, but she only wants HIGH CHARISMA men, not some unassuming human like you. He's got twice the fanatic followers and has completed four times the noble quests for truth glory and honor that you have.

>> No.10262266

Ok fine, demons rape you, every single demon in existence gets to ream your tight asshole


>> No.10262269

i have a few nuts you all can suck on! and bolts too

>> No.10262277

I didn't read the whole thread, but I don't believe tieflings had a standard appearance until 4e. Before they could just as well be humans with weird eyes covered in unholy arcane runes as demons with horns, cloven hooves and barbed tails.

>> No.10262284

Dude, it's not even my elf, I found her in the woods and wanted to give her to you, so you can have a REAL woman, and not some slutty tiefling. Also tiefling women are fat, and have plain faces. They're just human women with horns and tails tacked on.

>> No.10262292

Okay, and?

I'm gonna fuck the dragon.

>> No.10262297

>doesn't realize we have Alter Self, polymorph and polymorph any object

>> No.10262310

But do we get to fuck the dragon when we're done?

>> No.10262312

i'm pretty sure OP was bitching about 4e tieflings. but OP's a moron, and we've moved on to competitive fantasy sex scenarios, so whatever.

>> No.10262329


Too late, deal's been made, can't be changed, and as a previous poster pointed out the Abyss is the realm of *demons*, not devils. There'd only be whatever devils have managed to infiltrate it for the blood wars, and that'd be, like.. A few dozen, tops.

>> No.10262332

wait, eyes covered in runes, or their skin? cuz eyes covered in runes would be fucked up...

also what kind of barbed tail? Like a manticore with spikes(like a wow succubus), the one in Op pic(with those 3 reptile spine fin things at the end), or those triangle point tails?

>> No.10262349


Sure, but why would you want to?

>> No.10262353

So, to she wouldn't even have you to begin with, went straight for the Dragon-wang. How pathetic, you can never even once have the object of your lonely, nerd-infatuated obsession. The entire elven race must have freindzoned you the moment you were born, with their mystical sense of perception guiding their enlightened opinion to find a mewling creature such as yourself lacking in more than phallical under-endowment.

>> No.10262364

I like dragons!


>> No.10262385

good thing i'm a Doppelganger sorcerer/warshaper/Abjurant Champion

>> No.10262387

In the case of a tiefling? Any of those. They are mutants, not D&D's answer to draenei.

>> No.10262398

I don't want elves, their ears are too long. Human women are better., that or Dwarves. or Gnomes, they have the tightest pussies. Tieflings are loose as shit, since demon women all have huge gaping pussies

>> No.10262406

I beat the troll and fucked the dragon! I won!

>> No.10262410

here is the answer to the wizard problem
Enchantment (Compulsion) [Language-Dependent, Mind-Affecting]
Level: Brd 6, Clr 6, Sor/Wiz 6
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Target: One living creature
Saving Throw: None

This spell functions similarly to lesser geas, except that it affects a creature of any HD and allows no saving throw.

Instead of taking penalties to ability scores (as with lesser geas), the subject takes 3d6 points of damage each day it does not attempt to follow the geas/quest. Additionally, each day it must make a Fortitude saving throw or become sickened. These effects end 24 hours after the creature attempts to resume the geas/quest.

A remove curse spell ends a geas/quest spell only if its caster level is at least two higher than your caster level. Break enchantment does not end a geas/quest, but limited wish, miracle, and wish do.

Bards, sorcerers, and wizards usually refer to this spell as geas, while clerics call the same spell quest.

>> No.10262427

it feels good knowing im far Superior

>> No.10262435

Elven ears are erogenous zones. Male elves might compare ear sizes, since it's quite possible their ear size might be proportional to their dick size like human fingers are.
Tieflings can be devils too, and devil women are tightasses.

>> No.10262458


Can Elves orgasm just by stroking their ears?

>> No.10262461

Wtf, this demon has a scorpion tail... she could sting your asshole or some shit, ewwwwwwwwwwwww

I am curious though, what race does she look like to you? the game she's in is some medieval fantasy euro thing of course, but her face doesn't look european at all, she looks asian.

>> No.10262469

Real women can orgasm by stroking their nipples, but it takes a while and is really hard to achieve.

>> No.10262474


>> No.10262478

did you say ears are erogenous zones?

>> No.10262481

That is some form of HOMM succubus.

>> No.10262485


Not only that, but his CHA is so high said pathetic human is one successful Diplomacy roll from a mouth full of dragon cock.

>> No.10262488

According to >>10262277 a tiefling.

>> No.10262494

SPOILER: Human ears are erogenous zones

>> No.10262499

with manly vigor

>> No.10262500

and she was inside you for the whole game

>> No.10262505

Backpedaling, I see. How quaint. Human women are just as slutty as tielflings, and liable to be bedding a tiefling herself long before you. A dwarf woman, settling for a human? HAH, as if you could even grow a beard half as worthy as her beloved Tordek's. Gnome women want a man with BRAINS, not some common thug such as yourself, who foolishly doubts the might of wizards... such as herself.

>> No.10262509

so Blood elf and night elf men have the biggest dicks, wow

and anime elf girls have even bigger dicks...

>> No.10262513

you already said devils

for breaking your covenant, my wizard hops out of the DM screen, transforms you into a female teifling, and rapes you until you are a mindless sexslave, begging for my constantly enlarging cock

and they all lived happily ever after.

>> No.10262532

I'm an Orc, I fuck orc women, and I can rape human women.

>> No.10262546

troll troll troll troll trolly trollolololololo

>> No.10262555

>I'm an orc, I rape women.

>> No.10262562


No, I mean her facial features. She has a similar face in human form, but she doesn't look european at all, she looks asian. Must explain why she is so pretty.

>> No.10262575

>decide to lurk /tg/ again
>monster girls, demonesses, tieflings, awesome shit everywhere

I love you guys.

>> No.10262586

Too bad for you, I left a decoy in my place, and ran off to have sex with hot orc women.

>> No.10262587


>> No.10262603

yeah, european women are pretty ugly, and don't have smooth, narrow faces like asian women do

>> No.10262610

You're welcome!

I just wish my folder was bigger, I'd have dumped it all.

>> No.10262618

But as per >>10261329
You lose all girls forever to things larger than orcs.

>> No.10262622

I fuck the decoy.

>> No.10262624

Her face is very obviously asian.

>> No.10262625

I took so long finding a sexy devil that my opportunity to post it with relevance is past, but I didn't want to waste the effort so here it is.

>> No.10262644

But I'm a warhammer 40k orc, so my dick is bigger than any normal orc. It's 25 feet long when fully hard, and 15 feet circumfirence.

>> No.10262646

No content is a waste!

I'm sure there are girls (and some guys) who like demonboys, not just demongirls!

>> No.10262659

I fuck your dick.

>> No.10262662

seriously though... i dont care...

>> No.10262665

wtf is the purpose of demons having glowing runes on their body? Does it do something, or is it there to look cool?

>> No.10262669

... 40k orcs are gender-nuetral.

>> No.10262678

Cool factor. Also, for some, sexy factor.

>> No.10262679

My dick is reserved for orc women and humans.

>> No.10262690

Riiiight in the pee-hole. I fuck it.

>> No.10262692

I'm corrupted by Slaanesh.

>> No.10262703

So they are basically the demon equivalent to guidos with shitty tribal tats?

>> No.10262705

Except that as a 40k orc, you don't have a penis at all.

Just like a Namekian.

>> No.10262715


The male appears to have less "glowing rune" and more "slightly infernal crotch tattoo." I believe it's just for sex appeal, or perhaps it wards off STDs.

>> No.10262719

... except the Chaos gods hold no sway over orcs, at all.

>> No.10262726

well, you can also asspull a reason for them, if it bothers you.

>> No.10262728

But Piccolo had a dick... he had to have had one, he was so cool... what next, Freiza having no dick too?

>> No.10262746

why does Illidan have demon runic tats then

>> No.10262753

what do you call that type of sock that has the ankle and toes missing they have been my favorite for years but no one seems to know what they are called

>> No.10262770

one day on a waaaaaaaaagh I saw dark elf men raping women and thought "wow that looks cool" and slaanesh got me and gave me a HUGE dick, and I started a new waaaaaaaaaaaaaagh and raped people left and right

my goal is to get close enough to the emperor's thronweso I can jizz on it

>> No.10262772


>> No.10262785

So you're a special snowflake wish-fulfillment character created by GM fiat?

>> No.10262792

wtf is an Illidan?

>> No.10262794


>> No.10262795


If you don't like how they look, don't play one. Hell, play a character with extreme bigotry against tieflings; the gods know it would be understandable considering their similarities with DEMONS.

(Maybe that's why they're not supposed to be attractive)

>> No.10262801

Nah, I'm not special at all, slaanesh made tons of orcs like that, I'm just one of them. We're coming for the human worlds now, right after we're done raping the eldar

>> No.10262808

Mary Sue.

>> No.10262857

> implying Chaos Gods can even effect/mutate orcs to begin with

Also, because you've finally admitted to being in the 40k universe, you've no effective control over the D&D one. Tiefling lady-friend is go again.

>> No.10262867

>> No.10262877


>> No.10262924

try to fuck warforged
cock stuck in gear press
sad face

>> No.10262948

try to fuck shifter
throat torn out during climax
happy but dieing face

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