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/tg/, you guys seem to be the place to ask a warhammer 40k question.

My FLGS has a large 40k player base, the vast majority of which is either IG (A relative minority) or space marines. Little to no xeno threat going on. Most of the armies seem to be artillery and armor (Tanks, Dreadnoughts) with infantry taking a back seat. If those walking tanks that are space marines can even be considered infantry by modern standards. But anyway...

What xeno threat can I play, geared towards destroying their precious massive hunks of metal that isn't a faggy space elf and survive massive bombardment from the other side of table firing into spawn?

Never played the game before, but it looks fun.

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Broadsides + Marklights
Crisis Suit teams armed with Fusion Blasters and missile pods.
Piranhas armed with Fusion Blasters and targeting arrays

if you want to take down armor, play Tau, go heavy on broadsides, Crisis Suits, and Piranhas . . ALWAYS backed up with markers lights, then watch as the other team rage quits.

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Bwahahahaha. Thanks, anon.
ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and I'll keep that in mind when thinking of what army to make.
Nobody around these parts play tau, so it could come as a surprise!

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Go with the Orks.

Why you ask? Well, they're fun, there's a fuck load of 'm so you don't have to care that much about casualties and hiding amongst the horde of boyz are either Nobs with Power Klaws (take on those tanks in close combat!) or Rokkit Launcha's (laugh at your foes as your Greenskin luck nets you sixes every turn!). If you want to go hardcore trollin' you can always go for those horrid yet painfully effective "wound-allocation-abuse" Nob Biker armies! Frustrate your foes, rip tanks to shreds with angry Orks on choppers, steam roller over infantry and much more!

Go with the Orks, go green, after all... GREEN IS BESTEST!

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Necrons (might not survive bombardment, but it doesn't matter; resurrect lulz), Tyranids (burrow that shit into their tanks/ artillery). Tau and Dark eldar are also viable for several reasons. Just pick an army that looks nice. I'd advise against Orks, but do as you wish.

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Don't forget seeker missiles. Nothing pisses off IG more than getting tapped in their AV10-12 flanks with S8 that hits on a 2+. Also good for dealing with drop pods, rhino chassis vehicles and bikes.

Also, well positioned Pathfinder teams will DEVESTATE current Space Marines. Snipers in cover? No cover save, and Missile pods raining in. Massive bike spam? Rail Rifles, then pinning check at LD 2. (Trollface here)

The current guard are a little harder, but as mentioned broadsides work best. Vehicle squadrons are like candy; three big targets, vs. 3 twinlinked AP1 shots. If you feel like having them sit and shoot, you can also rig them with twinlinked plasma and a multitracker. Turns into 6 ap2- shots at 24 inches, and 9 ap2- at 12 inches. Plus, if the broadsides need to move they can still fire the plasma as if they were stationary, which just pisses everyone off.

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not as effective as you might think...

Go with nids. It sounds like the guys you play will turtle at the first sign of trouble, and the new nid codex is all about tunneling underground and raping people who like to turtle.

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Since 5th Ed, You cant wound allocate abuse anymore. However, this rule is largely ignored. So no Nob Bikers for that reason. Plenty of other reasons to use em though.

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They do love turtling.

Last game I saw, some poor dark eldar player went up against blood angels.
The only human unit that moved for the entire game (only 750 points?) was a forge master (I dunno, looked like Doc Oc from spiderman to me).

Just for reference, what is this tunneling ability called and what exactly does it do in game? I do not currently have access to codex.

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unrelated question:
what comic is shown in op's post?

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bump for answer

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Bump for answer as well

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