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I would like to ask of your immense wells of knowledge...What are the Tau? What do they do? Why do they do it? And what are mankind's relations with them?

Thank you in advance! Here's a pic I picked up around here, no idea who it's of but...

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Download Codex from /rs/. Read it, then come back. Or don't. Whatever.

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They're blue and are controlled by pheromones and think they're doing good things for people they conquer, but they're really just putting them into concentration camps and sterilizing them.

Also, they have the best guns ever but suck at shooting. Go figure.

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Do I just search Tau Codex?

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>And what are mankind's relations with them

Picture related.

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Mankinds relationship with the Tau.

Let me put it this way. Ever have someone who annoyed the fuck out of you and you want to beat the crap out of them but don't because you have more important things to do like watching paint dry. It's kinda like that.

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Man, I can't believe it's summer already.

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On a unrelated note, her name is Zelly and she is a half tiefling rogue/barbarian of some furry artist's AD&D game.

But seriously OP, stop being such a noob and lrn2lurkmoar.

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So /tg/ isn't normally this bad? Good, I was gettin' scared...

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You know, I used to hate Tau because they don't fit the theme of 40k's grim darkness and they borrow heavy from anime designs and Noob players started playing them in droves cause of mecha.

However, I'm liking the evil concentration camp angle and I might start a small infantry based Tau army and have it inspired by Schindler's list I'll paint my armor metallic Grey, instead of this faggot fail British yellow desert camo they always have. Maybe make the few Crisis suits I have rusty and dusty...maybe Tau deserters? Tau Traitors...Tau pirates?

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I've been lurking for a few months in reality. I just know nothing about Warhammer (besides what I skimmed which wasn't much) because I didn't start Dark Heresy until like, just now. Was more of a DnD guy. And Zelly...well, never saw any topics swing her way.

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Hasn't really been on /tg/ for a while.

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Farsight Enclave. The closest the Tau have to traders. The colour is mostly red and silver, though you could focus on the silver and rust it. They have been away from proper manufacturing areas for a while.

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this is all you need to know about the relationship between everyone in 40k

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Black Library should do some more books on that, cause even though I'm really tempted to start a tau army out of completion sake, I still can't stand Tau Players yelling Greater Good, like a bunch of hippy activists.

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Well, the Tau are a species of alien living on the eastern fringe of the galaxy and have conquered a small area of space and allied with the local alien life-forms by preaching about a philosophy known as "The Greater Good." They're strictly caste-based, with the Ethereal caste at the top controlling the entire society, and it's speculated that they use some form of mind-control to keep the rest of the Tau in line. They are a somewhat divisive issue, as many older 40k players dislike them while newer players tend to be fond of them.

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I'm not saying you didn't lurk, I'm telling you to lurk properly.

Did you browse 1d4chan yet? Or any of the epic /tg/ archived threads on suptg?

Do you know about /tg/ satelite board, tgchan? Or even dammitfreehaven?

Get with the program man.

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I like em because they're dead shooty

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>What are the Tau?
A race of humanoids who trace their evolutionary history to plains creatures.

>What do they do?
Expand the Tau Empire and attempt to bring other species under it, whether voluntarily or by violence.

>Why do they do it?
The Tau were nearly annihilated as a species before the mysterious rise of the Ethereal caste of Tau, who came preaching a "Greater Good" that helped the Tau pull back from the brink of the abyss. Fan speculation is that the Ethereals are Tau modified by some species or another to exude some sort of abnormal influence, perhaps through pheromones.

>And what are mankind's relations with them?
By default? Violent. In practice? Violent, but one of the few species with which the Imperium will have any relations other than "burn them alive immediately." Note that such non-violent relations are usually just foreplay to violent relations, however.

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© Jax,

Lurk Moar,
ps. cunt still owes me a paid commission from about 7 years ago

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What does the Greater Good consist of, besides concentration camps and sterilization? *points at rest of thread*

And while we're at it, besides mutants, xenos, daemons, and whatnot, what exactly is constituted as Heresy? I'd rather like to not get shot in the nads because I said the wrong word.

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The Inquisition approves of this message.

Now carry on, citizen.

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>claims to be an oldfag
>links to or uses ED

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Knew about 1d4chan, didn't browse it much, browsed the archives, didn't know about other stuff, will endeavor to lurk bettar. Thank you!

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The Greater Good is nebulously defined at best, and as far as I can tell means, "Whatever the ethereals say," although they do tend to be one of the most culturally tolerant species, allowing all to serve as members of their empire. As for heresy, everything's heresy. Given that the cult of the God-Emperor has a million different cults on a billion different worlds, any belief practiced is considered heretical by at least ten others. In practice, though, heresy is simply not following the tenets of the Imperial Creed, which are pretty basic. The human form is sacred, worship the god-emperor, hate the alien, fear the witch, and pay your taxes. That's pretty much it.

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>And what are mankind's relations with them?

Apart from being officially regarded as hostile and added to the list of 'to be wiped out when we're done with more serious issues' by the imperial authorities, there many imperial worlds near the borders of Tau space who trade with Tau, some even wish to join with Tau and their greater good and who knows what else (interspecies prostitution?).

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But I am warning you newfag, /tg/ is closet furry.

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Don't listen to him. Dammitfreehaven is a furry porn/objectivist board. Unless of course you like those things, in which case go nuts.

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you know just as well as I do lurking teaches you nothing on 4chan.

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this guy really hates Tau, all his pictures are of Tau getting their shit ruined, no matter who is doing the shit ruining.

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Don't mind me just dumping more Zelly art.

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>What does the Greater Good consist of
Strict adherence to a caste society ruled by the Ethereals. The Tau believe that if it worked for them, it can work for everyone: a place for everyone, and everyone in his place. A galaxy without strife. The Greater Good is all about promoting the whole over the self. Yes, the Tau are overly optimistic.

>besides mutants, xenos, daemons, and whatnot, what exactly is constituted as Heresy?
Blaspheming against the God-Emperor and his saints. Annoying anyone important enough to have you shot. "Cowardice" in battle. Membership to any religion other than the cult of the God-Emperor (the AdMech are given leeway because they keep everything working). Worshipping or investigating the Warp gods.

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Everyone hates the Tau.

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Then you are doing it wrong.

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Nothing remotely related to closet about it, we just have a small cadre of all year summer fags that rage at the occasional furry thread.

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it does, it just takes a long time

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>>implyed someone made a claim they didn't

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>implying that such an implication wasn't implicit in the referred-to post

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My brother seems to do fairly well with them, and they're fun in Dawn of War, but I'm too loyal to deviate from my IG and Space Marines

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Not really. I don't think that porn of any stripe, least of all furry porn, has any place on /tg/, but I know to just hide and report the threads rather than bitch about them.

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>>implying that an implication and a claim are the same thing

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Take that noise back to /v/

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Then your mission is clear, my good man, death to the enemies of the Emperor.

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Muscle demons

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Those are Human Traitors

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They have a caste society then? What do the castes consist of, besides the usual worker/laborer and leader castes(that's the Ethreal, right?)?

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Just man up and accept the fact that the people are horny lonely bastards with a numerous variety of fetishes that come here for porn that /d/ doesn't provide.

You'll live happier.

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just do it quick- I got mine over with in two minutes this time, something that must be close to a personal record

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>I fucking hate you /tg/ ;_;

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There are five castes, total. Ethereal, then the standard Grecian elements of Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Earth are the builders, laborers, and engineers, Air are the pilots and shippers, Water are the diplomats and merchants, and Fire are the warriors.

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Earth caste - engineers, builders, general laborers.
Air caste - pilots, starship commanders.
Water caste - diplomancers, probably things like psychology and sociology, too
Fire caste - soldiers

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Oh, and yes, the Ethereals are the leader caste.

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>Would give anything for a zelly hentai movie.

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any kind of muscle girl hentai movie

they don't exist

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But it'd be full of blood, rape, incestuous demon sexings, beastiality and rape!


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Thank ya Alpharius !>>10250210 too!

And, kind of straying from the Tau topic a bit, but in my DH game, the "Resistance" is being brought up alot. Is this just a brainchild of my GM, and if not, what exactly of the Imperium are they resisting?

And the AdMech have the Omessah thing or whatever right? Is he like another God or something?

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The Elysians seem to have much more advanced equipment than armies of most imperial worlds. But are their weapons and equipment any more effective?

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the imperium made a huge effort to wipe out the tau, but failed. everyone here seems reluctant to admit that cuz THEY NEED TO GET THE EMPEROR'S DICK OUT OF THEIR MOUTH.

destroying the tau is now on the imperium's backburner because they're far less of a threat than others and they're generally the most reasonable xenos the humans bump into.

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Gamewise, no.

Fluffwise, they are said to be more mobile then regular guard regiments, and their weapons and gear tend to be more compact.

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The Adeptus Mechanicus is an "Empire within an Empire" and they worship the Omnissiah, or Machine-God. They claim that the God-Emperor is the avatar of the Omnissiah so as to play nice with the rest of the Imperium, but they don't really believe that. The Omnissiah, they believe, represents the sum-total of human knowledge and their highest goal is to complete the Quest for Knowledge. The Imperium puts up with the AdMech as they're the only ones who know how to work technology, so they have to allow the AdMech to do what it wants.

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>implying the damocles gulf crusade never happened

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It did happen, duh, but the Tau were, at that point, engaged in a war of attrition against the Imperium. The Imperium has the numbers to keep up a war of attrition indefinitely, the Tau do not.

The only reason the Imperium broke off the crusade was because of a tyranid hive fleet, remember?

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Oh wow.

You're new to 40K

Ok the Tau in short are blue alien space communists with a rigid caste system who do everything for the Greater Good which is a concept that holds a pretty much religious significance for them.

>> No.10250499

>patrol with space marine companies and metric fucktons of imperial guard

yes, combined with the fact that they only got close to threatening one sept. Only one. The crusade was called off cuz of tyranids, and the realization that they needed a lot more force to really stick it to the tau.

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That has to be one of the worst multiclasses ever

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>What are the Tau?
Blue skinned space commie fags.
Five species yet somehow one - think the Zindi from Enterprise - organised so the ones best at a job do it from birth.
Possibly helped along by Eldar, through adding a smelly organ in their leaders, that make all oter Tau obey through pheremones.
Possibly created by Necrons/Necrontyr (Necrons before they said fuck off to skin) due to low warp prescence.
>What do they do?
They Derp.
"Lets unify teh galaxy lol!"
"Wut is Slaanesh? Ok, he dead lol!"
"Lets invite teh Necrons for Teeeea!!!"
>Why do they do it?
In the grim derpness of the eastern fringe - dat deres Tau country - there is only DEEEEERRRRRRP.
Also to appeal to animu faggots.
Also as a counterpoint to the rest of 40K, eg a faction in te far future that actually looks Sci Fi, as opposed to Elves, Knights, Green Mad Max and Termites IIIIIIIN SPAAAAAACE!!!
>And what are mankind's relations with them?
"Hi!! Let's be fwiends!!!" Said Water Minister Derpington.
"Blamity blam blam blam" Replied the Boltguns.

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So Tyranids don't show up, Damocles Gulf Crusade continues.

What you seem to be saying is that in that scenario, is that Imperium would not have eventually won.

>> No.10250586

eventually, yes. but not in the damocles gulf crusade.

>> No.10250643

But in that scenario, the Damocles Gulf Crusade goes on without interference. War of attrition continues, each side gets reinforcements, but one side's ability to reinforce their troops is vastly inferior to the other's.

>> No.10250676

you're severely overestimating the speed at which the imperium mobilizes. how many decades was it between first contact with the tau and the actual creation of the crusade? the imperium would win, yes, but it would take another crusade.

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If I remember correctly, the =]I[= and the Space Marines wanted to Exterminatus the Tau homeworld, but the Guard somehow said no and they listened.

Every commissar accompanying those regiments should have been shot before they graduated.

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Every since I first saw the Tau models when they came out I've wanted to paint them up like Waffen SS with a Etheral in a trenchcoat with monocle. I never did because fuck GW I'm not giving them my money.

Also I suck at painting

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First off, initial contact to the Tau was per-heresy, but then, yeah, the Heresy happened. Then there were warp storms preventing travel to that section of the galaxy for whatever reason.

How long it took to mobilize against the Tau had more to do with having more important issues to deal with. With the crusade on-going, you're talking about reinforcements being in-transit for a couple of weeks or so, and assuming they need to be called for that request is delivered far faster thanks to the astropaths.

The Tau would have more difficulty mobilizing than the Imperium, if the war were not in their own empire. As it is, their capacity to bring in reinforcements is probably about the same.

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Codex Tau (the original) p.60 "General [Wendall] Gauge concluded that the crusade had stumbled onto a major Tau world and that his resources were insufficient for the task set them... Inquisitor Grand was all for evacuation followed by Exterminatus...The army had found the Tau to be honorable adversaries, however, and there was a marked opposition to such an extreme sanction within high command.

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You are confusing the Horus Heresy with the Age of Apostasy.

>> No.10250983

Wasn't there something in the Tau Codex about Kriegers leaving their trenches to charge across an open field trying to get into close combat?

>> No.10251237

In all honesty that's the kind of shit they do. Fuck, it probably costs more to produce a Pulse rifle charge than it does to clone a Krieger.

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more nsfw zelly

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Bump for Zelly

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Bump for a tau raping Zelly.

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Do want more Zelly.

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Fookin' Balors!

>> No.10253553

Apparently Zelly ain't really fussy who, or what, she fucks.

>> No.10253564

Ogres, dogs, whatever. I don't care what she fucks either.

>> No.10253573

What a colossal slut.

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Some times, I'm okay with that.

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>> No.10253618

Other girls as well.

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What is it with /tg/ and teeth?

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>> No.10253702


beartrap fellatio fetish

>> No.10253708


xenos love, maybe?

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>> No.10253730

Pretty sure this is another artist's rendition of Zelly.

That's all I got.

>> No.10253766

Sharp teeth are, typically, the mark of something carniverious and predatory. They often imply dominance, assertiveness, a certain desire and ability to control others. It's less an attraction to the teeth themselves as it is to the idea of a powerful, fiery, sexually aggressive women who's likely to take a dominant role in a relationship.

Cultist is the exception to this. I think her teeth weren't originally designed to be sharp, but just crooked and broken - Fagot's drawing style made them look like fangs, and as /tg/ increasingly sexualised her, they were drawn AS fangs.

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>> No.10253783

She seems to get raped a lot.

>> No.10253797

And we all love her for it.

>> No.10253801

Possibly, but she doesn't seem muscular enough.

>> No.10253819

Really? I can only think of two occasions in the art. >>10253782
And the sequences of three pictures involving >>10253458

>> No.10253824

implies a lack of enjoyment and consent. Could just be into the really kinky stuff.

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>> No.10253850


I have a thing for aggressive women, but it's not a dominance thing for me. I like the idea of getting through their angry and finding the soft side. Also, passion is sexy.

>> No.10253862

I whenever I see that furry's face, I keep thinking of the Prince from Sands of Time. Hairstyle, I think.

>> No.10253863

Wish there was more like this. Zelly/Animal really does it for me for some reason.

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>> No.10253898

Oh snap.

>> No.10253901


I think there's something about a sexy woman who is so horny she'll screw anything that bypasses your conscious processes entirely and goes straight to your reptilian brain. It's weird, but I kinda know what you mean.

>> No.10253930

Sergeant Major Alexandros, Make me proud and exterminate these Xenos at once.

>> No.10253936

Something like that, yea. Either way it's a shame there's only really three such pictures, and two are really sketchy and unfinished.

>> No.10253965


Sir, yes, Immortal God Emperor Sir!

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go start a beast thread on /d/, lol

>> No.10254003

Actually, these aren't Xenos. If anything, they're abhumans. Which, I should remind you, aren't considered mutants and thus are an accepted, if disliked, part of the Imperium.

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>> No.10254018

You are aware that she has resist fire right?

>> No.10254022


unless they have sex with dogs and crap

>> No.10254024

Pretty sure that gets you banned.

>> No.10254030


That depends, really, abhumans have to be approved by the Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus as far as I know.

But this is the Emperor, so no worries.

>> No.10254038

That's just a sexual kink. It doesn't make one a mutant or an alien.

>> No.10254045


They are messing with mah groove. That is "Heresy" as a Commissar would put it.

>> No.10254052

I've been told that's the only board where such a thing is actually forbidden.

>> No.10254057


That doesn't stop it from happening...

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>> No.10254070

>> No.10254072


hah. better start one right here then.

>> No.10254079

Some things are too extreme for /d/? Goddamn.

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>> No.10254090


The Ordo Famulous of the Adepta Sororitas is in charge of determining that, I believe, although I'm sure the Inquisition has a say.

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>> No.10254095


/d/ is for /d/ickgirls.

Although posting western art of any kind provokes a violent response

>> No.10254099


Not to extreme for us, though! /d/ is just a bunch of pussies, anyway.

>> No.10254105


Sororitas you say?

>> No.10254109

Oh god, don't challenge them...

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>> No.10254132

>> No.10254135


supposedly, some people still think 4chan is for anime.

or that 4chan still has a theme.


>> No.10254136

Hey, if you've got stuff to dump, you might as well add it to this thread.

>> No.10254140

/d/ is basically dickgirls, things relating to dickgirls, and futa. With occasional other shit you rarely see. Gurochan's /f/reakshow is for the extremities of /d/ and the lesser-enjoyed fetishes like vore/dollgirls/etc.

>> No.10254150


I dunno if I can really justify that. At least Zelly is *related* to D&D. dumping random, theme-less beastiality in /tg/ is a little too tasteless even for me.

>> No.10254153


>> No.10254155

Now animooted.

>> No.10254169

>> No.10254170

Yea, /d/'s really gone to shit of late. It's actually turned me off futa, I'm just sick of the sight of it, and hate digging through dozens of dickgirl threads just to find some monstergirl or tentacle action.

>> No.10254171



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>> No.10254198

>dozens of dickgirl threads

Every time I go to /d/, it's nothing but "post about yourself" and random whining and bitching interspersed with fucking traps.

>> No.10254199

>> No.10254202


seconded SO fucking hard.

I was pretty alright with dickgirls at first, but enough is enough.


If you can find me a forum where I can dump some beast hentai without trolling more than like 50% of the population, I'll oblige. Otherwise you'll just have to find it yourself.

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>> No.10254216

>> No.10254219


you must be going during ameteur hour or something.

>> No.10254223

My girlfriend went into my dickgirl folder, even though she knew what it was and is called THE BAD PLACE, and said she needed to wash her eyes out with bleach. I didn't know what to tell her.

>> No.10254240

>> No.10254241


where do you live?

out here, most girls who go to 4chan would probably schlick to dickgirls.

of course, they're all crazy, and I want nothing to do with them.

>> No.10254242

"I told you so"?

>> No.10254250

/d/ on fapchan.org

>> No.10254254

Now for some proper, Imperial women.

>> No.10254260

>> No.10254262

...Why was your girlfriend looking in your porn folder? Your dickgirl folder, of all things?

>> No.10254268

>> No.10254273

>> No.10254277


Ohohoh Fancy that...

>> No.10254281


curiosity, I'm betting. If she doesn't like dickgirls but she looked, she must not know what they are. If she doesn't know what they are, she probably hasn't spent much time on 4chan. If she hasn't spent much time on 4chan, she probably hasn't learned that curiosity is a bad and dangerous thing.

>> No.10254285

>> No.10254294


>> No.10254301

So, which category would it have fallen into?

If it was unforgivable porn and she's still around, you're a very lucky man.

>> No.10254313

>> No.10254315

If she's still around, it obviously wasn't.

>> No.10254323

>> No.10254326


thanks, i have received eyerape and flying dongs.

any other sites?

>> No.10254333

>> No.10254342

Ehh, good point.

>> No.10254343

>> No.10254350

>> No.10254357


Stand down Seargent, the xenos have been repelled.

>> No.10254388

>> No.10254403

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>> No.10254442

I went to Terra and all I got was executed for heresy?

>> No.10254451

Artist is JaxtheBat on DA

>> No.10254464

One last picture to add to the Tau hate.

>> No.10254485


>> No.10254498


>> No.10254507

...or HAVE WE?!

>> No.10254515

>> No.10254546


Fuck yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou, xeno!

>> No.10254566

>> No.10254567

Is that a proposition, big boy?

>> No.10254583


you fool! look what you've done!

>> No.10254588

>> No.10254601


Heresy most foul!

>> No.10254627

>> No.10254637

>> No.10254640

>> No.10254644

Tau are pretty sweet, from an art perspective.

It's like an army of walking, shooting iPods.

>> No.10254646

Don't knock it till you try it

>> No.10254664


Not only will I knock but I will also stab it to death with cold Imperial steel.

>> No.10254677

>> No.10254691

>> No.10254700

>> No.10254723


>> No.10254727

So that's what you call it these days? "Cold Imperial Steel"? Kinky

Here, I'll make it easy for you - you couldn't get a better angle

>> No.10254731

>> No.10254733

lol, shitty text
that doesn't even make sense

>> No.10254748


>> No.10254764

delicious heretical ass

>> No.10254767

>> No.10254777


Imperial dat ass is superior.

>> No.10254783

>> No.10254784


>> No.10254800


Yes, really.

>> No.10254805

Nope, dat Dark Eldar ass is by far the best.

>> No.10254808

this thread has a serious case of 'OP pic more interesting than topic'

>> No.10254812

>> No.10254815

Ooh, good idea!

Welcome to the Greater Good, sister!

>> No.10254823


>> No.10254825


>> No.10254841


>> No.10254843

>> No.10254845


Her expression....so....cute

>> No.10254851

>> No.10254859

Better picture. She actually looks more like an Eldar here. Too curvy-looking in the other one.

>> No.10254863

>> No.10254868

>> No.10254878

>> No.10254882

>> No.10254886


>looks more like an Eldar
don't care

>Too curvy-looking
no such thing

more curvy eldar being raped

>> No.10254887

>> No.10254894

>> No.10254903

>> No.10254904

>> No.10254908

>> No.10254915

>> No.10254916

>> No.10254926

>> No.10254931

>> No.10254939

>Max limit of 150 image replies has been reached.

This is bullshit and you know it.

>> No.10254951

You mad? I just started posting 40k pronz.

>> No.10254952

The ridiculously high heels completely ruin it for me. Fuck.

>> No.10254958

Emprah, I have failed you.

>> No.10254963

You were looking at the heels? Wtf man?

>> No.10255114

Thanks for all the Zelly pics. Fukkin' Saved!

>> No.10255143

Did bg draw this?

>> No.10255317

Source on this?

>> No.10255321

Idk some web comic

>> No.10255361

That's really helpful, thank you, it narrows it down so much.

Care to be a bit more specific?

>> No.10255889

There Higher rez of this? Want to make my wall.

>> No.10256017

Eatatau, I believe.

>> No.10256402

Last time I hung out with © Jax, she was fairly asexual and socially stunted with humans..but had a big old Rottie named Harley that she got along with GREAT. if you look at all her stuff you will see a lot of dog cock and beast love...Just saying.

>> No.10256435

>if you look at all her stuff you will see a lot of dog cock and beast love

...you do? Beyond the two pictures in this thread I've never seen anything of the sort by her.

>> No.10256533


or at least more human verity

>> No.10256710


We're at the image limit, buddy.

>> No.10256752

but... BUT...

where can I get more?

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