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The party is casually meandering through the woods, ignoring the inane ocarina melody playing in your heads, when suddenly you come across a statue of an angel that happens to be weeping.


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Well Well Well what do we have here?

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It would be concentration checks EVERY FUCKING ACTION

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Wait, what are these things?

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Weeping Angels. Dudes from Doctor Who.

Imagine a Boo from the Super Mario games, that when you were looking at them, you're safe.

Now make it indestructible and have it move at 90% the speed of light when you're not looking at it. This includes while you're blinking.

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What a strange statue. I say we take it home. It look too sad to be left out here.

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Hmm. Do they require human eyes to be upon them, or any eyes?

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If something can see it, it'll lock up.

And, yes, the premise can be circumvented fairly easily, but as with most horror things, their fright value depends mostly on the context.

That said, in the episodes they're in they're fucking scary.

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any eyes,
there was a quick fix of putting them all facing each other with a light in a basement.

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hang on, if they only turn to stone and become in destructable when you look at them, why not close your eyes and spray them with machine gun fire?

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Any eyes, as far as I know.

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Because they are insanely fast. Like, very insanely fast.

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I don't see what's so scary about these things.

They send you back in time? Whoopty-fucking-doo.

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I'm sure all it needs is a friend.

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So... in a woods, they'd likely be freezing every two seconds because of a bird or squirrel looking at them. Also, you could possibly just carry a camera with you and aim it at the thing until you could drag it someplace secure.

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Question: does any observation cause them to be statues? Cause its just a matter of setting up a video camera and keeping it running to a computer.

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The horror is in the chase.

Also, the thing might just decide to snap your neck for the lulz, because they're a race of fucking assholes.

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Well, in Time of the Angels, they eviscerated you and used your brain stem as an impromptu communication device.

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the image of an angel becomes an angel.

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Anything that hold the image of an angel becomes an angel, if you record or draw an angel that image eventually can become real and rape you to death.

And then eat your soul

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Video cameras just take a series of pictures, so they can easily move between each picture.

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What part of "90% the speed of light" does your capacity for ruining horror by trying to work around it not get?

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sage goes in all fields, report submitted and thread hidden

Now go back to /tv/ and take your retarded British writer with you.

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Yes! indeed! I'll just put it in the hall of mirrors here.

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>And then eat your soul

What? No.

They feed on the energy of the life left you COULD have lead if they didn't interfere.

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Then you wait a while and suddenly, hundreds of angels. Oh god.

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If you want to be technical, the brain only operates at something like 50 hertz, or 50 or so discrete photos in time per second. The brain just makes it seamless.

Video is actually superior.

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If you have the image of an angel projected somewhere, the image itself functions as a weeping angel. So yes, it will jump out of the fucking TV at you and kill you.

And I think it's sentient life. Even if it's not, they can move almost as fast as light, so they could just throttle the bird as it looked away for a split second.

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Tom-ay-to Tom-ah-to

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Well, you'd need to bring the camera with you.

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Thing is, their mere presence disrupts energy flow. They can extinguish anything non-living watching them. Oh, and the image of an angel becomes an angel itself.

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It's completely sapient, at points in the new series they actually taunt the doctor.

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Take shifts watching it, or dump it into the sea.

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The image of an angel becomes one?

So the crayon drawing my little sister made is a monster? The crude medieval carving? The television documentary on angels in history?

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For the love of the Doctor, DON'T look in the eyes.

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Wonderful! Now I can decorate this around the castle! This is perfect!

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any image of an angel becomes an angel. and when you look at said image your eyes also become the image. cant take your eyse of the real angels, but keep them open and the one inside you will eventually kill you

oh but its not garunteed to do it. if its weak it'll just kill you to use your body for something i cant quite remember

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only happens when you look them in the eyes

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What happens if you cover the statue in concrete?

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It has to be the specific depiction of a Weeping Angel. Quantum effect and shit. In Time of the Angels, Amy was attacked by an angel creeping out of a video loop.

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it has to be a pretty fucking precise image depicting the exact angel, not just any angel

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It would break through.

They can open doors that no other being of that size can open through sheer strength.

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It waits until the concrete crumbles. Only gives you safety for a lifetime or five.

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Or better yet, drop it in a pool of liquid metal.

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ok for those that need the explanation on them.

what they do is they feed off of your posibilities in this time line, when they send you back they remove you and every action you ever make every outcome that stems from every outcomes action untill every posibillity you had was gone.

field to long, so pt.2

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It doesn't melt, swims out and kills you dead.

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>So the crayon drawing my little sister made is a monster? The crude medieval carving? The television documentary on angels in history?

Yes. There is a very good reason why the book about weeping angels had no illustrations.

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there strengh is in there image, they break down and rest when they need to, but once they awaken they move quicker and quicker and once they are fully restored they can move about the lengh of a football field in say 5-10 seconds if that. as soon as you look at them they turn to stone and cover there eyes as it's the weak point.

now this is where it turns from weakpoint into ultimate weapon.
if you look an angel in the eyes it's image is imprinted on you, anything which views it's eyes or ever has the image of an angels eyes on it will become an angel.
surround one with a perfect ball of mirrors and every one of them will become another angel turning to stone over time.
same with any video camera and anything it's hooked up to. or cameras or polaroids. humans themselves will "grow" a new angel in there brain after seeing it's eyes. putting angels in a circle doesnt work, an angel has no possibillitys since they are time maniuplators and of the same race they are immune to there own powers.

also remember how they just send you back to the past and remove your posibilitys? well that's kool, you can invent a shotgun and give it to a caveman and it would make no difference, you can never change anything in wherever the fuck you end up, it's cut off from you, you will exist in that time, but there will be no new posibillitys that co-incide with anyone/thing else in the time, everything you ever do will be the verry definition of meaningless as the second you die the most lasting thing your entire life will leave, will be a hole in the ground and a small mound of dirt being shifted a few meters to the side.

tl;dr angels will fuck you and everyone you've ever loved right the fuck up.

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you have no idea how long these things can wait. sure you might survive, but the will be back. the only way to defeat them show so far is to trick them into looking at each other (which can probably be reversed by blocking thier vision) or dumping them into a crack in the fabric of time, thus erasing them from existence

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Even better. Mouth of an active Volcano

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The point was to case it inside metal.

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The book had holes in it where the pictures of Weeping Angels were. My theory is that all the weeping angels in the cave were spawned from that very book.

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So stupid invincible super monster thread?

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>putting angels in a circle doesnt work,

It did work in the first episode they were in. But eventually it will get dark or the light will go out or something.

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>About to argue

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I think Angels can see in the dark.

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Doctor, why does that angel have two shadows?

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it's a plot hole, in the last eppisode with them when they had the doctor they were in a circle and all looking at him, in a circle, there was at least 40 of them in a small room looking at somethingin the center of them, still, if it works it works.

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It's those pirana shadows, isn't it?

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... oh christ

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Not to mention Disintegration Ray

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Surely you would be fine as long as atleast ONE of the party didn't blink, it would only be able to move if everyone blinked at once.

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Holy shit.

You're now aware that beholder = dalek. One-eyed racist genocidal tentacled monsters full of hate.

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Oh fuckdammit I shuddered just seeing that picture.

Wait. It's a picture of an Angel.

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Daleks kinda do look similar, under the armour.

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I assume there is a reason you can't just, you know, take a sludge hammer to it?

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>You will never learn the Doctors real name

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>one-eyed monster that destroys the universe
Doctor Freud would like to have a word with you.

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What part of indestructible is unclear to you?

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According to the Doctor its Quantum locked, some wibbley wobbly thing about it existing outside of reality.

It was mentioned somewhere I think.

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What about putting in a box full of mirrors, so no matter what it observes itself?

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Even better.

Put mirror shades on all of them.

DOUBLE-SIDED mirror shades.

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That would work.

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The image of an angel becomes an angel itself. Enjoy your flight of weeping angels.

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They look like stone, but we've seen them shot at point-blank range without leaving so much as a mark.

The real question is: this ability is mentioned as being a natural defense. What are they defending themselves from?

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But beholders are not cyclopean.

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Wait, so because my brain creates an image of these that I can interpret, my brain becomes an angel?

Sorry guys, but this is retarded. Lolmagic in Sci-Fi is always shit.

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The image in your mind becomes an angel, but only if you open your eyes.

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So wait, if for example an angel is in a field at the break of dawn and it's reflecting off of all of the dew drops, the image in those dew drops also become angels?

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It's a memetic infection.
The weird thing is that it only works if you look an Angel in the eyes.

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Not really. It needs time to form.

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Total magic immunity can.

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>Put mirror shades on all of them.

>DOUBLE-SIDED mirror shades.


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This immunity must be magical in nature too, and a beholders main eye projects a continuous anti-magic cone, rendering such immunities useless.

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>It's a memetic infection.
You say that as it's some sort of established scientific term. This is just made up doohickery. Whether something is "an image of" something else is entirely subjective and arbitrary. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's nothig but a human abstraction.

So unless these angels somehow draw upon the psyche of intelligent being to project themselves, it's bullshit. And I'm not entirely sure it isn't bullshit either way.

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Probably, but they'd be tiny angels and unlikely to find a good food source quickly, so they'd disintegrate within hours.

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Okay, explain how this "Images of angels become angels" thing works then.

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Would render the disintegration useless too.

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They're more some sort of horrible idea-virus than a real monster.

Thankfully the reflections seem to die if the original does.

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Angels can choose whether to be quantum locked or not. Remember that they were tricked into thinking the companion was looking at them when her eyes were closed. If it were involuntary, they would know she wasn't looking at them.

That, or the writers didn't really think that scene through.

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Doesn't affect their own spells. Beholders are mary-sue as fuck.

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Beholder can't disintegrate something in it's antimagic cone, though, and antimagic field just suppresses, not cancels, affects with durations.

>> No.10247996

What about golems? They're immune to all magic as a natural feature.

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>doesn't know what mary sue means

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See, if magic is all we've ever known, it's easy to miss what really goes on. But I've seen miracles in every way. And I see miracles every day.

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You are now aware there were moments in the Episodes when no-one was looking at the angel but they were still frozen.

We were the ones looking at it...

Watch your back

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What if the angels use an extraordinary ability, rather than magic?

>> No.10248024


I am now imagining a Mary Sue Beholder.

Whom everyone loves and admires.

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Yes, the angels actually respond to the camera.

>> No.10248026

That entire scene was so terrible

>> No.10248030

Is it a half beholder half dragon half vampire half angel?

>> No.10248032

Why do angels have to be visually observed? Couldn't you observe one by sound, or touch?

>> No.10248037

Fuckin beholders, how do they work?

>> No.10248040

A Beholder DISGUISED as a Mary Sue.

And again, I lament never getting any art of Loli-holder. ;_;

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Goddamnit I hate metaplot

>> No.10248045

"Oh shit she's looking, try not to move!


>> No.10248088


That's an excellent question. But at the same time, couldn't they also propagate by those mediums?

>> No.10248098

Actually, the cone prevents spellcasting and removes ongoing spells (which includes turning summoned creatures against you, among other nasty effects.)

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Yes. Yes it is.

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Weeping Angels were much better when they were just time stealing Boos cranked to 11.
This "image of an Angel" bullshit and giving them a voice cheapened them a bit.

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With touch they kill you, and they try to be as quiet as possible I think.

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What are you talking about, metaplot is awesome!

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ok the image of an angel explained while im tired so yeah...

when you observe an angel part of your brain that translates what you see into what you recognise imprints a picture of it, and the angels are able to controll themselves through time and space. somehow they are able to project a consciousness through the images of htemselves, controlling time to have that conciousness grow in minutes/hours instead of milenia.
somehow they supress it at the same time, remaining as nothing but a mental image but when it reaches full size it projects through your eyes as that part of your brain activates again due to you seeing something. then it releases it's self supression and becomes a full angel int he blink of an eye (see what i did there)
it's confusing as fuck but when i read it originally it made sense. too tired now.

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"Look around you. Look around you. Look around you. Just look around you. Have you noticed what we're looking for? That's right, ghosts."

>> No.10248157

In 'Blink' we heard them stomping around the house.

How tough are they when they're in motion? We know they're quite strong, but how resilient?

>> No.10248160


Couldn't you just wear a pair of gloves then? It's not direct contact but you're still observing it through physical means.

>> No.10248177

What would happen if you pull the trigger of your gun at the precise moment you close your eyes?

>> No.10248178

Image of an angel becomes an angel:
1. you have an full angel
2. "hold an image" includes watching video, drawn images, staring at one for too long.
3. the effect is not instant (though "watching" can become mesmeric)
4. eventually the "image" becomes a real angel... you now have two angels, the original and the image-born one.

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>We know they're quite strong, but how resilient?

If they can move through atmosphere at 0.9c without bursting into flames, I think we can safely assume you don't want to fuck with them. Ever.

>> No.10248199

Well fuck you.

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>> No.10248213


You could even set up some sort of trip wire to fire the gun as they come at you.

>> No.10248225

Where did the 0.9c thing come from?

>> No.10248226

If they could move through atmosphere at 0.9c, everyone around them would die. Let's assume they're a bit slower, because if people DIDN'T die, everyone has already lost. They'd just circle around behind and tag you.

>> No.10248234


Does it work with mirrors?

>> No.10248249

Since it happens with everything from hand drawn pictures to futuristic video cameras, I'd say yes.

>> No.10248276

Seeing them move did kind of suck.

However, I did shit bricks at the time, I'll give them that.

>> No.10248291

Frowning face.

>> No.10248297


Bleh. I am totally not liking this image becomes an angel thing. Especially since they are apparently indestructible.

>> No.10248409

they ripped an door off a space ship and punched dents into a bulkhead

>> No.10248441

I liked the angels in Blink. I didn't really like the changes they made to them in the new ones.

Also, are we ever going to see Amy's boyfriend? I could've sworn I read somewhere before the season started that he'd be a major character. But I've watched all the episodes so far and there hasn't been any mention. It's like he doesn't exist or something.

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>Also, are we ever going to see Amy's boyfriend? I could've sworn I read somewhere before the season started that he'd be a major character. But I've watched all the episodes so far and there hasn't been any mention. It's like he doesn't exist or something.

You haven't watched enough. He shows up, is a major character for a while, and gets wiped from existence by one of those cracks.

Oh oops, did I spoil it for you?

>> No.10248466


That face, he just looks like a depressed five year old. I want to give him a wowwipop or a Matchbox car or something.


>> No.10248491

> implying that he didn't just get filtered into another reality like the Doctor mentioned when talking about the Dalek Annihilation Matrix.

>> No.10248505

>missed the joke entirely

>> No.10248517

>The Joke

>Your Head

>> No.10248523

ok, for some reason I shit myself laughing.

>> No.10248579

...Oh fuck, you got me. Haha, darn.

Still, you shouldn't remember him at all, you know. You did talk about him already.

Well he was dead anyway by that point, so it hardly matters.

>> No.10248581

I see what you did there.

>> No.10248601

Oh, a sort of metajoke. Clever.

>> No.10248641

look it right back in the eyes and see how it teleports us back with punches flying at it

>> No.10248673


>Couldn't you observe one by touch?

FUCK NO touching you is how they get you.

They touch you and that sends you back in time to live out a shitty life while they're up in the present OM NOM NOMing all the choices you'll now never have a chance to make.

>> No.10248726


What if they're in their quantum locked state? Does touching them while they're statues send you back or does it have to be when they're free?

>> No.10248748

We get to see one frozen in the act of grabbing someone in a headlock, so no.

>> No.10248782


Isn't that when they're really drastically weakened, though? It could be that they were too weak to send him back in time and were lying on less esoteric methods of feeding.

>> No.10248792

om nom nom
delicious bffs

>> No.10248800

You know, if they could do that while in statue form, they could set themselves up to fall over onto people.

>> No.10248835


They're already the ultimate trolls, so that would be suitably hilarious. One sets himself up as an exhibit in some snooty art collection in a museum, then has an unobserved friend push him over onto a group of tourists.

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OP: so...... I take it you all decided not to take Concentration checks to avoid blinking. They roll for a Touch attack. You are all jettisoned back in time. Welcome to 1923.

>> No.10249836

You know, it'd be fun to get your friends to try and RP it...

DM sees you blink, you char dies.

>> No.10250374


You clearly have a different defintion of "fun" to a regular human being.

>> No.10250386

Blink and save?

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