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Best reason to have a harpy in your party: you will always have delicious fresh omelettes.

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Eggs usually come out covered in poop.

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Omelettes usually do not contain egg shell.

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you came out covered in poop

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I am entirely too lazy to find that "Living with Harpy" comic relevant to this but let's just pretend I posted it.

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Only because hens have a cloaca.

This harpy clearly does not.

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I'd still rather have a dwarf or an elf. The elf can get your the other food groups.

And the dwarf? Well, the dwarf is a dwarf.

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This happens during childbirth sometimes.

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Source on comic?

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Yeah, one of those

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how 'bout more human than bird?

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That looks ridiculous.

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I prefer dragonborn.

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Is that Greg M's doing?

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Dragonborn schmagonborn. Faerie is best.

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She doesn't look very happy dude.

Faerie rape? What the christ

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>Faerie rape?
Seen some pics where fairies take eight inch dicks.

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Someone find me Gordon Frohman "No Bro," because that's just 5 kinds of wrong.

But my actually displeasure was with the rape part. Do we really want to be encouraging little Timmy to go out and find faeries to strip and put in a jar with nothing but airholes and twigs? You've seen what he does to his frogs, making them fight like little reptilian gladiators, what will it be with the faeries, forced mud-wrestling?

Is this really what we want to encourage our kids to do?

Because I've got the jars.

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Nuclear harpy.

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do you... Happen to have any of those pics?

For, uh, scientific purposes?

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I would force mine to eat under the threat of bodily harm until she was at the point she could no longer get the required lift to haul her fat ass off the ground.

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No, no, elementals are where it's at.

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Not on this comp, try gelbooru.

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Would you also prevent her from exercising so she could not improve her lift?

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You are a strange strange person

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Then I agree with

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Considering a human-sized body of roughly similar density would require a wingspan twice its height, I don't think she'd have to put on that much weight. And I like chubby girls.

I agree with this.

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You forget they are MAGIC

technically even the fattest person in the world can fly with the right spell

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A traveling entertainer keeps a large stock of (safely, mostly-painlessly) de-winged fairies that he uses to put on little shows for local villages. He pays the locals for new acquisitions, leading to a small tradition of the children of the villagers themselves catching wild faeries for pets and toys.

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That is simpler then making them eat or anything...just remove the wings and suddenly you have tiny people.

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OK, now I really need a No Bro. Wingless fairies, are you fucking kidding me? That's like removing a dog's legs so he can't jump over the fence and chase the cats, cruel and inhumane on so many levels.

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Also, as stated earlier faerie flight is MAGIC

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Less sadistically fun though, you are not going to get to see her flap her wings in vain to fly with tears streaming down her cheeks or watch her waddle away, terrified and huffing and puffing when you set a large snake on the floor with her.

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To be honest with all the magic even being wingless probably wouldn't make much difference to them. Its not NEARLY as drastic as us loosing a limb, still ya gotta wonder what their wings are made out of. They look like insect wings, and those are very very fragile. Probably heals fast so you'd have to do it once and a while like cliping a bird

All pointless though what with MAGIC

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Has /tg/ ever read Bondage Fairies?

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Remember Aerie? Faeries lose they wings they go full PTSD

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That's /tg/ for you

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My, my. Doesn't turn me on, but it makes me want to White Knight like a sonnovabitch.

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What part is turning you on? The force feeding? The sadism and titillation of danger? The vore?

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>Probably heals fast so you'd have to do it once and a while like clipping a bird

I like this idea. It keeps it mean but not extremely so, and it makes it possible to eventually set faeries free once their novelty wears off, keeping a rotating stock.

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>clipping wings

Wing-clipped fairies kept in songbird cages as living music boxes?

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