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Making Cultist-chan depressed.


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Okay, Cultist-chan thread, GO!

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Why hello thar!

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no one invites you because you have poor hygiene, stupid.

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D'aww, hwee lharve hew, Culteest.

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M-mark of TzeenTch m-My mallAble ass. B-bRat c_aN't e-Even tiE her own s-shOEs.

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Is that the same Extra Pieces that sometimes tripfags on /tg/? If so, I wish she'd drawfag more.

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Yeah it is, she does good stuff.

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I think she only has Tzeentch's mark so he can have a hand in pushing her about. Otherwise, one of the other three might find a way to use her against him, or something.

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How could she possibly be depressed with that much ratdick in her?

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I suspect that she isn't taught such basic things so she would make a more unwitting pawn for Tzeentch's schemes.

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She tries too hard, and fails at doing what ever she mandated to do. I don't now why the Chaos Gods even allow her to serve them, obviously she's not corrupting anyone. She's in fact pushing them away from the Chaos Gods, and back to the Holy Emperor.

She should keep up the good work, she's the best double agent we got out there.

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Whee harr hadorhable

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Don't mind me, just posting a far superior Chaos girl.

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I mean, just look at that cleavage.

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Hwee dishagree

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She's a filthy heretic. Maybe if she'd take a bath, put some clothes on, and go to a speech therapist she'd be more popular.

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Sorry, I prefer human girls.

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She should hang out with cutebolds.

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fucking fursecution

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you also prefer shitty anime art, apparently

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Hewe charmher, hewe.

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Delivering you the news, no matter how much it hurts!

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I have a picture of a Cutebold dressed like Cultist-chan, but it's already been posted.

So instead you get nightmare-fuel.

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This version of Cultist I prefer above all others.

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Philistines, the pair of you!

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Hyu liek mhee?

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For a second I thought she had laser vision or something.

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and the muscles

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Prahblhem, spehss mahreens?

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It's the face. Perfect mix of Dawww, weirdness, and general insanity. The teeth are also awesome.

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d'awww <3 <3 <3

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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She may be an heretic, have bad hygiene, and weird speech impediment but she's saving her souls. You see, while she's pretending to be a cultist for Chaos she's actually a reborn again heretic, who's work to make sure Chaos never gets anything done.

Why else do you think that Abaddon had 13 crusades, and all of them failed? Cultist-chan. How she does it is top secret, all I can say is she's working her way back into the Emperor's grace.

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I see someone's feeling... Rather HORNY.

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Did I?

Muscles are good!


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Both related and off-topic.

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Ah. That's okay, then.

Have this, since I have no more Khornette.

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rbqpizktm o tl oatjCHRIzSoTOPHgERl POvOjLyE (AKuAj MmOOsT, AjKmA THE ADoMgIN OxF 4CzHAN) ImS Ao DvAmNGEROyUsSm, MEhNTALLYk ILbLy TcHaIkEFr.p RaEADa ALLj ABsOmUxTu IT HERE: HnTTP://88.u8v0r.2b1l.12z/y OR HTsTPx:b//kWqWW.AyNeONTALK.vSoE/ OrRq HfTvTPi:/g/AgTo.KkIMMOAq.SE/jwpef pc w uic h l kp yrk q

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Mmmmm Gogo

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Stop worshiping Tzeentch, he's doing bad things to your head.

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this is going to end badly...

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I like ETP's version too.

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Sadly this is all the combo I have saved.
It would be awesome if whoever created it finished the drop pod sequence.

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Who did this? I've got a thing for unabashed Daemon sluts.

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>>10229568 FUCK DO IT
My favorite part

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Well I came everywhere.

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Somehow, I knew that was going to happen.

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Worst depiction of Cultist-Chan EVER!

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Someone on Hentai-Foundry, don't remember the name. Also did the Wafku threesome set of six pictures.

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Ragathol, and that's a Touhou character, I believe.

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>Implying that isnt a touhou.

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Who's ETP?

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Yuugi, IIRC.

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Every neckbeard liked Cultist-chan a lot, but the Commissar, who was posted about much less - did not. The Commissar hated Cultist-chan - the whole Cultist-chan treason. Now, please don't ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that his jock-strap was too tight. Or it could be that his hat wasn't screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

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I have no idea. But ETP are the initials printed on these pictures.

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Maybe he just doesn't like poorly drawn pornography?

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I should edit "cancer" in this image to say "heresy".

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Poorly drawn pornography is the best kind of pornography. It lets you imagine all the fine details yourself.

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Cultist-chan's thoughts on this thread.

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Wish granted.

>> No.10229939

I would pay money for a Dr. Seuss style book about a commissar.

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You, sir, are truly a god amongst men.

>> No.10229982

Nah. We're on /tg/, right? More like a god among traps.

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Only Toohoo fags would ever try to wreck a Cultist thread.

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This displeases me.

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Hang on, wait. I thought Touhous were all little girls with stupid hats?

Since when did they start getting sexy?

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>You should make as I did
Nice to see she's still retarded though.

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`Z funny b`cause is true!

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Nice try TzeenTch, I suppose she got breast surgery too? Hmm?

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Nop. Is funny because the author makes warhammer comics...

ok, shitty wannabe warhammer comics...

fuck it, you get me.

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When did hewe - sorry - you... when did you become Hispanic, Culteest?

>> No.10230285


so part of growing up is becoming a tubby hausfrau?

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Whoa, whoa, relax, /tg/, just a joke, ok? ; )

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hwee harr nhott hamused

>> No.10230362


anyway, thats a nice drawing...

will ya drawthread?

>> No.10230409


that`s traced

>> No.10230481

Was there ever one for any other Chaos Gods? I've only seen this one for Khorne.

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Does Cultist have a Russian accent?

>> No.10230531

Darius, te lo puedo decir mas alto pero no mas claro...

>> No.10230556

Funnily enough, I am depressed.

>> No.10230566

No. Her accent is the same as that of the Cultists in Dawn of War. That high-pitched, whining shriek.

>> No.10230580

Link to some of this cultist-speech?

>> No.10230615


Pfff, era por ser amable, realmente "i dont give a fuck"

I live for you, the trolls. ^-^

>> No.10230661


The whiny, screechy voices in this.

>> No.10230709


i was not going to... at least, not soon. i`d love to, but i have no time, sorry...

>> No.10230720

One day...
Your ass will be mine.

>> No.10230759


... is that a threat or a proposal?


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>Pic of menacing Hulk doing kung fu pose.
You aren't the brightest bulb in the box, aren't you?

>> No.10230829


if you measure it by my knowledge of a lenguaje that is not mine, then yep, im not.

>> No.10230846

The hulk is not a language. If the hulk is trying to kill you with kung fu, there can only be one meeting.

>> No.10230863

Goddamn, poor language is contagious.

>> No.10230899

What on earth is going on in this thread?

>> No.10230925

Don't forget her most memorable comic strip.

>> No.10230934


Hey, don't hate on the guy, that art could just as easily be depicting Hulk's doggy style technique.

>> No.10230984


awwww! too bad!

>> No.10232494

My Gods, that's annoying.

>> No.10232667

I know nothing of this, but I would tap her so motherfucking hard.

>> No.10232772

No tapping the Cultists, you've no idea what they've got down there.

>> No.10232841

Whatever it is I would fuck it.

>> No.10232880

What if it's vagina dentata?

>> No.10232944


Eh, so it's like a blow job down there?

>> No.10233044

Well lubricated mouth guard.

>> No.10233114

More like your penis being shredded by teeth.

>> No.10233171

Doesn't always happen during oral, so why would it with Vagina Dentata? So long as she doesn't bite down, down there, what's the problem?

Hell, she might even have a second tongue. It'd feel awesome.

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That's... Not how it works.

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