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ITT: 40k artwork that actually represents the tabletop

Pic related is a BAD example (no synapse)

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Why is that guardsman pointing a flaregun at his head?

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obviously a pistol

also tabletop art would be 6 guys, shooting at 6 other guys

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>Pic related is a BAD example (no synapse)

What are the rules for Synapse? What is missing?

Pic is an accurate representation of Tau's close combat abilities.

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dreadnought targeting multiple units in the shooting phase

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another bad example

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what a Bloodclaw generally does to orkz.

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Tau pwnage again.

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Guard conducting a firefight moments before that FUCKING NECRON GETS THE FUCK UP AGAIN GODDAMNIT STOP THAT.

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This thread os now about Tau getting killed in close combat!

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Here's a pretty accurate presentation.

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Accurate depiction of a necron vs spess muhreen battle

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Why not

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Tau are pretty awesome in close combat.

My pathfinders took an emperors champion on (bastard rushed) and held him off for 3 turns (with more and more marines piling in) and in a separate game my broadside charged a chaos lord on a bike (gave him toughness 6, or i'd have battered him already) and won.

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....Maybe synapse has a longer range then 12 feet in real life?

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bikes dont count as raising toughness for purposes of instant death. statline for his bike would be (5)6, railgun(s) should have schwacked him

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Believe me, I was going to bitch about it, but i figured it's more humiliating to lose in cc then be pasted from across the map.

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that has to be the stupidest thing that guardsman could have done. Firstly, he has a 50% miss chance, then he has to roll to wound, and finally he has to fail his armour save to commit suicide.

he has a mere 16% chance to succesfully kill himself

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Thankfully he has about 8 tries!

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That looks like one of the stories from 'Galaxy in Flames'.

The only difference is the guardsmen kills himself with a lasgun (rifle), on a highway leading into a hive.

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Rules-lawyering and argument.

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pretty confident then, tau need all the help they can get in my experience

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Average Craftworld paint scheme.

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My guys can hold their own, normally.

I prefer playing 2 v 2 as I can then hide behind the guardsmen, or, in the awesome cases, combine all our drones (with another Tau player) and wreck havoc with drone squads.

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Only if...

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I remember that thread.

Agree that using grenades and manning bolter the better idea.

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Oh hai

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Chaos Daemons when deep striking...

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That one female a IG player has in his army...

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When IG has to run because of failed leadership...

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>implying all guard NEED morale

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>implying a guard squad will survive a berserker charge

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I was in the process of converting a hefty chunk of my guard to females when I stopped playing. Always bugged the shit out of me that, while it's well established that damn near everyone serves, there were only male models.

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when IG decide to bring templates.

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12 Inch charge Through difficult terrain...roll 1's

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Guard VS Tau

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Tau Vs Tank

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>implying the entire army does not have all veteran stats
>implying i don't ignore all negative modifiers
>implying i don't always fall back into close combat
>implying my fast attack squads don't have invulnerable 5+ saves
>implying you'll make it out alive

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That one god damn trolly bastard of a Tau Player..winning on the 0 Turn...

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Is there a full version of this comic book?

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what the hell is it crushing?

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He didn't troll so much as the White Scar player was fucking stupid for not knowing his opponent.

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Its the hull to a crisis suit...and I dont have the full comic. Also Difficult Terrain test over wrecks...

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guard taking perils of the warp.

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Fire and Honor I believe is the name.

A Tau Crisis Suit pilot

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fuck i remember that
story please?

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Oh. Thanks


What's the story?

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lets do some math

33 attacks hitting on threes, wounding on twos.

>ten guardsmen
>implying you'll make 20 or more 5+ saves

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It goes like this...White Scar Player was outflanking his entire army against a tau player with infiltrating Kroot, so the Tau player decides to infiltrate his entire kroot squad so they were exactly 2inches apart along the white scars board so none of his units could ever come in...ergo...he wins

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Anybody has a link to download this comic?

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Space Wolves Lone Wolf marine.

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cannon you say?

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Hah, genius.

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>Implying the guardsman squad wasn't actually a squad of Angry Marines that Creed Tactical Genius'd in there.

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Scars player was going to bring his forces in from reserves on a later turn, so the Tau player infiltrated all his Kroot merc's on the Scars deployment edge, meaning they couldn't deploy so it was an auto-win for the Tau player.

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horseshit, wouldn't happen

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What space marines wish they were...

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>implying that marines don't die just as easily to a berserker charge

initiative, strength and weapon skill are all higher.

the best way to kill zerks is by charging them first

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Scar looks pissed.

I assume the tau got away with it, but that must have been a long wait for clarification.

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He knew he was in the right...and as a tau player, why not take the advantage to do that..I mean the White Scars guy was a ass for pulling off a manuever like that anyways, why not grab the reins a bit.

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Thats fucking awesome.

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Eversors in general..trying to make back 90points to buy em

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You're right, it should be more like

> 41 attacks hitting on threes, wounding on twos.

>ten guardsmen
>implying you'll make 20 or more 5+ saves

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Can't say anything. Once had a line of guardsmen survive bolter fire from a similarly sized line of Thousand Suns. I lose three men to something like 20 shots.

Next turn I had the infamous multilaser fluke and wiped the floor with the Thousand Suns, had a Hellhound waste a dreadnaught, and scored a bullseye on his force commander with an indirect fire earthshaker round.

Closest I've ever seen my roommate to table-flipping furious. I wiped his army and lost three guardsmen, presumably the guys in the back row who couldn't see what was going on in time to duck.

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Dark Eldar player's faces when they show how many Dark Lances their fielding

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