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So how many of you are excite about the KOTOR MMO? I'm excited because if it has bioware level plot and character development it will be the first mmoRPG (emphasis on RPG)

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Son, I am excite.

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>>character development

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I'm hoping it puts the movies to shame. All of them. KotOR 1 and 2 already had better plots than most of them.

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Another WoW clone, will die.


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I do not get excited.

I get less angry following release if things go well.

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It'll be a shitty grindfest just like every other MMO out there.

That said, I'll probably play too

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One tiny greentext you missed, good sir


they make a good plot and character development sammich

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Son, you're late. There was an MMORPG, emphasis on RPG, already (Emphasis on was); and there was another MMOG with plot development. Hint: the first one lasted a whole 4 months before being closed, the second had music by Frank Klepacki.
Also, URU.

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this game will either be so fucking fantastic it will change mmo's forever. Or just be like Warhammer Online.

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The really sad thing is... this could be epic. It could be the best MMO ever. It could blow WoW out of the motherfucking water.

But it won't. The nay sayers will be right, and it will still be plagued by all the problems that have haunted MMO's since players first said "What if I played a role in a massive world with multiple players?"

That said, why is this always the case? Do the people who make MMO's not actually PLAY MMO's?

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Hell Yeah Sith Inquisitor Here!!!

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>bioware level plot and character development
It's going to be a single player game, but online. I'm not even fucking kidding about this. Everyone is going to make the same choices and you're going to have to sit there and pretend they matter even though you're in a world populated by people who did the exact same thing. It is going to be Anti-Multiplayer.

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This anon is likely speaking the truth.

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It better fucking tell us what happened to the player characters of both Kotor 1 and 2.

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You say it like it is a bad thing.

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PvP: Stale
PvE: Meh might be good
Leveling: Awesome
RP: pic related

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You are going to be playing an online game and you're not going to actually be allowed to BE someone. The thing about SWG that everyone forgets is that you could combine skills and abilities. You could be a bounty hunter who has medical skills, you could be a merchant with scouting abilities, whatever. What was important that YOU were your OWN CHARACTER. If you were a Bounty Hunter, you were your OWN BOUNTY HUNTER, and you did what YOU WANTED TO DO. You could build droids, you could shoot rebels, you could fly in space, you could build a house, you could collect resources or make factories or do missions or hang out in a cantina. You could do whatever the fuck you wanted.

In TOR, if you're a bounty hunter, you're Boba Fett. No exceptions. You can't be IG-88, or Zuckuss, or any other bounty hunter. You have to be a Mandalorian-type, you have to have a Jetpack, you have to have wrist flamethrowers. Everything about it is a class ability. You can't be your own person at all.

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Ah, I see.
You are one of THOSE people.

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Good thing this amazing game with customization that everyone wants didn't fail horrifically!
Oh wait...

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No, it's because they have to keep you hooked long enough to make a profit on your presence there, and the only way they can do that in the MMO context is "YOU MUST KILL 20 OF WHATEVER."

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Thank you for actually addressing the content of the games rather than - oh, I'm sorry, nevermind.

It had a niche audience despite technical flaws and bugs. The biggest problem with SWG came when they tried to emulate WoW with the New Game Enhancement and drove away the people who actually enjoyed the game for what it was. If you make a game a WoW clone, people are going to try it for a few minutes and then go back to playing WoW. It's that simple.

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Was it really that bad? I've heard stories of player-made orgy mansions and entire guilds devoted to whoring around for money.

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It didn't fail horribly, SOE failed horribly.

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Because cybering makes a game worthwhile

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Not really. You can hook a player indirectly - in the very base form, let him kill 20 X for reward A, 20 Y for reward B or 20 C for reward C.
In a more complex system, instead of baby-feeding him through every goddamned step, give him an eventual goal to work on achieving.

Hell, I know many MMOG without lots and lots of quests to follow that still keep the player hooked. EVE, at the very least - that's niche, though.

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Will players be allowed to be Jedi? Because if so, it's going to fail just like SWG did.

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>plot development
>character development


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Half of the classes are jedi classes
Shit sucks

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It takes different strokes.....

Also, stop being such a jerk.

There was shit loads of it, but it was always in the right places. You never saw any ERP in public, and when it was around you it added to the atmosphere.

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>every MMORPG ever made is garbage with an awful story and obviously catered exclusively to poopsocking powergamers
>bioware starts with one great CRPG and then releases progressively shittier ones until they aren't even making RPGs anymore
>bioware announces big budget ultrahyped MMORPG
>people think it will be good
>people think bioware is interested in making good games
>people think bioware is interested in making RPGs
>people think any MMORPG could ever be good
>my face

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True but the real draw of this game will not be the character development or the system but the universe. People want to be Han Solo or Boba Fett. They want to play around with force powers and wield a lightsaber.
Maybe if SWG had allowed that with their system it might have survived but it's handling of jedi was a joke.

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>every MMORPG ever made is garbage with an awful story and obviously catered exclusively to poopsocking
Stoped reading here

You've obviously never played Asherons Call or Planetside

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>Thank you for actually addressing the content of the games

I did, by dismissing you complaints.
Just because you don't like a certain stile of play doesn't mean it's bad. I've played both UO and WoW, had fun in both, I'll wait until I see the finished product to judge, but I won't dismiss it as bad just because it's not like some other game I've played.

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Guild Wars 2 is my choice of the coming MMOs.

Have you seen their plans?

>In traditional MMOs, when a quest is completed it has no real effect on the game world. You receive your reward and then move on, looking for the next quest to do. The world appears no better or worse for your actions. In GW2, the outcome of every event will directly affect the game world around you. If an enemy dredge army is marching out of their main base, players will be asked to mobilize with their allies and help destroy the army. If the dredge army is defeated, other events will cascade out from there. Players will be able battle their way inside the dredge base, face off against their commander, rescue captured friendly troops being held in the dredge prisons, and even hold the captured base while fighting waves of dredge, who arrive from deep underground to try and take back their home.


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>So how many of you are excite about the KOTOR MMO? I'm excited because if it has bioware level plot and character development it will be the first mmoRPG (emphasis on RPG)

You honestly believe that, don't you? Look, all the "plot and character development" is going to only amount to "watch these cinematics and read these windows about NPCs that don't have anything to do with your character and you'll hardly get to interact with."

It'll be like watching a bunch of friggin' DMPCs in action from the sidelines.

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>>people think any MMORPG could ever be good
Matrix Online
Asherons Call
SWG pre entire fanbase getting fucked over

Of course if you don't like the genre in the first place why are you even on this thread?

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anyway the point is that no matter how good the intentions of the developer, no matter how many crazy crotchety RPG devs with DREAMS and VISIONS you have, you ahve to make money. MMOs are cash cows. publishers pay attention to them. you might be able to slide in a mediocre CRPG these days by tricking your publisher into thinking there's a market for it, but an MMORPG? it's going to be gutted two weeks into development

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I'm not exactly familiar with the starwars universe, but aren't Jedi by definition vastly more powerful than non-Jedi in just about every aspect? Just how are they going to balance it for, well, just about anything?

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Yeah man, i've fucking hyped for GW2 now. They seem to be releasing a steady stream of information, which is a good sign. I want more classes to be revealed though...

Also, the housing and background system sound fucking great.

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Horrible case of the mad, good sir!

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I'm pretty sure there plan is that every non-jedi class is considered the best of their kind. That is, every bounty hunter is as strong as Fett, every Scoundrel is Han Solo tier, etc
Whereas Jedi are just your mediocre, killed by a bunch of standard footsoldiers, jedi.

I can see them fucking it up quite easily, though.

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Damn straight, you have good taste in MMOs.

I don't really see anything else good on the horizon, however. Maybe something will surprise me.

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Auto Assault. Tabula Rasa. Do these words mean anything to you?

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Again with the strawman?

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AFAIK, the Jedi characters are going to be apprentices and shit.

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Why? This is old republic, Jedi were like dime a dozen so were Dark Jedi.

Actually, I've seen some the game play it has dialogue options much like all the other BioWare Games. They also stated they're going to make it possible for you to switch sides, make your own decision, with each class having their own storyline.

I don't see it as a multiplayer single player, but a true MMO. Where the players are experiencing their storyline, which may or may not intersect with another's storyline. While you're off doing A, B & C. Someone else my be doing X, Z, C. Or they might just be goofing off and attacking the enemy without doing a quest.

Where WoW everyone does the same thing, no matter what your class or faction is the quests you do are really the same. This could be different, it's made by BioWare. They know how to make games, and I highly doubt they'll go the route WoW has gone. Seeing how it's not fantasy, so it doesn't have to follow how WoW went in order to make it in the market.

They could've gone the route SoE went at first, but in a different way. It's still up in the works, and hopefully it doesn't go the way of WAR.

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Mesmer and Warrior are confirmed from the released videos.

Ranger is a bit sketchy, we know Charr use guns, but the actual Ranger class might be gone in place of a variant Charr Gunner.

No word on Necro, but once again, Asura could get a variant on that.

And I believe they've confirmed that the classes from expansions (factions, NF) aren't being added in.

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i have nothing against the genre in theory. it's just got conflicting playerbases. there's me and three other fat nerds who want "RPG" and then 450 million fat nerds who want "MMO".

all of those games were skewed heavily in favor of the MMO component, and when they weren't, they failed financially. you don't make money by catering to anything other than the lowest common denominator. even if by some miracle, bioware, an RPG developer second in shittiness only to bethesda, is pushing hard for some revolutionary MMORPG, the way it should have been with UO!!!!, their marketing execs will never let it happen.

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Makes no sense. If they're top-tier already, do they not progress? Do they go from top-tier to topper-tierer or something? Also, do Jedi just magically stop at being mediocre? I'm not talking Jedi Master, but actually competent.
Sorry, I just don't see it.

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I haven't posted part 2 yet.

>If, on the other hand, players fail to destroy the army, it will establish a fort in friendly player territory. From there, the dredge will send shipments of troops and supplies to the fort from the main base while building up walls, turrets, and siege engines to help defend it. Enemy dredge forces will then begin to move out from their newly established fort to attack friendly player locations in the area, sending snipers out into the hills, sending assault team forces to capture friendly player villages, and trying to smash down friendly fortifications with massive dredge walkers. All of these events continue to cascade out into further chains of events where cause and effect is directly related to the player's actions.

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Ah, disregard that, re-checked the website.

Imagine your character from KOTOR at low levels. He could still get his shit wrecked by wookies and the bounty hunter whose name escapes me, even when he was a Jedi.

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It will be Guild Wars combat with graphics (worse than) WoW.
People will play it solely because it is ZOMG STAR WARS, will get bored after a few months, and in a couple years, no one will care.
Knowing this, following a 5 month mark after the initial release, they will release an expansion pack to TOR, introducing two more classes, one or two planets, 15 quests, and a slew of weapons/armor that serve little purpose other than ZOMG NEW AND SHINY. 3 months later, another expansion will be released with similar content. 4 months later, another expansion will be released with similar content. Continue until Bioware announces some random other game that they will then put 90% of their attention to.

MMOs are not meant to have a great plot with astounding character development.
They are meant to make money. Bioware wants money. MMOs are the best way to make money because it turns poor saps into addicts for a fair time.

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That is, unless you've actually seen the prequels.

In the original trilogy, the paragons of jedihood that had plot armor and were uber, were, well, uber.

In the prequels, regular jedi are like zealots from Starcraft. They're good at melee, and can probably beat a guy with a gun 1 on 1, but in huge confrontations they start to suck.

>> No.10215260

They're a bit better, but not by much. They can still be taken down, in fact in this era (old republic) there's plenty of ways to take down a Jedi. Just a lot of people get spooked at the lightsaber, and are caught with blasters that can be rebounded.

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What i don't like is they fact that they have ruled out fighting single, challenging opponents. They don't see it as 'heroic'.

Obi Wan vs Maul was fucking heroic. Yoda vs Dooku was heroic. Vader killing Sidious was ultra-heroic.

It will be interesting to see what their end game is.

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But just think, if they do in KOTOR what they plan to do in GW2 then you can effect the whole galaxy!

>> No.10215295


They haven't ruled out killing powerful, single opponents. You just won't see 25 Jedis descending upon ONE SINGLE enemy. Endgame is supposed to be giant mook fights*

*which is pretty much how I usually run my DnD sessions. Ah, minions...

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Aww, dervish was sweet. I'm happy they brought back Mesmer, though. Quite a unique class.
That said, they said 9 classes, the original had 7. So two extra slots... maybe a Paladin kinda thing for Humans? I'm surprised they haven't put in Assassin, considering its popularity. Maybe they'll merge it with Ranger...

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Oh please, they'll save it for an expansion to make more money. You forget that they don't charge monthly.

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I just want a good excuse to play Duel of the fates, bro. It's all I ask ;_;

>> No.10215342

True. I've always liked their business model, it works well.

>> No.10215344

No clue.

But I'm quite positive each race is going to get it's own class.

I'm fucking pumped for the fact that they've added in RPG elements. REAL ones.

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What if players lose or destroy this Dredge completely?

There's also the issue of the market being fucking oversaturated. To such a point that your game better be damn well perfect if you want it to run for over a year. Or go for the niche that is... for example... the four of us!

>> No.10215370

>New story
>new classes
>lots of new shit

It's a good thing.

>> No.10215375

That's the problem a single challenging opponent is the same MMO standard they've been slogging since the beginning. Eventually it'll be on farm status, like all WoW bosses are. I believe they want the other players to be your bosses, and not worry so much on PVE bosses. From what I gather is that BioWare wants PVPVE, much like WAR was suppose to deliver but failed. As I said, it's up in the air atm but from past experiences with their games they're looking for more interaction between the players and the roleplaying it comes with that. Instead of just rolling in with 25-40 people and slogging a boss, then going back after the timer and do it again and again...etc.

>> No.10215404

Too ambitious. It'll never have the scope you're imagining. What it will be is a looping program of handling the problem. If you don't defeat the army, they'll go wander around and cause minor problems nearby. If you do defeat the army, they'll just go away until the game is set to trigger their release again.

There will never be an MMO with wide sweeping political changes as a result of every character's actions because that would require constant maintenence and updated. Even though you're going to pay a monthly fee of $15, tradition says gamers will pay that fee without new and exiting events hapening within the game every month. Hence, exciting things will happen only with new expansions or when they feel like getting off their lazy asses.


Once you give them the money they don't care what you think of the game anymore. That's why HYPE, HYPE, HYPE is the only thing truly invested in for most games these days.

>> No.10215411

But if they don't control all of the content, they can't guarantee that you'll be back for more. Thus, people will leave and the game will die.

>> No.10215418


You know, I see a possibility for 10-man (or more, but I don't think so) content - a General Greivous style battle. Lots of mooks around and the boss - because of the mooks, only 2 or 3 players can ACTUALLY focus on the boss - the rest will have to dispatch the mooks, close the blast doors to prevent the mooks from coming, disable shield generators etc.

>> No.10215419

>What if players lose or destroy this Dredge completely?

I believe they hold the town until pushed back.

I like Arenanets ideals of "Hey this shit sounds awesome, and people keep fucking it up, let's do it for REAL."

Here's the link for dynamic events


And personal stories


>> No.10215422

The beauty of GW2 is that it has no monthly fee. As long as I get a single player games worth of enjoyment out of it, i'm happy.

>> No.10215434

That would be sweet. Jedi engaging the boss, troopers clearing the mooks, scoundrel sabotaging the surroundings to cut off the supply of reinforcements...

If this happens i'll be very happy.

>> No.10215436

Guild Wars 2 in free to play.

Buy the disks, play forever.

>> No.10215451

watching people gobble up hype like nigger dicks is about as infuriating as watching people respond to FEMANON HERE threads. STOP BUYING INTO IT YOU FUCKING SUCKERS


>> No.10215453

>Too ambitious. It'll never have the scope you're imagining.


>> No.10215455

Meaning that all they have to do is convince you to buy the disks, all the while hyping the game up as much as they can to drown out any discontent remarks.

>> No.10215458

No, I mean, really lost or really won - there's no human/Dredge on the map anymore. At all. Gone. Completely. Game over?

>> No.10215466

It will have a rest timer, obviously.

>> No.10215467

Thank god I'm not the only one who feels this way.

>> No.10215474

It's still ambitious and exciting. More companies need to try such shit on the off chance that it will work well.

>> No.10215487


Or perhaps even conflicting goals. Imagine a 5 man party, breaking into a control room that has the coordinates of a hidden Sith base on the planet. While they hacking the computers to get them, a boss bursts in. The Jedi base needs the coordinates before the Sith evacuate so they can bomb the shit out of them (TIMER) - who will keep hacking the computer and who will fight the boss?

>> No.10215488

It's not 'ambitious' at all. Hell, it's essentially what they did in Factions, but a little larger with NPCs.

>> No.10215502


Guild Wars was a damn fine game. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Thus I'm going to buy number 2. Hype is hype, everything gets it, but Anet has tended to deliver on what they promise, and thus I believe their conceptual plans.

So damn pessimistic.

>> No.10215503

Except (presumably) this sort of the thing will be integrated into the open world. If you read up on their actual plans in regards to quests, it's very ambitious.

>> No.10215505

Indeed. I've always thought "raid" content would be better if instead of 10 people fighting the same guy or two, they split into groups of 2-4 people to do their own thing. Maybe even place for a solo saboteur.
Unfortunately, tank+healer+damager+aggro mechanics are king now.

>> No.10215516

You know what I never got about star wars? Why they don't copy what LARPers do.

LARPers make cheater-beaters. 4-6 foot long sticks balanced to be wielded in one hand. Since all you have to do to "kill" someone in LARP is to touch them, they get those sticks. Same applies for Lightsabers. 4-6 foot long sword-thing. Since all you need to do to kill someone with it is to touch them, you increase the range on the sword and it becomes deadlier.

The same pattern formed with English rapiers. It got to the point where they needed a law to state that a rapier could only be so long, because the things were knocking tables over and generally being a pain in the ass.

Now, Lightsabers are made of light. Which does not have mass. So I imagine there is no difference in weight between a 3-foot long sword and a 17 foot long one.

For that matter, why aren't there light-pikes? If you can only make a lightsaber's reach go so far, then why not stick it on the end of a big freaking stick so you can stay away from people?

>> No.10215519

Warhammer Online did...

Well, shitty. But their public quests idea and pvp went over well.

It was just WoW grimdark.

>> No.10215521


BioWare said they don't want that kind of content. Besides, there are no obvious "healer" classes from what I see on their site now.

>> No.10215525

Good, that someone buys into the hype means that you can review it and post how much it failed to meet the hype.
Just, post your discontent on /v/, rather than shitting up /t/g, yes?

>> No.10215528

I guess it's harder to create balance around the idea you are proposing. If you use the simple tank + dps + crowd control + healing formula, its easy to balance and playtest.

Imagine the variety of ways a more 'dynamic' fight could go. It's an excellent idea, but it would take some smart planning on the devs side.

>> No.10215546

George Lucas stated that the lightsaber is heavy. Makes no sense, but he's said it.

>> No.10215548

They had light pikes in force unleashed

>> No.10215550

because it's more about thematic stuff than actual in-universe sense

or at least it was, back when jedi were space knights

>> No.10215556


Lighsabers are made to be used by Jedi. Jedi who can see the future a few moments before it happens. A lightsaber pike would be clumsy to wield - while you are trying to stab the jedi, he sees what you'll do, slide under it, slice it in half and advance to your face.

>> No.10215560

There's going to be tons of complains of why the non-jedi classes have to be minion sweepers while the Jedi get to fight the boss.

I believe everyone will be minon sweeper, and the NPCs will fight it out on their own. Think of it this way, you're not Obi-Wan. Anakin, Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker. You're unnamed jedi #250040, and by the law of Soap Operas you can't touch the main characters they got plot armor on. So you won't be touching the main movers and shakers, you'll be working your way up the ladder first. From nameless mook, to mauve shirt, to a spot on the star list but not the main stars. You'll be the Landos, the Bobbas, The Greedos, but NOT Han Solo, Luke, but you may possibly at the very end be a Jar Jar.

>> No.10215563

There are light pikes and light sabers that can switch between normal length to about 10 feet long, they just never show up in the movies.

>> No.10215564

Scoundrel has some healing in one of their trees, i remember it being mentioned.
I dont think there will be any 'main' healers, though. People will probably just have stuff that is roughly equivalent to first aid.

>> No.10215581

>i did not play guild wars and i dislike it's sequel before release

>> No.10215594

The Scoundrel is supposed to be as good as Han Solo. You have to remember that Han would have had no chance against a powerful jedi.

That said, Fett would have a reasonably good chance against a lot of Jedi, if he planned it right. I guess this is why balance is going to be... odd in this game.

>> No.10215597


Meh, I don't think so. BioWare can make a Guild-Wars style character story (with branching, ofc) that is played out in instances.

>> No.10215601


That... Symmetry...

>> No.10215604

No, no. It will never work because of the way video games are handled. With each new generation of technology we develop more computing power. We could honestly design games now, I believe, that could be intricately detailed and easily maintained with updates, but the required staff to handle such things is always allocated largely to graphics.

I don't know about you, but I've noticed that many of the new generation games for the PS3 and XBox have not had a whole lot to them. There's a lot of shooters - and short shooters at that. Why? Every bit of talent they had on hand is always working on the graphics, and only the big companies can afford to do that while still keeping people on board to actually design a game.

So the further we come in computing power, the better graphics will get. We will not see games getting particularly larger or more epic in scale unless a company makes enough millions on shit sandwhiches to afford it. Gaming is a bigger market these days, but it just isn't big enough for elaborate, jaw dropping works of art.

>> No.10215609

They've been planning since the release of EotN.

They sort of gave up on GW for their new brainchild, they've put most of their staff on GW2.

>> No.10215616

I have played Guild Wars since the week of its first release. It's a fun game. GW2 will be the same, and all these features they're hyping will fail to meet your expectations.

Regardless, that you've resorted to greentext means you really do belong in /v/.

>> No.10215619

But what if this light pike was also wielded by a jedi? I assume that most people are going to be using guns instead of swords.
I see.

>> No.10215622

Sounds promising. Frankly, I keep hearing good things about the game, and I'm honestly interested in how it turns out. I've got enough on my hands as it is, so I'm not applying for beta, and definitely not running to buy it at release, but I'll be getting a trial when it's available.
You know what? I keep hearing this "Wow, that'd be awesome!" and others supporting it. I've heard it from more than a dozen people, some of which most likely have programming, modeling and game design skills. Why. The. Hell. Was. Such. A. Game. Not. Made. Yet.

>> No.10215636

He'd easily have a chance in the Millenium Falcon vs a Jedi Starfighter, but pitting a guy who's not much in single combat against a guy who's all about single combat is asking for trouble.

>> No.10215638

Well, he might mean that the power source is heavy and beyond a certain length it's too big to be made into something an individual can hold in hand.

>> No.10215649

Thats exactly why I said companies need to try it. Most don't, they slap on basic mechanics and go 'lol we need moar graphics'

>> No.10215668

Oh of course, he was an excellent pilot. That said, the way this game is set up... they're going to make the scoundrel good in 1 on 1 fights, because thats just how their design philosophy rolls.

>> No.10215671

Lightpikes and Dual-Phase lightsabers did make it into the movies.

Lightpikes were what the Royal Guard had, they gave range at the cost of deflection. Dual-Phase is what Darth Vader had, it also gave range with decrease of blocking saber attacks adj. to you.

>> No.10215697

see that'll get you 80% of the market, but if you fake being innovative, you'll get another 10% easy

making an ACTUALLY GOOD GAME is a lot harder, so diminishing returns set in

>> No.10215729

Royal Guard had vibropikes and Vader never actually uses the longer blade in the movies unless you want to count the lightsaber looking like it was longer in some scenes because of 30s year old special effects canon.

>> No.10215806

It's not exactly harder - it just requires a different talent: game design. It is like writing, you can only learn it to an extent: to go any further, you need to "feel it" - that's talent, son.
Good game designers are few and far between, it seems. Like writers again, in fact: it's much easier to flood out the good content and manipulate tastes with a set of cliches and marketing.

>> No.10215821

GW2 will have no assassin class? Fuck, that was my favorite profession!

Maybe they will merge it with Mesmer...fits the fluff, in a sense, and possibly with mechanics. Shadow Arts + Illusion magic, Deadly + Domination?

Meh, we'll see.

>> No.10215865

They will probably put in an x-pac. Or they might roll it up with ranger [Traps fit well with the assassin, the 'shadowy' theme doesn't really, though. It would be more like a traditional rogue and less like the original GW assassin if they did this]

>> No.10215962

Why do so few games have lightpikes? They're my favorite, but I've never played with them outside of mods.

>> No.10215976

I am not excite.

>> No.10216004


>> No.10216016

Can we get a source on it and other non-core classes being confirmed not to be in the initial release of GW2?

>> No.10216039

>lightsaber pikes

stupid shit that was only in the fucking unleashed trainwreck

>> No.10216059

My bad on the Royal Guard, mixed them up with the Shadow Guard and Force Unleashed. However Dual-Phase was in Ep. IV.

>> No.10216090

How does any of the information on those pages further your claim that lightpikes and dual phase lightsabers appeared in the movies?

>> No.10216111

Force Unleashed was bad ass. It nicely imho explained what happened to certain figures from the prequels.

>> No.10216151

>Force Unleashed was bad ass

It's time to stop posting.jpg

>> No.10216153

I'd dispute that duel phases actually appeared in episode IV. The changes in the length of lightsabers weren't intentional and explaining it that way was an after thought.

>> No.10216170

For the lightsaber pikes.

As for the Dual Phase.

This picture will show you, as you can clearly see it's twice the length of Obi-Wan's lightsaber.

>> No.10216206

that's because obi-wan is pointing his lightsaber towards the backround while vader's is directly forward



>> No.10216249

It's poor special effects combined with angles. George Lucas has pulled this shit more than once with trying to explain bad special effects away with in-universe explanations.

>> No.10216382

rolled 2, 6, 3 + 4 = 15

actually it is the exact opposite of wow, the story tends to be delivered in cut scenes, the character has personal quests, and the combat focuses on 1 vs 2+ instead of 40 vs 1.

also it allows you to be a good bad guy or a bad good guy, evil jedi or good sith, YOU DECIDE.

>> No.10216400

So it's going to be Guild Wars with WoW graphics.

>> No.10216401

Bad-effects, camera angles, background, foreground. W/e it's still canonized, and should be recognized as such.

>> No.10216472

I can't find a source explicitly stating Darth Vader used a dual phase lightsaber.

>> No.10216582

rolled 2, 4, 4 + 4 = 14

darth never used a Dual lightsaber as far as I know, but on a couple occasions he used two lightsabers at once.

also he had a gauntlet forged with cortosis weave and would use it to block jedi lightsabers with his hand and when they went out, he would cut them in half.

>> No.10216613

Well the debate here is if the appearance of a longer lightsaber in episode IV because of poor special effects has been canonized as him using a dual phase.

>> No.10216759

rolled 5, 2, 2 + 4 = 13

there is a way to adjust the length of the blade slightly so that two jedi of different hight could use the same handle style and the blade wouldn't be too long or too short.

perhaps vader just lengthened the blade on his to take advantage of his superior reach and compensate for his low maneuverability.

also the Dual Phase ones have a thicker beam if I remember, they LOOK a lot more different than a normal beam.

>> No.10216842

Well there are shots were Vader and Obi-wan do have the same or very similar length blades. Honestly at this point it really doesn't matter.

>> No.10216917


>>This weapon featured a thick, ridged handgrip, a high-output diatium power cell, a dual-phase focusing crystal, forward mounted adjustment knobs, and a beveled emitter shroud. However, due to the size of his mechanical hands, Vader was forced to make the grip considerably thicker and longer than his original lightsaber, resulting in an inelegant weapon, verging on ungainly

>> No.10216957

Fine, Darth Vader had a dual phase lightsaber and George Lucas has no shame when it comes to shitty retcons. I am utterly defeated and my knowledge of the Star Wars universe is now in question.

>> No.10216965

Didn't that suit Vader's style perfectly? As I recall, he was the final stage of the line of cutting out the flashy, showy style that Yoda passed on to Qui-Gon Jinn who passed it on to Obi-Wan Kenobi (who cut out some of the crap and started focusing more on defense) who passed it on to Anakin (who after finding his old techniques failing him, gutted the style and went for a brutal style that focused on a minimum of strikes.

>> No.10216980

It's okay. It's all right. It's just a sign that you're human. Abandon Star Wars before your memories are further tainted by the EU.

>> No.10217014

It's too late for me, I already found out that Chewbacca dies.

>> No.10217142

Ya. He didn't have the flashy moves that he use too, so he developed his own combat style that relied mostly on his power of his artificial limbs. Since he couldn't move as fast, the longer distance he's from an opponent which puts him at an advantage because of his reach and size and puts them at a disadvantage because it's not their reach & size.

Boo hoo, it's an ever evolving universe. Things get retconned, written out, and etc.

>> No.10217166

Most of us like to pretend the Vong War never happened.

>> No.10217224

Ever evolving universe bro, don't tell me you didn't enjoy Jedi fighting the tyranids.

>> No.10217263

/v/ shit

>> No.10217413

I like the Vong, just that their little war went on for too long for a little threat. So most of us just ignore the war and state they came in, tried to invade but were defeated. The end.

>> No.10220039


Fuck you hard.

>> No.10220067

Old news is old.

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