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21:28 tallstaff Duckling looks like a penis made of hair and loser
21:28 Ugly_Duckling :<
21:28 *** tallstaff was kicked by burningstar4 (Die.)
21:28 burningstar4 Don't worry about him, love
21:29 tallstaff I don't understand why I was just booted
21:30 burningstar4 tallstaff: Because I don't like your face.
21:30 burningstar4 >:3

sup/tg/ at its finest.

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oh noes! teh drama!

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i bet tallstaff is already banned for posting this

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> somtaaw.jpg
no dude, just no, you do not get to start a thread with the crest of the somtaaw and then use it for crappy chatlog drama bullshit, just no.

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I don't visit the channel but it seems as though it has a homosexual person for an OP, so I don't care.

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Tallstaff here.
I didn't post this, as is evident by the fact that I copy/pasted things from when I was booted.
But yeah, those guys are all whiny chodes.

I wish the guys I play with online would go somewhere other than IRC. D:

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