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I've always wondered just why a criminal organisation would follow a leader in a crazy costume. I mean, sure the money is there, but one would assume that a saner person would try to supplant them so that they weren't laughing stocks.

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They do

Its called HYDRA

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Fuck Hydra

Kingpin 100% baby! He isnt fat for nothing

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So what is the power Kingpin has? I never followed comics/cartoons when I was a kid (my father didn't allow them).

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He doesn't, really. He's just a huge, smart bastard.

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He is obscenely rich and fat

but thats it. hes "normal" and yet runs one of the most public crime empires in New York (aka the only city in marvel)

of course spiderman makes him a fool but hey at least he aint obsessed like Luthor to supes

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Pretty much. He's a stereotypical crime lord kingpin. Basically started out as a weak fatty, grew up to be "one of the most feared and powerful crime lords in the Marvel Universe."

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Thats Mag-Fucking-Neato

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To be fair, he's also a metric fuckton stronger than the average joe. Not quite superhuman, though.

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Because the leader in a crazy costume just kicked some guy through a building.

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In addition to what the others said, he's also really strong.

Not like superhero strong, just... well, if you statted him in 2E, he'd probably have close to 18/00 strength.

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Kingpin isn't fat, it's mostly muscle. Apparently.

I think he's lying.

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Haven't read up on him, but I'm guessing he turned to power lifting.

We're talking the training done by those guys who participate in the World's Strongest Man Competition.

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Kingpin was strong enough to hold spiderman in a bearhug. He's REALLY fucking strong.

Anyhow, they follow that person in a crazy costume because that person is both extremely ruthless and much more powerful than you.

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I always wondered why he had a big A on his belt. Does he forget his name every now and again?

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I... I'm sorry, but why has no-one asked for more of what OP's selling? That pic gave me an unexpected boner for Ivy and not Harley, and that's disturbing.

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It's brand awareness. He plans to market them once he takes over the world. Either that or he likes smashing his gut into people and leaving a big A stamped into them.

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I'm more interested in Kingpin myself.


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hot plant women blushing is my fetish too!

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more of this

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Confirmed for gay?

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Spiderman confirmed to read DC

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I can understand the Kingpins but what about Bats rouge gallery, a lot of them seem to be loonies who attract underlings to commit crimes but are constantly being thwarted. At least with a guy like Kingpin he has an established criminal empire and succeeds at commuting crime.

I can understand working for a wackjob if they didn't get caught all the time.

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Actually, yes.


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Is this a legit frame? If so... nice. Very nice indeed.

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How is that disturbing?

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Harley has always made my BEEEEYOIOIOIOIOINNNGGG. But now there's nothing. It's all Ivy. And I can't explain.

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....Why do I always read Harley's lines in Chiana's voice?

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green ivy was a clone created to keep harley "company"

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Stop watching the Spiderman cartoons.In the comics hes a really strong normal guy.Spiderman can lift a semi

Anyways in DC theres a thriving market of henchmen work for these sort of guys.Usually guys like Riddler have better than average payoffs and therea a prestige factor too because these guys are usually JUST that good.Sure let a normal guy try and outsmart Riddler and supplant him iim sure he would end up dying some ironically appropriate death in the end

Guys like Joker are probably different.The guys working for him are probably in trouble cant get henchmen work elsewhere or are unhinged themselves

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2 things:

1. There's one episode of Batman TAS that concerned the Joker basically making a dude his henchman by STALKING THE FUCK OUT OF HIM. The Dark Knight, however, explained that regular crazies (the other patients at Arkham) usually end up in the employ of the masked folks (which would make a lot of sense). For the rest, Gotham's a rough place. If you can't afford medicine for your kid, and your neighbor says he knows a guy who knocked over a clock factory for the Clock King or some shit and walked away with $2,500 without so much as a Robin sighting, you might be tempted. You know, just once.

2. This is more dangerous than you'd think. There's one arc where the Joker decides that the reason Batman always defeats him is not that he's inferior to Batman, but that his henchmen continually fail him. So, naturally, he starts hunting down every henchman he's ever employed and murdering them all. Batman had to save them.

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Why does the Kingpin have Oreos sown onto his clothing?

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quick snacks on the go

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Bats is so fucking depressed though

his VILLAINS try to cheer him up

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/co/ thread in /tg/
Im okay with this

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This is now a Deadpool thread

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This makes far more sense than it should.

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The Riddler actually doesn't like AngstBats.

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but that wont stop me

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He's way stronger than that. I remember reading an early noughties comic where he and Elektra are fighting some Hand ninja and she's basically being a bitch at him for always being so lighthearted and knocking dudes out instead of really letting loose.

He goes "YOU WANT ME TO STOP HOLDING BACK? OKAY, I'LL STOP HOLDING BACK", snaps and lifts an entire subway train over his head, menacing a Hand goon who's like "HOLY SHIT"


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Oh deadpool, you so crazy.

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Riddler is fuck awesome

I think he actually became a good detective once

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/tg/ - Comics and Cartoons

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This has to be some kind of shoop.

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and in No Man's Land (the book anyhow) Joker builds up his team by simply grabbing people and demanding they do whatever he says.

Makes a demonstration of one or two, in a crazy way, and everyone decides it it marginally safer to Follow the clown then to be the focus of his next joke.

Also loved the Harley in the NML book.

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It is.

It's actually Spider-Man making fat jokes about Kingpin.

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Well, that's all the convincing I need!

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Just a note: Gotham City Sirens is pure boner fuel.

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Most appropriate time for this pic on /tg/ I've found.


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didnt a lot of the bat villians live under one roof one time kinda like the flash's rogues?

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Yeah people even writers sometimes forget that while he generally does street level work the guy can dodge bullets or lightning and is in the 10-15 ton strength range

This is why I always hate the "Spiderman vs normalguy" hypothetical fights because everyone of them will end with him dodging anything they throw at him then liquifying their insides with a full force punch they would never be able to see coming let alone defend again

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Of course it is, it's porn for boys who never grew up.

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Which is somehow different from other porn?....

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rolled =

You DO realize that the Goddamn Batman is a "normalguy," Right?

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Well Satan is a swell guy

till these guys show up

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They honestly tried to make a villain based around carpentry? A basic concept like that DESERVES bad puns.

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She's in this series, too!

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Probably not.Flash villains are like an extended family/corporation Bat-villains are all pretty nutty in some way that just sometimes cross paths

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I guess you'd have to move out of your parents house to understand.

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but he shot and "killed" Darksied

supes doesnt have the guts to do that

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Superhuman intelligence and limitless funding, bro.

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I don't think they tried to make her a supervillain. She was just the carpenter Harley and Red hired to fix up their place

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Perhaps I could move in with your mom.

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Batman's superpower is to be the protagonist. No matter where he goes, no matter who's series he's in, he's The Hero, and therefore Wins.

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Without Frank Millar writing it or time to develop a Batmech he would be stain on the wall.Spidermans probably the worst match-up for a guy that spends most of his time struggling to beat crazy normal guys up

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Awww shit there goes Cambodia to fill the quota of coccaine for the party.

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The worse curse ever wroth is the curse brought upon oneself.

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Spidey is good for date hook ups though

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I see a Semi-Truck bck there

I cant help but picture Optimus Prime with the spirit of Vengeance in it now

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I did too.

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Misplaced the images at the moment, but basically she was brought in and was happy about getting to join the team!

and then catwoman, harley and 'red humm and haww and admit that they mostly just wanted some help with repairs. Carpenter frowns, but agrees.

add moment of examining bill, wondering who the real criminals are. She does a sweet job with the place too, iirc.

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IIRC It was a Mad Hatter henchperson paired with some some fat guy as the Walrus.Originally it was a one shot gag but now she popped a few places fixing up villains hideouts since she actually DOES have carpentry skills

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theres a ton of ghost riders there

pictured somewhere else (different pages) is a LAND SHARK, a country road car, sherman tank, and bear cavalry

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so thats how criminally insane people get their pads!

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Spiderman can't read the mood

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Somebody post more of this, please.

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Notice that Deathstroke stabbed Deadpool with a small dog.

>> No.10212902


I think it is from Ultimates. I forget sauce.

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Can't really blame him, can you?

>> No.10212946

It was nice timing though

>> No.10212966


how did I forget? because I didn't read that comic. I just thought it was funny and saved it from /co/. the file is dated may 27, 2008.

>> No.10212967


Ehh not Deadpool just an expy from that shitty Superman/Batman comic

>> No.10212978

Well, when you SAY it. It's like saying Don't Think About Elephants.

First thing that pops into your head is an elephant.

>> No.10212998

Pic or it didn't happen.

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>I've always wondered just why a criminal organisation would follow a leader in a crazy costume. I mean, sure the money is there, but one would assume that a saner person would try to supplant them so that they weren't laughing stocks.

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It's clearly meant to be Deadpool, though. He's there to stop Batman and Superman from gaying it up.

>> No.10213021


To be fair, it took him at least 4 panels to be done with the mental image of her naked. That's either one awkwardly long, Ricky Gervais-esque pause, or superhumanly quick, depending on how long a panel actually is in time.

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You do know that Deadpool was originally a rip from Deathstroke, right?

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robots are awesome

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Deadshot is older than both of them

heck i think hes older than bullseye

>> No.10213076


Where's the Chaos Emeralds when you need them?

>> No.10213086

There are bearcav in that picture.

>> No.10213088

Adam sucked them in his nose probably

>> No.10213094

Faggot, it is a parody of Deadpool, who is in turn a parody of Deathstroke.

And when I say "parody of deadpool" I mean, it fucking is Deadpool. Or perhaps Dadpool.

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Yea Marvel takes DC characters and give them a fuckhuge makeover but you know its them

>> No.10213122


It's the flaming elephant that worries me.

>> No.10213156


So Adam has a potential Super mode? Now that's a myth I'd want to see busted!

>> No.10213173

He's not quite fat. Almost all of that is muscle. He just plays the "fat" angle to lull people into a false sense of security.

>> No.10213206

Like I said earlier -- powerlifting.

He's probably the world's strongest "regular" man in the Marvel Universe. Compared to super-villains and super-heroes, though...

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wait Moon Knight was already posted. shit

>> No.10213328

On the mention of Taskmaster, actually, Deathstoke is actually in the middle of a rip-off chain so to speak with Deadpool at the other end of Taskmaster.

>> No.10213374

well is DS also a semi rip off of Captain America?

Military Super Soldier and shit (cept he was batshit insane during the argumentations)

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File: 72 KB, 876x471, VS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

still wondering who'd win

>> No.10213442

That's, I believe, stretching it. Then again, the jump from Doom Patrol to X-Men is almost as wide, but whereas Cap -> Slade is based on origins, DP -> X-Men is more on concept which is slightly more tangible when it come to superheros, IMO.

>> No.10213522

Yea, but on the other hand, most of the normal noncostumed organization leaders can't stand on their own against the costumed ones.

You have to remember, most of the costumed people have a complement of inhuman ability that serves as the focus for their design choice.

>> No.10213562

So he is in such strong denial that his fat turns in to muscles?

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This thread again?

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File: 80 KB, 800x755, 12078 - Batman Batman_Beyond DC DCAU Dee_Dees Deidre Delia Mac_(artist) Miravi Roadkill catthouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certainly, my dear me!

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Fun times!

>> No.10213665

thats what MVC3 Downloadable content will be for. Well that and fucking you over by slowly trickling out content deliberately omitted from the game to charge you for it later.

>> No.10213687

The Joker's henchmen are all ICP fans who recognize the Joker as their spiritual liege

>> No.10213762

Joker - Devotee of Cegorach?

>> No.10213790

The Joker is an assburger.

>> No.10213808


Fucking henchmen how do they work.

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File: 81 KB, 745x749, 45220 - Batman_Beyond DC DCAU Dee_Dees Deidre Delia Mac_(artist).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost certainly like this.

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File: 76 KB, 900x780, 292228 - Batman Batman_Beyond Boogle DC DCAU Dee_Dees Deidre Delia Harley_Quinn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking henchmen

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>> No.10213935

Oh god....

>> No.10214152

> sure the money is there
you'd be amazed the things you can get people to do for money.

>> No.10214273



I was 12 years old when I read a Batman comic at a doctor's office. All I can remember is that some guy had been strung up with piano wire and Batman was musing on how it must have taken him hours to die, before he tried to figure out whether the mask either Omega or Lady Deathstrike had given him was corrupting him.

I was too traumatized to pick up another comic book for some years.

>> No.10214372


I wish the internet hadn't burned away my ability to tell whether people are fucking serious or not :(

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File: 50 KB, 234x234, 1267842067012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.10214740

I really like this pic.

>> No.10214843

Batman has a never proven IQ drain that only works on his allies. The original JLA has a high incidence of highly trained scientists, super intelligent beings, and mad science. They ALL get stupid when Batman is around.

>> No.10214884

The twins are her granddaughters

>> No.10215278


Not to mention plit induced stupidity is the only way to keep him relevant.A better version of the badass normal gadgeteer type character would be Mr.Terrific from the JSA who manages to be a major character without being overly written up or simply making a supersuit like Stee;/Ironman and turning into a bruiser

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