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I am an seasoned D&D player, but this really got me stuck. We are playing with people that has played sometimes before, and I really dunno what to play. We are 4, and AL is non-evil. The DM is a seasoned player, but this is his first DM job. Since I'm always the one leading the group, did I want to play a stereotype rogue that hides in the shadow to avoid leading the party. I really don't want to play magician, so leave wizard/sorcerers out. We are playing on the 12th level. Please help me out, because I really dunno what to choose.

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The race is limmited to humans, haflings, gnomes, orcs, elves and dwarve

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Play Gnome Barbarian.

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12th level is when monks start being combat wizards.

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Sneaky rogue? Ok: "Crossbow sniper" feat on a wilderness rogue. Sneak attacks at 90 feet and 1/2 dex to damage.

You're not a thief or treasure hunter, you're a hunter turned adventurer. Probably halfling for stats and the hide bonus.

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>12th level is when monks start being completely obsolete.


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You want to lead? You want awesome?

Bard/cleric of a theatrical god. You Buff, you lead, you manipulate and dominate and you get the fucking wimminz.

Motherfucker, you know you want it.

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