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need moar boone and cuddles

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Fucking heresy!

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The only three porn pictures of Cuddles that exist were posted in the last thread. I wish there was more, but she never seems too popular with the Drawfags.

She was a cute kid, though.

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not much on the boone front.

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That's all I have on that topic.
How's this?

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be right back ladys and gents, just going to make myself some munch.

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I do belive that is a tau raping a nid with superior firepower

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Im just going to leave this here.

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just going to have my tea and i'll be back ladys and gents.

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Two more after this, and I'm out. Feel free to add your own!

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Angry sex, always the best.

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Aaaand.. I'm out of new images. It's up to you, devian/tg/entlemen!

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Liar, if you're still here.

You need to do more like this.

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She looks so stoic.

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I never played WH but somehow I feel that fa/tg/uys invented the whole slaanesh-futa thing. I doubt the rulebooks state that slaanesh has penises and tits.

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Oh im here.

sort of


Its tentacle raep

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Like she's determined not to enjoy it.

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Who made that?

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Tits are canon, the penises just came after.

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Oh mlad yay.

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It's pretty canon that Slaanesh and his Daemons blend both male and female characteristics.

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I have a few of my own to add that Greenmarine drew.

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Not again!

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Just look at the older daemonettes with the giant lobster claws.

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Not again, STILL!

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lovely sound .

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I'm so proud of us. Two threads and we haven't even seen Cultist.

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A sound of a love heart.


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Did bg get banned again because i havent seen a drawthread lately.

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lol at the shittier version of this drawfag request being posted in the other thread, and not this pic

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She was on last night, or the night before that, I think.

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ahh ok.

also, liar, did you get around to colouring this one in or is it on a "to do" list.

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And to think, a few short years ago porn of 40k stuff was practically a myth.

Well done to /tg/ and its drawfags.

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again, the sound of a love heart


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Here here!

Roll for luck!

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I could, when I feel up to it

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"I stick it in her pooper"

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i remember you saying how long it took you to colour up the few images you have done, i dont blame ya.


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Silly 'nid, you cannot rape. You don't have sausage.

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Such graphic images.

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i is here

drawing heresy, streaming cute :3

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i did say "oh my" when i saw this one.

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good to know your still alive bg.

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Shes a venomthrope
She has hypodermic tentacles

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I do care for most of you kids on here like catguy and blackheart.

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*nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle*

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only a few more of liar's nids.

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Fuck, I'll have nightmares with that D:

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Never leave the safety of the box.

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Yay Alex! how are you doing?

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I don't know what the hell it is about this character that does it for me, but, it does. Big time.

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JESUS CHRIST Liar... how many of these do you HAVE!?

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I see the influence of Slaanesh in this thread and hir essence rooting deep on the drawfags.
Bg and Liar should be promoted to Keeper of secrets.

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and the last of my lair's nids, onto other 40k stuff.

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I love how it almost looks like Cultist is giving the viewer a thumbs up.

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>HUEG Moetyrant creampie

I need to fap. RIGHT NOW.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to see her getting bukkake'd by that.

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this picture continues here :3c

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that did make me smile, thank you.


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7, a troll end.

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and because im nice, have a boone.

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Necron time!

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No shame, not one bit.

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Quite well, you?

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have to love heavy-chan.

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Could be better, got a bastard of a pain in my back.

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Next, assassins!

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silly eldar.

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Bad posture?

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Do belive so, may need to lay on the floor for a bit.

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i liek lolictor

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Coloured :3c

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wheres the pain, if its lowerback, could be disk compression, if so, just lean forward and try to touch your toes, if its upper back then yeah warm chair is the only remedy

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Again a smile is put back on my face.

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just finished this on stream too :D

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cheers bro.

"and when they say skin tight, they mean it!"

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o.o new stream?

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seriously whats up with them and eating people? or rather children?

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Or a comfy bed.

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damn it bg, not only does my back hurts, now my face hurts from smiling.

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using mah DA/FA stream, for link, visit mah DA/FA

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This is some of the least erotic drawporn I've seen. It's like there was no effort put into it at all.

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i wish i had a comfy bed.

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Mother Gullet, a Callidus who specialised in kidnapping people by using Polymorphine to distend her body and swallow people whole.

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Bigger breasts? or no?

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Hey, new krieg-chan art, helmet looks small but otherwise awesome!

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Half as many breasts.

>> No.10209371


your DA link?

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Hope is that last thing you lose.

>> No.10209378

Yes, but not hugely so.

Also longer horns.

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Worst black bar indeed.

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bg, make a good end of this.

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Angel forge ass bandits

>> No.10209439

Next... well anything.

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Just finding odd 40k stuff now with out going right for the slaanesh folder.

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have this one ladys and gents.

>> No.10209541

Oh snap!

>> No.10209551

Needs work. DAZ insists that a body be symmetrical. So there was a little postwork, that I may have fucked up.

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"Hunny, food is ready..."

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pretty much this thread.

>> No.10209628

Khornette looks to huggable.

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ok you crazy kids, im going for a lie down for a bit, be back soon.

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There was some official fluff about a Callidus extracting the target they were assigned to kidnap by using the polymorphine to expand themselves into a fat person and shoving a planetary governor's child down their throat. Or something...

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ooh, my back is soo much better now.

now, who wants what?

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It really is amazing just how much porn /tg/ has produced.

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yeah, its pretty awesome.

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You got somethin' 'gainst pornography, boy?

>> No.10209880

I think I know who the guy is that was mistaken for me.

Might be DrawFaggit

>> No.10209917

Holy sheeet someone saved my version :D

>> No.10209931


it maybe that.

>> No.10209956

Considering I'm posting it, no.

>> No.10209968

Kinda hard to tell what's going on there.

>> No.10209986


Clone raping Liar with tail.

Kind of a be there thing

>> No.10210021

Ah, gotcha.

>> No.10210036

and now i feel sleepy, catch you later ladys and gents, and have fun.

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Let's see if I can get this up to the image limit, then call it a night.

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loli Ribbon is superior

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not enough hardcore

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ANOTHER razormouth? Geeze, /tg/, I'm starting to worry about you.

Castration fetish, much?

>> No.10210270

blond... muscule girl... in chains....


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I think that's image limit.

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Well, it is now. Can think of worse ways to end a thread than Teifling ass.

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>Can think of worse ways to end a thread than Teifling ass.

>> No.10210828

a Teifling that isn't Neeshka.

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Damn, can the stuff from the previous thread be reposted? I missed it!

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