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"An often overlooked issue is that Tau have no warp signatures, just like Necrons, hate Warpspawns and Warp in general, just like Necrons, have the exact same skull shape,stature and short lives, and the overwhelming need for Technology and beam weapons, JUST LIKE NECRONS. GW may have planned a race that simply prepares a pacified, multiracial galaxy for Necrons to feast upon, supported by Ethereals that have a C'tan phase blade.Then there is a reference of "dark seed in east" by the Deceiver, so the tricky C'tan might give Tzeentch the finger in JUST AS PLANNED competition."

Whats /tg/ think of this?

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I think it's a pretty fascinating idea to think of the Tau as the Necrontyr. That's kind of a cool idea.

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Neither Tau nor Necrons use beam weapons. Tau use plasma and pulse while Necrons... Supposedly use gauss weapons, but I don't think it's projectile.
Anyway, I'm just nitpicking. /tg/ knows all about this.

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I thought the Tau did have a warp signature? From what I remember their warp signature was just really low, so chaos doesn't really give a shit about them.

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Necrons use magical-magnetism, don't they?

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>Looked at OP Pic
>mentally overlayed Necron skull-face

And the Tau WERE caught in a warp storm. Time happens freaky in the Warp.

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Well blimey, this actually makes some sense.

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They use magnetism to somehow keep the bolts of plasma contained after firing, but not for much else.

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they dont use beam weapons, it just looks like a beam due to rule of cool. they also do have a warpsignature, it just is really small, so daemons take the big tasty human souls and leave the small pathetic tau ones alone.

also, xenology, but dunno if that is still canon

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>Tau... hate Warpspawns and Warp in general

[citation needed]

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The description of the Tau isn't that they have no soul per se, they simply have no Psykers and therefor compared to -every other- species in the galaxy have no warp presence that would allow for Chaos influences.

Even the Kroot are more Psychic that Tau, which is to say that Tau have so little to attract the attention of warp entities that they are basically a non-factor to them entirely. (Think of the Tau like Moss to Daemons and the like. Its alive, it does things, but it isn't appetizing in the slightest)

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I'm fairly certain that the Tau have little contact with the Warp, and it pretty much doesn't come up for them. Though there are some suggestions that there's a Tau Commander who has fallen to Khorne.

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It didn't portray tau with tits, so to /tg/ its never canon.

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Nah, he didn't fall to Khorne. He just rebelled since there wasn't an Ethereal to release pheromones to keep him happy and loyal.

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thats the guy with the awesome battlesuit and chaos relic, right.

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Deciever vs. Tzeentch vs. Creed

Ultimate Just As Planned Tournament.

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>Ethereal to release pheromones

you do know that was retconed right?

that was back when tau had human feet

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>An often overlooked issue is that Tau have no warp signatures

I was under the impression that they had very little warp presence, rather than none. Hence the Tau commander in Dark Crusade being able to hear Eliphas as static, rather than not at all.

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It was retconned? The only evidence suggesting this was a vague theory by a batshit insane techpriest.

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till you relize that its just

eldrad vs. eldrad vs. eldrad

what a dick!

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Hating the Warp and Warp Entities, and largely being irrelevant to them, are two utterly different things.

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the whole book has been retconed, sadly

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how the fuck do they work?

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What makes you say that?

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try going outside op....talk to a girl....get some sunshine round you....have a shower....shave....

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>hate Warpspawns and Warp in general, just like Necrons

lolwut? Tau don't hate them, they find them incomprehensible as they violate their understanding of the universe. Same with wraithbone and psykers.

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Until you realize that 2 out of 3 of the Eldrads are actually Alpharius. And the other one is Omegon

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nope still eldrad

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They emit lines of radiation that cause the electrons of certain materials to vibrate rapidly, thereby inducing a pseudo-electric effect between the mesons and the bosons and generating a small, self-contained wormhole in the upper left dimension.

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don't want no fucking scientistse lyin to me and shit

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Regardless of whether this is true or not it is readily apparent that Ethereals exert some sort of control over their fellow Tau beyond what can be achieved with a few well chosen words.

It's also generally accepted that someone meddled with the Tau to bring about a huge acceleration in their development, most likely via the introduction of the Ethereals. The initial theory was that it was the Eldar, though the Necrons (or at least the Deceiver) are another candidate.

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just eldrad :D

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Commander Farsight?

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Get out. You do not belong here.

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I like the idea it was the Tau themselves, trying to better serve the greater good by destroying dissent.

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The Tau, when the Ethereals came about, were still in a relatively primitive state. They weren't buggering about with railguns and hover tanks until at least a few centuries later when all the races had united, formed the castes and got shit done. Outside interference is a given.

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It actually took a number of millenia, not centuries.

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Farsight is under influence of Chaos via his sword, he's corrupted some of his warriors with chaos. However since the warp presence is so low, he could only manage a few. So he broke away from the Tau empire, and got his own little fiefdom. If the Tau wanted to, before they stopped laughing, they could destroy Farsight.

Even if he's full Daemonhost, I doubt there's enough warp presence to feed on so the demon would have to stay in the sword most the time.

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