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So, what did you just do 35 minutes ago?

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trolled some fags on the internet

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I expressed mild annoyance about how much /tg/ is sucking tonight. Then I did something else with my life. Do I win?

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Woke up.

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inb4 "35 minutes ago I made this thread."

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Browsed and posted in the most delightful sergal thread I have seen in months good sir.

I am mildly satisfied.

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Hey Shas, how do you feel about Nazis?

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Used a client side lua aimbot to grief people playing TTT on Garry's Mod.

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started to listening to Opeth haven't stopped yet

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Started an essay about media piracy on the Internet (and how awesome it is).

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Started fapping.

It's going pretty good.

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It would've been better if Beakie showed, but yes, it was the best one in months.

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Finished reading some Jonah Hex and started reading some Transmetropolitan. Man, I love comics.

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The go-to enemy, should you need one, for a decent, though not innovative, game.

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Started watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 on Hulu.

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Good answer.

Zombies, Robots, or Vampires?

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But to finish my point before that thread was deleted, I believe it is possible to build primitive fragmentation grenades using a elastic material for the mechanism, such as primitive rubber from tree saps, or the tendons and sinew of animals.

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Very poor answer good sir.

A wiser man would have chosen all three.

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Army, Navy, Air Force, or Space Navy?

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Took a shower as I get ready for work.

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What would give the materials tension to launch the shrapnel, though?

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Do I really have to say it first?

Started Fapped, Haven't stopped yet.

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Sheesh... Ok, who let loose the sergalfags?

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I doubt it. As an engineering, an elastically powered grenade would be too complex and high maintenance to be reliable.

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Space Navy, with Air Force a close second.

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Fuck I'm tired..

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I witnessed a drug dealer escape from pursuing police.

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Cooked some bbq ribs.

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Download mods for Oblivion.

I've been at it for four hours and still haven't started playing.

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Space Navy. Dear god, Space Navy.

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I used a buttplug for the first time in my life and had a really satisfying wank.

Still have the cum on my chest and the plug in my ass. So blissfull right now I can't be bothered to clean up yet.

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Real Robots, Super Robots, between the two, or neither?

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Made some brownies.

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Blew up zombies with a simi-automatic grenade launcher in Killing Floor while my brother and I yelled orders back and forth as though we where actually in an anti-zombie swat team.

Feels good man.

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New BSG, Old BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Planetes?

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Good sir, I believe I need further research to figure it all out.

But in principle it should work very similar to the Popsicle bomb children are very fond of making, where every piece of the mechanism supporting every other piece, when a great force is applied to the whole structure it would collapse and fragment.

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Between the two.

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Even if hypothetically you could build one of these, it's going to be the most ineffective anti-personal device ever to grace the battlefield.

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>Good sir, I believe I need further research to figure it all out.

It's a good concept for a primitive civilization, but I can't see how the mechanism would be grenade-sized for that tech-level. Then again, I've never had the mind of an engineer.

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I went on a bike ride.

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Sadly yes, in a setting with such primitive materials and crude metallurgy available to work with.

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Would you play a game where your opposition was a resurgent Nazi Empire fielding legions of robot soldiers and awesome but not-quite-super giant robots, as well as a giant space navy?

>> No.10192299


He's talking about warfare between three low-tech civilizations who only have access to materials like obsidian and don't have any armor as a consequence.

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If you were running it, what system would you choose?

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You don't even need armor to stop this thing, assuming it's a small enough device to be carried by one man there's anything naturally elastic enough to launch the fragments fast enough to even break the skin and that's not even considering them wearing cloth or hide armor.

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Rogue Trader.

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still listening to Distorted View, trying hard to hold myself together...laughter...sigh...I am a sick fuck.

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Nothing naturally elastic enough to be carried by one man is what that should read.

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How many DMPCs would you include?

>> No.10192480


None, and...

Wait why the fuck am I playing 20 questions

>> No.10192520

I'll give you a hint

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There is a slight to moderate chance that I may, at the time, have been on /s/ while reading stuff on /h/ and making use of my sadly-not-huge-but-statistically-fairly-above-average /ck/

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You can tear apart my ideas all you want good sir.

But I believe it was quite a imaginative attempt to go about making bizarre and experimental weapons in very primitive setting.

And with that I take my leave for I have over stayed my welcome.

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Started trying to play The Gypsy by Spock's Beard on my acoustic guitar. I still can't get the chords for shit.

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rolled 3 = 3

35 minutes ago I made this thread.

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Finished watching part 1 of Terry Pratchett's Going Postal, then realized part 2 won't be finished downloading for another two hours.

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I implied in a reply that was implying a reply implied about a reply.

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Dark heresy

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Thought, "Ok, I'll just reply to this one thread, then I'm going to get back to reading Dune."

See how well that went?

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Just got back from a session of Pathfinder (Kingmaker2).

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Shas, your reaction image folder might just rival my own.

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