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Dear /tg/,

I have it on good authority /tg/ has created crossover original content of 40k and Touhou.

Said comics are of great interest to me. I hereby request a sampling of them be posted without further delay.

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Fuck you.

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It's like I'm really on /jp/ again

>> No.10189816

GTFO. Touhou is exclusive property of /jp/, and we're leery to steal it.

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Fuck you.

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Countering with Cultist Reimu.

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Now that is just wrong.

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Does that mean Reimu is an undead zombie now?

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Then I don't wanna be right.

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Warhammer and touhou fags ruin everything. Mix them together you get the worst fanbase possible.

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What the fuck is this fa-



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Sorry, only crossover one like that I've got.

here, have some 40K+Wakfu.

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>Touhou is exclusive property of /jp/
So we're ignoring:
The game - /v/
The music - /mu/
The fanart - /c/
The doujins - /d/
The cosplay - /cgl/
and the setting - /tg/

Good to know.

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Touhou has been ours since before /jp/ existed.

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Reimu is obviously an Inquisitor.

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