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would you wear this shirt if you had it in real life?

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no because I play orks.

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I don't need a shirt for everyone to know I am a gigantic neckbeard.

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if I got it for free, sure why not. Not worth 35$ though

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Yes but not because it does or does not have a /tg/ meme on it. I would wear it because it is clothing and I really don't give two shits as long as it keeps me warm and is comfortable.

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Because while I like Cultist, I disapprove of 4chan-related memes being displayed IRL.

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Hell yeah

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If i see someone wearing this shirt i wil definetly punch him in the face.

No. Srsly. For so lond i dreamed of kicking all those annoyings faggots posting cultist-chan and they will lose anonimity? Horay!

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I've never really been fond of cultist-chan. She's an unnatractive character with a horrible speech impediment who has linked sex with an object bieng captured for the gods she worships.

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Oooh nice one.

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True dat

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I would.

Haters gonna hate.

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HAters gons beat you ...

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I concur, displaying 4chan memes irl is a bad thing and should be avoided where possible.

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graphic shirts are terrible

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Yes, because I work at Hot-Topic.

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I'd wear this tho

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No, you wouldn't. Or if you did, it'd be nothing more than a feeble nerd-slap.

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silly shirt thread?

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Depends on what you mean by 4chan meme. /b/ shit shouldn't be worn in public. Other, board-specific shit is too obscure for anyone to care or for it too matter.

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yes, and at gamesday

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Nah. Im no nerd. Im stupid but strong...

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Sure why the hell not?

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Fuck I forgot the site!

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saw a guy in a trollface t-shirt once, didn't give a fuck.

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>implying you wouldn't cause a massive shitstorm for randomly assaulting someone because HERP DERP THEY POLLUTE MY SUPAH SEKREET INTERNET CLUB WITH THEIR FILTH

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The thing about wearing this as opposed to a Longcat or a trollface shirt is that if someone recognized this, they are obviously a fa/tg/uy instead of ANONYMOOSE IZ LEGION. I'd personally be ok with it.

And you know that you wouldn't beat someone up wearing this shirt because it's bad enough you know what it is from, but you're also beating someone up because of a fucking tshirt.

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You are sensible person

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Yes, because it's not obvious what the source material is, it doesn't look too stupid, and I like the colour scheme. It's the difference between a Tyrell Corporation t shirt and a t-shirt with BLADE RUNNER on it six times and various shitty pictures from the movie.

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internet tough guy pretending to have the support of other intenet tough guys
fuck yeah I would wear it , just to lure out all of yuzz who haet herezi chn

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The best thing ever produced by that site

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...sauce on original? wtf that thing is weird and kind of awesome.

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Saw a kid wearing a troll face mask.

I yelled at him to stop flaunting 4chan and he walked up to me and said "problem officer?". I socked him right in the face and watched as he stepped back and began bleeding through his troll mask.

srz biznaz this internet

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I'm not sure if that is sarcasm or an attempt to demean me with a picture of a fat black lady with watermelons for tits but thank you, I guess.

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Pheh, no, Fukken elbow in face, then go away while fucker is on the floor. Nothing more. Already pulled this shit. I wont stand there while someone calls police or something, wont leave my ID etc...

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He should have pulled it off to reveal a "umad" t-shirt

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With regards to wearing 4chan related stuff, cultistchan is not a widespread meme, she resides on just /tg/...

If clothing is ever meant to express anything, such as your interests, I do not care if I wear something with 4chan shit on it, as long as it isn't just plain begging a physical beating, etc.

Understand the difference between cultist-chan and what is in the related image...

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Nice, but needs a version with Stone Cold also wearing that shirt, and so forth.

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I'd wear it, but I would also hate myself a little bit for wearing Internet related stuff in public.

It isn't as bad as /b/ shit, but it still kind of sucks even though I'd like one. Also, making money off of properties made by the Internet makes you a huge faggot.

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That still doesn't make you look any better. Makes you no more than retarded asshole.

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I think it looks kinda cool. Nice colors.

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that's no lady, boy. no lady.

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Thank you science, for ushering us into the age of the cameraphone.

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Can I get the original image?

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Wear this shirt IRL and watch what happens...

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You are someone who will hurt another human over a tshirt. You are in no place to judge anyone for anything. Grow up little troll.

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>implying several white knights won't kick your ass and force you to wait for the fuzz

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No. By doing such things i will save humanity

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This thread contains an unprecedented amount of posturing nerds saying "OH MAN I'M SO FUCKING HARD I PUNCHED SOMEBODY IN THE FACE".

>Gaining the approval of people on the internet despite being anonymous.

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You are correct, but only partially so. I think of it as a matter of principle not to flaunt any internet and 4chan in particular related stuff. And I have preciously few principles left so I'll be sticking to this one.

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Oh wait, you're serious.

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Try working in the ambulance for a while to realise how violent people can get and how shit the general public are at standing up to things. Sadly asshats can pull moves like this all the damn time.

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HA HA HA... Fuck i cant even choose words. You can stab someone in the street and no one will risk interfering directly...

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I don't think there was ever a shirt.
I don't think there was ever an attack.

Enjoy being two different people online and irl.

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Humanity...I am dissapoint.

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I'm sad they don't offer cheaper ways to get these shirts.

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That's highly situational. If shirt-wearer's smart enough to point someone out and say "help me", it changes instantly and massively

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because anyone in real life has got better things to do than care about 4chan or memes even if they knew what either was.

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i would depending on the circumstances. Then again. Im just an another angsty suburban white kid pissed off at the world. amiright?

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"save humanity" you say...
because someone wore a shirt bearing content related to their interests without whoring out the site itself?
You must be a hipster faggot who can't bear to wear anything you like because of the other people who share the interest.

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Can I get the original image, please?

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That's probably a real shirt being sold somewhere. And even if not, I still want one.

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So what. It is dream of millions - internet faggot used to be invincible, protected by internets, feeling free to dump any kind of shit disregarding any pleads suddenly would wear labels IRL... Why not use such opportunity tu harm those who tought thath tey always can go unpunished in internets?

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you realise you are reacting like muslims to a cartoon of muhammad ?
it's a T-SHIRT with a DRAWING ON IT , a drawing that ISN"T EVEN MENT TO OFFEND people , that is like assaulting someone for being a fan of a particular musician, singer or something

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You lucky sonofabitch.
How I envy you and your AIDSless social life.

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You appear to be implying that there aren't those of us who actually act like a decent human being on the Internet.

Good job!

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First, holy shit, learn to type properly. That hurt my eyes.

Second, you're doing nothing but a pointless act of violence. I'm just some guy on the internet. Wearing a shirt that relates to my interests. And you punch me because of it? You must have SERIOUS mental issues.

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It'd be a significant even if it actually happened. Stop living out your fantasies in lies and get some fucking friends.

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aqwwwww yeahhhhhhh

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and how do you know that the one wearing it is such a person?.

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ITT: Someone who would knock someone out for wearing a 40k shirt.

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I could probably wear OP's shirt in real life, because I know nobody would catch the reference, and everyone would think it was just some generic animu or vidjagame character.

I'd rather people think I was wearing some random fucking anime instead of Warhammer.

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Thank you, troll. Tholl.

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Yes, because they're afraid of BEING STABBED.

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>implying a cultist would even wear a thong

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I would wear the Cultist shirt and the titan shirt.

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I'm sorry, but are you a fucking retard or something? Jesus fucking Christ, I can HEAR the stupid coming out of your typing.

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Once pulled a prank. One of our friends gone into luggage boot, we drived car into several different gas stations while other people was there and each time he made rumbling sounds, moans and muzzled cries for help, from there like his mounth was taped. Only once of 7 times one guy asked what sound is this... And after we told him to mind his own busines he sut up.

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buuutifal.... juts buuutal

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This is my dream shirt.

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The troll got me thinking. Would that mean he'd go out of his way to attack someone wearing a V for Vendetta shirt? One displaying V's mask?

I mean, shit, 4chan uses that. If he's wearing it, he MUST be a 4channer!

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ITT: /tg/ reveals that they are just as petty, shallow and vain as the jocks and cheerleaders that beat them up in highschool.

It's a fucking shirt you children.

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I still want the original image from this.

>> No.10185986

Not a single cultist-chan lover can be desent person.

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I'd approach anyone I'd see wearing that, if just to ask them where they acquired a shirt with my art on it.
Probably wouldn't want to wear it myself.

>> No.10185997


someone post the non thong version stat

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How about guy-fawkes, amerifag?

>> No.10186000

Except we are all pussies so we won't attack anyone. The troll is just trying to be an internet tough guy.

>> No.10186001

If you read some of the stuff written in the thread, Alpharius. You'd see that there is apparently only one tuff guy.

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>you stab a person who likes something outside of mainstream culture
>you stab them because you think their non-mainstream culture reference assumes some guilt you feel warrants a knife in the stomach, hand, eye, etc.
I really do hope you live i your basement and never go in public
10/10 troll, would get trolled again

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what about enthusiast?

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And how did you come to determine this? Did you go to every single one and evaluate them?

No, wait, you're just making retarded assumptions through the internet.

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Im to fukkin mad to watch my typing right now...

>> No.10186032


But they can be a decent person amrite?

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No, then I'd be wearing a shirt with this picture.

>> No.10186049

If your t-shirt doesn't incite people to kill you, you are doing it wrong.

>> No.10186051

where do you make these?

>> No.10186056

I've read and posted in this thread already. If you'd read my post you'd see I wasn't talking about the troll.

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There's only one idiot summerfag acting like that, y'know. Everyone else is telling him to shut up.

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The only people who would even know the reference would be neckbeards themselves.

Normal people would think you were a punk rocker or someshit.

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>> No.10186074

In Soviet Russia nerd bullies you...

>> No.10186082

If you aren't a troll you're one of those fat people who is an internet tough guy beyond all belief. Either way, you amuse me.

>> No.10186086

I'd wear these.

>> No.10186089

Oh goddamnit I love that picture.

>> No.10186093

Alpharius, your god damned illusions are fucking themselves up again.

>> No.10186101

In soviet russia byldo bullies everyone. And there are next to no nerds in typical American version.

>> No.10186104

Which one of us are you talking to?

>> No.10186105

Hey guys, check out my new shirt! Guys, guys? What's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that? Calm down guys, no! Stay back! ARGH

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I think it's fucking obvious what he meant, and he's right you know.
Cultist fan here, not a Descent person, that's true. More of a G Police man.

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All furries are sick fucks... Simple.
Sme here? Or you disagree little yffer?

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That makes sense. I always assume Russians to be built like Ivan Drago.

>> No.10186130

If you are seriously mad because of a tshirt with an image on it from a fictional character created by an anonymous image board, you have fucking issues.

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>> No.10186144

Furries? When did furries come into this?

>> No.10186146

Alpharius is one entity. Alpharius accepts the glory and the humiliation of all his facets.

>> No.10186155

I'd wear that . I'd even post pictures of myself wearing it . Show me how much can u fall as human beings in your hatred for a drawing just like muslims did .

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>> No.10186160

So somehow being in internet making me fat?

>> No.10186167

Oh yeah? Well screw me!

>> No.10186168

Make that half right.

I like Cultist, and I'm actually a half decent person.

>> No.10186176

It's a build in feature. It feeds you fat through the series of tubes and you can't notice.

>> No.10186177


Fuck yes, fellow officer.
Game was fucking unforgiving.
Herp derp, you weren't paying attention to dispatch, looks like the perp got away. FAILED.

>> No.10186179

No, but you are acting like the stereotypical fat internet tough guy.

>> No.10186184


I am very disappointed with you.

>> No.10186191

That's actually pretty awesome

>> No.10186205


Which Descent did you wind up liking, 1 or 2?

>> No.10186206

If we can judje all furies without evaluating every single one of them - so i can do with cultist-chan fans...

>> No.10186208

so fat

>> No.10186210

>> No.10186216

Obla Di.. Obla Da.. Life goes on, brah!

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>> No.10186232

Your spelling is the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. Get the fuck off the internet and go to school.

>> No.10186245

>> No.10186256


Oh you did not just disrespect The God-Emperor...

>> No.10186262

So by that equivalent, all people with terrible typing are retards who should be executed, right?

No. Furries are hated because they make lifestyles out of it.
And not all of them do. The ones that don't can be pretty cool people.
Cultist is just a character, too. Liking a character is not the same as a giant fandom of a fetish.

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>> No.10186268

IM MAD - read whole tread, fucker.

>> No.10186274

Who am I to question the ways of the fat gods that crafted your fatness? Every roll, every dimple, every suet-like protrustion. Others have been fat, yes, perhaps fatter in terms of weight or volume, but in yourself, in your soul, you are the fattest fucking mong of them all. To the fatcrafters, you are no mean creation. You are a masterpiece.

>> No.10186279

La la how the life goes on.

>> No.10186290


You use elipses to finish a sentence for no good fucking reason, therefore you're stupid.

In foresight this method of evaluation people is easy, accurate and fun, at elast for me. I will have to use this blanket method of analysis more. Thanks for pointing me that way, thicko. Even a stopped clock is right twice it seems.

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>> No.10186311

I would wear both this shirt, a few of the posted ones, and OP's shirt.

Sure is judging others on the internet.
To those who would judge:
You would stab a person wearing a cultistchan shirt, but not a person who likes cultistchan without a shirt. Imagine if you were friends with a cultistchan lover and never knew it. This person is your true bro and does nothing to make you feel bad whatsoever and you see he is a decent person. To your surprise, your friend buys OP's shirt.
What do?

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>> No.10186321


>> No.10186325

>implying the internet tough guys aren't just samefagging and praising themselves

>> No.10186329

Is dat Gay Purple Man?

>> No.10186338

>> No.10186339

The fact is that you are wasting your time pretending to be though while you probably are one of those fat fucks who are fucking nerds who will never get any in his life and yet discriminates other nerds.

>> No.10186349

The colors are decent enough and it doesn't look half bad. I'd wear it, damn the haters.

>> No.10186355

>> No.10186356

Its a little something for the ladies

>> No.10186360

>> No.10186365

Hater singular, really.
And he's fat, so he doesn't count.

>> No.10186377

It is funny, how all you cultisfags like being ignorant trolling assholes, dumping your shitty pics in any tread and saying random shit and then suddenly turning into reasonable people, when some one is acting as same asshole troll.

>> No.10186388

>> No.10186396

>> No.10186398

who the fuck is this impostor?

RUSS are you trying to run the Imperium again?

>> No.10186429

If I had herpes I'd totally get my dick sucked wearing that!

>> No.10186430


>> No.10186431


>> No.10186432

>Implying we do that
>Pulling shit out of your ass

>You never responded to

>Confirmed even more of a troll

>> No.10186439

>> No.10186449

Because no cultist-chan lover can just save the images and cherish the images on his own accord, keeping his love to himself...


>> No.10186453

You do that.

>> No.10186463

Seriously... if those T-shirts were $5 each I'd get about half of those in this thread.

>> No.10186468

Proof. Without it, guess what, you're lying.

>> No.10186474

>> No.10186478


>> No.10186502

What the hell? Where do you usually shop, the Sally Ann?

>> No.10186507

fo' sho' I would buy these shirts if they were cheaper...

>> No.10186511

Sure you would, internet tough guy.

>> No.10186518

>> No.10186532

I actually own a pedobear shirt, I sometimes wear it to festivals or conventions.
People have been known to start laughing or screaming FUCK YEAH! or telling me I'm awesome when wearing it.

Also I got this shirt for free because a friend had this made but picked the wrong size.

>> No.10186565

>> No.10186580

>> No.10186581

>the Sally Ann
The what now?

Although upon reviewing the shirts I'd like to correct myself: I'd get about one in ten.

>> No.10186588

Well, partial success. Need to troll harder next time.

He is not me.

>> No.10186597

I once got elbowed on the back of the head when wearing a 4chan related t-shirt.

In a mosh pit.

>> No.10186606


>> No.10186624

>You do that.
>making small, sarcastic and uncaring statements in order to seem sarcastic and uncaring and HERP DERP I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU DO BECAUSE YOU'RE STILL STUPIDER
>you now realize you're a pathetic loser

>> No.10186625

All I can read are the lyrics to this song.
Except that those kids are awesome and entertaining.
While you are fat.
So fat.

>> No.10186629


>> No.10186651

Sooooooo slooooow

>> No.10186664

>check website, find out they do print t-shirts
Oh shit, think they'd do that?

>> No.10186665

>pretending you were just trolling in order to save face

Stay classy.

>> No.10186678

>> No.10186693

Save face on anonymous imageboard? WAT?

>> No.10186703

>> No.10186709

rolled =

I'd wear one with this

>> No.10186717

Yeah, save face.

You're troll face.

>> No.10186741


>> No.10186753

>> No.10186762

Would anyone here wear a pornographic t-shirt? Or would there need to be traps on it for anyone here to be interested?

>> No.10186773

Oh you.

>> No.10186785


>> No.10186789

You are troll face.

Troll trolling a troll who is, in turn, trolling a troll.


>> No.10186801

>> No.10186807

>> No.10186816

I am actually quite tempted to get one based on this image. Wonder if there's a simple and cheap way to get this done on a distressed t-shirt without an overseas internet order, like a local print shop.

>> No.10186818


>> No.10186833

That realy didnt ansver my statement.
How anonymous person lose face if no one knows who he is?
Therefore he wont feel need to save something he is not capable of loosing.
Even if I will fuck up big time here i just could leave this tread like nothing happened...

>> No.10186856

would any of you wear this then?

>> No.10186862

Just because you can't loose face when anonymous, doesn't mean you don't feel like you need to. People can't be wrong. Doesn't matter if they're anonymous, they always have to be right.

>> No.10186867

>> No.10186895

>> No.10186897

what about this tg, you liek?

>> No.10186906

Haters gonna hate.

>> No.10186925

I actually made this one.
It's awesome.

>> No.10186929

Well that sounds rlike a correct thing.
But then at the same time it cold be those guys are trying to save their face, like they werent trolled to some extent.
Also then if i failed and pretended to be a troll - that won take toughts of me failing from my head.

>> No.10186937

>> No.10186946

But you're typing is still terrible. I still can't read it.

>> No.10186952

Isn't that an everclear song?

>> No.10186955

You are so bad at typing.

>> No.10186970

Yes. English is not my native language, also im sitting in room with lights out and reeeealy old keyboard.

>> No.10186980

Do these t-shirts come printed at such a hi-res from such a tiny 300k picture then?

>> No.10186998

>> No.10187005

>But you're typing is still terrible

>> No.10187010

Oh man I lol'd.

>> No.10187019

I'd wear this.

>> No.10187027

Oh sorry, I meant I made the shirt myself using iron-ons and spare time. Didn't mean to imply I know kibbles about the site.

>> No.10187028

>> No.10187044

The key to any good shirt is artistic value and composition. I see assclowns wearing shirts thats nothing more than an company logo, or movie title, or quipy one liner. Keep the art good, composition atractive, and don't beat people over the head with the source material like you were trying to advertise it or something.

>> No.10187045

So no one wants to talk anymore? Well, im bored...

>> No.10187052

fuck yea, i love bnl

>> No.10187061

i'm sorry wat?

>> No.10187069

That too.
ITT: Canadians with terrible taste in music.

>> No.10187076

I would wear it but I only wear button ups so no

>> No.10187077

just cause

>> No.10187083

>> No.10187103

>> No.10187104

I'd buy one of these.

>> No.10187106

Well then i declare myself a winner and get out of here...

>> No.10187161

Nah, bnl are pretty good.

>> No.10187164

Well fuck your planet.

>> No.10187215

>> No.10187230

I would wear the shit out of this

>> No.10187238

>> No.10187246

>> No.10187269

>> No.10187280

>> No.10187296

I would buy it

>> No.10187328


I would wear the SHIT out of that shirt.

>> No.10187348

>> No.10187351

>> No.10187357

fuck yeah i would

>> No.10187367

>see that they do prints as well
>order prints
>cannot figure out why the real life t-shirt looks so shitty after providing a 400x300 pixel .jpg as source.

>> No.10187382

>> No.10187399


>> No.10187434


>> No.10187435

>> No.10187441

>> No.10187460

>> No.10187475

>> No.10187478

>> No.10187493

>> No.10187495

>> No.10187534

>> No.10187539

Here's a classy shirt I'd wear

>> No.10187547

>> No.10187551

What is the best shirt in this thread?

>> No.10187588

OP's, of course.

>> No.10187620

Can you post the pic? Please?

>> No.10187626



>> No.10187651

>> No.10187667

I haven't seen so much fucking Derp in a thread filled with so many awesome pictures.
I'd buy em i they were cheaper.

>> No.10187672

>> No.10187676


>> No.10187679


Get a bunch of people wearing these shirts, with different colors.

Have real life Dorf Fortress.

>> No.10187703

third dimension GET

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