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Eclipse Phase thread.

Theme: Existential horrors

Cool pictures for TITAN monstrosities GO

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What it one of the TITANS came back. It is now a wide eyed, loving little sister to everyone.

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Humanity would kill it, just to be sure.

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Is that from Command and Conquer 3?

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yeah, looks like it

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Scrin Corrupter.

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Last one I have.

Guess this thread gets to die now ;_;

For people who have no idea what eclipse phase even is, you can probably find it on /rs/. The .pdf has some really nice artwork in it.

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It's hard to find things that embody "Technological Horror", eh?

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I've always found the idea of body-jacking micro-AIs scary.

Especially if they still communicated the original mind's voice.
Even more so if the original mind is being tortured on a virtual plane.

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