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Wanna go on a dungeon adventure?

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I... but... it... she...

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Ehhh.... Why the fuck not.

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What kind of dungeon is it?

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Ever see King of Bandit Jing?

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Sure. What's the worst that could happen. It's not like we could end up destroying the universe, right?

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Yeah. Why not?

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Is this like... Scion+Exalted?

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Come on! What kind of dungeon adventure?

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Ah. Temple of Elemental Evil.

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You best be joking.

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Group A - those interested in things related to traps, shota, and faggotry of all kinds - leave with Haruhi. Fuck knows what'll happen to you.
Group B - those uninterested in such things - follow me, we're sacking a goblin lair.

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Sure! First quest: a being has inadvertently acquired the power to alter reality. She is not yet aware of this--she has used the power, but as of yet only accidentally or subconsciously. Still, if she should ever realize the ability she has...

I don't think I can stress how much we don't want this to happen.

This being has amassed a small group of followers who are aware of her ability. The followers seem to have separate goals--some want to study her, while others want to use her. They are also dedicated to keeping the being's ability a secret, even from herself--but it won't last forever.

That's why your mission is to eliminate this being.

It's unfortunate. The being has done nothing to deserve this fate--at least, not on purpose. But it's something that has to be done.

Remember, your best bet is to catch the being unawares. If she sees danger approaching, she may, in her alarmed, frightened state, alter reality to save herself--and that might just give her true nature away.

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Have people ever considered just giving Haruhi counselling and using her for the betterment of mankind and stuff, or is that just not weeaboo enough?

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If you found out you were a god, would therapy prevent YOU from remaking the world as you see fit?

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...yeah because her power isn't like ...symbolism for half-baked 1st year philosophy student text-books...

Her power wouldn't work actively if she were aware of it. But it would continue to function.

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op here. thread dead. have to go. emergency.

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Has it ever been explicitly stated that if she was aware of it, that it wouldn't work?

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it worked

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Of course not. Don't kid yourself- Kyon is the one with all the powers, and Haruhi is his fetish. She'll never get therapy because then he wouldn't be able to keep enjoying her.

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This sort of adventure looks fun.

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Not this retarded theory again.

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And once again, nuking Japan has saved the day.

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As she already warps reality, destroying her would likely kill ALL of us, even if it WERE possible.

Witch I doubt.

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I would totally play a D&D game with this bitch. She'll make no sense, be arbitrary, and invariably get us all killed, but it would be a fun ride.

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Dammit, reality shifted again.

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what if she was the DM?

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Then I can only hope that I'm the Kyon and not the Mikuru.

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who the fuck is this person I keep hearing about dieties and shit but the show looks like typical school girl stuf...

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that poor poor girl....

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Kyon is the narrator, the main character, and the centerpiece of the story. Mikuru, Koizumi, and Nagato each represent aspects of himself, as does Haruhi, while also filling the role of primary antagonist. Taniguchi and Kunikida are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

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I'll fire back, ze!

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You're all a bunch of boring adults that can't face what life really is.

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Hey, the third-eye-on-chest is my gimmick.

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If I were in Kyon's place, I would've quit her club from the word go.

Sure, it probably would have led to her destroying and recreating everything, but I have my dignity. I have the ability to decide my own fate. When that is taken away, I am nothing.

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Aim's off, ze.

Let's try again!

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Hell yea, I'm in!

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I'm your tank!

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TO SLOW!!!!!!

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Can I be the little girl?

With the standard wizard powers and such and such

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Other way around.

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Can we get a cleric or a paladin here? I can deal out plenty of damage but a light wind can blow me over...and my healing spells suck.

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>implying Alice is not the perfect little girl /tg/ aspires to be

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Going on a dungeon adventure with god sounds... intriguing.

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I wish I could bomb all this moe blob shit.

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>high functioning psychotic working in seclusion on tons of intricate projects that no one cares about and delicate dolls who fill for the lack of social interaction, but which at the same time scare away anyone foolish enough to try and talk to her.

other than the frilly dress I see no differences whit our current state.

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>Actually being a wizard

You know you want too

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I'm sorry....YOU are too slow.

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Group B here. Dunno what Group A is doing - last thing I heard was that they encountered a pack of wild Touhou and most of them were cut down in waves of laserfire.

Weeaboos - secure the left warren
Righteous Moralfags - secure the right warren
Dark and Edgy characters - watch the rear; terrain is on our side but we're still surrounded.
Everyone who doesn't fall into the above categories - form up on me; I'm surfing into the murder hole above on a Tensor's.

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Do you have enough bullets, king of the guns?

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Deployin Turret.

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Right. Weeaboos, your commander is Cloud. ... No, the other Cloud. ... No, the OTHER ... ... Fuck it, just do whatever the guy with the most belts says.
Moralfags, your commander is Jenkins. Stay in formation, and don't be caught off guard.
Fuklaw - you've got the dark and edgies. Keep them in line by any means necessary.

Looks like there's still some resistance up above - good thing there are so few characters that don't fit the above 3 that we have enough Tensors to lift you all.
Shields up, I'm throwin' a molotov. *crash* We are good to go in 3 rounds; ready your actions, people!

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yes i do demon child!

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Touhou mech reporting for duty, your all fucked

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Deploying the Yuuka.

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I see you creature.

And name you.

Blob of the dark god Moe.

I counter you with quality anime.

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fuck yes i love that show!\

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I'm not the demon. SHE'S the demon.

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With our powers combined, we are ⑨-bot

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I counter with aren't you dead?

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That look like an evolution of this...

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Me too bro, look at this shit! I don't want to see underaged animu girls playing with dominoes! I want to see Naruty fight a dragon with his level 3 super technique he learned from a 20 episode training arc with a dbg that turns into a cat.

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no, an evolution of this
not quite as intimidating in this form however...^_^;

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You...need an..expert, for you.

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Your no match for the omega-gattai!

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Dead and still superior than these shitty pedo pandering animes.

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Your the undefeated of the east? HA!
Your nothing compared to my finishing move...TITS

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Stop making Baccano look bad.

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Eh, what? Easy Modo?

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If I wasn't positive she was like 800 or some stupid animu shit I'd be doing something illegal by posting this to refute you.

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Ah, you'd be wrong. Touhou is not an Anime.

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They released an anime of it.

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...oh damnit!...send in marisa!

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Moe pandering and characters people think are cute aren't the same thing.
Moe pandering shows rely completely on cute characters as a selling point. Good shows just end up having them without it detracting from the series value.

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Anime can be uncommonly used to refer to the art style and not just the medium in which its presented.

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Ed wasn't remotely pedo pandering, never in sexual situations, half the time you didn't even see Ed in the episodes, it doesn't even compare to entire shows dedicated to being badly written, badly animated, bad pedo shit.

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fan anime, not even official
thats like calling zelda a manga because theres a few manga books

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I'd say its unofficial but the entire series is pretty much fan-made...

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Bebop is Lupin in Space.

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Get back to the gate, China.

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Only signficantly less fun to watch than Lupin in space.

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Why? It's a show about cute girls doing cute things like every moe blob show. In this case, they stack dominoes professionally. You ever see it?

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foolish magic girls! you cant defeat me!

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People who only stand up for Bebop pretty much do so because Bebop is the only thing they've seen (waiting for episodes of XYZ on Adult Swim years ago before anime was all segregated to Saturday). This isn't an overwhelming majority (I'd guess 80% total, including those who don't go to 4chan), but enough.

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I am your barbarian.

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Cowboy Bebop Live Action movie

Starring Keanu as Spike.


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you think your the only one who can use gattai eh?

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>80% total
>on 4chan


Nice denial there pedo boy, now go watch some shitty anime, I hear K-On is right up your alley but you probably already seen everything out.

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I think you missed the part were Touhou is not an anime.

Also, hahaha, Keanu Reaves = you.

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keanu reaves eh?

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You know Spike's Great-Great-Don'tcarethepropernumberofgreats-Grandfather is Mugen.

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This is the dumbest shit I have read all day.

Are you actually saying that people defend on of the top 5 anime of all time because they haven't seen any anime?

on 4chan?

a weeaboo website?

Shit nigga you just went full retard.

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Hey, Bebop was some quality fare. Occasionally a bit too arty for its own good, but most of the time it was juuuust right. I'd swap a few moe shows a season for good stuff like that.

That said, Haruhi is awful good for a moe show. Not deep, per se, but good. It's nice having a show where the dynamic tension is in the challenge of being satisfied with humdrum, everyday life, as opposed to being the star of your own action series...

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Funny thing is. 70% of Break Blade's viewers (mecha show) are female. This is still in Japan. I believe the males are all off watching K-On 2 or...I don't even know anymore.

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Eye'm da strongest!

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Here's the main character, Megumi-Chan, making various facial expressions and eating cake while her friends discuss plans to travel to a hot spring.

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Actually I can't stand K-on. Can't even get past the shitty opener. Closest pedo anime I've watched is Strike Witches because the first episode had some amazingly rendered fly-by sequences and WWII-action (bombs exploding in water, etc...). Too bad the rest of the series stunk.

Then again, one of this forum's favorite series has a grotesque amount of pedo-references...

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You know it.

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your fucked now!

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/tg/ approved animu thread?

/tg/ approved animu thread.

Record of Loddoss War. The first one. Standard DnD brought to the slant eyed screen.

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Haruhi was moe? I think people are using the word too loosely to mean "if no one gets shot, its moe".

Incidently, I'm a bit of a guilty-pleasure shonen addict. I know the plots and animation suck. But the music and diverse special abilities are kind of fun. And its brainless enough to relax after a long day of hard-work. Plus you can follow them without subtitles if need be.

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You'z is a blimey git, green iz dah strongest 'n orkiest n' shootiest 'n choppyist!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuQSEoUkhdg STOP!!!....DARKNESS FINGER TIME!

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Hey now, I hope your not comparing me to pathetic humans who sit around talking about pastries for 20 minutes at a time...

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Not all shounen has bad animation. It really depends on the length of the series and the budget. One Piece varies the most I'd bet. Some arcs are fucking amazing and others like Amazon Lily are downright hilarious with their bad animation.

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sorry to bother, but dos anyone have the comic with two stick-figures talking at a table and a third in the background juggling loli pics?

sage for off-topic

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oooh, you havnt looted any tanks yet today? well thats just too bad

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*Nods* Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Jing...there are shonen with good animation. There's just so many more without...

Naruto post-Season 4, Bleach post season 2, One-Piece Non-Manga Storyarcs, half the flak by Gonzo, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Zoids after /0...

(Note that the ones in which I said "After" or "Post" didn't have amazing animation to begin with...).

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Here's the male lead, Daisuke-kun and his Uncle Makoto-San. They run the arts and craft store that Megumi-Chan and the Osaka High School Dominoes Club buy their dominoes at. Daisuke-kun is shy and bashful and hopes that one day he will work up the courage to speak to Megumi-Chan.

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no big o tg? i am sad

>> No.10171437

The /r/ link is about 3-5 inches on your moniter from the submit button.

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Legend of Galactic Heroes, is in my very biased opinion, is one of the greatest space operas in the history of any medium.

... god dammit. Must contain fanboyism....

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Beck thread.

>> No.10171465

Every anime released that is not Outlaw Star 2 is a sin upon man. Angel Links is Hersey.

>> No.10171477

can't tell if trolling or just trying to be funny

>> No.10171484

here Big O vs Big Duo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Myh07ybceU

>> No.10171490

There's a difference between trolling and trying to be funny?

>> No.10171514

Worse, telling the truth.
This is the show's regular art style, the other pictures were just fan art.
No one listen to this guy, I am the only one describing Baccano truthfully.

>> No.10171524

They are laughing at you.
And your gayness.

You all suck, and your anime-shit is gayer than the queerest man on Earth's cum on the second queerest man on Earth's mustache.
Kill yourselves.

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>> No.10171532

I'm laughing but still decently drunk. Trolling to be funny then?

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>> No.10171539

Does the homophobe have a secret to share?

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>> No.10171550

Did somebody say "secret"?

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If that's Nice then where is her skars and eye patch? Everyone knows that Nice Oakwood has skars and and eye patch because she is the disabled girl (now required for all moe blob animes). She is embarressed by this fact because it's cute.

>> No.10171581

Screw sequels. I want a prequel about Hilda. Hilda was fucking badass and needs her own series fleshing out just how she pissed of the pirates that fucking much.

>> No.10171594

Outlaw star sucked balls.

I would kick your asses, but I've got Zepplin on and a russian spy waiting for hot dickings.

>> No.10171601

>just how she pissed of the pirates that fucking much.
she stole their super secret prototype grappler ship with the ability to reach the ULTIMATE TREASURE? I thought they explained that in the first 3 episodes

>> No.10171607

Fuck that you love Outlaw Star.

>> No.10171613

They had a long standing feud before that.

>> No.10171618

I think that was only her latest stunt. She said she has a history of such things with them.

>> No.10171622

This would be an acceptable alternative. Actually probably preferred given the status of the world after the series ended...

More non-mecha space combat series are always good. Not that mechs are bad.

>> No.10171630

Say that again and I'll kick your little white ass.

>> No.10171634

I think we won, no surpise though, because i am the strongest

>> No.10171640

Whatever you say furfag

>> No.10171644

I loved outlaw star and that cactus, but then I learned about furries and I could never look at a certain character the same way again. Damn you for ruining my childhood, internet.

>> No.10171652

How the fuck would you know? You're just a god-damned cactus-alien.

Stfu before I get a giant bug to eat you.

>> No.10171668

what the hell, when did furfags come into the conversation?

Get out now and take that shit with you

>> No.10171669

I only watched the original series I know there is a remastered version, a second season and a movie how are they?

>> No.10171679

They can be as furry as they want so long as they aren't in the real world pretending to be animals fucking each other in fursuits in plain view of everyone else while trolling forums defending their fetish from equally as stupid assholes encouraging the behavior by discouraging it.

>> No.10171681

You are now all crying bitch tears

>> No.10171685


I keep thinking that Brock Sampson is hallucinating, and all of this thread is a dream. A wonderful, wonderful dream.

Also boobs.

>> No.10171687

wait...is that fur on that girl?!? plz tell me no, thats gotta just be dark skin, which means 10%, not furry!

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>> No.10171721

Now I gotta watch Fry's Dog a few times to cheer myself back from suicidal to just sad...

>> No.10171741

God don't post that bitch (not an intended pun)

Her anime is fucking terrible.

I nearly wringed my own neck while watching it.

>> No.10171747

Uh, sure.

>> No.10171757


Why would I?

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>> No.10171797

Pick a threshold and stick to the left of it.

>> No.10171817

with felicia being an exception

>> No.10171834


But I'll fap to 4

>> No.10171889

Sure just let me rololololololl my 8 sided dice I have for such an occasion and...
8 it is. I would fuck a rabbit.

>> No.10171924

actually that pic is outdated, the new thing is if the fur/animal parts on the person is a costume, looks like a costume it isn't a furry (this also covers lizards/birds/ect)
if its not a costume, but is part of the body itself it IS a furry.

>> No.10171995


1-3 is fine with me.

>> No.10172029

ARGH! I'm getting flashbacks to my Ironclaw job! Can we PLEASE get back to the subject of a dungeon adventure?

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