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Stat me.

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twelvety six.
And a cow.

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Booooobs 10
Crazy 4

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Is there moar? I need some... lewd pictures, for... research. I need to check if my erection can pierce the heavens.

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Attack, my minion!

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>Booooobs 10
>Crazy 40


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Bless you and the millions of wasted offspring spilled in the name of Onan!

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"You don't sound too sure, Mr. J!"

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Slaaneshi Daemonette shapeshift into human form.

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It's such a shame that Harely, a smoking hot character both in and out the costume, has so little good porn of her (and a bulk of shit like >>10159059).

Mean while a character that might get two lines in an anime or a mini boss from a vidya game will be flooded with porn, some of which up to excellent standard.

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there's a good amount of quality porn.
it just depends on the style you want it in.

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Perhaps because Harley is actually an endearing character and possible Waifu material and thus people are less willing to desecrate or ruin their internal image of her.

That's not to say I wouldn't do horrible unspeakable things to her...

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>freezing the vagina while cracking a joke

I do believe this qualifies as "the bad touch."

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Vidya doesn't actually get that much porn, unless it's targeted to otaku crowd. Shit, even final fantasy games are nowhere near as popular in terms of porn compared to lots of anime.

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This image bothers me so much.

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that's just....just....arghlblarghl!

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Actually, that blue girl has lightning/electrical powers.

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Someone hasn't seen a good tifa thread chain on /h/.

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and riku as well

and that's all she wrote
don't have to go home, but you can't stay here

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>lightning bolt to the crotch

I don't understand how that's supposed to be less bad.

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That's Livewire, not Killerfrost, she's electrocuting the middle girl (don't recognize her). I'm gonna' assume it's only the most mild, kinky pain of shocks.


People do horrible, horrible things to their waifus and often show it off for all to see. Thing is, I don't think Harley can be a waifu. She's not some incredible ideal of a girl to be put on a pedestal, she's too like a real person to be a proper waifu.

You could meet someone like Harley one day, maybe on an off chance. If you're really lucky you'll get to be her puddin'.

With a waifu, no real woman will meet your standards.

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>this entire thread


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! that's just.... my favorite animated DC movie.

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It is mai daughteru?

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Very light jolts to the clit can be...mind melty.

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Yeah, there's electrical things you can get for men and women for use in sex. Never tried them, myself.

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I love their working relationship.

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>"He still thinks porn is awesome! Hahaha!"

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I'd suggest never trying it alone, the first time. It can be...tricky.

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Is there a story behind that advice?

An embarrassing one perhaps?

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I'd imagine getting the right voltage can be confusing and probably painful if you mess it up.

I don't really plan on trying it, I've just heard that it feels good if you do it right. Though as a guy it might work different, I don't know.

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More harley, goddamn!

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Oh Darth Vader, you cad.

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Just use low voltage. Really low voltage. It should tickle.

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Aren't you a little large for a stormtrooper?

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Aren't you a little short for a faggot.

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FF7 is old, incredibly popular by FF standards, made more money than most anime could ever dream about and has more spinoffs that lots of them. And yet the amount of fanart and doujinshi is significantly less than GL Yoko has (just for example, if we are going with mainstream females). Compare danbooru, e-hentain and pixiv pages. And GL wasn't even the most popular anime of its year. Same picture repeats with most of the vidya games and anime.
So no, your argument doesn't really work out very well. I am an anime masturbation expert and I know what I'm taking about.

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threepee-oh! threepee-oh! Come in threepee-oh! Han is a massive faggot!

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So worth the risk.

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that's a jack

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Looks like a jokerette to me.

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Tiny hands!

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>incredibly popular by FF standards

Which is still so much bullshit. Their villain was still nowhere as successful as VI's.

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That's because their villain is a faggoty little momma's boy who compensates with sword length as compared to psychotic clown that destroys the world.

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c'mon, HELP!

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>>that image
>>see three misshapen tits
>>cannot unsee

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Not to mention the fact that Sephiroth started out as TOP-TIER FIGHTING GUY and ended the same, whereas Kefka started out as GOOFY RECURRING VILLAIN and quickly became the bastard of the century.

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I'm out, bro

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I'm reduced to stuff stolen right off rule34.paheal right now.

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Wouldn't this kill Harley?

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Since "Red" doesn't have any lipstick on, no.

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Nah, part of her origin story includes Ivy giving Harl a shot so she wouldn't suffer from Ivy's toxins.

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1) Ivy's kisses have a variety of different effects ranging from lethal poison to mind control.

2) Ivy developed an antidote to most poisons using her own immunity as a template, when she first teamed up with Harley she gave her that same immunity (it's permanent as far as I know)

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You know why Kefka and the Joker are so popular.

Not because of the makeup, but because they're actually funny.

Not pathetic funny like failbaddon, but they actually have a sense of humor.

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Ugh, man face.


Oh sweet christmas. Didn't the artist realize that those girls, the twins, are HARLEY QUINNZEL'S FUCKING GRAND DAUGHTERS?

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Having your own distinctive laugh doesn't hurt.


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Yes see >>10159198

Which is ultimately sadistic and black as hell.

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What I'd love to see in a BBEG is a villian who is irredeemably evil, but still cracks really lame puns while he's being evil.

Like an evil Carlos.

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>Women Batman has fucked

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There's only three laughs that give me nearlyt pants shitting terror, Kefka, Mark Hamill Joker, and Heath Ledger Joker.

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Oh god. That would be so wrong. Actually, what if the puns caused people physical pain with how bad they are?

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Time travel might be involved. Oh, and I'd fuck them sillier and sillier.

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I <3 you, /tg/.

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Wouldn't need to, the puns would be so excruciatingly bad that it'd be near-torture.

Like combine the puns with Carlos with the puns of Horatio Caine.

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>Mark Hamill Joker

When he finds out about sensitive subjects, he immediately jumps on them and laughs anyway.


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I think that Freddy Krueger fits it (at least these new versions)

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You now realize that these two are even more fetish fuel than Harley herself. Imagine Harley times two, as freckled redheads.

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Okay hang on let me take a whack at this, starting from the left:

Rocket bitch, can't remember her name, probably.

Don't know the first one after that but the one in the mask after her I think was in an episode of Brave and the Bold. I distinctly remember her lusting for Jonah Hex in that episode.

Next two are a blank.

I assume that's catwoman? If so it's a really bad one but I guess Selina Kyle isn't really obvious without the suit, anyway that's a give.

Livewire? She's a superman villain and I think she was taken down by Batgirl and Supergirl in the animated show so I'm pretty sure that's a no.

Harely and Ivy? Very likely, I absolutely adore the episode where Harely tells Bats "Nice guys like you shouldn't have bad days."

Ras-Al-Ghul's daughter, what's her name, most definitely. Don't know the blond next to her.

Zatana and Wonder Woman, Justice League makes this a certain thing I would say.

Inque? That's Terry's department bro' and I wouldn't really say he banged her, Inque just wasn't around long enough for that to really happen. Unless she raped Terry when she got him captive that one time.

Don't know the furry chick.

Batgirl\Barbra Gordon? Again, a sure thing. B:TAS and BB are more than enough evidence.

Is that Lois Lane? I don't recognize her too well though I feel I should. Pass.

Supergirl and bats? I find Supercest more likely than this, there just isn't enough interaction between bats and her.

Finally, unknown again. Pass.

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Chick with the crown (second from the left) was the ruler of some world of superbeings, and wanted Supes to be her mate. Never worked out I don't think.

Fourth from the left is Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's driver and bodygaurd.

Her name is Talia, Ra's daughter.

The girl next to Inque isn't a furry, she's a pyrokenetic... name escapes me at the moment though. Was a Superman villain.

One of those two redheads at the end is Lana Lang, I think it's the one next to Lois.

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I'd ask /u/, aka, the 2nd Best Porn Board on 4chan.

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>2nd Best Porn Board
It's shitty. Just like all the other 4chan porn boards.

>> No.10160573

>implying that's a valid argument against it being the second best

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Still, it pales in comparison to mindraping a child with the power to burn the world, poisoning a river because you're bored with a siege, killing your emperor to take over the world, and then breaking said world upon gaining ultimate power.

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Oh hang on. The girl with black hair next to Supergirl. I think that's Terry's girlfriend, um, Dana? As an adult that is, like we see in the one Justice League episode.

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Oh yeah, I've actually wanted to make a BBEG like him.

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Western/Victorian Har and Red?


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I'm tellin' ya, /u/ is great for this shit.

At least, they used to be prior to the whole "NO WESTERN ART ON OUR WEEABOO PORN BOARDS" lockdown.

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I have yet to see any evidence of that.

I also have yet to see any evidence of /u/ being anything but TROLLS TROLLING TROLLS and whining. This has been the way of things for years now.

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You pay too much attention to what people on 4chan say.

>> No.10160926

I browse /u/ sometimes, and it really is just trolling and whining with occasional image dumps.

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So it's like every other board.

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Nah. /a/ is just nothing but high-speed image dumps and really retarded slapfights about Naruto/One Piece/Bleach. But mostly just high-speed image dumps.

Our /a/ is turning into iichan's /a/ on speed.

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...and now, I need to convert some really slutty Eldar Harlequins. When I'm out of my bunk.

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>really slutty Eldar Harlequins
>implying there's another kind

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Obviously. They're still too afraid of Slaanesh to go all out. Except for the Solitaires, and they already pledged their souls to the Laughing God.

>> No.10161244

Well there are the Harlequins of Lesser Sluttiness. I assume he wants a Greater Sluttiness Harlequin.

>> No.10161392

Solitaire's don't work that way.

>> No.10161442

Well, OK. Their souls are already lost to Slaanesh, so they're free to fuck and be fucked as they damn please.

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Back to Harley and relatives.

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Astounding amounts of porn for such minor characters...

>> No.10161747

Well, as was mentioned before, they're pretty intense fetish fuel, you gotta admit.

Also, please continue, your efforts are appreciated.

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Keep that vore shit out of here. It's about Harley, not some girl-eating plant.

>> No.10161783

I now realize that I have harlequin fetish (and probably had it for years) and yet there is nothing catering to it, outside of minor batman porn fanbase.

>> No.10161789

Well, yeah. Carpet matches curtain, by the way, but I prefer my girls shaved. I don't like carpet with my cunnilingus.

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Well, there's enough Harley for all of us. Now get some girl to dress up for you!

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>Implying my girlfriend doesn't already have a Harley Quinn costume

>> No.10162000

>implying your sock puppet counts as a harley quinn costume

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loli harleyquin twins?

>> No.10162034

>implying you have a girlfriend
>implying implications in derp greentext

>> No.10162035

don't see why it wouldn't...

>> No.10162047

>implying implications in derp greentext
what you said has absolutely no meaning...

>> No.10162075

Basically. Harley's twin granddaughters from Batman Beyond. Loli harleyquin twins who happen to be freckled redheads.

>> No.10162083

...I fapped

>> No.10162094

>implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying implying

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thanks op i came on cat she hiss at penis

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That only means that you're male.

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moar /ss/

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Rapidly running out of pictures here. Any help?

>> No.10162901

I said, ANY HELP?

>> No.10163039


Sorry, no. Thanks for the pics, though!

>> No.10163054

Oh snap. Last picture for tonight. Next Harley thread gets the whole dump all over again.

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oh i get it harley-quinn

>> No.10163822


It took you HOW long to figure this out... even if you saw it from her first appearance that would be some what 18 or so years.


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not to turn this into a typical /gif/ thread but..SAUCE?!

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actually it doesn't

fapping is an onomatopoeia, so if a girl does it does it rapidly and vigorously, they can fap too

>> No.10165286

it's always going to be schlicking

>> No.10165435

too bad that isn't the case
word has been spreading

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you know OP, I was looking around my usual sites for some fap fiction, tonight some breast expansion I figured and look what I found.


>Mega Milk

>Laura, with her petite figure, never had much luck with boys. But when her brother, Brendan, makes fun of her small breasts, she decides to find a way to make even her brother pay attention to her.

I bet this was one of you guys. I mean seriously, what the hell.

Still, sad as it is, it's one of the better ones written on that site (though hardly good on it's own).

>> No.10166127


>He just found out about MegaMilk

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