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Why do you hate twilight so much? Is it because you're a bunch of lonely neckbeards who really just hate women?

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I cant hate a movie or a book Ive never seen or read.

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>hi, i'm gonna bump my own thread. I'm also the OP.

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rolled 10 = 10

Twilight paints terrible, one sided, stalker/abusive relationships in a good light by making the offender a sparkly faerie.

In the scheme of things, hating Twilight puts you on the side of women.

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This thread is balls.

This thread is now about cutebolds.

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/tg/ trolls are getting worse

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If I hated women, I would love Twilight. I would love every single message it is imprinting in the currently pubescent generation of females.

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>Stalking is good.
>Abusing women is good.
>Rape is good.
>Pedophilia is good.
>Lying to people is good.
>Encouraging self destructive behavior is good.

I'm not certain 'hating woman' and 'hating twilight' are the same things....

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Especially this morning. I see two threads containing shock floods as well as this.

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This threads is dildos and you're alls faggots answering a trolls.

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New York is waking up.

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It's fun to haters gonna hate, but I didn't like the first movie.

Never read the book, don't care; it's not relevant to my interests.

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Welcome to summer.

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>realise that the author who wrote the book became richer, more popular and a better prospect for a commericial author than you'll ever be.
>she got there almost entirely on the wallets and minds of the female gender

>I'm not certain 'hating woman' and 'hating twilight' are the same things

Damn close though eh?

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Neckbeard + 15 year old girl = Jail

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Not really. I don't hate the author. I hate Twilight. I know the difference.

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Unfortunately, everything is hating women.

If you hate feminist writings, you hate women.
If you hate anti-feminist writings, you ALSO hate women.

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And then I realized instead I don't care.

And that's still hating women.

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>If you hate anti-feminist writings, you ALSO hate women.

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I hated how that was the subject of like nine episodes.

Holy fuck, you can only stand watching the same shit happen so many times .

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Twilight is as feminist as a Gor novel.

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it was actually only eight... hence the name


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I hate you for making me go back and look that up to be sure.

So very much.

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All I'm saying is, that is if you hate twilight, surely you hate the fanbase that loved it so much that they boosted it into commercial success and made it into a successful movie franchise?

Or rather, that you hate both Twilight and its success?

Unless you didn't mind its success. Which means that, though you find the very subject matter insipid, you also don't care that the very subject you find detestable is also now popular and more likely to influence things than other things you don't find detestable.

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They redrew the episode every single time, look at two episodes of endless eight side by side... not that I condone that shit I just don't like people being misinformed about crap like this.

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I do hate women.
Specifically, I hate the women who are avid Twilight fans. Sure, a lot of women enjoy the series, but a lot don't.
Troll harder, please.

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Hating its success does not require you hate the fanbase either. Lets try to keep down on the weasel logic.

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Those arnt women.
People who like Twilight are to be pitied, and people who like it to the point of being part of the 'fanbase' are the cancer of the human race - a bunch of useless self interested, moronic mid-teen girls with the mental capacity of a grapefruit.

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Hey now, some people like things of similar intellectual worth, like spess mehreens.

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O hai, ca/tg/irl here. I despise Twilight and hate the messages it sends out.
>Bella: OMG u ripped out truck engine y u do dis?
>Bella: O. K then.

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>They also don't maek sexytiems wiv me. BAAAAWWWW

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The books aren't terrible. It's not good, and the author really depends on deus ex machine a lot, but i've read far worse SERIOUS FANTASY NOVELS that fatguys put up on a pedestal. that being said, they are
a) obviously books for tweens
b) use bad examples of relationships for true love, which will probably fuck some dumb people up. But these are the same people who think that Romeo and Juliet is a love story, so there's little reasoning with that crowd anyway
oh, and also c) whatever you can say about the books, the movies are objectively horrible.

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I hate both Twilight and... Well, I don't hate Space Marines, but I don't exactly like them.

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Wait, so you hate success but you don't hate the cause of its success?

The root of it being the mass pandering of a quite frankly detestable romantic ideal that, it appears, the fanbase of this series finds appealing?

You don't hate that the fans of twilight think that this romantic ideal is a good thing?


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>Romeo and Julliet
>Not a love story
Tragedy invalidates love?

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Not to defend the SPESS MEHREENS, but at least 40k SM obsessives are a nice quiet niche of society.

You dont see millions of them thronging outside Games Workshop to see the new Space Marine model arrive.
You dont see them creepily obsessing over their Marines to the point where they will go on the internet and declare to everyone that ROWBOAT GILLIEMAN IS MY HUSBAND, and then get in massive bitch-fests with anyone who says otherwise. They wouldnt send hatemail to Stephen King if he said that Space Marines werent the best faction in 40k.

Put bluntly, while some of them are cunts, theyre not cunts on the same fucking massive scale as Twilight fantards.
Though, depending on how successful the Ultras film might be, this may change.
Though thats unlikely.

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Well, since ive yet to meet a single person who liked twilight to ridiculous levels and wasnt
1) Early to mid teenage
2) a fucking hambeast
3) Both

Im glad of this. And thankfully, my girlfriend is not a retard.

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I hate their idea of fun because THEIR TASTES = SHIT TIER MY TASTES = GOD TIER but I don't hate them...

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No, it's about stupid fucking kids who let their hormones drive them to doing stupid shit.

When they're both dead, the rest of the families have a chance to take a good look at someone who went full retard, and they both decide that they need to stop going full retard themselves (i.e. brawling in the streets over stupid shit).

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Well if it IS a love story, its an incredibly shallow love.
Romeo spends the first few scenes (might even be the first act, been ages since i studied it) pining after someone else entirely, who he is totally in love with and will die for.

Then he see Juliet, and hes totally in love with her and would die for her.

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Nay, as they dare. I will bite my thumb at them;
which is a disgrace to them, if they bear it.

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It's not a tragedy or a love story, it's a farce.

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So OP, you dont get it.

Most of us dont hate the idea behind twilight, aka a vampire falling in love with a human.

but we HATE the so-called half-assed vampire in the Story. I mean, seriosly?
We are RPler, we know quite a bit about vampire lore, and this excuse for a nerdgirls powerfantasy is such a wuss.

-He doesn't get burned by the sun, while it should mean instentkill, he only starts to glitter. like a gay man on carneval. that's supposed to look cool.

-He doesn't sleep. At all. Even goddamn RP undead killer vampires of doom need to rest SOMETIME. He simply doesnt.

-He comes and go as he please. While I like the idea of vampires beeing able to enter places without beeing invited, this fucker is a freaking stalker. The movie wants to show us : Go ahead, break into the house of the girl who doesn't even know your name to watch her sleep and go through her stuff while you at it, if you tell her the next morning you were the one who stole her panties, she will love you!

-Blood. There is nearly xero in it. The whole time noone of them is dringin ANY of it, till she got bitten. and then the protagonist looks more like he has diareah then sucking sweet sweet blood. They are freaking Vampires, lots of them, and even IF they drink animal blood, shouldn't that mean that there are no animals left after 400 years of hunting?

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I find it the other way around, on account of 40k fans constantly finding starcraft related stuff and letting everyone know how much better mehreens are than marines. I have never seen, and never heard of, a twifan hijacking a discussion about, say, WW or Hellsing vampires and ranting about how twilight vamps are better, etc.

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>Complains about vampires not burning in sunlight
>Posts a picture jerking off to Hellsing, in which vampires are sunproof

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-Age. The guy is over 400. Well, if you live for 400 years, unable to sleep, I think I would be going crazy instead of joining highschool to meet a 17 years old girl that I want to love.

-Vampire powers. Lets be fair here, vampire the maskerade had shown different versions of vampires, so vampire special powers are acceptable. even bellas special resistance is alright. No, what I mean is that the vampires in the movie are not the vampires who use elegance or charakter. He straps her to his back and then begins to jump from tree to tree. Very elegant, I think most woman would puke after that or fell of, and the fight in the movie is rather boring, since both cant get hurt, until the others pop up and finish the evil guy. and that he would bite bella was quite clear since the title of the movie.

-which brings me to another point: Vampire VENOM? Vampires are some kind of poisinous snakes that somehow have the ability to injekt a virus in your blood and can magically suck it out again? The FUCK?
I know you can suck out most of the poison of a snake bite, but you cant suck out everything since your blood gooddamn moves in your veins man. So ether this guy is able to suck you blood backwards through your veins, or this scene makes no freaking sense, other then showing *how hard *sob* it is for him *sob,sob* to bite his beloved *sob,whine,sob* Bella to rescue her without killing her*whine,sob,whine,sob*
I mean come on....
talking about bella..

-Bellas face expression ist that of a dead raindeer. She just looks the fucking same way all through the movie, always convinced she is strong and stuff.

The movie has a romantic idea, but the protagonists are just plain wrong. The whole idea of vampires is lost to this movie, all that is left is sparkling pretty boys...

I liked some of edwards family members though, they seem at least more likely to be vampires


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In hellsing vampires are fucking crazy and ultraviolent maniacs...

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Maybe not, but you dont see massive groups of fatguys wearing TEAM ULTRAMARINE tshirts.

Or emailing Universal Pictures because they OBVIOUSLY stole the idea for werewolves from Twilight.
I mean seriously.

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Sunlight should not necessarily mean instakill. The original Dracula, not the movie version, just couldn't use his powers in sunlight. He didn't combust.
...But they shouldn't sparkle.

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To be fair, there is a difference between not burning in sunlight because you are an evil hellspawned creature that can do all sorts of weird and horrific shit, and not burning in sunlight because you sparkle instead.

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>Well, since ive yet to meet a single person who liked twilight to ridiculous levels and wasnt
>1) Early to mid teenage
>2) a fucking hambeast
>3) Both

I've worked with a gal who was 17, a hottie and liked Twilight. But then again, she used to read tons of other pornographic women's fiction too.

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yeah, i posted i picture of hellsing, since vampires there are sunproof, but still hate the sunlight. they dont get burned, but evade it if they can, this guy here is afraid of sparkling (who the hell would claim someone a vampire because he is shiny in the sunlight?)

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I hate it because it combines vampires, which are supposed to be dark, uncaring and cynical, with cheesy love stories specifically made to attract young girls.


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Then you are lucky to have met the exception to the rule.
Or unlucky.
I dont know.
Depends how much she liked twilight and how much you do/dont.

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Twilight isn't pornographic women's fiction.

Pic related. It is.

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guys, i posted a hellsing pic, yes, but I didn't even MENTIONED a hellsing vampire, now did I? I only choose that picture because it looked funny...

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Seras is by far more mild and sweet than Edward. Your average twilight vampire and your average hellsing vampire behave the same damn way, and most likely the hellsing vampire antagonists are only bad because they're insane nazis.

>> No.10155092

Death through exposure to sunlight was first used in Nosferatu. The film industry has shaped the Vampire myth far more extensively than the various pieces of folklore and fiction devoted to them.
Also, Twilight is a massive bag of wank. It's chic-lit for frumpy Goth teens and the perpetually woolly-headed sort of girl that owns a lot of pink furniture.

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You guys should read this book. It's like a Twilight parody that was published a decade before the books it parodies.

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No no, Seras is scared of herself until about the middle of the manga, when she's about to die.
She is actually scared of hurting people because she saw her parents die and her mother's body defiled. That's why she prefers to go as long range as possible, using sniper rifles.
Seras is also a girl, whereas Edward is male.

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H-holy shit, it's true! IT'S TRUE!


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I watched the film

I think if it was marketed as a comedy... it would have been great... all that serious glaring made me lol.

The 'romance' was the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen... just some douchebag who creams his pants over the most boring female lead in modern fiction.

Seriously.. the speed by which he pwoffesses his twu wuv is pathetic... and 'scent'? That's pretty stupid (ahh but scent implies somethin bestial and animalistic... and soppy girls wet themselves over that stuff.. particularly wolves but at least Twilight doesn... oh wait)

tldr: Bella should have gotten her throat torn out and then the rest of the movie could have been spent depicting the wacky lives of ambiguously camp wacky vampires

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Twilight sucks.
Hellsing sucks too, while I'm at it.
Vampires dont sparkle, and dracula doesnt use guns.

Fuck you and everything you believe in or stand for.

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yay twilight

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Never said it was. Just said that she like that sort of corny entertainment.

This is what women's erotic fiction looks like. The thing you're posting is what men think women's erotic fiction looks like.
It's about a chick who has sex with a vampire while saving heir fairy kingdom, btw. It's pretty good shit that does not feature the vampire doing a C-section on her with his teeth or other fanfiction-level writing.

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30 days of night vampires are my favorites, actually.
Also, Welcome To Hoxford werewolves are my favorite recent rendition of werewolves...

Well, The Astonishing Wolfman was pretty good too.
Either way, yeah, badass crazy ancient RIP and TEAR vampires are pretty excellent.

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>I think if it was marketed as a comedy... it would have been great... all that serious glaring made me lol.

It is pretty lulzy already such as it is. Just add some laughing tracks.

>> No.10155216

Probably not going to occur on 4chan, anyway.

Hellsing, I could see, maybe...

But Twilight tends to attract the girls (and 40-year-old women) who are "Too good" for stuff like anime and RPGs, because "That stuff is for geeks".

I sort of came to terms with Twilight. Not in that it's got some redeeming features, oh no. It's in that it's likely the closest thing to a female-dominated geeky interest. D&D, Video-games, etc etc... they're all pretty geeky, but you'll notice that there's been no public outcry against Twilight as being geeky.

I came to terms with the fact that the ones who dictate that sort of thing are women. The more of them into something, the less geeky it becomes.

Have you noticed how video games have become kind of less geeky over the years, and especially within the last five? Yeah... Wii. Old fogies and women are getting into video games, now, because it's been dumbed down and casual'ified enough for them to stay interested.

But Tabletop RPGs, though the social stigma was always worse than for computer games, unless by some act-of-god that creates a tabletop RPG that becomes popular with women (That is to say, almost exclusively with women, and to say something that has enough popularity with them to make the common social stigma fade or disappear)

So these days, rather than respond with grimaces of disgust, I just throw back something equally nerdy back in their faces.

"Oh yeah I went to watch New Moon this weekend, and picked up the latest book. what about you"

"Oh I painted up some miniatures, which I took to play with at my LGS the following day. I also picked up a few new RPG splatbooks"

"God you're such a geek"

"Calling the kettle black then, are we?"

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>But Twilight tends to attract the girls (and 40-year-old women) who are "Too good" for stuff like anime and RPGs, because "That stuff is for geeks".

Twilight IS basically a published fanfic though. That's geeky allright.

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That's the irony.

Read the rest of the post.

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Hellsing the anime is overrated shit, the main character is a fucking Mary Sue and you'll always know two things:

He won't die cause he's a fucking mary sue, it makes for a boring fucking character when the entire day ends in "LOL I AM ULTIMATE VAMPIRE I CONTROL DURPNESS I HAET SHARP TEETHED NAZI" and everyone around him is just as bad. I don't know why it got popular, the villains are great and have variety, but dear fucking god hellsing and the bimbo are bland as fuck, it's like a scrawny whiney 8 year old coming and sitting in on your game playing a fucking warlock and claiming he's inevitable to everything because he made a deal with satan or some shit, and that because he provided some backstory, that justifies the action.

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You know, for all that can be said about the Twilight series, I will say this: All of the non Edward/Bella focused stuff was actually kind of interesting. Even though it was focused on a family of vamp-mary-sues, the rest of the vampires in the series were actually kind of cool, and honestly, vampires are so generally inconsistent between incarnations as it is, her changes didn't piss me off too much.

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>tabletop for women

And this is EXACTLY why GW needs to develop a Pretty marines spinoff of 40k

Players could do battle on tabletops configured as Imperium shopping malls... and have their little armies try to outmanoeuvre each other to get to 'Sales' objectives, which also double as equipment dumps that allow them to armthemselves with vicious powerlipsticks, ceramite plated hot pants and exploding cosmetic powder mines

There can be only one (hotty)

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>This is what women's erotic fiction looks like. The thing you're posting is what men think women's erotic fiction looks like.
No, what you're posting is porny romance; what I'm posting is actual porn.

>> No.10155300

Pesronally, I would take Anne Rice's dick-sucking, child-molesting, super-fag vampires over Twilight's sparkly cockbends any day of the week.

The Vampire Lestat is pretty epic, if you get past the gay.
'Young' vampire encounters super-ancient vampire guy, who is housing the first vampires - male/female pair of egyptian magicians that summoned a powerful evil force and became undead. First two vampires never move, but are pretty much all-powerful and thus dont need to.

Female ancient vampire falls for young vampire, kills ancient male vampire, young vampire flees. Ancient female vampires hunts young vampire down for cold-dickings, shortly after he finished putting on a FUCKING ROCK SHOW and getting attacked by angry vampires that want to gut his ass, before his mom - who he turned and has fucked - comes to save him.
Fuck Bella.

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>this post

>> No.10155325


...So basically a Twilight rpg.

>> No.10155331

It's not Twilight so much.

It was a well made movie.

It's a shame the fanbase killed it.

Same with Final Fantasy 7 and Sonic. And Touhou.

>> No.10155336

Hate to break it to you, fellers, but Twilight is old news. Nobody cares about it but you.

>> No.10155347


You're pretty wrong though. Things are being judged by their cover here, and books were never particularily geeky in the first place.
Also reading books is a traditional female activity...at least where I'm from (which is nothing women decided on, btw).

There's also a lack of console games being marketed towards women in the first place. They've only expanded the market to include oldfags like us because we got older and did not stop buying console games. Women and their approval play little to no role in it.

>> No.10155364

Not really.

The biggest turn off, I think, is twofold

1) The rules aren't written in such a way that the ungeeks would say "OH NO! I HAVE TO READ?" in the back of their minds.

2) Warfare and battle isn't really of interest for the ladies.

It's sales would have to be several things

1) Made to look like the old grognards and stale-smelling neckbeards stay the fuck away from it

2) Be made from the ground up in a way that caters to them.

Chances are it would not be a miniatures wargame, as that really doesn't appeal to the ladies. It would probably be some sort of really rudimentary, prepainted, Clue-looking board with characters they could roleplay as. It would look more like an RPG than anything else, but saturated with love triangles, etc.

General Hospital: The Game.

That said, I'm no expert on the female psyche, but the number one thing is that even the ugly fatties think they're better than greasy neckbeards, and thus don't want to play with them. I think that eliminating that stigma would give the gaming community a huge boost of popularity, though would be hollow words if they didn't do something to get rid of the ugly, lonely, and smelly men to back it up.

>> No.10155370

>Also reading books is a traditional female activity...at least where I'm from

Where I'm from, women make the god-damned sammiches, shit out children and watch Oprah.
Stupid bitches, driving me crazy : Where the fuck do you live?

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>> No.10155417


Get out.

>> No.10155447

Could be marketed as Fornication and the Imperium: The RPG.

>> No.10155457

Oh look, a vampire hate thread. I was going to make one, but you saved me the effort.

After watching two seasons of True Blood I finally understand that I dislike vampires quite a lot. Vampires are only about sex. They've been only about sex since Bram Fucking Stoker, hell even before that.

I finally understand that the appeal of vampires is that they allow women to immerse themselves in rape fantasies and lonely angsty men to live out their dreams of power... and I'm fucking disgusted with them. I'm never playing WoD agan. Well, maybe mage.

>> No.10155469


My mother and her girlfriends have been playing Settlers of Catana once a week for years. It's certainly not the strategy-part that keeps them from playing Tabletops.

>That said, I'm no expert on the female psyche, but the number one thing is that even the ugly fatties think they're better than greasy neckbeards, and thus don't want to play with them.

It's more the other way around - the Neckbeards are searing assholes who're gonna undress even the fatty with their eyes and will try to make her feel uncomfortable in order to raise the bromance-level between the boys...they basically will have to lower their Powerlevel significantly to allow a woman to participate without making her feel icky.

>> No.10155546


See thats the problem.

The ugly fatties believe this is the case.
While only very few neckbeards are like that. Most have some standards.

>> No.10155568


And yet these women with rape fantasies are always the first to call the cops when you try to help them with it. What's the deal with that?

>> No.10155573

Okay, I might be wrong here- But wasn't Dracula basically a sawtoothed, hairy rapist with an STD?

Also, Twilight creeps me out. I won't go into the details, but that's a terrible relationship. Also, SPARKLY VAMPIRES.

Finally- In Hellsing, Alucard's a Mary Sue. But he's also a Grade-A fucker, and he's barely a man- And considered a tactical weapon. Don't see him as a character...See him as a nuclear bomb on a leash.

Keep in mind that, at the end, it's humans who save the day. Also, the Millenium's entire plan is to stop Alucard from fucking things up. Finally, he does more damage than every other faction combined, by killing everyone in London.

Yeah, I hated the bastard, but he made for interesting fights.

>> No.10155610


>Sparkly vampires


>> No.10155628


This is the case, and neckbeards have no standards as THEY DON'T NEED THE GIRL

Or rather they believe that everything should be secondary to them playing games with their bros.

>> No.10155631

>And yet these women with rape fantasies are always the first to call the cops when you try to help them with it. What's the deal with that?
Because you're not a sexy immortal dude with a magical dick that has no refractory period.

>> No.10155640

Fucking neckbears you will never get an uninteresting girlfriend like the guys in Twilight

>> No.10155674


>> No.10155686

Yeah, Dracula was very much about seduction. There's a whole shitload of penetration allegories in that novel, not to mention how he corrupts the 'pure' virgin maidens by biting (having sex) with them etcetera etcetera.
The difference being, presumably, that although Dracula is described as being remarkably handsome and having an incredibly powerful charismatic force, he is still undeniably a monster. There is no sympathy for Dracula in the novel, as he literally has no soul; there's nothing left to be sympathetic towards.

>> No.10155691


That's nothing viagra, two months of weight training and a hockey mask can't fix.

>> No.10155716


There are millions of uninteresting women out there who want to be stalked by rich Vampires.

Why are you still single?

>> No.10155728


Click, enjoy.

>> No.10155751


He was handsome? I thought he was very masculine, like a beast, in contrast to the more buttoned-down gentlemen from England. Which makes him more of a rapist, of course.

>> No.10155757

Stop confusing Dracula with the Wolfman.

>> No.10155767


As I said, I might be wrong. I don't think Dracula was handsome, though- Just 'exotic' to the girls. Did it ever really come up?

>> No.10155785

I'm fairly certain he was described as having a kind of predatory beauty, which could very easily be either. The basic idea was that he had a kind of terrible majesty about him, something both terrifying and worthy of reverence at the same time.

>> No.10155802

>> No.10155804

In the book, he was a monster. Dracula was both gentleman and beast by turns. He was an unstoppable force of pure, raw evil. Sex, yes there was sex. But there was also control, monstrous bloodlust, and DEATH. Not nice death, but horrbile, hateful unlife. Vampires eating babies. EATING them. Rape, of men, of women. There was nothing redeeming about Dracula.

Twilight was STUPID.

>> No.10155805


More like: EVIL SEXY Noble vs good marriage for procreation.

>> No.10155810

Level 36! Thirty Six Levels! Muhar-har-har-har-har.

>> No.10155849


The Count is still bad-assest motherfucker out there, god knows what sort of backstory Jim Henson would've done if he had time left on this earth.

Remember fraggle rock? He made fucking backstory on every and each one of the races involved, from exile to fraggles and the civil-wars and exctinction of the bigger, huge nosed neckbeard elementals.

And signing trash piles.

>> No.10155863

this shitty movie is fine with me. it shows vampires for the nancy-boys they are

>> No.10155871

I say that it takes the main stream vampires a large step down the road of fagdom. I mean, they've already been taken down way too far from the menacing undead they were...

>> No.10155877

We hate Twilight because of the obsessed fans.

Same reason we hate Ultramarines.

>> No.10155894



Well guess what, they can have babies now, but their sexing still messes up people.

>> No.10155899

They didn't start like that...

>> No.10155902

It's only been since the eighties or so fucked them up like everything else. You ruined it for those that came after you, fuckers.

>> No.10155919

>> No.10155921

Dracula was actually about a lot more than sex. Really the sexual overtones are probably its most shallow aspect. Dracula is also about new vs. old, traditional vs. modern, mysticism vs. science, and East vs. West. Written at a time when western Europe was undergoing some very significant changes, Dracula is very much about the fear of the Old World, but also the reluctance to let it go.

There's a lot more to Dracula than just sex, gore, and evil. Hell, some interpretations actually describe Dracula as a representative Jew.

>> No.10155923

never actually suffered through twilight

when were vampires ever 'menacing undead' instead of unliving-plague numerous as cockroaches that scatter into the cracks when a light shines upon them?

>> No.10155938

Vampires have always been about death. their presence killed things, killed families, homes, destroyed all their loved ones, even if they failed to realize it. they were haunted, empty wrecks that brought death, disease, and horror with them.

Vampires were always about death.

>> No.10155941


Let's compare

>Nosferato; Movie and Book, Nosferatu
Hideous motherfucker that if you see it, you are going to get hunted down like errant cattle lost in timber wolf infested forest. You are going to die and you aren't going to get any love moments out of this one.

>Dracula Bam Stroker, silver screen movie and sequel

Turned into first vampire ever due to pact with the buddy-buddy of his satan, he charms cute women and adds them to his growing harem of mindless bloodsuckers with no memory of former selves, holds entire village under his thumb where everyone is scared shitless even uttering his name.


>> No.10155953


Watch movie Nosferatu, if your attention span can tolerate lack of shiny objects and generally honest acting. Then proceed watching original Dracula and it's sequel, assuming that you arent furiously masturbating to whichever material you prefer.

>> No.10155982


It was more of seduction and not that dracula needed anyway, since his stare could break will in manner of moments and make reading books much, much easier after nightfall.

Seriouly, glowing eyes would be rather interesting to have, like in movie dracula.

>> No.10155986

Go watch "L:et The Right One In" (Swedish version, not the stupid Americrap version).

A gentle romantic vampire movie......with blood, death, and sociopathic children.


>> No.10155988


Newfags think that history began with the 80s, apparently.
Yes, they did start out like that. The EVIL SEX MESSING UP PEOPLE NEED TO GET HOLY MARRIED is a strong theme in vampire fiction. Deal with it.

>> No.10155998

>> No.10156014

Best vampire.

Time stoppin', eyebeamin', knife throwin', WRYYYYin'

>> No.10156033

>> No.10156082


Vlad? He is seriously dissed personality, he quite we drove back dem' raging moosleems to hole which they crawl out of and most of the vampiric shit thrown at him are quite unfounded.

>> No.10156117

You walk into the room, and she's standing there, lookign into the crib. She is smiling, because, well she really can't help it. Dessication has drawn the flesh from her face into a taut mask, and her teeth are bared and longated. Her long, filthy nails rest lightly on the edge of the crib, her paper thin, parchment skin makign no noise. She looks up, and you catch the light from her eyes, a flash of reflection like those of an animal in the dark lookign into the firelight. She seems startled, and is simply gone.

You run to the crib of your son, and you see that he is no longer breathing, no longer a member of your family. you wife has taken him from you, even as she herself has been taken from you. And soon, tonight, perhaps tommorow night, she will come, and look upon you, and you too will be dead.

And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

THAT is what vampires used to be like, before books and stories and pleasant wishful thoughts about sexy lovers.

>> No.10156127


I'd argue that Dio was more awesome in the first storyline, so if you haven't read that I can't recommend it strongly enough.
Although, I will conced that the third adventure DID pick up a whole lot once the team finally reached Cairo. Not just the final fight with Dio, but all of the other fights before that were really good once you get to that stage.

>> No.10156166


>> No.10156207

Nosferatu was heavily based upon Stoker's Dracula - or more accurately, was an unauthorised film adaptation that drew the ire of Stoker's estate. Most of the copies of the film were destroyed once the filmaker's lost the legal battle with Charlotte Stoker over copyright theft. All the guff in Bram Stoker's Dracula (Coppola) about Dracula becoming a vampire because of epic anti-God butthurt is, well, guff.

>> No.10156240


It was still interesting concept on vampire focusing on the monsterous side rather than the eloquent nobleman, the film is rather common though thanks to the few reels that weren't burned to crisp.

>> No.10156259

screw you, the Kindred are awesome.
Play a Nosferatu or draugr or something if you don't want to even think of the seduction angle. Or just savage people as whatever clan you want, that works too.

>> No.10156314

So why vampires are cool and popular in fiction?
Simple - they are dangerous cruel bloodsucking immortal sun hating undead creatures of night without concept of mercy....
So everyone liked them because of that.... But nowdays somehow they cant slap popular label 'vampire' on anything to make it cool... But at the same time taking away many of those traits, wich made vampire concept popular.
Like hurr i don like sunny days and drink blood for teh lulz...

>> No.10156323


Spoilers: All vampire fans are either fangirls or demented otherkin cunts that refuse to live in reality and yeah, they are women too.

"Men" that think themselves vampire have serious self-esteem issues and tend to kill themselves to escape the world.

And, by the way. Vampires are not always about sex and besides, its a collection of folklore legends so there is no definite or correct way displaying them, this is more of an marketing and the souless monster idea don't market as well.

>> No.10156353


Everything that is above human is edgy, excluding otherkin and borderlining furry fandom its popular with the butterball teenagers.

Think oft it like another warp of denial, you have no idea how many empty death threats I recieved fromg raging goth girls as I pointed out what sort of anti-depressant, wrist slitting "vampires" they are.

>> No.10156355

>souless monster idea don't market as well.

>> No.10156478


Time to get that axe and torch, and go hunting.

>> No.10156549

My girlfriend turns 18 late summer, and she used to massively squee over Twilight, grew out of it early this year though.
She's pretty thin and lithe, and certainly not a bad looker.

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