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I could be wrong, but I believe it's time for a drawfag thread, /tg/.

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A modern man, in a business suit, well groomed with a small goatee, and slicked back hair, but holding an old medieval style kite shield and a longsword. Iffen you please, good sir.

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Haven't seen you around in a while.

There's already a thread over here: >>10125294

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Sure. Relative age of this gentleman?

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I throw my hat into the ring for this

Pic is a wip for me

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Late 30's, early 40's. A little worn around the edges, like he's seen a lot of shit in his day

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In case shitty drawfag sees this. I am an impatient man.

Ork brushing the teef of a female 40k species.

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This from the other drawthread.

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Nurgle and Tzeentch dj battling

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Alternatively, there's my character Crow from my D&D campaign: A Lvl 5 Male Half-Elf Rogue with a (roughly) the same outfit as the annoying female assistant from Edgeworth Investigations, armed with a pair of Daggers and a Sling-Shot... as well as a bandolier of alchemists fire and other explosives.
We also picked up some "Fire-Berries" from a tree whilst travelling as well... quite how a tree propagates when it's fruit explode like a high explosive muntion when they hit the ground doesn't make all that much sense to me, I suspect the posted Image Macro may have something to do with it.

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Oh, and long to no see GM :3.

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>quite how a tree propagates when it's fruit explode like a high explosive muntion when they hit the ground doesn't make all that much sense to me
I'm getting all nostalgic here.

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Ollanius Pius flipping the bird to Horus.

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Psion twins please! Both black haired. One male one female.they are both wearing buckle and strap riddled light leather armor. One is pointing one way and the other is pointing in the opposite direction. They looked confused. A hellknight with a gnome on her shoulder sit somewhere in the background looking annoyed.The gnome is playing with an undead squirrel.

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Oh god. Voxels - the Betamax of video-game graphics. The only time I ever saw them work was the hovertank game: Thunder Brigade or something. It had a sweet level editor where you could basically set up these massive battles between huge armies of hovertanks. Shit looked all kinds of amazing.

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sorry for the derail, but what is that thing from? the picture i mean. ive seen it around but i havent know what it IS

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A warforged with beads around his wrist. He has his hands displayed before him palms up. In his hands floats a fairy looking up at him with a look of joy on her face. She has short white hair, with a willowy frame. The wind is blowing over her and causing her short dark violet dress and hair to flow freely. She has her hands clasped together and held up to her ample bosom. She has pointed ears and wings like links fairy, Navi. Her eyes are golden and her eye shadow is the same color as her dress.

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I do believe it's the DM from the old D&D cartoon

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Night Lord grappling a loyalist Space Marine screaming "MY PRIMARCH IS DEEEEEEEAD"

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a cute girl in a dress.

I like cute girls in dresses.

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>Implying he doesn't know about the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.



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Does it have to be a girl?

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>vector graphics


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A friendly Nurgle cultist. Obviously very diseased ridden, spots and measles all over, but with a really cheery face and smiling a big smile, the teeth themselves in an awful condition. Maybe a medallion with the Nurgle symbol on it.

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how about a guy and a girl in a cute dress

just one dress, mind you

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... now THAT is using the 'ol noggin.

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The game was awesome though. It was one of the games my gamic "career" started with, the others being Half-Life 1, Homeworld 1 and Ground Control 1. Shit was so fucking cash, I was practically Bill Gates.
Voxel. Dun no if same, but that was the name.

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ngh apologies for shit quality it's been awhile.

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That will do perfectly. Muchos grassy-ass, my good sir.

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i actually did not know that there was a D&D cartoon, could someone give me a name please?

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Dungeons and Dragons the Cartoon

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It was just called Dungeons & Dragons.


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seriously? thats it? no big spectacular name that i can barely pronounce?

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Could you draw a Togashi Monk sitting on a fence with an awesomeface while Samurai from the other clans argue and fight beneath him?

Alternatively, if you're not familiar with the other L5R clans, draw a Togashi Monk Kirby.

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Oh, I remember it now. Yeah, it's somewhat famous for being pretty much the only game to use that kin of graphics.

And it wasn't bad, either.

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It didn't require a GPU, just the right kid of CPU (phew, boy was I lucky I had one of those badass 300MHz MMX (iirc))

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This is a plan that is sure to work.

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I'm pretty sure that I could get arrested for even saving this image.


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Congratulations, it's my 100th drawfag fill.

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Draw shota halflings

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Greg! In honor of your lengthy absence, can we get another Chem-chan/ Shlicktau pic? Something sexy and entirely inappropriate please and thank-you!

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should be
>your return from your lengthy absence

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Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. The Mustache has returned!

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I had lots of ideas to ask drawfags but I forgot them.

Can I has a Rainbow Unikhorne?
Saying something like: OH LOVE or whatever that song has.

It would have loads of horns on the forehead and bleed rainbows too.

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I request my car mechanic as an ad mech. Link to description from another draw thread

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Xeno (aka Necrotau) going all raepface on that hapless guardsman, saying: "Hey guardsman, wanna /cc/?"

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But Xeno is a lesbian.

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This one was taking too long; sorry about the lack of hellknight and gnome.

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And that got anything to do with her killing the IG in cc?

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Manly tears, man.

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Not really killing the guardsman, er say, more like making him shit bricks by making him realize just how screwed he is.

...unless of course he surrenders and agrees to join the endless swarm.

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The Captain of my Third Company is always happy to see renderings of the Great Fisting To Death Of The Great Unclean One, seen here as done by Fucking Liar.

The description:

a Space Marine Captain (who looks like kind of like Pedro Kantor, instead of a banner on his backpack, he's got an Iron Halo or a decorative Aquila) punching a Great Unclean One to death with his power fist.

(he does have the Fist iconography, but this should be combined with AdMech or Iron Hands style - i.e. the circle around the fist is a cog.)

If the spirit moves you, there is a Command Squad in the background cheering him on. Two Meltaguns, Two Flamers.

(prints hang in the Strike Cruiser's lounge, and may end up inside his Land Raider, should he ever get his own, personal, raider. reach out and purge faith. I mean heretics.)

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Why do I think of seals when I hear "Arse"?
Ar ar ar ar ar! From a seal only needs a lisp to complete that stupid non-existent word.

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Can you draw Schlicktau meeting Taucron?

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Can I get a picture of an Elf with a goatee brofisting a clean shaven dwarf with a flaming longsword sitting in between them?

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Two IG Ogryn peeling potatoes. I thought this article needed a picture:

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perhaps traditional games needs more traditional media


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>repost of a work that got started but went unfinished. SO CLOSE!
A guardsman in his 40s (wrinkles and scars) laying prone on the edge of a cliff or a badly maintained building or something. He's looking down the telescopic scope of a longlas with his flak helm cocked out of the way. His combed back hair is grey. He's wearing an old, brown, cloak in contrast with his modern stealth gear and dark guardsman flak armor. If you can fit it in somewhere, he's kept a long string of ork teeth as trophies. I've been requesting this a lot recently, I'd love to see it happen.

pic related, it's a longlas

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requested in previous thread :V

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Dem thighs~

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I'm not sure this is inappropriate enough.

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oops forgot to name that i did that :P

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Works for me! YOU DA MAN

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Do want.

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*old, brown, primitive cloak
Why do I keep forgetting to fix that?

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Hey Zazz is there somewhere I could view the rest of your art?

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Draw the kisses going up the inner leg like a ladder. That would be stiffworthy.

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>kisses all over the feet

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eh i don't really have any place currently that's even close to up to date

anything of mine you're looking for specifically?

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Currently working on >>10135948 if that guy's still watching these threads, it's been what, five hours now?

I wish I knew how to paint properly

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Shit, guys. I'm out of time.

Sorry for the disgusting lack of fills this time around. Possibly back later, >>10140999 in tow.

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I can wait.

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Bumping this thread with another WIP.

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thats fantastic. i'm sad you didn't finish it but i appreciate what you did. it looks so great.

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Good drawfags! I request a Callidus assassin doing that Dr. McNinja 'ninja tricks' eating strip, which I can't find at the moment.

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OK, I'm done.

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Thats pretty awesome.

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I approve.

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How about a child's drawing of a little girl holding hands with an Eversor Assassin. "Daddy" is written above the Eversor's head.

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I'd like to see an Ork, riding the world's smallest bicycle, which is all orked up (spiky bitz, shiny gubbinz, all that). He has to look real serious about it.

If you can think of something relevant happening in the background, go for it, if you like.

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A loli frost giantess hugging a group of adventurers.
Most of them are "awwwww."
The paladin is making this face: ಠ_ಠ

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Come on, this is too easy.

Sadly, I must be off. I'm going out to eat.

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Forgot to namefag.

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Pretty desperate to get this.

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If possible, could a drawfag read this thread >>10141382 and draw the daddy eversor cooling off after a hard day's work by staring at his tortoise as it eats?

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A female Rogue drow carrying a big bag filled with gold. She is wearing leather armor, with a belt that has poaches containing lock picks and small traps.

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all the drawfags up and died?

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It wasn't "da" biggest bike, or "da" best. But it had gubbinz, and bitz, and most of all, to Lil Ugbag, it was his bike.

One day, he would show them all.

(Excuse the shittness, this was done with my trackpad on the way home.)

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I would like a sleek, wiry man ducking the punch of a much larger minotauress.

Nakedness on the female minotaur would be nice, but not needed.

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A glowing bear riding a flaming sheet of metal, falling in a 1000 ft cavern. There is also a rogue and a warrior falling beside it.

Don't ask, we simply made an oath to get this moment drawfagged.

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Can I get a crazed looking elf hanging with his/her lizard friend by an overgrowned wall?

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I posted it once but I'll post again, an Eladrin warlock wearing standard issue mage robe holding a bone trident and a club and crossbow sheathed in his belt. I'd like it alot :D

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Oh, dead thread.

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