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ITT: Rarest/best card you got from Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs only.

I was a casual at collecting.

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op is a casual

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Never bought any of the cards besides Yugioh's Dark Magician deck.

However, on the DS games, I'm using some sort of fire deck which is working marvellously.

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Good sir care for a duel?

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Oh man, this fucking card. Tech'd it against Gravekeepers. Shit was so cash.

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OP here, to add a shameful story; This card was in the first booster pack I bought, I didn't know shit about Yu-Gi-Oh, I traded it to my friend for 2 Summoned Skulls.

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bandodgers reported

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Got a few secret rares, don't know which one is the rarest.

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I once got a Ghost Rare Honest from a pack. It was a real shame too, I use a zombie deck.

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I got a breaker the magical warrior and a airknight Parshath,

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Sorry, man, you know I'd love to but I can't set up that online duel thing. ;(


Summoned Skull is a boss, love him.

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Good sir you forgot your sage.

And just to add, the rarest cards I got from booster packs were Buster Blader and Relinquished.

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Yu Gi Oh was at it's highpoint during the Invasion of Chaos era, agree or disagree ?

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Post pics please guys, it's sligly annoying having to google the cards, here is my 2nd ultra-rare card.

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Also, Legendary Fisherman. Me and my friend freaked out when I opened it.
Only booster I ever bought.

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Indeed it was, sir.

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Good sir we can always duel using our IP addresses instead.

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I've always loved this card.

Look at him!

He's boss!

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How YGO goes. Release new edition/boosters, people make awesome dekcs, ban all the cards so they cant have those dekcs anymore and release new boosters so they can buy again and make decks from those.

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Good sir doesn't that formula work for Magic: The Gathering as well with their block rotation?

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Sorry, dude, I can't be bothered to set it up.

I can't even be bothered to read the rules to MAID RPG.

Excuse my laziness.

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Yeah, I stopped collecting after the normal Yu-Gi-Oh series finished.
The one with Jaden whatever it's called completely ruined for me, plus I was a bit too old for it.

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The banlist in theory exists to stop some of the more overpowered shit from infesting tournaments.

Sadly it's a work in progress to say the least.

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>Every TCG ever
Yup, that's how it goes. Also fuck the whole synchro stuff.
I liked it when I was younger, decided to try out the new DS game.
And now it's all CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES and really weird rules. Goddamnit.

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Alright guys, I was warned in an erlier thread.

Can the thread please stay on topic?

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I quit about a year ago.

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Not bad man, should have quit earlier though.

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That....is an unlikely dream you have OP.

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I've pulled all of my cards from boosters. Back when I played I pulled a Envoy of the Beginning, Envoy of the end, and a Yata-Garasu. Those were my best pools and i used to play the cheesy Yata-lock deck WAAAAAAAAAY back before pretty much my whole deck got banned.

I moved on to magic then have enough sense to stop buying cards at all. Shit is expensive.(Even more so than 40k)

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OP here again, forgot about this one, sadly lost it because I left my window open and a few cards got carried away :(

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The Yata lock was the lamest thing in the history of Trading Card Games.

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Sounds like GW's policy with good units, only instead of banning them, they make them nigh-unusable and release new models that are better.

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I quit right before GX cards came in. Don't regret it, though I wish I had someone to play.

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It actually wouldn't be as bad today because of necro gardna and mezuki.

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I agree but it was fun while it lasted. Won five tournaments before they finally outright Banned the card. It's pretty lulz worthy that they make such game breaking cards and don't even catch it for a long time after the shit has already hit the fan.

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I had the 3-set PC Yu-Gi-Oh games, I spent hours trying to unlock all the cards, then I accidently deleted the data file whilst playing with my folders.

Feels bad man.

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They were actually just raking in the jewgold.

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That's why you run Envoy of the End. Enjoy losing your hand and the cards on the field. That and Fiber Jar. When I look back at it I was a dick 14 year old player. I'm glad that I've matured enough to not even play card games. Still nostalgia every time I see kids(and that 1 30 something guy) at my LGS playing it though. Makes me long for my awkward High School days back.

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Best troll card in game.

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Shitty designed game is shitty.

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Please guys, can we stay on topics, I'm now aware the board likes just general discussin'.

But for the sake of Yu-Gi-Oh let's stay on track?

Are my posts in vain?

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It's just how they roll. They ban every viable high tier deck eventually.

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Shut up faggot. We're bullshitting here.

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That's what I was talking about.
Necro gardna negates enemy attack once after it's sent to the graveyard.
Mezuki allows a one time summon of any zombie monster other than itself from the graveyard.
Both can cockblock yata lock.
>Nobleman of crossout
>u mad?

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How you gonna play the card when it's not in your hand anymore?

>> No.10116734

Yes I would be mad.
Dam that card!

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I enjoyed the game. It was similar to magic, but the (unbroken) trap cards gave the game a unique sort of spontaneity.

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They activate by being in the graveyard.
No, seriously. Even after discard. Just remove them from graveyard as a cost to activate the effect.

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Remember, kids: Spamming Flee is permabanned for ceaseless trolling, sergalfag is permabanned for spamming furry porn. Report their posts if you don't hate /tg/.

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I didn't really ever buy booster packs... I just bought the Toon Deck, and the Blue Eyes White Dragon deck and merged the fuck out of them.

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shit doesn't go to your graveyard when fiber Jar is flip summoned. good try though.

>> No.10116776

I loved the fact it had alot of different mechanisms and they all worked perfectly.

>> No.10116799

I was talking about yata-lock.
How the hell do you yata-lock after fiber jar?

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I remember my starting days, I was making decks out of booster packs, winning against all of my friends, then my friend bought the Pegasus deck and I couldn't win one duel, a week later I got one booster pack and I was unbeatable once more.

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So I tried playing one of the DS games, and was pretty frustrated. What's the goddamn point of including banned cards if I can't fucking use them? It's a fucking vidya, goddamn, and the fucking NPCs stock banned cards in their decks like it's nothing.

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What was the point where the game really went downhill?

>> No.10116833

I think you can change that in the settings.

It worked that way on one of the PC versions.

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Yu-Gi-Oh GX

>> No.10116886

Anyone care to add to the point of the thread?

This place is irritating when everything goes off topic, if you hate it done to your threads why do it in others?

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The TV show or the card game.

Cuz I meant the card game.

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Ugh, it was a bad idea to end that post with a question.

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I would think GX aswell, everything was balanced and you could make good decks, after that the cards were just plain gay, such as the Ojama Trio.

>> No.10116935

I don't know. Out of curiosity I watched a few episodes of GX, and yes, it was really, really fucking bad.

Not to sound like a flaming faggot, though, but the Japanese version is really a lot better. This isn't because it's Japanese, but because 4kids didn't dub it. The original dialogue is actually quite a bit more mature and GRIMDARK.

So really it sucks just as much as the original show.

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I stopped in 2002.
I think my most useful cards were Sword of Deep-Seated, Horn of the unicorn, and Horn of light.
Oh wait
It was Infinite cards, and the card that makes someone discard their hand, and draw 5 cards

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Because good sir, most of the denizens on /tg/ who played the game, have stopped playing it for many a year, and therefore likes to discuss yugioh in terms of its nostalgic value.

You should be thankful this thread turned out the way it did, most yugioh threads are either saged to death, or promptly ignored entirely.

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Ojamas are win.

>> No.10116968

Not bad man, Duelist Kingdom ftw!

>> No.10116972

I loved Yugioh DMX

>> No.10116981

Ohhh, well.
That's good, i think.

>> No.10117018

The abridged? Yeah that was pretty funny I got to admit.

>> No.10117053

If they were introduced in the normal yugioh they would, but with that emo character in gx having them out of being 'ironic' was pretty bad.

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Well guys, even if went off topic it was fun, goodbye since I don't post here at all.

>> No.10117148

Don't mind me, just removin' 'OP' to post as anon again.

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What if I wanted to buy a whole bunch of booster boxes on ebay and start playing again? Just with friends, and just for fun.

Worth it?

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