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/tg/ this is probably the wring time of day to be asking fluff questions but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. In the Grimdark 40k world how are navigators treated the the common people of the Imperium? would they just get on a ship and spend the rest of their lives there or could they leave at some point and how would people interact with them? It seems like up to 400 years is a long time to just be driving a ship.

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The common man thinks they are weird even for pyskers, but the think of themselves as nobles.
The sometimes call non-pskers "blinders" because they can't see the warp. If you believe Xenology, they also have enough social standing to sass back at low level inquisitors without fear of reprisals. They also have alot of servents onboard ship, if they are a high standing navigator. Although they only produce new navigators when they breed with other navigators the one in Xenology mentioned concubines (See the Ombra disscetion chapter).
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