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Tell me of your homeworld, /tg/...

I'm pretty sure I'm from a moon of a gas giant, but I can't quite relate.

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Fuck you, bitch.

Go back to Venus.

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It's full of niggers and arabs. Avoid if possible.

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I am from a Forge World and am waiting in line for my new rank approved implants!

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It is a dusty place. Once an agricultural world with most of its surface covered in farms, it is now a famine-stricken desert, the scattered inhabitants taunted by the constant, undrinkable rain.

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Primitive world. The few of us who remember the technological era are scattered and, well, few. Not enough to rebuild.

Most of them have set themselves up as gods of the indigenous nations, but are incapable of introducing significant progress.

I'm stuck in the Opperations Center for the spaceport. Stuck, because the automated defenses are still running, and I'm not going to test whether I'm on their 'hit list' myself.

I'm safe, though.

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On my homeworld, milk comes in bags.

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So you're from Cadia, eh?

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I'm from this place.

It's a place. Not much here. Just oil fields. Lots of them. And screaming. We don't sleep here. If we do, we die.

Heard tell of a way to get offplanet, but everything we try breaks, so we settle for talking to people off planet. It helps keep us awake.

Can you guys arrange for a shipment of stimms? We're running low.

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Homeworld? I don't know where the hell am I actually, I'm born in this building, I wander around this building, and frankly after 21 years of wandering, I am still in this building.

I think my homeworld is one gigantic house, /tg/.

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Much like OP, I too am from the moon of a gas giant... Deep in the seas of this world, beneath the kilometers-thick crust of ice, my people lived and continue to live. However, this will not be the case for much longer. Between the technology the ancient explorers left atop the crust that we built our own ships from and our own issues, we shall soon spread to other worlds... Provided we can find ones with a suitable ecosystem.

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Are there other people?

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Oh, god... It's like Gone With the Blastwave, except a city..

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What's "People"?

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Let's just say 'beings other than yourself'.

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take the 7 min out of your life and read the god-damn thing

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I think we might be neighbors.

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Hi, Winston Rowntree. No, I won't read your shitty, pretentious fucking comic. Write a novel if words are your thing.


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Booooooo winston rowntree. You suck.

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Hmm, there's Auntie which taught me how to speak, write, read, program, shoot my rifle, calibrate the SYSNOCKS and the jumper. /tg/, you, which I access occasionally when the Vanguards aren't watching the grid. There are also the Black Labels, but I don't talk to them, I shoot them, those things are killing machines, not one to talk to.


Strange, I thought /tg/ are centralised nodes, but you guys are decentralised?

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Are you human, or a different species?

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Tell me of your homeworld, Usul.

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First you must ride the Shai-Hulud.

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Favorite memories or favorite memories? Thanks guys.

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I come from a world you wouldn't understand.

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Not gonna lie, fell asleep 15 minutes into the movie. Wasted 8 bucks.

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I come from the net.

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I'm human, or at least that's what Auntie told me. Counter-checking with the archives seem to prove her point, I am a carbon based lifeform with 46 chromosomes in my "DNA", I have a pair of limbs and a pair arms, one functional heart and lung. If there's anything to refute my "lineage", my body is "biologically enhanced with nano-cyber augments to adapt to this place" (Quotes from Auntie).

Damn, talking about Auntie makes me miss her. Sure she was strict and cruel - cuts my ration if I don't perform, waking me up in godforsaken hours just to emulate a Black Label invasion, mindfucks my brain so to "condition myself against a mind hack", but she took good care of me.

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I just did.

Blah blah blah blah top-secret blah blah blah blah oil is bad blah blah blah military doesn't care about grunts blah blah MAGIC PREGNANCY blah blah blah blah blah IMA NOT LEAVIN YOU BEHIND, BROS blah blah battle blah OH SHIT, MAGIC WORLD-KILLING TECHNOLOGY blah blah blah blah blah blah SOOOOUUUUUULLLLLLLLZZ.

More oil is bad, "man, you are so cool, let's fuck."

What I'm trying to figure out is why a civilization that has discovered how to make planetary bodies age 100 million times their ordinary rate would still be using oil. Ridiculous assumption, really.

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I.. eh, well. I don't like to admit it, but, uh.. I ain't got one. Was born on a ship, large fighter-sized. Still fly it today. Something- Don't know if it was an AI, don't know if it was just a bunch of recordings- Taught me to.. Well, live.

Met a couple others from my species. Same thing happened to them. It's.. pretty weird.

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I found it OK if brainless. The talky bits put me to sleep because the action was all the movie had.

You should look up the final scene though. The BBEG gets light on fire and sliced in half. It's hilarious.

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>Tell me of your homeworld, /tg/

Ah, Titan...

Rivers of methane, a cool negative three hundred F breeze and a surface crust that can shift twenty miles in a few years. Did you know you can fly under your own power there?

Of course, only synthetic humans like me can live there, what with oxygen being a volatile explosive.

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I live on a low-g homeworld with an elliptical orbit. Pretty much, the only time that we open the doors to our underground complex is in the spring to dump more earth outside. Why? During the winter, it's so cold that stuff other than water starts to fall as snow. During the summer, there's no rain... because all the water is evaporated. The fall? Shit, the rains and storms are so horrible... Well, let me put it this way -- the wreckage of the ship that brought us here moves about 20 feet a year from the storms alone. Shit, the rain falls so hard that Jesus would drown.

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Never answer the door when you're in space.

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Poor bastard, born on such a small ship. I was born on a Capital Ship. While the lower decks are quite crowded, luckily I was born on the mid-high decks, in which you got room to breathe. Honestly, to be stuck in one place is stupid, much less an unstable rock.

We upper deckers go down to the Lower Decks to carouse, and make fun of the Lowbies working away their short pitiful lives. From rumors about, it would seem that the Lowbies have their share of a few number of mutants running around. Although I haven't been on the lowest decks where these so called mutants are being housed doesn't make it any less real.

If we gain enough respect, we Uppers actually can with permission of the captain fly our own vehicles. While no where near the size of our homeship, never the less, we're free to do what we please. I fancy my self taking my ship and establish my own trading routes to the outer systems.

I've heard there's Xenos out there, and where there's Xenos there's a market for their technology. I honestly don't buy into the Xeno-corruption idea, and their technology (in which I'll deny I've ever made contact with any xeno technology) is quite different.

Once again, I pity the fools not born on a ship, and to be subjected to arbitrary laws like stagnant gravity. I have my personal sleeping quarters at a flux of .5 to .2 standard gravity. While working quarters in the upper deck are set at 0 gravity, allowing you total 3-D movement.

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My birthworld, or the world I grew up on, or the world I live on?

I was born in a shitty feral world. They grow cotton. And they have steel now, I heard.

I grew up on Learnna, minor forge. Made lasrifles and pistols, mostly.

I live on Accitran, Forge-home of Legio Destructor. Shitty environs, but great people.

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Hey, being born and raised on a small ship ain't so bad- From the time I could walk, I was learning to fly, and I never felt trapped when I could go anywhere in the universe.

Granted, y'know, I was just puttering around in a huge void until I past the ship's first licensing test. Wouldn't let me engage the warp-stutter until I did. Makes sense, I guess; you give a kid a starship, you don't want him somewhere he's gonna hurt himself.

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My "homeworld", if you can call it that, was an asteroid orbiting the star called Gilese 581. There, my parent created myself and my brothers and sisters from the material present. Once finished we were given our mission. To search for Earth-like planets and to create more like ourselves. I was given a corridor of the Orion Arm to explore and directions to create no more then 10 copies of myself. I will never see the homeworld of my progenitors, the Humans. But, myself and my family of probes will finish mapping the Milky Way in approximately 100,000 years. Hardly a blink of an eye compared to the age of the universe.

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Oh, shit. You are some old tech, my friend.

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That is one of the times where having a skin tight space suit would be worse. Nice protective kevlar and a shatter resistant helmet both get a thumbs up when it comes to fighting horrors in zero G.

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Skin tight space suits can have armor worn over them just fine.

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True, but what a lonely life. Instead of being around several thousand (or several million in the lower decks) you're around a bare hundreds of others spaced through out the ship. Yet, we voidborn have to stick together, the groundies are suspicious that we get to do things they can only imagine.

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Interesting, an rogue AI. Pray that the Mek-heads don't find you, they might have you dismembered.

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It's a nice world. Bit muted in color, but otherwise a happy place.

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Lonely? Ehh.. My race ain't a social species. And I mean that in the scientific way. I.. Uh, it's fun learning about you guys. And learning stuff from you guys. But I've spent a couple years at a time just drifting along the stars and it's just.. Well, right as retrothrust.

Gotta tell you, it's hard learning some of this shit- Friendship, social hierarchy.. Man, want me to tell you the first time I learned about the word- nevermind the concept- 'betrayal?' I mean.. I knew it might'a been bad business-wise, but a barstool to the beak? Total overreaction.

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This is my world. The Nids took everything, my wife, my children, my home....

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Upside: Free tendrils.

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I see, well that sucks Xeno.

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You're a SLA Industries character?

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I think that this is the most original idea so far.
But how would a planet with an orbit like that be habitable?
How would a planet have an orbit like that anyway?

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Maybe if it gets epic enough, somebody could archive this thread?

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Pretty, but- No. I ain't a loner like you think. I hang out in crowds because, like I said, I enjoy learning from 'em. Hell, I enjoy telling stories- Some of my best times have been in rusted-out old bars in low-sec stations.

But, uh.. I talked to some humans about this. I don't get that special, fuzzy feeling from being around people. I don't.. I've had.. I guess, friends. See, we worked together, sometimes lived together, fought together- Some've left, some've died, but when it happens.. I don't feel anything for it. Not to say I don't feel anything ever; hell, I get pretty pissed when someone scuffs my ship, and real damn happy when I find a good contract, and.. Hell, I can't cry, but I damn well tried when I took an errant lasbolt and had to watch my fighter's left exhaust nozzle drift off into space. Had that exhaust nozzle from day one.

But people-stuff doesn't affect me. I can pretend it does, when it's good for business, when it's good for me.. Hell, when it's good for other people. I guess I got empathy- Or maybe I just know it's bad to do bad things. But.. Shit, this is hard to explain.

It's just not wired into my brain to feel for anyone else. Tell me, y'ever seen a hawk give a piece of food to another starving hawk that it wasn't either fucking or already feeding? Nope. It's.. just like that. It's just how it works.

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>But how would a planet with an orbit like that be habitable?

With great difficulty. Periods of freeze and hot.

>How would a planet have an orbit like that anyway?

Pluto. This planet could be a captured body.

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I'm pretty sure Earth has an elliptical orbit.

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ALL planets have elliptical orbits. Some are more elliptical than others. It's all dependent on the orbital eccentricity.

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I was born on the Homeworld following the return of my people from their long exile.

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Vayger be fucking up your shit.

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I was a crewmember on the Kuun-Lan.

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Ah! A very good question. Where's my monocle? Ah, thank you.

An elliptical orbit could take a planet within the goldilocks zone of a star (where it's not too hot, and not too cold for life to form) twice per orbit. At one extreme, the entire planet is a block of ice, while at the other the surface is boiling hot. The planet is actually described mostly accurately in the aforementioned post; for the purpose of fiction, I wouldn't take it much further for accuracy. Most likely, there would be a subterranian band where the temperatures even out -- the interplay between hot and cold seasons don't seep deeply enough in to change much. It's surprisingly possible for life to exist on such a hellish environment, possibly only coming to the surface in the spring and fall periods.

As to how such a planet would find itself in such a strange rotation, you have three main possibilities: 1) The planet was formed as such and has yet to stabilize its orbit, be ejected, or be OM NOM NOMed by the star. This is the least likely for a variety of reasons. 2) Planetary collision destabilized the orbit. Don't laugh, it happened to Earth, but we got our shit fixed. 3) It's an extrasolar planet caught by the star's gravity well and has yet to stabilize its orbit or be ejected back out.

I used the basic premise of this for a bit of 40k writefagging that I decided not to post here for length and dissatisfaction with quality. Pretty interesting, actually...

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I, uh.. My wings and arms are seperate limbs?

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You are a strange creature...

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I see, Xeno. You're clearly non-mammalian, non-avian, seeing how both these groups of animals take care of their young with care. Something it would seem that your species lack, perhaps a reptilian or a fish.

Interesting indeed, I couldn't imagine not knowing one's parents. My father is a Mek-head for one the sister ships, and he had the same feeling after being chemgeld. My step-father is Seneschal to the Captain. However while always distant with his work, I have developed bonds.

Which these bonds helped when I was transferred on to the Black Ships. The horrors they put you through, was nothing that could be explained away. However developing a close but not too close bond with one the nulls left me in relative ease compared to other poor souls. I heard that most of the Psykers caught were barely Epsilon level, I was classified as Mid Gamma. Those poor sods whom were Epsilon I hear they were sent to have their souls taken.

Anyways, there's not much to describe my homeship, but a bunch of endless halls and open spaces here and there in the lower decks. In the upper decks you have wide open spaces, and large sleeping quarters. Here I serve my captain, and the Navis Nobilite of our ship. Honestly I've talked to him and our Astropaths more than anyone safe my family.

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Earth. What the hell is going on?

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You mean Holy Terra?

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I was born on a space colony, one of the old Island-3 closed types. It was overcrowded, rundown and dull. There was hardly any work available, and the colonial government was useless, more worried about keeping the rich, with their own gardens and big houses, happy.

I was glad to see the back of that place.

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I was born on a world with pink air and red trees.

No one ever dies there, even though everyone has been decapitated.

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Hey, well, don't get me wrong- I mean.. I don't know. Someone gave me this ship. Maybe they cared.. I mean, well, I hatched out of an egg in an incubator in the ship. So.. They never even saw me. Yeah, okay.. That's.. Yeah, kind of.. You know, shakes me up a bit.. Like I said, species thing as far as I can tell.. But.. Man. Fuck. Let's not talk about this.

Uh, right, well, I'm probably not mammalian or avian or reptilian or.. Well, anything like that, probably. But people go by looks, you know? I don't know what's in me- Like I said, met a few others like me, but they're all ship-born and ship-borne too- Can't imagine there'd be anything left to autopsy if a ship implodes around you.

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