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So who's listened to the new podcast today? I'm honestly excited about Dark Sun.

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>Dark Sun
>Characters wearing metal

Welp, 4e made the best world faggot carebear mode now.

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I've said this outloud to my friends 4 times now

yet it still makes no sense

what are you saying

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Characters in the "Dark Sun" campaign setting are depicted wearing metal (which goes against previous depictions of the setting). Therefore, the poster has determined that the 4th Edition incarnation of the setting has made the "best world" (i.e. Dark Sun, in the user's opinion) into "faggot carebear mode" (i.e. making changes to accommodate less hardcore players) now.

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How are nonmetal objects represented, anyway? D&D in general tends to disregard the material a weapon is made from. A bronze long sword is a steel long sword is a wooden long sword. Does better material = power bonus?

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Listening as I post. Just started.

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Metal = masterwork in this setting.

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Yeah...while there still is something like masterwork armor in 4th edition it is hardly related to what masterwork armor in previous editions was.

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Additionally, since magic is bad, your +2, +3 weapons will be from just them being metal.

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Someone's never heard of Endure Elements or adventuring at night!

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I never played 2e Dark Sun; I've only read 3.5 update articles from Dragon Magazine and listened to friends. But it sounded like the very basics of living / adventuring (ample water supply, metal weaponry) were something you obtain over the course of a long campaign. 'Masterwork weapons' seems to understate what steel swords were; they were more on par with major magic items.

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Endure Elements- magic. Therefore, bad.

Travelling at night- just as bad, if not worse than the day.

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Even adventuring at night sucks in a desert, because deserts go bonechillingly cold.

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So an enchanted blade will fuck with the surroundings by existing?
My DM is porting Dark Sun verbatim into a 4E campaign. Gonna be a fun time.

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So how exactly is magic 'bad' in darksun? All I know is that the planet is a dying world because of some wizardy and that metal is rare as fuck.

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I believe magic literally strips the life out of the surrouding area.
Cast "fireball", all the grass, trees, and insects near you die to power the spell. Only the ruling elite have access to magic.

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In the original set, there's the fast-levelling Defilers and the slow-levelling Preservers. The only benefit the latter had was that Preservers fare better in arid deserts, but in a realm like, say, Gulg, Defilers will be REALLY BETTER and gain more rapid XP advances.

In 4E, instead of you deciding to be a LOOTER AND POLLUTER when you make your character, you decide when you cast your spells... which imo makes the whole scenario more intriguing. Its easy for a Preserver to stick to his ideals when "tapping into the dark side" will only, you know, PERMANENTLY DRAIN 1D4 CONSTITUTION AND REDUCE HIS XP, but if he can do it at any time...

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Which could also just have been easily fixed by removing that [dumb] restriction and left them as they were.

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Magic isn't bad in Dark Sun. DEFILER magic is bad. Cleric/templar magic isn't, and you fucking need a cleric or templar or something to survive at all in AD&D or 3E anyway.

And yeah, adventuring at night is overall a lot better than during the day, the books even point this out. Only drawback is having a hard time sleeping the next day.

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Going to be a defiler all the damn time. I don't care if it says for daily use, I'll fix it for it can be put on any spell.

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Defiler Magic is terri-bad. (To the point that Demons LIKE them iirc)
Most do not differentiate between Preserver and Defiler Magic from what I recall.
And the Sorcerer Kings don't give a fuck. They don't like you either way.

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>To the point that Demons LIKE them iirc

This is news to me.

Defilers are bad because they fuck the environment.
But the books also point out not all defilers are evil, and they can even create Trees of Life to keep from harming the environment further.

Some non-evil Defilers think their critics are just paranoid alarmists. Others, who have been almost TPKed by the millions of kinds of psionic death cacti and shit in the setting, think plants are out to get them.

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Relatively sure it says something like that. (or like them as souls anyway)
But then Dark Sun and Planescape did have a bit of cross-referencing so I could be thinking of the latter.

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I'll be listening shortly. I was already excited about Darksun, but not so much for the 4e version as the old school boxed set that I'll be getting in the mail soon!

Still debating if I want to make the effort to actually find people and run a game. And if I do run a game, I'm still torn between doing 2e, 3.5, or some mishmash. I don't honestly care for what I've seen of 4e, so I won't be going that route.

In the interest of drumming up a fun thread though, I'm going to start dumping a few things which make me think of what I want to do with the setting

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2E, retro remake or something pulpy like Savage Worlds is my suggestion.

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Dark Sun for 4e is going to be different form the core 4e. Just wait and see, the mechanics behind the system are good. It keeps things from getting dull, for the non spellcasters/psionicist out there.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention what I was thinking of doing with that pic. Those big rock spires look way too regular to be natural to my eye. So I was thinking, what if they are some kind of buried magical smokestacks or thaumic radiators from some giganti facility or something from ages past when everything was green and awesome? what might be down there I wonder?

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The unwashed masses don't know the difference between defiler/preserver, they just think magic = BAD, because Wizards destroyed the world.

It is ironic that most of the stuff you get for little or nothing in other settings will make you a God Among Men in DS.

A level 5 fighter with full plate, a magic sword, a shield, and a horse would actually be able to trade his shield for a fortress with a well, his helmet for a slave caravan, and then spend the rest of his days living in relative luxury.

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Are they really?

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>But then Dark Sun and Planescape did have a bit of cross-referencing so I could be thinking of the latter.

They did have lots of cross referencing, just to show that the cosmologies were more or less hermetically sealed. The elemental planes pertaining to Athas are way different, much more like the 4e elemental chaos than Planescape's, and likewise the dead went to the Grey, which is a lot more like the Shadowfell or the mythological Hades than the alignment coded afterlives.

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I like that they didn't invite Wil Wheaton. It makes me feel. Happy.

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anyone have link to the podcast?

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Of course there was like 2 ways in/out of Athas.
And the Giths being degenerate Githyanki and what not.

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What happened to all the faeries and stuff in Darksun? If I remember right, they were purged in a kind of holocaust of all kinds of races. That's why there aren't any trolls or orcs or gnomes or the like.

But surely they didn't pass without a trace... So much psychic trauma must leave remnants. I envision this picture as sort of a Darksun version of a faerie ring, but leading to a twisted and decaying remnant of what used to be the place where faeries hung out. bitter, undead pixies anyone?

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I love Wil Wheaton. He's great.

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I think you couldfind undead gnomes, pixies and what not in the Sea of Silt.

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Yeah, fuck Wil Wheaton. He doesn't like keeping promises and is a jerk anyway. Fuck 'im.

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>He doesn't like keeping promises and is a jerk anyway

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Why the Silt Sea in particular?

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The guy went completely apeshit and lost it when his character died.

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Yeah. He couldn't come for the Dark Sun stuff because of prior engagements though.

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sure, sure

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Bah, I call bullshit. He just didn't want to make an ass of himself again. He's been dodging Penguicon for years, always saying he'll make it, but then always being sick or having 'prior engagements'. Guy's an undependable twit.

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It wasn't bad. I'm more interested in seeing Jerry's style of DMing than anything, so I can improve my own. Either way, it's a pretty basic introduction into the character, and more or less Athas itself. It's pretty cool.

>Implying that's official 4e art
>Implying you wouldn't be saying the same thing about 4e, regardless of it's setting

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Man, I want to play a Thri-Kreen so bad.

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Rajaat, the First Sorceror, built the Pristine Tower and created the Dark Lens in order to create his Champions, of which 15 are known (although some of them came later -- for example, Myron the Trollscorcher was slain by Manu of Deche, who took his mantle as the Troll-Scorcher). Once they realized that Rajaat intended for the world only to exist for halflings, they betrayed him and buried him in the Black at Ur Draxa, then created the Dragon from one of their number, Borys of Ebe. They went on to found the City-States of Athas and became the Sorceror-Kings.

Here is a list of them if you're interested:


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There we go, I knew it was something like that, thanks!

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Elemental Clerics are Shamans now.

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That makes a certain amount of sense, I suppose. It was kind of strange being a cleric worshiping an element. I'm not familiar with shaman's from a crunch perspective though, what gameplay effects does that have?

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Shamans heal and buff by calling on nature spirits. Turn nature spirits into elementals/ element spirits and bam, conversion.

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They're like warlords: lots and lots and lots of fiddly little heals and circumstantial bonuses.

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Kris Straub's voice is very therapeutic, and he is hilarious.

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