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Hey /tg/. First time DM here. My players characters are from different desert tribes and they each receive a missive from the goddess of the desert to band together and find an awesome magical MacGuffin. Anyhoo, the goddess is essentially a personification of the desert and I plan on her being a pretty integral part of the story. (The adventurers eventually have to save her from some eldritch abomination.) I was wondering if any you guys have thought of some cool ways for her to manifest herself before the adventurers.

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A Burning bush

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Wouldn't it be healthier if you all stoped playing pretend instead?

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human figures made out of sand

something sort of scary like an enormous scorpion that a human voice comes from though it doesn't move it's nasty mandibles

enormous stone monuments rising out of the desert to speak then vanishing

Mirages that actually become real (dieing of thirst in the desert and drinking the water actually works, but then it dissapears once they are well rested etc.)

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A dirty old crone covered in robes. She keeps the desert in one pocket and the sky in the other.

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The burning bush might actually be a functional idea. How about some more traditional desert injun gods, like the form of a coyote?

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Seconding this. Or a Desert Rat, Usul. The perfect survivalist.

Tell me more about this campaign, OP

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A mummy! a shambling mummy groaning out a message and collapsing into dust or maybe just an inert corpse

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Troll contribute idea while trolling

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Muad'dib is the Desert Mouse.

Usul is the Strength of the Base of the Pillar.

...or the Strength of the Balls of the Penis depending on who you ask.

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Have the desert goddess just but two huge floating tits.

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This pops out of sand, scantily clad female desert lady walks out of it using its tongue(?) as a catwalk.

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Walk without rhythm

And you won't attract the worm.

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To boil it down the different tribes have been warring with each other over resources for as long everyone can remember. The goddess considers them all to be her children and is saddened by this and is somewhat bitter at her inability to provide for them all. Basically she chooses a member from each tribe and sends them on a quest for an item that can produce a nearly unlimited amount of fresh water. The eldritch abomination part comes later, I haven't thought that out yet.
Also what's Shai-Hulud?

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Sandworm. Do yourself a favor and school up on Dune.

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Y'know I've always wanted to, but I've never gotten round to it.

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At the beginning of time, all the gods came to the desert and each tried to conquer it in their own way. The gods of war and conquest were unsatisfied with the lack of living things to subjugate and were eventually sucked under the sands under the weight of their own armor. The gods of hearth, home and fertility saw that nothing could grow there and turned back. The gods of wisdom found nothing there, having no need of the introspection that the desert inspires in mortals. In the end, only one remained. She was a trickster goddess who had very wisely transformed herself into a lizard and waited out the contest underneath a cactus. She keeps that form to this day.

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Oh god you have to

But do yourself a favour and only read up to God Emperor (4th). The author died partway through writing Heretics, and his son wrote Heretics and Chapterhouse (5th and 6th), and they... leave much to be desired.

Then his son and another guy started writing a crapton of prequels. All of which are awful. Except for the Butlerian Jihad one - That was decent.

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I always assume gods have the forms of humans, but if you're looking to get weird, reptiles make a lot of sense.

Or just make her speak to the party through meercats, if you want to be cute.

Or make it so that you can only contact her after chewing Peyote.

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Hmmm, I could work with that, her originally being a trickster goddess and eventually evolving into the fullblown god of the desert with her own people.

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Damn gotta go, this thread better not 404 while I'm gone.

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Luckily, as a Jew I lack rhythm.

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>he thinks Brian Herbert wrote Heretics and Chapterhouse

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This could work too, the party think's she's simply harmless comedic relief and when they get in real shit I have a handy Deus Ex Machina to bail them out. It'd be pretty epic for the little talking meercat to get angry and decimate whatever beat the party.

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>It'd be pretty epic for the little talking meercat to get angry and decimate whatever beat the party.

What? No, no it wouldn't. Don't think like that. The spotlight should be 100% on your party at all times. This is like the first thing newbie DMs fuck up on. Unless you are VERY good at reading your players and know them well enough to decide otherwise (and chances are that as a newbie DM, you won't be), NPCs should not get spotlight, fame, or even much attention beyond necessary exposition for the purpose of the story

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half the reason STORYTIEM is a Time Lord-tier DM is that he lets us be the stars. It's our story.

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Like I said, I'm a newbie DM. Thanks for the advice guys.

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