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Quiet speculation time?

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more like butthurt rage time.

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it will suck as bad as the predecessor before it.

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meh, m10 wasn't SO bad. though i do have much bias since at the pre-release party i pulled a baneslayer, two jace belerans and an Ajani Goldmane. Not to mention some other great blue and white rares. Needless to say i pwned some ass that tourney.

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Probably going to add new retarded rules to artificially strength stupid noob stompy decks. Probably shit like "if the attacking creatures attack is twice that of the defending it gains trample!" or "The converted mana cost must be higher than the target creatures converted mana cost to target it".

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haha no gold cards in core.

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Shut up.

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fuck bbe.

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what the fuck are you smoking bro.

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and you can get a reaction face too

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Baneslayer had better be in. :I

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Last I saw Lbolt was confirmed. Good chance for Naturalize to get printed again as well.

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From what i've heard Bolt and Baneslayer are all but 'confirmed'

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Ah, /tg/, terrible as always.

Anyways, it'll probably be similar m10, but with new rares and shit. Hopefully no reprint of Baneslayer or BSA equivalent. Hopefully some playable blue. I'm not getting my hopes up in either case though.

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Don't you mean Yu-gi-oh?

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Baneslayer ruins the format, i'm pretty sure the plainswalkers will be reprinted too. i don't wanna spend 220 bucks for a playset. Or if they do reprint it, make it so it doesn't get protection from dragons.

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>implying cascade goes in a core set

Let's get this out of the way, guys.

She's not gonna show up in M11.

If anything, I'd expect a cycle of cards paralleling BSA...

or more silly counterspell variants.

And enemy-color dual lands.
Definitely enemy-color dual lands.

>Kinda hard to make a U/G deck when you don't have U/G dual lands, y'know?

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i know this is just a troll,
and a weak one at that.
But god damn i would rage hard.

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someone got owned by jund a few too many times?

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Would be pretty stupid for them to ditch naturalize.

I'd like to see Desert Twister make a comeback.

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i mean...
we did just get naturalize in tise
but yeah, i see that too

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New jace
possibly a new Liliana
Shitty Black Red & blue large creatures

Pithing Needle


Some of this is confirmed, some of it isnt, but its true.

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Jund? Try every deck in the format...

Spred-Em runs BBE
Zig runs BBE
Green Stompy splashes red for BBE
I've even seen RDW splash green for BBE

Pretty much the only decks that don't run BBE are U/W.

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that's a bold statement there pal

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- Old Lorwyn planeswalkers.
- M10 duals, no enemy.
- Lightning Bolt
- A solid 2-mana counterspell (Mana Leak suspected)
- No BSA (I hope)
- Pithing Needle
- A bunch of cool new flavourful rares, none of which constructed-playable.

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Doubt it, Red stole that piece of the colour pie.

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i was just projecting my meaningless hope

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bold yet true.

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Oh, and vampires.

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I don't expect elspeth to come back, but Baneslayer is not by any means a broken card. Seriously, the only problem with her is the PRICE, and even then, she's not the most expensive card in standard. She's trailing almost $20 behind Jace. But the main thing is, Wizards doesn't control cards' prices, nor do they make any money from singles. Does Baneslayer change the format? Yes indeed. But she doesn't break it. We don't need to go back to the old days of using Serra Angel. XD

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i don't know guys.
i could see it, but still don't want to

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that would make two almost equivalent playsets for Baneslayer. 4 is bad enough. 8?

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not to mention the fact that baneslayer reprints will drive her price DOWN

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yeah, there's that.
maybe they will then, just to try and get control of that shit.
but i still hope not

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>- M10 duals, no enemy.

Deprive becomes the new counterspell.

They jam in Expedition Map.

Some silly blue expensive-to-cast counterspell that ends the game and deals damage to players equal to any remaining mana in their manapools wouldn't be a surprise.

Planar Cleansing stays (for as long as planeswalkers are around)

Allies in M11.

maybe have vampires get reprinted... who knows?

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Zig is a bad deck
Green stompy is a bad deck
RDW doesn't splash green for BBE.

The only decks that run BBE and perform well are Jund, and Vengevine naya. And Naya isn't even all that good either

Note, I'm in no way saying Bloodbraid is NOT a freaking amazing card.

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>ends the game
more like ends the turn, derp

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>Allies in M11.
Oh, god no...

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Back in my day, we may dual color decks with dual lands and we LIKED IT.

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True. But again, Wizards really has no control over singles' prices. I doubt they'd reprint the card just to bring the price down (if they didn't reprint it, it cycles out, and the price still goes down) Either they don't reprint it, or they do, but it won't be because of the going price either way.

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Why would they print Allies in M11 if they didn't even print any in RoE? Wizards cares about flavor.

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>Deprive becomes the new counterspell.

>Some silly blue expensive-to-cast counterspell that ends the game and deals damage to players equal to any remaining mana in their manapools wouldn't be a surprise.
No to that specific effect. The mana thing would do absolute shit. Beyond that, not flashy enough for HURR DURR TIMMY SPELL. On second thought, no to the whole thing in general.

>Allies in M11.

>maybe have vampires get reprinted... who knows?
Maybe. I'd be okay with this, though it'll never be as cool a tribe as Zombies was.

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>Wizards cares about mechanical coherency within sets

But yeah, no allies in M11.

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>deprive becomes the new counterspell
i swear to god ....
no, because no and no

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IMO Baneslayer shouldn't have been Mythic-Slot in the first place.

Neither should Vengevine.

Printing staple cards in the Mythic slot makes the game way less accessible to new comers, hell they are wallet-hurting enough in the rare slot for anyone who just wants to go to an FNM every once in a while.

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IMO vengevine played right into cascade
it's gross
why why why

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I didn't say that's WHY they are doing it, just that it will have that effect.

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I wouldn't be surprised if the urza lands are reprinted for the eldrazi

>> No.10071852

lol no.
but i would shit myself if it did happen

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>>Wizards doesn't control cards' prices, nor do they make any money from singles
Wizards controls singles' prices because they decide what rarity tournament staples will be at. Sometimes they under-/over-estimate the power level of a card (Tarmo anyone?), but other than that they know perfectly well what they are doing.

Wizards care about the 2ndary market, because valuable singles means more boosters bought (both because of pro resellers and because it makes normal players make impulse purchases dreaming of the $$$ card).

So yes, Wizards care. Unfortunately, what they care about (on this matter) is not exactly our interest.

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ravnica block dual lands being reprinted in m11. (the rare ones, not the commons)

>> No.10071989

Would love to see that happen. Not too implausible since we're going back to Mirodin next, lots of cards will probably like some Urzatron.

>> No.10071997

the name spoilors are

Angelic Arbiter

Conundrum Sphinx

Captivating Vampire

Ancient Hellkite

Overwhelming Stampede

>> No.10072004

So, we've got the names for the intro packs rares ...
Angelic Arbiter
Conundrum Sphinx (supposed to be some kind of conrtolgasm)
Captivating Vampire (vampire deck, ... shocking)
Ancient Hellkite (w00t dragon)
Overwhelming Stampede (overrun again?)

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Wait, are you saying that they make more of certain rares than of other ones?

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i saw that.

>> No.10072057

No, he's saying the get to pick whether a powerful card is a rare, a mythic, or whatever.

>> No.10072066

and if they reprint

>> No.10072067

they do

>> No.10072114

Urza lands, cloudposts and vesuvae (hey, maybe Vesuva will show up again)...

...more likely to show up within Scars itself than in a core set... still, looks like Tectonic Edge might be good for more than just hosing manlands...


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I'm saying that when WotC chooses the power level/rarity of the cards, they have a very good idea of the price those cards will reach on the 2nd market as a result.

It's no accident that BSA was both a tournament staple and a mythic (and is still worth a good 50$ as a result), and I'm sure they sold a good number of M10 boosters on that fact alone.

(Not that I really blame them, mind you. They have to make money if Magic is to survive.)

>> No.10072326

also why there is ONE reason and ONE reason only that worldwake has sold and will sell better than the other sets in standard while it's in

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muthafuckin jaceeeee

>> No.10072555

Because JaceHype.

Fucking hell, the only decks Jace 2.0 wouldn't mesh in real well with are straight-up mill decks.

>> No.10072563

yeah. although it's an annoying system, i just hope there's something fresh that's like these...

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Well if you're not a tournament player it's actually pretty nice.
>>People buy tons of boosters to get a single Jace/BSA.
>>They also find giant piles of non-tournament cards.
>>Those cards are worth NOTHING on the secondary market.

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Welcome to MTGO, where WWK mythics that aren't Jace are worth like 3 bucks.

>> No.10072854


I can fund my silly decks, including this U/G allies deck I'm working on...

...which unfortunately benefits greatly from Jace, the Bankrupter, so FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

...the only problem is that even the non-tournament-staple mythics still cost some money...

But yeah, the absurd secondhand market for Magic can work both ways.

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Strip mine reprint.

>> No.10073079

A RR land destruction card that is mythic rare.

>> No.10073143

Pretty sure that's the sort of card they don't like having at mythic rarity (utility cards).

>> No.10073152

ha ha no

Stone Rain is a possibility though. It's bound to come back eventually.

>> No.10073221

It's not really utility, I mean it's not like a dual land or something.

The big problem is that LAND DESTRUCTION IS NOT FUN, like counterspells and discard, so they try not making spells like that too good. A turn 2 land destruction spell definitely qualify as "too good", unless it has a crippling drawback (in which case it's unplayable).

>> No.10073244

Black Lotus is common.

>> No.10073246

As an additional cost to cast unplayable land hate, sacrifice X lands.

Each opponent sacrifices X lands.

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>> No.10073363

destroy all islands for one green

>> No.10073394

And destroy all nonbasic lands for one red.

>> No.10073419

I think of LD as utility because there's generally only enough "good" LD to justify being run as a tempo card or as an answer to problem lands (i.e., manlands, Emeria, the Sky Ruin) rather than as a "theme" (LD.dec).

This card is awesome.

>> No.10073422



Way to double standard Wizards.

Also Blightening says hi.

>> No.10073431

This would actually see play (and piss everyone off) as a "finisher" in a ramp land-destruction deck.
>>Turn 4
>>You've got 4 lands, I've got 6 and a bird.
>>I blow all of your lands, I still have 3 mana sources.
>>The game will last 10 more turns but you've already lost.

>> No.10073444

Yeah, they do seem to keep printing good discard. Probably because it's good against control and most combo, which is "less fun".

>> No.10073478

Fair enough. They do break their own rules sometimes. Not for a 2cc land destruction though.

>> No.10073581

Sphinx set could be good.

Looking forward to some awesome controlgasm-inducing Blues.

>> No.10073595

Fuck, I thought it would've been balanced, but then I realized you can take out whatever lands you tapped to cast such a card and force everyone to sac lands that may or may not be tapped...

...Someone needs to toss this over to one of those custom card threads.

>The other way I think it could be balanced, at the cost of such playability, is make it a cost-X card: XRR, everyone sacrifices X lands...

>> No.10073647

I think this is an actual card. Checking...

>> No.10073662

...and found: Tectonic Break.


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>> No.10073802

Yeah, it was basically a better AND cheaper Armageddon 90% of the time.

Your new version is better, but I think it would still be broken given all the acceleration and non-land mana producers in the format.

Also it would ruin multiplayer games.

>> No.10073847

damn, now I want to make a land destruction deck

>> No.10073900




Holy shit. I didn't see that happening...

>> No.10073945

Wow I stand corrected. I'm sure glad the LD-lover in my casual multiplayer group hasn't heard of it.

No chance in hell of this in M11.

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A UU spell that lets you draw two cards.
One that's also an instant.
And no draw back what so ever.

>> No.10074285

I'm hoping for:
G, Sorcery, common:
Each player may search his or her library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Then each player who searched his library this way may shuffle his or her library.

>> No.10074291

ha ha hell no

Make it a sorcery and it just might be barely possible in the right set (a set where blue control is very underpowered). Certainly not while New Jace is in Standard.

>> No.10074306

I'm sure it will suck ass

>> No.10074355

That might actually get printed (though I'm not certain; playtesting with good deckbuilders is necessary). Probably too weird for a core set though.

>> No.10074356

Oblivion ring and/or path to exile.

>> No.10074392


Take out the 'may shuffle' for mandatory shuffle.

Seems playable but I dunno... giving your opponent 2 mana on turn 1? Nasty.

>> No.10074406


They aren't going to reprint path if they want people to play Oust.

>> No.10074437

If they want people to play Oust they should have made it instant.

>> No.10074545

Anon has a point, though. If PtE leaves Standard, Oust will see more play.

>> No.10074688

I can't believe people still play after "damage no longer goes on the stack." I would've quit instantly after that change if I hadn't quit already, years ago.

>> No.10074713

Plus, there's not much of a need for Path once Shards cycles out.

See, Path was able to double as emergency mana fixing, which was insanely important in a set that focused so heavily on multicolor.

Ok, you guys probably love it because it's low-cost removal, but I'm part of the camp that sees Path as being part of the large amount of manafixing that showed up in Shards (from landcycling to panoramas/Obelisks/borderposts and so on).

...though I'm gonna miss pulling the Path->Archive Trap combo... such a dick combo too...

...oh well, there's always Needlebite trap for Oust... but it'll never work out well...

Or you can oust a high-cost creature of your own, and then next turn EXPLOSIVE REVELATION...

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>> No.10075029


Now you can't unsee it.

>> No.10075110

sage for shit thread

>> No.10075573

awwwwwwwwe why ya gotta be like that?

>> No.10075666

because haters gonna hate, man...

>> No.10075703

best 'haters gonna hate' ever
thanks for enhancing the quality of this thread

>> No.10075838

So.... When are the Slivers going to finally break out of the plane of Dominaria?

They have been stuck there since the failure of the riptide project and all the planeswalkers evacuated the realm to get away from the swarm.

>> No.10075891

...can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

you're not saging, but "thanks for enhancing the quality of this thread" seems suspicious...

Personally, I want to see a Slivers vs Allies duel deck... it'd be interesting: continuous abilities vs triggered abilities. And then you can have what would be the silliest ally ever (in addition to trashing all the side errata in the process):

Sliver Ally

all allies are slivers
>or maybe all slivers are allies... yeah, "all slivers are allies" might make more sense for a sliver...

>> No.10075934

no, lol
i was just loling at the image, sorry .. i haven't seen that perticular image

>> No.10075950

MtG should just be retired already.

>> No.10075997

'thanks for enhancing the quality of this thread'

>> No.10076028

oh, ok then...

>> No.10076046

Cards that will be reprinted in M11:

Confusion in the Ranks
Yawgmoth's Bargain
Wild Mongrel
Mirari's Wake
Ice Cave
Disciple of the Vault

>> No.10076055

Quiet ejaculation time?

>> No.10076073

because no,
and no.

>> No.10076079

I can only wish for my pal hedron crab to show up, I know he wont since he is based on the fluff of zendikar and it would make no sense anywhere else, but fuck he is so damn cute <3

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>> No.10076149

i support this message

>> No.10076157

Should just put Yavimaya Elder into coreset

>> No.10076207

Also you know this is going in

>> No.10076256

damn straight

>> No.10076281

holy shit I wish


>> No.10076283

makes no sense, harrow is in Zendikar, so it will be standard legal ANYWAY for the entirety of m11 being the core set. if you want it to still be legal then you should campaign for it being in m12.

>> No.10076291

All I want out of 2011 is White Weenie Soldiers to continue to be fun.

Oh, and Sign in Blood or some other life for carddraw card, maybe even Phyrexian Arena.

>> No.10076318

I'd rather see this.

>> No.10076336

>implying that they print multicolored cards in core sets.

>> No.10076341



>> No.10076382

>implying I care

>> No.10076392

Can you say ETB Creatures deck?

Or, more accurately, Iona and Emrakul BEST PALS 4EVA

But M10 had, if I remember correctly, cards from Shards...

Celestial Purge, for one?

...but if Rampant Growth stays in M11, I guess Harrow will be stuck in Zendikar block...

Oh well, best if it stays where it's wanted: Landfall will rise again!

>> No.10076401

Tom Lapille here:
We're reprinting Jace 2.0 and Baneslayer as commons now. One of each of them will be in each pack.

>> No.10076433

M11 will be insignificant, but Magic will reach critical mass and collapse upon itself by 2014, if not earlier.

>> No.10076450



oh right people have been saying magic will die in x for like ten years now

>> No.10076452

>predicting doom for magic

lol, I guess this will be the 10th or 12th time magic has died.

>> No.10076478

this card is bad even for a sideboard

>> No.10076490

If anything, I'd love to see monocolor 2.0's for all lorwyn walkers (who don't have 2.0 versions yet, or in the case of Ajani, a monocolor 2.0), and what we'll do...

is drop the 1.0's to rare status, and make the 2.0s mythics...

...the problem's gonna be in balancing constructed/draft... not to mention the shitfit that could ensue by making normal-rare planeswalkers...

...stupid idea is stupid, though.

>> No.10076651


i am happy to say i have all art versions of the urza lands from chronicles.

i think they only did 1 of each when the started putting them in core sets (5th edition being the ones i remember).

the urza lands were so much fun in my artifact deck (back before artifact was a truly viable deck)

>> No.10076979

just terrible.

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