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Hey. You know that Psyker Battle Squad, how people poo-poo it because of that *total prevalence* of Fearless/Stubborn armies? Or relegate it to the Callidus Assassin Neural Shredder Superkill combo?

Funny thing. Pinning Checks and Psyker Power Checks are *not* Morale Checks. See that big blob of Guardsmen with a Commissar next to them? You know what to do. Lock them down. This is because Stubborn only protects against negative modifiers against *Morale* checks.

Tired of that Tervigon casting Catalyst on nearby units, or Mephiston being a dick with his magic-powers? Your duty is clear!

Main weakness of course is you have to remove enemy units from their metal boxes before you can debuff their leadership. But it's not like you have issue with that anyway, right?

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I've never poopooed using Psykers.

They've raped all the non-counter-psyking armies I've faced.

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And they're pretty funny against armies *with* Psykers too. Mostly as the *range* of their psy powers lets them hang outside anti-psy range initially (Eldar are the exception of course), and Guard are able to remove psykers from their metal boxes very well.

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Tip for cheaper psykers.

Zombies + Greenstuff hood.

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