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you're one of the two lost primarchs.

Describe yourself including powers, abilities, weaknesses and most important of all why did you get deleted from the imperial records.

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I'm the exact opposite of magnus: a psyker null so potent I would have killed half of the primarchs before they could ever be born, plus It was painful for the emperor to be for long near me, so he just decided for abortion.

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This makes me want a Pariah Primarch for the next 'cron release

Hey.. they've already had the fucking Star gods in their list... certainly a primarch couldnt unbalance anythign more than that

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Well, I'm about 5' tall, and not very strong, or very good at anything, but I'm well loved by 4 people in a stronger position then anyone else. The emperor never loved me, and that's why I'm lost. So, I do everything I can to show my support to those who love me, and to tell the Emperor to fuck himself.

Picture related, It's me.

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I'm chuk norris, I went back in time because I decided so

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i want to can be the shit pickle

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that... that MAKES sense actually D:

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beat me to it

seriously nullmarch is fluff appropriate and would create a FUCKING BADASS chapter to play with

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just imagine a null chapter sent straight into the eye of terror... FUN for everyone!

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She appears to be a normal singer except she dresses like a pirate witch, her eyes shines like the sun when she is happy and her hair is black with streaks of white and can magically transform into poisonous snakes to protect her, but secretly she is actually a half-foxgirl.
She is a lost time-traveler foretold in ancient prophecies and she will fight her enemies with the power to eat demons or to summon the angel of war.
Her friends and enemies call her Nightprincess Deathdancer!
Her constant companion is a ancient living fox who is also her stalker.
Her favored weapon is a blessed conscious mallet which strikes fear into the heart of evildoers.

She is currently lost in time. :(

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I'm Ranger Brad. You can call me Ranger Brad. Most folks do.

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My geneseed got contamied with xenos genes at the time of my inception.


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LSoC is my favorite 1950's spoof. Well, that, and Fido.

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I'm the first experiment as far as primarchs do: An almost pure clone of the emperor deemed too dangerous to exist.

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I was born a mutant, by physical form twisted to an even greater extent than certain other members of my siblings

My capsule landed on a barren world close to the eye of terror, and was thus infested with daemonic taint. Like my fellow brother Jonson I spent my youth bereft of human contact, fighting tooth and nail for my survival. Unlike him however there was no hope for stable human contact, the only 'civilisation' available was a loose collection of heretical fiefs overseen by daemonic barons.

Despite the taint that surrounded me, and even partially infecting my body, I perservered despite all odds. I slaughtered the minions of the ruinous powers when they came for me in their innumerable, chittering multitudes. I journeyed to their foul keeps and castles and tore them down, brick by heretical brick.

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LSoC is awesome. You're awesome for knowing about it. Internet brofist, man.

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When it was released, I had to buy a projector for the DVD player. Within two viewings, we had a new drinking game.
- shot for "science"
- shot for misogyny
- shot for "oh well"
- shot for repeat-offender (when someone repeats themselves)
- shot for Atmospherium

Also: we made the best house drink: Atmospherium Colada.

Oh yeah. We went there.

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awesome landing there!

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<3 <3 <3

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I like both

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That's it. Null Legion with Null Primarch is canon now.

~25 years of wondering solved in an instant. /tg/ gets shit done.

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my name is vashar

i was the second

i saw how much that fool doted on the 1st. I was the second. I was perfection. The flaws of the first moulding had been rectified. The 1st was longer necessary. But the now dead fool continued to love his first flawed creation.

And i hated.

Then i learned of the soon-to-be undead buffoon's intent to cast 18 more. I WAS PERFECTION! The others were unecessary.

And i raged.

And i plotted.

It was i who engineered the warp storm that spirited away the 19 living abortions. I was to be left alone with him.

Revenge would be mine and none of the flawed would stand against me. HE WOULD DIE ALONE AND UNLOVED. HE WOULD BE IN DEATH WHAT I WAS IN LIFE.

But i failed. I know not how.

His rage was great, but he could not kill me. So he cast me out like i banished the flawed.

I still live. He made sure of that. Damn him.

Alone in the cold world that should have been mine and mine alone.

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Mmnyes. Ranger Brad. Of course. I like that.

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I know nulls are not exactly loved by other living beings but what was exactly so gross as to be deleted from imperial records?

oh wait, secret weapon against chaos ain't it?

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>seriously nullmarch is fluff appropriate and would create a FUCKING BADASS chapter to play with

yes. I keep wanting my chapter to be all nulls, but then I remember there is no fucking way you'd be able to get your hands on a thousand nulls.

I mean, just try sending any to Mars for Techmarine training. OOPS KIDNAPPED.

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My savage, bestial wrath knew no limit... no mercy for the daemonic or their mortal worshipers. I endured this cycle of nightmares and butchery for many many years...

When Father came for me, I was waiting there for him. Somehow his imminent presence managed to react with my inhuman form, and through my animalistic frenzy I felt compelled to meet him, high atop a mountain.

When we first met I was again overcome by an unconscious compulsion, my body perhaps sensitive to his inviolable psychic might, and so I threw myself prostate before him, a mewling, emotionally shattered wreck. The spark of higher awareness had appeared in me when I first saw the look in his eyes as he gazed upon my ruined form... for the first time I felt a sophisticated, human emotion... and it was shame.

I was never to be raised to prominence like my prestigious kin, too disgusting was my mutation that I was forever removed from contact with humanity and its protectors at large. My mental faculties were severely handicapped as well, and it took the personal tutelage of Father to instill an element of intellect and humanity in my being.

And so myself and the legion born from my geneseed were kept in the shadows, unseen, unkown, and unremembered...

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you're a regular human fit for marine training. Null primarch geneseed implanted on you, you're a null.

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that. plus they freak people out just being near them.

my chapter's fluff has them being totally okay with nulls and freaked out by psykers. unfortunately, there's no way a Necron player would be okay with me saying my guys are immune to the YOUR LEADERSHIP IS NOW SEVEN thing Pariahs do. and everyone else would be fine with having their psykers make all of my guys Ld 7.

Especially Eldar. ANY Eldar would do it.

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this would be so awesome.

"okay so my sorceror is targeting your tactical squad with Lash of Submi-"

"no he isn't."


"everyone in my chapter is a null. your sorceror doesn't even know the tactical squad is there."

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My name is Sephiroth

I have long flowing hair, a nine foot long katana that I can wield with incred.. incredible.. an-and..

Oh god, no, I can't do it. I feel dirty

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you ARE dirty

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blood ravens, lost past. lost primarch, hmmm

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I am using Marvan mindpower to punish you.

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... but we were not to be squandered... too great was the scope of our glorious Father's plans for a valuable resource such as myself to be put to waste. We would serve as our brothers did, but due to our circumstances we were forced into a different capacity of duty.

After many years of preparation, my legion and I, newly dubbed the Black Heralds, and a multitude of techadepts, servitors and personnel, boarded a great fleet created for one specific task. We would journey to the perimeter of the galactic west, and we would continue on into the void. To bring the light of the emperor to the most distant stars, and to return with a tactical analysis of these distant places... that was... is our duty. My selection was in part due to my unique biology, as I had been deemed 'uncorruptible' by Father and was therefore fit to travel into the unkown without fear of daemonic infestation

I journeyed for a great many years in the quiet stillness of the void, aided I was by engines that were long forgotten relics of the dark age of technology. With these instruments I have witnessed wonders beyond my wildest dreams, glimpsed alien worlds of insurmountable beauty.. as well as unimaginable horror. I founded a great colony there, amongst the various 'new peoples' as we call them, and have thus completed the first part of my duty.

Now I have returned that I may submit my 10,000 year report... and I have returned to find the galaxy vastly, horribly different than the one of my memory.

Heresy and decay permeate everything... the previous unity of the great crusade has been shattered... our glorious Imperium is crippled and weak and itself lays prostate before the unclean...

Where is Father? Where are my brothers?

The Imperium is no longer the entity I have served... and I swear that I Will find out the truth.... and I will make all these traitors pay for their crimes

Father... I will not fail you ++End Transmission++

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Bring the atmospherium to Crowbar and Lettuce!

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I landed on a changing world, warping and shifting, the few people alive at the mercy of the crazed planet. When I reached majority amongst the tribes, I travelled to the core of the planet to do battle with the Worldsoul, warped and twisted by millenia of madness. While my form was destroyed, my mind was not.

When the Emperor arrived, he understood.

Mogo doesn't socialize, after all.

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My name is Sephiroth.

I am a hair stylist, and a gay man with passion for black leather. One day, this Japanese guy comes into my studio, stares at me for ten seconds, then rushes off; two years later, everybody is staring at me and rudely pointing fingers. Kids want to take pictures with me. I... I can't even go out anymore. My life is hell.

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The only person I want in that pretty little head of yours is me.

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I like this extragalactic primarch

Could tie in well with the nids (could be wat they're running from amirite?)

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best in thread

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Hahaha. Oh, well.

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It's been done in Primarch Quest, about Null and his legion that ride mechanical spiders into battle. Awesome.

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I'm a Primarch that ended up on a forgeworld and was mind-wiped and turned out to be the most Fuck-Awesome servitor ever

I'm still operational.. currently purging the uncleanliness of the floor in sector C-817 with my power-mop

*I exist to serve beep boop*

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Stay on this road here, past Dead Man's Curve, you'll come to an old fence, called The Devil's Fence. From there, go on foot till you come to a valley known as The Cathedral Of Lost Soap. Smack in the center is what they call Forgetful Milkman's Quadrangle. Stay right on The Path Of Staring Skulls and you come to a place called Death Clearing. Cabin's right there, can't miss it.

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I'd love to keep going, but I've lost my copy and I'm tired. You're still awesome, though.

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Problem Slaanesh?

>> No.10065011


>Father I will not fail you

For some reason I thought of FF8 and the message that Adel was drowning out all communications with from orbit



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I've seen a bear do things, well... even things that even a bear wouldn't do.

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What would happen if a Primarch landed on a craftworld?

>> No.10065051

Make him >>10064452
So.... dead.

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The head farseer would cuddle him and give him a wraithbone pacifier while her Autarch hubby stands off to the side and says 'Daawww'


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Space elf sex, then death.

>> No.10065070


>Farseer cuddling

Fuck... now I'm thinking of a Farseer breastfeeding a baby. Is it wrong that this turns me on?

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Cut out the middle man.
Just kill yourself.

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Good job I saved my answer from the last thread like this.

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Have some victory booty.

Love and Peace-sue!
WTB Drawfag!

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I land on a world overrun by Orks and become their new warboss

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I thought the Blood Ravens Promarch was Magnus?

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I look like picture related.

Powers: Alpha level psyker and worked alot with Magnus the Red before the fall. I was the dick who thought the thousand sons how to turn each other into dust.
I generally despise close combat and as such I never developed any skill in it but I carry a power pimp cane for pimpin and purging xenos.
My main power comes from my very blood. It was used to create the vide array of combat drugs that's still in use. I used this to create the very first culexus and callidus assassins.

Weaknesses: I hate myself and my creations. As such everything that shows my reflection will be bombarded by mind bullets.

I got deleted from the imperial records beacuse I send my assassins to take out Horus and a few other primarchs beacuse I did not like them (unrelated to the heresy)

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>power pimp cane for pimpin

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I am a badass street fighter.
I sleep, I fight, I fuck.
I don't have a name.
I don't care one lick about the Imperium or the Emperor -except to rofl-stomp Arbites and Ecclesiarchy members whenever I can.
I do what I please when I please and no one can stop me. I'm warp-active, but not as any kind of sorcerer. I'm more like a living Demon Weapon, warp-power given flesh and form in service to an unbreakable will.
My powers are that I'm a combat precognitive. I'm always operating in the split-second before an event happens. I'm also stupidly fucking tough -bolter rounds bounce off my skin like so much rotten garbage. I can mentally adjust my metabolic functions. I can sleep in near-death for years if I have to.

I can break ANYTHING that I can reach.

My weakness is my absurd courage. I'll try anything at any odds if I think it's worth doing. I am also the most wrathful motherfucker since Angron and I consider Vengeance to be the one true most holy sacrament.
I was nearly slain attempting to break into a Inquisition base while on the trail of a Sensei.
I should be afraid, but the Inquisition with it's resources, weapons, agents, and secrets is EXACTLY the kind of enemy that makes me feel alive.
I can't possibly win, but I won't ever stop fighting.
Not until I break the =][= and bring down it's masters.

If the Emperor wants me so bad, he can get the fuck up and find me.

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I like this.. traitor legion but not WAAARRRBGGHHL turn to chaos bullshit

Can imagine his reaction to the HH "Traitors? Pshh... newfags"
Just smugness and dickery

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magnus is the traitor primarch of the thousand sons

>> No.10065308


God damn that is shit.

>> No.10065313



That's abit modern for a primarch isnt it?

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>Null Primarch mentioned at the beginning of thread
>no mention of Primarch Quest
wtf guys?

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Tall gray skinned guy, with black curly hair and deep red eyes.

Wears a plain gunmetal armor with a black X on each pauldron. His weapon is a broad bladed power sword. He wears nothing like a cape, decorations or engravings on the armor.

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My capsule landed near the Eastern fringe, in a desolate little desert world populated by primitive, blue skinned aliens

Taking pity on them I took one kingdom under my wing and raised them up into a decent fighting force, intent on conquering this world and bringing an everlasting peace to its people

Then these guys turned up... called themselves 'Ethereals' and suddenly all my officers turned on me

Now I'm waiting in a cell.. waiting for my call for the firing squad

If anyone finds this note.... please

Remember me

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my power is to advance the plot of 40k.

i'm hunted down by my peers and executed immediately, and my chapter history is whitewashed out of imperial history.

>> No.10065364

Yeah, sorry. No wings, no "nevermore", no wolfy-wolfy-wolfenstein.

Oh wait. I'm not sorry at all. =D

Got lost in the warp. Time's elastic. Doesn't matter much in any way. There's only now.

>> No.10065370

thought nulls didn't mutate?

>> No.10065375

>No mention of Primarch Quest
>Did not read the rthread

>> No.10065376


Sorry Iron Lung... but your character is fairly mary-sue ish

Not saying that canon Primarchs arent abit inclined that way... but yeah... 'bravery' does not an interesting flaw make

>> No.10065388

read halfway, got bored

>> No.10065401

then don't comment

>> No.10065408


Best 3 in thread

>> No.10065456

Kinda like Aizen from Bleach in appearance but with a goatee and slightly older.

Ability to shape from the warp force shields and melee weapons of considerable power, in addition to Emperor psyker level illusion and mind manipulation abilities. Can fly as well.

However, my physical build is not much larger or stronger than an average well built human. And apart from the abilities above I am not particularly powerful as a psyker.

Neurotic and paranoid, as well as distrusting and cynical/bitter, as a primarch was not trusted with a legion, instead a small specialist space marine psyker squad for commando raids on ancient sources of knowledge and power.

Was too far away and on a mission during most of the heresy, and upon learning of it and hating what happened to the Imperium afterward, left with his team in disgust rather than deciding to stay and help. Although non Chaos, hailed as a traitor and erased as such. Easy, since due to the nature of my work I was hardly known anyway.

>> No.10065464

I landed on a world that was simply a single great jungle, without any intelligent life whatsoever. I became a predator, feral, more beast than man, chasing down and ripping things apart with my bare hands.

I forged the hull of my spacecraft into my favored weapons, a pair of axes, which I used to hack my way through the endless jungle, and through all that stood in my way.

In time, I learnt to bend the jungle mind to my will. I would be the planet's savage spirit, if any existed to call me such.

When the golden light came from the heavens, I fled, into the deepest, darkest recesses of the trees, leaping forth to prey on those that sought me.

Eventually, the Emperor, seeing his son lost, and no longer a man, ordered the bombardment from orbit.

>> No.10065465

Maybe so. No space marine chapter, no respect for Da Emprah, no interest in the great wars of the IoM, no grand ambitions to thwart chaos.
Just living to be alive, and to Cortez Manuever* the galaxy for as long as I have breath to spit hate with.
Just be random, awful LIFE happening here and now, only real from one heartbeat to the next.

No, I think I'll keep what I've got. My Primarch is raw, obnoxious joie-de-vi, hardcore anarchist, defiant and foolish and base and smelly. A being of no importance at all except to his enemies, to them who he can vex and wreck.

Yeah. Break the =][=. Free the soul.

*punching people who really shouldn't be punched.

>> No.10065473

Bleach is bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.10065475


Ugh. No, sorry, doesn't really work. Also, why target the Inquisition? The other Primarchs who stayed loyal understood the need for the Imperium. Yours is just a dick.

>> No.10065477


Focus only on character appearance and ignore the rest of what I typed why don't you. I don't even read/watch it anymore.

>> No.10065484


Still fucking stupid, unoriginal, and Mary Sue

>> No.10065496


I actually tried that.

But Aizen is so bad a character seeing his stupid face is too much.

>> No.10065499


I'm sorry, but I must second this. It's silly, childish, and meets all the classic criteria for a Sue, including better than Emperor-level powers. Even Magnus didn't *claim* that, though sorcery was his Chapter's gimmick. In fact, I actually thought you were trolling, at first.

>> No.10065512


Fine. If it so annoys you, then I also had in mind sorta looking like one of the old Masters from Doctor Who. If you dislike that I am sorry I can not help you.

>> No.10065515


Hmmm. Sounds like Arnold from Predator. I like how you subverted 'in touch with mother earth' with the Emperor saying 'fuck this' and nuking the place from orbit.

>> No.10065519

Thats muuuuuch better.

much much better.

>> No.10065529


I don't think *we* can help you. Remember, gigantic posthumans, not skinny Japanese bishonen. The latter idea isn't *that* good, either. You can't copy it exactly, beyond the general idea.

>> No.10065539

Night Haunter was Batman though, are you sure all them were hueg? I can't honestly imagine a fucking 12 foot tall STOMP STOMP STOMP guy stalking the streets of Space Gotham fighting crime

>> No.10065552

Why the =][= ?
Because they're all the real madness of the IoM made manifest. The terror of the vanished soul, the murder in the dark, the end justifying the means. The Assassinorium temples. The virus bombings. The Istavaanian Radicals.
And really, for the character? Because they're the hardest targets. No one's quite as dangerous and yet so restricted. Unfettered the =][= has no peers for sheer destructive power. But their own structures and conceits and power games restrict them to playing on the scale of the threat they face.
And for a single, invisible, reckless soul that's damn good fun.
As for being a dick, yeah. Fuck "man" and "his" empire. The IoM are cowards hiding behind the skirt of a corpse.
"Cowards who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither."
That I would be hunted for merely saying so gets me up in the morning. >=]

>> No.10065557


I was trying to be different by making him the runt of the litter physically in terms of build and emotionally in terms of stability. Bishonen was not what I had in mind, and I did state he was still larger than normal humans, just short compared to other primarchs. And the "looks like " was in reference to head only, I should have been clearer.

>> No.10065571

Were you in that thread with all the Batman in 40k writefaggotry?

>> No.10065587

Better then Emperor (who could trigger supernovas with his powahs).
Ok. I am being very specific. If it's not up there, it doesn't exist. One more try, don't assume anything.
To be fair, I really should be half-eldar too.
THAT'S Sue-ish. =D

>> No.10065593

Amusingly, both a loyalist and a renegade could have reason to hunt Inquisitors (and even more frequently, their acolytes, heh)... for the loyalist side, there's a good chance that the Inquisition was founded to keep the Emperor from ever being resurrected, as well as them generally enforcing shit that the Emprah himself was against. A renegade's reasons, of course, are obvious.

>> No.10065608


Please don't. We get the picture.

>> No.10065617

Nope, it just seemed pretty obvious that Night Haunter was supposed to be Batman, even from the adorable looking bat-ears on his men.

>> No.10065708


Maybe just an alternative interpretation of what Batman would be like if he was willing to kill?

>> No.10065719

I think I will.

There are lots of qualities to a tyranny and I propose the need to try and control the very thoughts of it's subjects is a hallmark.
And that's the IoM.
My primarch's just the opposite.
No armies, no Mehreens, no gigantic space ships.
Just some defiant wanker in coveralls standing on a very high spire pissing on the command car the commisar rides in, hoping he puts out an eye.

Just to be the one shouting out against the Vow of the Repentia, of Servitorization, against enslaving children, against mindlessly attempting to exterminate xenos, against the Games of Penance, against the machines that make life just that little extra bit worse because to someone important somewhere workers who die at 25 for the cost of an extra rivet that's an acceptable exchange.

Just to be free from one heartbeat to the next, to show others that it's possible.

Internally, it's because he's a mean, angry bastard who finds the character to rationalize his many sins by painting as the costs of a war against a greater evil.
Just because you fight Evil, that doesn't make you Good.
Unless it's 40K, then ignorance and delusion is strength and purity.

>> No.10065742


>> No.10065747


"We are judged in life not by the Good we do, but by the Evil we destroy."

-Chaplain Grimaldus, Black Templars Chaplain.

>> No.10065749

ITT Classic Mary Sues.

>> No.10065766

i liek bred

>> No.10065807

Aren't the BT notorious for the collateral damage that cause by seeing potential evil everywhere?

I was going to remark on that quote being ironic, but I'd be wrong. It's not at all.
It's perfectly appropriate to the Black Templars and all who swear a hundred innocents is a fair price for a single guilty man.

>> No.10065843

Only a hundred? MORALFAGS

>> No.10065845


>> No.10065955


>> No.10065994

>same time as the post before it

>> No.10066000


I actually posted this to refute Iron Lung's idea; That *is* how the Warhammer 40K universe works, after all.

>> No.10066039

Yup, that's quite how it works.

"No man died in vain who died in the Emperor's service."

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