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cm'ere swetie

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My name is Robert Paulson, not swetie

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Only if you fist me with the Neurogauntlet.

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assassin dump thread? loves it!

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When you come, you might literally explode. This vexes me.

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40k chicks?

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dat -4str

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Don't summon me during my sessions faggot!

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as you command m'lady

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Dat cheeseburger

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I'll contribute a bit from my assassin collection

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Anyone interested?

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indeed good sir, continue

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I couldn't agree more

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Alrighty then. I post the more awesome ones and then the more fanservice ones after. I'm doing this during my lunch break so I might sod off soon.

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This official art is very badass

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The gray area looks like a cock. But you don't have to picture that in your head. Just forget it.

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Check your corners, clear your cieling

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Oh, and I'm not OP

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And I had plans to play some /v/idya during lunch. You better worship me as much as an camwhore think she is entitled to.

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Man, I love assassins and all, but fluff wise, whenever shit gets bad enough to send in something as fuckwin as an eversor or vindicare, it's usually too much for them to deal with, and then they write a goddamn space marine novel about it...

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Would anyone mind explaining wtf the deal is with the vindicare and the farseer? I've been wondering for a while now.

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1d4chan love can bloom.

read it and despair.

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If there were female/male versions of the type of assassin you would prefer, which would be mai waifu/husbando?

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How about a little "thanks attetionwhore!" before I go back to work in 10 min? No?
Allright then, I'll just kill you in your sleep. Or during a family occasion.

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This is genius.

Hope I will find the death cultist + culexus one..

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female callidus?

they seem to be the most likely to refrain from RIP AND TEAR-ing you to peices.

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Pic related.

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Thanks attentionwhore, although I still can't forgive what you did in >>10064691

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we thank thee, oh great attention whore, for your pictures and time takings.

hows that?

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Well, what about Vindicare? Cool, calculating and patient.

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Just don't think about it. It's just a shadow, not a big, long, smooth cock the size of a horse attached to her supple body.
This will suffice. You are off the list.

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nah bro, too cold and calculating.

at least a Callidus can PRETEND to care.

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I was supposed to post a nude Callidus, curtesy of greenmarine, but duplicate file entry, so you have to make do with dat ass.
Edit: duplicate file entry on dat ass too. How about dem tits then.

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Now the best ones are indeed spent and I have to go to work now anyway. Enjoy.
Meh, he/she will just focus solely on your penis and make it feel good for you.

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Can sneak in a picture from a now defunct mod
Edit: duplicate file entry. A small picture then, not related to the mod.
Edit: The comic strip.

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Callidus. Granted, they are assassins, but they're not likely to flip the fuck out and kill me, (Or go into severe combat-drug withdrawl) or scare me shitless with a lack of soul. Plus, polymorphine is always a plus, as seen in >>10064908.

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Alrighty, thats the one. Anyway, I'm back from work and can post some leftovers.

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Oh, so I just click there...
So, another thread is hogging half of the assassin pictures Im trying to post. Curse them.

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Someone asked for all the callidus pics I had, sorry.

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I can't find her hawt enough...

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Ah, isn't it Mr Alistasia from yesterday!
I was a little disappointed I couldn't provide all assassin pictures I had, but it's alright, your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will forgive you.

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the story that goes with that pic is pretty depressing.

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So that other thread finally 404d eh? Gonna try it nao.

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Do you got a link?

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Did someone call on me?

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Not really. But since you are here, that is a very supple body you got there.

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I'd like to see more female Vindicare artwork.

That aside, fun stuff guys.

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What's the sauce on this comic?

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