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Hi, "Spanish Drawfag" here.

Yup, this is a drawthread, but i would like to ask you a favor. I`d like to upload some pics to my "fanart" section of my webcomic. would you be up for a little art exchange?

I request some fanart of "Eatatau!". In exchange, i`ll draw you another fanart, some tits, schlick tau or anything not too complicated.

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well, i`ll make a little spam here... :P


and tau tits

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Afraid not. I like your comic, but this really isn't what this board is for.

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Oh, i understand.

well, i guess i will keep on uploading some tits and then leave to bed.

thanks ^^

oh, btw. I 8 Naruto.

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Ooh. Draw a captured Farseer being sold for auction on Tallarn. :3

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First of all, try asking in the weekend.
Second, you should ask in a drawthread, there are lots of them during the weekends.

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heh, thats a nice one...

`z that a way of making muslims work our way? -_^?

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is that some spanish racist crap?

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Feel free to substitute Slaaneshi cult as need be. The point is that we have our "better-than-thou" Farseer as a thing to be sold. Yup.

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No, not at all...

jeezs, there is a lot of susceptible (and fast) people around here...

ok, have some tits.

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I'm in for the exchange. The only thing I'd ask in return will be some flats for a lineart I'm working on.

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Dude don't pay attention to >>10053176

We have quite a few drawfags here and they generally start a drawthread around this time if they start one during a night. Usually the ones drawing are Greenmarine (you can usually lure him out with tits Duse loves drawing tits) BG the "cute" drawfag, and Fucking Liar who draws a lot of nid porn. I drawfag myself now and then but I am slow as fuck and still not extremely good.

Sometimes there is no draw thread but usually we have one most nights.

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sure. any special request?

thanks ^^

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I have yet to finish the lineart, so in the meantime will be nothing, what fanart do you want drawfagg'd?

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Requesting my Dark Heresy character.

She's a feral-world Guardswoman, 19 years old. She's huge (6'6'') and basically a musclegirl (Str and T 40), with tanned skin, green eyes, and waist-length red hair, and she has tribal tattoos up her arms and part of her face. She has several primitive-looking runes scrawled over her flak armor, and she wears a fur/skin cloak over it. She has a nasty-looking axe on her belt, a standard-issue lasgun slung over her back, and a bow and arrow in her hands. Despite all of this, she acts rather shy and reserved; she's never been off her home planet before and doesn't really like the way other people look at her.

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anything about eatatau to upload it. you can send to my email a link to your gallery or page too if u want me to link it in the eatatau section

>> No.10053716

cool, your mailis in the eatatau page?

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i want loli zeus playing catchball with loli thor, only is a ball of lighting por favor

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yup, "contact us" section. there is the comic mail.

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I am a hundred and twenty and what is this?

Frawdag reportan.

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summon drawfag spell: natural 20

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I has a request! This should be funs.

I have a very luck based character that I've been running for a bit now. She's a cocky, smug, very sure of herself type of girl, and knows that she can always come out ahead. This has lead to her exploiting her inner luck and turning to gambling, always having a deck of cards and pair of dice on hand.

She wears an eye patch over one eye, and glasses over that. She has a bob cut, with blond hair usually some sort of earrings and necklace. Depends on what she won lately. She is somewhat lacking in the chest area, due to being very pear shaped, and often wears snug jeans and a button down shirt. She usually keeps a case of cigarellos in her front pocket, while is almost always smoking.

The picture I'm asking s of her looking smug and cocksure at a table, winnings before her as she shows everyone that she didn't have anything in a hand of poker.

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Requesting my Dark Heresy character.

She's a feral-world Guardswoman, 19 years old. She's huge (6'6'') and basically a musclegirl (Str and T 40), with tanned skin, green eyes, and waist-length red hair, and she has tribal tattoos up her arms and part of her face. She has several primitive-looking runes scrawled over her flak armor, and she wears a fur/skin cloak over it. She has a nasty-looking axe on her belt, a standard-issue lasgun slung over her back, and a bow and arrow in her hands. Despite all of this, she acts rather shy and reserved; she's never been off her home planet before and doesn't really like the way other people look at her.

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Sexy dorf girls!

>> No.10053835

anything cute to draw?

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hi! welciome back bg

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A halfling rogue girl, dem hips, dat ass.

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/tg/ and /v/ pay a wizard to cross over the Warhammer 40k and Starcraft 2 universes so see which kind of space marine would win.

They check back 3 months later to find Starcraft marines have been partying with the Cult of Chaos and actually managed to make Slaneeshi cultists need to take a breather form sex.

Meanwhile, the Imperium and the Terran Dominion have merged due to Mengsk's propaganda convincing everyone he is the god Emperor's true son.

The Zerg and Tyranids merged into one giant swarm.

The Protoss and Tau create a utopia.

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Still looking for a drawfag to do this one.

>> No.10053899

for anyone to have a crack at.

1. Daaaw worthy Kharn
2. A commissar drinking tea
3. Own take on Franken Fran.

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I must inquire, I have seen you draw a number of very amusing things, though I find it surprising when you complain that there are no requests for you when you simply limit yourself to drawing 'cute' things by your definition.

>> No.10053924


You're more likely to get that in an /m/ drawthread, since mechanical stuff is generally pretty difficult to do well, and /m/ has drawfriends more experienced with it. Of course /m/ drawthreads are pretty rare.

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Completely, utterly fucking cute human rogue dual wielding axes (picture related, long hilt, small head).

She sneaks up on something, possibly with tongue sticking out to the side a bit, showing cute focused state.

>> No.10053945

Cultistchan and the CuteboldXGoblin couple.

She finds out they are her ancestors.

>> No.10053948


do u read my webcomic? could you do a cute sha-shiva hitting kor`la in the head? ^^

>> No.10053959

Aw shit son, I'd love to do that. Is real media ok? My tablet is kinda... in pieces.

>> No.10053963


How about some sharktooth albino mutant tits?

>> No.10053973

This here dwaggy, spreading her cloaca. No is not an option.

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> you simply limit yourself to drawing 'cute' things by your definition

This anon is partly right. You can cute-ify anything if you put your mind to it!

Only drawfag I've seen in /m/ lately only draws people.

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I request a terminator

doing something casually cute

cause terminators are always cute.

>> No.10054037

For bg specifically.

Could I get a very strong man giving a little girl a piggy back, who has a cat on her head?

>> No.10054050


oh mai gaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.10054068


I've seen one or two mechanical drawthreads over the last month or two. They're rare, but they do exist.

>> No.10054070

how bout a terminator giving a little girl with cat on head piggy back

>> No.10054071

A request for greenmarine

A female assassin with skin-tight leather armor with small backpack. She has a dark-brown pony-tail. She has a knife in it's sheath, which is on a belt. She is holding a pistol with a suppressor attached to it.

>> No.10054090

>Aw shit son, I'd love to do that. Is real media ok? My tablet is kinda... in pieces.

Cant think of anything that would be wrong with pencil and paper. Unless you mean RealMedia.

>> No.10054093

Not really /tg/ but Banjo & Kazooie dressed up as Heavy and Medic from TF2 would be the highlight of the day

>> No.10054112

I need a cutebold-on-kenku tank battle.

>> No.10054129


Highlight of my day anyway,
Banjo's the bear and Kazooie's the breegull if you didn't know.

>> No.10054131

Pencil and Paper, heh. Do you have a closer up of the face of the one on the right? Kinda grainy. Also any specific pose preferences?

>> No.10054136


ok, done... more or less

>> No.10054137

How about 3.5e and 4e personified as elf girls, watching /tg/ anons fight each other (they have cat smiles).

When a white knight anon stops the fighting and asks their opinions of each other, 3.5e blushes and 4e kisses her cheek.

Four panels. No high skill needed, mspaint is fine too.

>> No.10054171

Attempting this request again!

Lofn, Cultist, and Lolicron having a hot lesbian threesome.

>> No.10054214

im off to bed, guyz. i´ll be back tomorrow.


>> No.10054228

requested on stream channel :3

>> No.10054229

>off to bed

>> No.10054257

I would like to request a 50's pinup style picture of a sexy young redhead woman sunbathing on the cockpit of a Madcat mech (Timberwolf for you non-clanners).

>> No.10054261


but he is the deamons!

>> No.10054262

Don't suppose the drawfag from yesterday is here?

>> No.10054266

Was kind of hoping for more cute...

>> No.10054305

>Do you have a closer up of the face of the one on the right? Kinda grainy. Also any specific pose preferences?

Unfortunately this is the highest rez pic of the Dom-no-legs.

Head appears to be a modified version of the Dom Tropen/Rick Dom II with the camera able to track up and back over the top of the head more. http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/0083/ms-09ftrop.htm

Only pose I can really think of would be the Act Zaku hanging onto the back/shoulder for dear life with one hand and the gun in the other.

>> No.10054312

>> No.10054329


thats pretty damn cute.

>> No.10054337

Hope you find this of use.

>> No.10054352

Could I get a Monster Hunter girl at the beach, cleaning her gunlance and enjoying her day off from monster slaughtering?

Scars, toned body, and short blond hair are all I really ask for. And a gunlance...

>> No.10054362

Female psyker, age in the vicinity of 20-25. Decent-to-good looking. Metal bitz in head. (some under hair.) Wearing decent-quality robes. (Not poor.). Has metal staff with Imperial Eagle on top.

Is holding a las pistol in one hand, while looking contemplatively at either an Aquila pendant, or the eagle on her staff, in the other hand.

Maybe give her a psy-corona, or lightning-aura type effect?

Should have a Tzeentchian daemon whispering in her ear. (I'm thinking changer-of-ways style, not pink-horror style.)


>> No.10054369

That's more like it. Thank you.

>> No.10054377

Sonic running from Robotnik who's riding on a missile waving a cowboy hat.


A primate on fire.

>> No.10054380

ok, how bout

the chibi version of the three Tau aliens in a bag held by an eldar

>> No.10054403


on that, but I also have a request from steam chat

>> No.10054423


Moar Tyranids!

>> No.10054498

Hm, alrighty, that was actually pretty helpful. It's coming along swimmingly so far.

>> No.10054499


Ya got that backwards bub, the clan name for it is Timberwolf, the IS name is Madcat because the first time they saw it they thought it looked like a cross between a Marauder and a Catapult.

>> No.10054516

Female eldar being held from behind by one sister of battle, whle another one holds up a large dildo. The eldar chick looks apprehensive about the whole situation she has found herself in.

You can dominatrix up the SOB if you want.

>> No.10054538

>drawers assemble


>> No.10054556


>> No.10054585


>> No.10054587


In every BattleTech book I've read the Inner Sphere name for it is Timberwolf.

>> No.10054606

F5-ing at the speed of light.

Fukkin saved.

>> No.10054624

Consentual tentacle sex.

>> No.10054625


>> No.10054632 [DELETED] 

That's no cloaca.

It's a space station!

>> No.10054649

Could someone try a sexy female Karl Franz? I got a very quick sketch the other day but it never went anywhere.

>> No.10054672


Well I think you need to do some research. why would the clans (elitist asshole pricks that they are) name one of their best designs after two "inferior" inner sphere designs?

>> No.10054679 [DELETED] 

If you're familiar with X-Men, I'd love to see a fantasy version of Nightcrawler, wearing an outfit kind of like what Garret from the Theif series wears, wielding a stiletto with a diabolical smile on his face.

Thri-kreenvier tangentially related.

>> No.10054706 [DELETED] 

Garret, if you're not familiar.

>> No.10054738

Re-requesting and all. :3

>> No.10054744 [DELETED] 

And everyone should know who Nightcrawler is, but just in case...

>> No.10054811


How is this?

>> No.10054840

Reporting for duty.

>> No.10054863


>> No.10054873


I take it you did the unsolicited Tyrannus on guardsman amirite

>> No.10054889

>tribal tattoos up her arms and part of her face


>> No.10054893

Draw a Kirby Fu Leng, please.

Also, does anyone know if Kobolddragonfag ever posted the finished version of the Kirby Samurai vs Crane?

>> No.10054903


I love you, Greenmarine.

>> No.10054914

Doesn't sound familiar...

>> No.10054929

Alright drawfags. how about your next post you draw whatever you get from this. porn or not porn either is fine.

>> No.10054933

Brilliant. Thank you very much.

>> No.10054950


the style was similar to yours. I also didn't save it

>> No.10054970

Oh, sorry to disappoint...
I did draw MoeTyrant at one point.

>> No.10054983 [DELETED] 

I wish to have this request for greenmarine, if he may.

Satin from UT2k4 removing her suit. She has some scars from her previous battles.

>> No.10054998

Superior chart with more monsters.

>> No.10055012


>> No.10055017

Could someone draw a space marine wearing a luchadore costume pile driving an eldar guardian or some such silliness? Please?

>> No.10055036

gdamn ronery

>> No.10055063

awesome. i figured mine was outdated.

>> No.10055076

This isn't exactly /tg/ related, but could I get a Jehovah's Witnesses guy walking up to someone saying "Wololo"?

>> No.10055093


Ooh okay, im skimming drawthreads for the one I mentioned though :v

>> No.10055176

I wish to have this request done by greenmarine, if he may.

Satin from UT2k4 removing her suit. She has some scars from her previous battles.

>> No.10055206

References not needed and borderline offensive, but highly appreciated.

>> No.10055224

Draw a Dragon Clan Togashi Monk sitting on a fence with an awesomeface while all the other clans are arguing and fighting beneath him.

Or just a Togashi Monk with an awesomeface doing pretty much anything.

Some people would consider Age of Empires to be /tg/-related just for the nostalgia.

>> No.10055246


>> No.10055259

For a second I thought that was a pic of a guy standing on a painted floor.

>> No.10055301

found it, wasn't Eve

anyways, Pripyat is calling for me.

TIme to goooo~

>> No.10055309

A Mermaid (Well, MerMAN) who looks battle hardened with his left arm mutated into twisting tentacles, armed with a harpoon. His eyes are completely blackened and dark ichor seems to seep out of his sockets, as well as from his shark toothed mouth. A crown of murdered foes sits on his head held together with iron.

>> No.10055318


Counts as a werebat?

>> No.10055326 [DELETED] 

How was I to know that you were a gentleman of such distinguished taste? Everyone knows you like boobs, but the only other things I know about you is that you're some sort of swarthy Latin fellow who does technical drawings for a living.

Enclosed with this post as an apology and a thank you are some boobs. Please partake of and enjoy them.

>> No.10055328


by the way, this silly drawing is what I was talking about

>> No.10055369

and one really retarded MS paint i did.

>> No.10055417

That is pretty much all there is. I am your average nerd , so i am familiar with comic books and the vidya.

Specially the vidya.

I am all about old school gaming.

If you really feel like you must know more, well...pic related, it is me.

>> No.10055430

nice :D

>> No.10055449


>> No.10055529

I have a request! A callidus assassin standing behind and waving at a group comprised of one adept, a guardsman, and two assassins, one male and onw female, who are twins. They're all frozen mid-stride. The callidus assassin is saying 'Hi'.

>> No.10055570 [DELETED] 

Are you now? Surely you've played Super Metroid, then?

Could we get a 40k Samus stripping out of her power armor? Interpret her as you see fit.

>> No.10055608


>> No.10055636

Sorry I took so long, I was using this to come out of an art slump and may have spent too much time on the detail (or not enough, eh?)

Anyways, plop, here ya go.

>> No.10055886

Didn't turn out as well as I hoped...

>> No.10055908

It's still good yeah.

>> No.10055956

LOL. Plenty awesome.

>> No.10055962

Will this request never get fulfilled?

>> No.10055995


>> No.10056028

I could give it a try. I promise nothing.

>> No.10056254

So... dude from yesterday? Anywhere? Had a vague promise for my four-armed chick pic?

>> No.10056295

It does not really look very 40k, but i believe Samus would be the best Spess Mahreen ever.

>> No.10056478

You could give it a shot.

>> No.10056495


hey GM, any chance i could get something with cata-chan in it? I was think a generic bust. Alternately her attempting to infiltrate a Wych unit. Cue her wearing the BDSM spike outfit with glue on elf-ears and being fourtimes wider than anyone else there. They seem oblivious.

I give GIANT RELATED BOOBS in return

>> No.10056528


>> No.10056564

Requesting a picture of me barking, 'cause that's what I do.
Bark bark!

>> No.10056621

I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it!!

>> No.10056702


>> No.10057203


>> No.10057414


>> No.10057437

uh, wow

>> No.10057449

Mmm, yes...I approve of this wholeheartedly!

>> No.10057459


Hi Eve. Imagine my surprise when I saw you on /tg/.

>> No.10057462

Hi, BG! Still around? I've got a request for you based on this pic, which I got from another drawthread.

I'd like to see the wizard character cuffed to an examination table, being menaced by strange devices mounted on metal tentacles, trying to block them with some sort of protection spell. Ambiguous gender preferred.

>> No.10057474


>my face

>> No.10057485


You seem to like sex a lot, don't you?

>> No.10057504

Nurse Verity, looking small, thin and awkward in a shower room with two clearly non-runty female gnolls (Amazon/snoo-snoo/etc), please?

>> No.10057518



>> No.10057521


>> No.10057559


>> No.10057595

I've wondered what this would look like on paper rather than in my head:
Could you draw Grond, that giant beast-battering ram from the Lord of the rings movie and make him more of a giant roasted version with an orc chef riding it while hundreds of orc cooks pull it out from a giant inferno-oven?

>> No.10057606

I'm... not really good with furries, anon.
Anyone have anything else?

>> No.10057641


Sometimes I think I'm such a pervert. Then I realise I am.
Bark bark!

>> No.10057643

I was looking through the internet and there's a serious lack of guardsman snipers. I beg you to fix this shortcoming.

Stealth gear and flak armor and longlas, fuck yeah!

>> No.10057675

Oh my~

>> No.10057703

Make it as adorable as you want.

>> No.10057723


I am a pervert

>> No.10057724

Two obviously drunken elves leaning on one another with a small human standing next to them, looking angry?

>> No.10057758

if your in the mood for another porn drawing. mind doing bgs character blissy getting fucked?

>> No.10057759


Why did I just call myself a pervert twice?
Make that thrice, bark bark!

>> No.10057785

Thank you very much. My next fap session shall be intense indeed.

>> No.10057812



>> No.10057823


Oh wow, my doodles precede me.

>> No.10057862

when shit when did BG draw this?

>> No.10057870

Female version of pic related, but with two axes.

>> No.10057880

If she says it's okay. Drawfolk moral code, you see.
I... guess?

>> No.10057882

not sure. I saved it from some other thread few days ago.

>> No.10057902

Whoa, hold the phones. bg is a chick?

>> No.10057906


I'd like to re-request this one please.

I liek gunlances!

>> No.10057911


Heh. You're awesome, Eve.

>> No.10057914

BG draws porn all the time. go for it mang.

see pic. Blissy tit. DO IT.

>> No.10057918


By the way, Tarbus, did you make that?

>> No.10057925

People say its a she. sometimes a he. I think its a gay guy.

>> No.10057974


BG is BG, and really doesn't want to reveal his or her gender for some reason.

I just say "she" due to the female character.

>> No.10058024

I can see why.

>> No.10058051

Unless she tells me it's okay with her, I wont do it.

>> No.10058082

dude, BG's porned Blissy, didn't make any sort of fuss when Greenmarine did pic related.


>> No.10058112

Guy who made the original request here. I am neither>>10058082 or>>10057914

>> No.10058160

I'm in an odd mood right now, back hurts like fuck and I have no alcohol in the house beyond a half bottle of wine that has been in the refrigerator since 2006.

So I am going to request full blown porn.

Three male dark eldar wyches gving a captured eldar banshee an airtight seal. (all holes full of cock)

If you want to draw more females than males make a couple of the dark eldar female with strap-ons

>> No.10058208

Do DEldar actually do that sort of thing to regular eldar? I thought they worked together for the survival of their race.

>> No.10058209


BG is a man btw

also in Soviet Russia, dragon rides YOU

>> No.10058223

Dude who requested >>10053338 here. Eldar slavegirl auction would be fun if anyone was willing to draw it.

>> No.10058248


Dude dark eldar do that to ANYONE!

>> No.10058283

Liar, could you draw Lolicron being double (or triple!) penetrated?

>> No.10058284


Liar, there was a giant shitstorm about that.

>> No.10058292 [DELETED] 

I'd make her my spiritual liege, if you know what I mean.

>> No.10058375

Hey Eve, thank you for the request you did a while ago, pic was the request :3

Could someone draw me a gnome that looks and is acting like Raoul Duke From Fear and Loathing..? The gender doesnt matter either.

>> No.10058406

include nostrils and ears.

>> No.10058430


Yep, there was a gigantic shitstorm about that.


also I might be able to put out soem lolicron sexins, lemme study a bit

>> No.10058461

Pic related, it's her.

>> No.10058470

rolled 1, 2, 1 = 4

Any drawthread up for a big request?

>> No.10058487

Here ya go.
It's a preference of mine. Once I get her okay, I will.

>> No.10058546


His, by the way

>> No.10058562


Thanks a ton Eve. I gotta head to bed, but I hope you have a good evening.

>> No.10058567

Fair enough.

>> No.10058689

I hate your puns.

That is all.

>> No.10058739


Im okay with that

>> No.10058786

Seeking another request.

>> No.10058811

An Imperial Guardswoman in rugged, fairly simply attire and wearing a haphazard cloak of sorts seemingly made from a large reptile's hide. Dark hair, no helmet, and a scar on her face that resembles a handprint.

>> No.10058821

I have a request for a character of mine I'm collecting art of from various artists...would you be interested?

>> No.10058825


Portal Turret with Necron like upgrades. Or a humanoid looking glados-like sister of battle?

>> No.10058923

In hopes of gradually getting characters that amuse me done from the games I run or take part in, could I possibly get a dwarven version (no facebeard, sideburns of doom a la the-guy-from-Pawn-whose-name-I-can't-recall''s dwarves is groovy) of Hinako Shijou?

Dwarven grappler sumo-type fighter who is now the party chef.

>> No.10058944

Hinako is my waifu.

>> No.10059017

Reposting request

A request for greenmarine

A female assassin with skin-tight leather armor with small backpack. She has a dark-brown pony-tail. She has a knife in it's sheath, which is on a belt. She is holding a pistol with a suppressor attached to it.

>> No.10059129


>> No.10059142

Elf turning into a FUCKING BEAR.


>> No.10059189

Guardsman Jim!

What, you expect me to request something else? *gets back to work writefaggin'*

>> No.10059268

I couldnt think of a way to have DP in the back without lookign at guardsman ass so.

>> No.10059328


but male ass.....


>> No.10059333

I second this because it is also my entire character concept. Or possibly a cleaner version of this, an elf druid mauling someone with bear arms.

>> No.10059337


>> No.10059344

Hey Liar, do you have AIM?

>> No.10059364


Nope, xfire, steam, yahoo, and msn

all of which are the same

>> No.10059391


Eve, might I request something of a Fallout/Mad Maxx character?

Wears brown baggy pants that are torn, dirty here and there, a grey t-shirt, and a leather jacket over top. All around his body, he is covered in throwing knives. They are on his legs, inside his jacket, on his belt, almost everywhere. With the exception of a larger knife sheathed on his belt.

I leave the inclusion of this to you, but he carries a hunting rifle on his back.

Looks like Dominic, with a crazy smile that says, "Give me shiny things or I'll kill you three times over"

>> No.10059447

Requester of the lolicron here...would it be cool if I IM'd you over yahoo sometime with a request?

>> No.10059487


Come on, it was barely relevant. I know, my bad for being a dick, etcetera,but there was no banhammer, no drawfags gone forever, no IRL killing spree.

I fail to see the shitstorm in there.

>> No.10059524

A request if it isn't too late.

A scout/sniper in fully enclosed light power armor with a man-portable rail-rifle. It relies a lot on active camouflage so a nice, flat black would be suitable color-wise. Or whatever you think would look best.

>> No.10059535


I got banhammered from BG's Deviantart

>> No.10059628


>> No.10059645

Yes, but bg is well-known for overreacting. See anything he's ever done in relation to tgchan afore he fled back here.

>> No.10059714

A request for Meganekko Tyrant going on or preparing for a date. Awkwardness is suggested.

>> No.10059716


No, I've never been to tgchan on top of that

>> No.10059784

At least you're spared from the Pokemon porn.


>> No.10059825


Haha, Im not banned from his FA tho

>> No.10059847

I've made this request before, but I'd like to see it;

Slaanesh attempting to seduce Tzeentch. She's doing things like whispering in his ear, gently biting his neck, things like that. Tzeentch is looking rather annoyed, because he's working on another project of his and doesn't like being interrupted.

>> No.10059867

But what if the Pokémon wants it?
That makes it okay, right?

>> No.10059911

Gentlemen, let's be civil. I'm not blaming bg for anything. I was telling anon that I wont draw porn of another persons character is my own preference.

>> No.10059928


u guys... seriously...

have a bold~

>> No.10059946

We love you bg. You just gotta be a bit tougher and not react to things so harshly.

>> No.10059952

Don't be angry at them, lad. Just relax.

>> No.10059959

and i wuv u guys too :3

>> No.10059989

>>Implying i care about bg

S-stupid Eve! It's not like i like bg or anything.

>> No.10060019

Everyone cares about bg in their own special way.

Note that hatred is a very important part of caring. It represents caring in a negative way.

Give in to you caring. Embrace the power of the dark side.

>> No.10060051 [DELETED] 

>implying you can't do both

>implying that doing the former is not in fact the first step towards doing the latter

>> No.10060092

/r/ing Moe Tyrant and Blissy having a tea party with a greenmarine doll in attendance.

>> No.10060097 [DELETED] 


>> No.10060125

Pokemon porns?

>> No.10060151

Oh Lucid, I keep losing respect for you...

>> No.10060160


>> No.10060174

Pure hatred has spawned this piece of art.

>> No.10060239

inb4 greenmarine proposes to marry bg.

>> No.10060264

remember when /tg/ wasn't only for furry porn?
me either.

>> No.10060280

I have a selfish request to ask.

I want pictures of Imperial Guardsmen retreating.
Or looking frightened, or something. Drawing what they're fleeing from is optional.
In return? Well, ask for something and I'll see what I can't do. I can try my hand at 'Writefaggotry', or maybe I have an image saved one would like found?

On another note, I'm somewhat surprised... not unpleasantly so, by the civility of this thread. If this were /v/, there'd be enough SPEHSS MAHREENS here crying HERESY to load a Battle Barge...

>> No.10060320


I believe we've just been Rickrolled.

>> No.10060368

Hope you find this of use.

>> No.10060378


here you go


I'm more apt to take requests here than over MSN or yahoo :v

>> No.10060386

Thank you very much, good sir.

>> No.10060422

I'm gonna resecond my seconding here >>10059333
Is that a thirding? Or possibly a fourthing because seconding your own idea multiplies it or something?

>> No.10060441

<3 <3
Been trying to request this, but 4chan has been eating my posts. Thanks!

Though this picture now makes me wonder where Tyranids get clothing. Aside from Jeanstealers, obviously.

>> No.10060476

Female, redheaded Vindicare assassin straddling her sniper rifle.

>> No.10060502


welcome. probably get genestealers to jack clothes for them, that or they just go nude.

>> No.10060538

>Just go nude.


>> No.10060633

A warforged with beads around his wrist. He has his hands displayed before him palms up. In his hands floats a fairy looking up at him with a look of joy on her face. She has short black hair, with a willowy frame. The wind is blowing over her and causing her short dark violet dress and hair to flow freely. She has her hands clasped together and held up to her ample bosom. She has pointed ears and wings like links fairy, Navi. Her eyes are golden and her eye shadow is the same color as her dress.

>> No.10060704

Requesting Swarmlord and Moe Venomthrope going at it. Moe Tyrant is watching them from a distance, crying bitterly.

>> No.10060718


>> No.10060781

No more needs to be said.

>> No.10060783

rolled 7, 2, 5 = 14


ill have to save that for later, winding down right now :/

>> No.10060795 [DELETED] 

Oh, he draws pokemon porn and all of a sudden you've lost your respect for him.

Could be worse, Sildre's been drawing Tsutaja porn every single day for like two weeks now

>> No.10060808

been drawing this unrelated stuff for the past hours :C

>> No.10060871 [DELETED] 

draw pokeporn

>> No.10060903 [DELETED] 

So, if anything, we should be thanking them both.

>> No.10060928




>> No.10060933

Do you have an account someplace where you host your scribbles?

>> No.10060969


Ive actually started posting on my old as fuck furaffinity as well http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tonywolf/

>> No.10061069

A glaive wielding, long blonde hair, unshaven man in a Green breastplate and roman gladiator sandals. His left arm is covered by a heavy lobstered gauntlet that has a high metal plate that protects the neck and head. It is the same color as his breast plate. He has a long scar across his neck as if it had been slit. In his other bracer covered hand he holds a peach. His lower half is covered by a dark colored toga like bottom. He is a glorious bastard.

>> No.10061160

Bumping my request

>> No.10061225

Psion twins please! Both black haired. One male one female.they are both wearing buckle and strap riddled light leather armor. One is pointing one way and the other is pointing in the opposite direction. They looked confused. A hellknight with a gnome on her shoulder sit somewhere in the background looking annoyed.

>> No.10061299


I'm slow on the response, damn TF2. Thank you very much. Here is a picture to emphasize my appreciation.

>> No.10061527


Anything in the works?

>> No.10061542


>> No.10061559

going bed tiems now :D

goodnight /tg/~

>> No.10061580

Thanks <3

>> No.10062099 [DELETED] 


>> No.10062112

wow, can´t believe this is still alive


>> No.10062156


its probably already gone to >>10058209 pic related

>> No.10062203

is dat some stuffed marine?

>> No.10062241


Dude you would be surprised how long some of these threads can last. Most of em go to autosage within a day or even several hours depending on how many drawfags are at it and how many people throw out requests and totally unrelated posts.

>> No.10062330


well, im off to work, and if still alive in a few hours, i`ll make some more requests...

i hereby remember you my art exange ^^

>> No.10064969


>> No.10065150


>> No.10066152

We need more Jaela Daran

>> No.10067320


Ill be seeing if I can get something drawn for you myself but my back is still killing me and I have a trip to get ready for so not sure if I will get it done while you are doing this. It is nap time for me hopefully Ill be able to draw when I wake up.

>> No.10067994

Someone's a fan of Tia Halibel.


Also, all the bells? Hell yeah. The jingle-jangle of Certain Death, the perfect decoration for the creation of MURDER PRESENTS.

>> No.10069551


>> No.10070026

Well, it hasn't 404d yet. That's a good thing, i guess?

>> No.10070274

>> No.10070302

And a request from yesterdays thread that I didnt get in before 404

>> No.10070620

Hey Liar, may we have an updated love scene from the twin pair Fuc Myr and Do Myr?

Will post more "inspiration" if desired.

>> No.10070725

Probably the last in my reasonable daemonette series.

>> No.10070911

Bumping awesome thread.

>> No.10071082

Are drawfags taking requests? I have a cute/sexy idea I'd like drawn, but only if they're still around.

>> No.10071111

I'm available. What're ya sellin'?

>> No.10071122

Female version of Sexy Nurgle, pic related. If' you've got a little time, I'll post the rest and you can do distaff versions of them as well.

>> No.10071176

I would like to see someone draw a taco that is also a donut.

>> No.10071221

> Sexy
> Nurgle
Dude, just no.

>> No.10071555

I may not want to do more Nurglettes... gore isn't really my forte.

>> No.10071571

rolled 18, 70, 68 = 156

Mind doing a set of IG poster-gals?

>> No.10071676

It's not really supposed to be gore.

Unless being sick = gore.

>> No.10071682

I wouldn't want more Nurgle - one a god is fine. Here's Male Stripper Tzeentch, if you're willing to fem.

>> No.10071690

Imperial Guardswoman, I think? I'm not that good with /tg/ yet and my assistant is offline.
Something in the vein of this?

>> No.10071770

How about a young male catfolk warrior and a female elf mage standing back to back, fighting off a swarm of goblins?

>> No.10071811


>> No.10071937

I'll see what I can drum up. Getting dragged out for some stupid girlfriend crap.

>> No.10071998

Fair enough. Good luck/have fun.

Greenmarine, you are a credit to humanity.

>> No.10072162

Can we have the others too?

>> No.10072237


>> No.10072601

>> No.10073001

Mmm, tits!

>> No.10073058


I guess... but its naptime now.

>> No.10074925


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