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Young upstart and a powermonger.

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The problem I have always had with this picture is that it just looks like some crazy old guy trying to use a hammer to control his skull collection.

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And doing an especially poor job, by the looks of it.

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But it does look very cool. It's like he's riding the pile of flaming skulls.

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He's standing on the back of a hunching daemon. It has a ton of skulls mounted on its back and shoulders.
He's about to smash it in the head.

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Help control the skull population. Have your skulls spayed or neutered.

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I know lets have a daemon hunters codex, but no show any daemons on the cover....What were they thinking.

Hows Stuff Khornette?

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Oh wow... Now I want to go to Emperor Land.

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You sure, is there more of the picture that I have never seen? Cuz it just looks like some flaming skulls (A common feature of 40k).

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That fuzzy thing in the middle of the FLAMING SKULLS could be part of a daemon's back, but who knows.

I assume the gaping anus in the sky is supposed to be the Eye of Terror?

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There's a good deal I don't un'erstand abaht ye rich folk an' yer passtimes.

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Could just be a random warp storm, the actual eye of terror is fuck huge.

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Not bad. Been laying low, really. Hoping the mess with Doom and Zeeny would all be sorted out when I poked my head out again.


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The nobles of the Imperium are a bizarre lot. It had to be made Imperial Law that cousins are legal because of them.

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Nah, I think it's just a generic Daemonic manifestation. If he was that close to the Eye, he'd be a spawn right now.

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It isn't?

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Not bad, I got some trash talking toaster that call itself a pariah giving me grief. I guess most people just don't register that they are alive because I don't feel like killing them.

The Zeeny Doom thing is still headache inducing, I am guessing you know more than I do.

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I don't know, hence 'hoping'. Last time I saw Zeeny, she denied all knowledge of what had happened, then vanished.

Also, sorry about vanishing so quickly. I don't know who you cajoled into summoning me, but they must have messed up somewhere.

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Yeah, well, it was good to see you anyway.

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Funny, last time I talked to her she hinted that it might be true. But I don't think we will be having any warpspawn, I made her realize that pregnancy was completely optional for her...and all Daemons for that matter.

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I dont get it

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Zeeny, you're a Daemon, you can pretty much do what you want. Doesn't Tzeentch have a huge library-maze thing? Go chill there, no-one'll find you if you don't want people sending you off to do...whatever you do.

Welp, looks like we know for sure now, at least.

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No you don't, I will have no more of that talk from you young lady. I am putting my hoof down, you are not having a child with Doomrider.

>> No.10053491

So... you are pregnant?

You could hide out on Dusk. There are plenty or warp-creatures there anyway.

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IT W-WIll N_eVeR h-HAvE a G-GooD fATheR..! W-WhO wIll T-EAch IT MAgI_C a-AnD fOoTbaLl?!

>> No.10053579

You can teach it magic! You'd be great at that!

And Football is a stupid game. No-one needs to play football.

>> No.10053580

We've actually been talking about that, and one of the things that we came up with is that we have a group of friends that all pitch in.

If you want, I mean.

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Which football? American football or Rest of the World football?

Or bloodbowl?

>> No.10053605

H-hOw w_Ill I f-fEed an-aNd clothE it? I d-Don'T ev_en h-HAVe a jOb...

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Always liked all your namefags. /tg/'s are the best. Hai frends.

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I kinda hope =I= is the next codex ahead of Dark Eldar. A pure DH list, especially with just Grey Knights, is the weakest army in the game

Dark Eldar on the other hand, well a dude won 'Ard Boyz at my store with a Wych Cult list. I watched him ass rape Space Wolves and make Chaos Space Marines player quit in the middle of the game.

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Hallo. What do, you?
Do creatures of the warp need to eat... or care about clothing? I've got some spare shirts and stuff if you need them...

Where'd Chemmie go?

>> No.10053642

All of the above.

Even Blood Bowl is pretty dumb. If you want to watch people killing each other, go watch a Gladiator pitfight. They're not hard to find.

Aforementioned magic might come in handy here.

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I-Me-Us d-Don'T e_Ven k-KnoW anYgooD lullabiEs...

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THINGS. I lurk between the spaces. I never draw attention to myself and things I go unnoticed. It allows me to act and watch from the shadows with impunity.

So in other words, I mostly lurk and never say anything memorable so I make up shit to try to look more sinister because it amuses me.

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-_- Don't make me hold you in a fire of tzeentch till the slaanesh taint burns away. If you want a kid find someone else to father it, please, please don't have Doomrider's child.

>> No.10053745

Can't you just look some up?

Or, I guess you could go with Ali's idea.

>> No.10053760

H-He S_AID h-HE lOVe_S m-ME..!

>> No.10053789

I've seen you around a few times, though. What's up?
I know plenty of prayers... Not sure if that will work?
Not so loud! There might be footballfags on /tg/. They're like orks, I swear.

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Doomrider doesn't love anything other than his bike, the sound of his own voice, and maybe Slaanesh. Don't take it personally.

>> No.10053824

N-nOboDY lOV_es m-Me.

>> No.10053836

All good in the hood, spanky.

I see that I am known, but not known. This is good. All according to plan.

>> No.10053838

Doom is incapable of love...Well he loves his bike, but not in the emotionally supporting non-rapeing kind of way.

>> No.10053858

Now, that's just not true at all.

There's a difference between the two? Other than skin colour, at least.

>> No.10053936

I'm pretty one of them is more hygienic.
That's not true!

>> No.10053971

Listen, I need to go but I'll be right back!

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W-Who c-OulD pOssIBly l-LOvE a c-Conspiring, j-JealoUS, intAngIablE m-mOprhIng p-pIle of s-sEcrEts s-Such as mE..? N-nOboDy.

A-ANd noBOdy w-WIll Ever Lo-lOVe m-mY chIld, n-NoT e-even m-Me. H-How C_ould THey? I-i-it'S jUst n_oT l-loGicAL. I-iT'd be a Lie! A s_Ham!

>> No.10054008

Define love....Khornette, and I are interested in your happiness and well being. I have no want to be intimate with you, but I do care for you in my own maternal way.

>> No.10054051

Yea, and who could love a manic-depressive, homocidal, self-harming pile of neurosis and trust issues like myself? And yet, people still do. Logic is pretty meaningless, really.

>> No.10054053

A conspiring. Jealous, morphing pile of secrets....Sounds like me. I like me, So I can like you too.

>> No.10054056

I wish I had love too.

>> No.10054108

T-tHEy'd m_akE f-fun of IT.

N-Not A singlE dAy i-In s-SchooL wiTHout bEIng r-rIdiculEd.

>> No.10054118

Wait, wait, hang on a moment. You go to school?

>> No.10054155

If roleplaying, chatting and other faggotry doesn't cease, the thread will.

>> No.10054163

The little gears in my skull are starting to point in the "fuck you Tzeentch" direction.

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