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hey /tg/ time for some inspiration. this time lets have some cool/deadly looking weapons.

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That doesn't look cool or deadly. It looks badly balanced and retarded.

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No other swords need apply.

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post something better then

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Guess I'll dump my weapons folder

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And it still lost to the black dude.

NUM NUM, motherfucker.

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I suppose we have different definitions of the word "deadly".

Yours apparently is "certain to break if swung moderately hard".

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It's a club with spikes on it.

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OP's picture is a render of the sword depicted in the Fiend Folio (the AD&D version) used by the githyanki.

The more you know.

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You know, for having such a long and rich history, falconry is surprisingly free of attempts to weaponize it. I'm surprised noone thought of giving the birds' talons razor-sheathes of some kind and training them to attack people in the face.

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Arrows work better.

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The "computer whiz" from the show referred to it as the obsidian chainsaw after it took three swings to decapitate a horse.

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Forged in the fiery depths of hell!

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>(Please pretend that this reply includes the image of a huge granite block)

So. That's deadly. And cool too. End of discussion.

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No. Just no.


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You will tremble in terror at my legion of razor-falcons. No rampart can block them! No tar-pit can slow them! No training technique can allow them to distinguish between our faces and those of the enemAUGH MY EYES

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true but it works much better as a trap

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How the fuck would that even work!?

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Terribly. The firing mechanisms would all get out of place the moment you hit anything with it.

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Shoot, then go clubbing.

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Arrows, generally speaking, can't make grapple checks.

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The Morningstar was, and is, the most fear inspiring weapon of the practical world.

It wasn't popular in most circles for it's lack of "subtlety" and the fact some called it "unsportsmanlike". However this made it even more frightening in it's rarity, as you would hear about it, but when you finally saw one it was horrifying.

Seeing some knight come towards you with it, swinging it like a croquet mallet, knowing that it was designed specifically to beat your armor in so that you couldn't breath AND sport spikes for adding pain, you would pooping your pants.

Even shields weren't impenetrable against a morningstar, and many would find the shield pulled out of their hand by it before striking again, that is if it didn't shatter it.

I would much rather be killed by a sword than beaten to a pulp by this fucking thing.

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>It wasn't popular in most circles for it's lack of "subtlety" and the fact some called it "unsportsmanlike".

Were the gents in these circles swiftly battered to death?

Seriously, it's a fucking heavy metal ball with spikes on, who would give a shit about how fair it is when you can easily cave a cunt's head in?

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I've got some other ones too.

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this appears deadly enough

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We're talking about an age of honor, remember. Plus swords were super popular.

Perhaps the morningstar was expensive? I can't imagine it being more than the cost of a sword, considering _precision_ isn't necessary.

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>And it still lost to the black dude. NUM NUM, motherfucker.

I laughed heartily in a thoroughly audible fashion.

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I just thought I'd post in this thread because I own a replica sword of OP's. I felt obligated.

Picture related

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I hope the next Soul Claibur game has Resident Evil chracters for cameos; I'd love to see Wesker stick a Las Plagas into Soul Blade's eye only to have CHRIIIISS show up brandishing Soul Calibur right after.

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>more expensive than a sword

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lol these things. All of them would probably fall apart the first time you tried to use them.

Owned only by people who wear black metal shirts everyday

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.... you had better be shitting me. If that thing is real, I'm going to fucking kill somebody.

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Which is why I said "I can't imagine..."

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Does it look real?

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I'm fairly certain it's a shoop.

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Congrats, you own a Las Vegas Gift Shop Souvenir.

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I got it from the local mall. It's not sharp at all, and was pretty cheap. Still looks cool

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I remember reading in Ripley's that some pirate had a hidden rifle concealed in his peg leg, it had a small loop that he could pull on to fire it.

It was to surprise the fuck out of anyone who tried to mutiny.

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It would only surprise anyone once.

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lol the bullet would hit the scope

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I will arise, hosting an army of tiny men with giant eagles.

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Eh, it's better than something strapped to your arm at least. I don't like weapons that can be turned against you or that require you to be very careful about where you place your arms and hands.

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Well, no, because the .700 nitro revolver out there is fuck-huge just to control the recoil. There's a "normal-sized" single shot variant of it, and frankly, it's dangerous and fucking unusable:


You just can't fire it and also HOLD ON to the fucker. Which would apply triple for a .50 cal BMG pistol.

But honestly? People have done far, far stupider shit.

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As soon as you strike something those metal legs of the demon are going to press into your arm, they're totally pointless and detrimental

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Wait, mybad, I think those are .600 nitro. .700 nitro was a round invented by psycopaths just in case some sporting British gentlemen felt like killing God.

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the heck?
is this a real thing.. a real military thing, rather?

40mm.. not just for grenades any more.

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Is that just a bunch of rainbow circles?

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No, it's not used by the military.

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The larger the size gets, the more gun nuts you have working to create their own special ammunition.

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This must be anime

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... so much gun for so little boolit

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Enfield once made a prototype pistol that fired a .303 rifle round. The guy that tested it said he never wanted to fire it again. Rigby made a pistol that took a .400 elephant gun round. The poor guy who tested it broke both of his wrists.

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How has this not been posted yet?

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If only he was real ;_;

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the one on the bottom right makes me want to rape the artist with a rusty piece of rebar.

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I just felt like pointing out that I have the bayonet in this picture. Not the gun, just the bayonet.

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Because it is always posted. Always. Everyone should have seen it by now.

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Because it's pretty faggy really.

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Exactly why it should be posted every time one of these comes up.

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>Enfield once made a prototype pistol that fired a .303 rifle round.

The fuck were they thinking? Seriously?

You can make revolvers that fire full-sized rifle ammo in an effective fashion. Pic related; Magnum Research's Biggest Finest Revolver; which is sold in a wide variety of calibers, including rifle calibers, like .30/30 Winchester and .45/70.

But by god it's stupid.

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This is the fucking DEFINITION of Moar Dakka.

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Note that the .303 kicks like a fucking mule in a rifle. I'm surprised the tester was willing to fire it in the first place. I suspect Rigby were just dumb.

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>I just felt like pointing out that I have the bayonet in this picture. Not the gun, just the bayonet.

Wouldn't mind owning that myself.

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Super Science and Improvised Weaponry can go a long way together.

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Yo dawg, we heard you like .45s...

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I quite enjoy it, honestly. It handles well as a trench-knife, and it's pretty damned heavy.

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>1911 converted into machine-pistol


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Fracking toasters

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Oh shit, BEEE-
No wait, they're wasps...

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It's like the ricer of the gun world

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.... fuck, that's the first time I've ever seen a deagle in a truly useful configuration.

Of course, if you need to add a stock and scope to a Deagle to properly control it's power; then why not just bring a purpose-built carbine in the first fucking place? Thus the sad conundrum of the Deagle.

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Needs more see-through with leds inside.

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What in fucks name?

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... so THAT's what a hunga-munga looks like. Wierd.

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Scarily enough there's a Deagle with an extended barrel - double length - in .50.
Put a stock on that and you have one hell of a carbine..

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It's so cute.

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Belt-fed AR-15: Because you didn't want to bother with a getting a M249.

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Y'all just bustas

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It'd break your wrist... if it were real

Best sword, that or the sica.

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Impractical but awesome.

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Conversely, practical and awesome.

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The Lee Endfield: For when you want a rifle that will not only kill someone dead, but also has a sword-sized bayonet.

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I don't know why, but it looks cool. Maybe it's the minimalistly-futuristic style.

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Given that it's a Mac-10, the recoil alone would probably end up pushing the knife into your gut when you shot it full auto.

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Might as well joint in...

First, swords.

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You know you love the Calico.

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A revolution in firearms. Calico makes some seriously cool looking weapons.

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>implying it's possible to love that monstrosity

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Is that a fucking bin on top?

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Sorry, but that looks horrific.

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I certainly love them. Low-caliber rounds, but a high capacity magazine and some designs that look like they're from pulp sci-fi make me happy.

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It's no MEATBA.

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You know, all things considered, the PISTOL design can grow on you.

The RIFLE...oh god why have you forsaken me.

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i want the sword this dude is carrying

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That 'bin' is the magazine. A helical mag, I believe it's called.

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I enjoy all of the designs. I actually just kind of enjoy the look of all firearms in general, regardless of some of the weird shit that can be found. There are a few exceptions however, but no Calico gun will ever make that list.

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I love this knife.

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Meh, I'll take an AK design any day.

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So I heard you liek DAKKA.

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How average, good sir!

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I'm telling you, it's gonna be a Kalashnikov derived gun that will be the most extensively used weapon when humanity explores the stars.

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Shit will work forever, and can be fixed easily. Convenience.

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Speaking of which...

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The Walker Colt: A revolver so massive that after you utilize it's six shots, you can simply beat your foe to death with it.

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That's what I've been thinking!

It makes me want to make a Firefly/Serenity-style setting just to make AK-series weapons a common sight in it.

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Well you got me there, but then you'll be like everyone else! Why be a killer like all the others when you can put a bullet into somebody with the style only an exotic-looking weapon can give you!

Gold plating and diamond studding for extra style points!

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Kitty loev Webley.

>'m telling you, it's gonna be a Kalashnikov derived gun that will be the most extensively used weapon when humanity explores the stars.

Funnily enough, in a little indie game named Cortex Command where humanity explores the stars via brains in robot bodies (and brains in jars controlling remote robot bodies), one of the main weapons you can utilize is a AK-47. Up until more recent versions of the game it was the *only* assault rifle, too.

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Except that recoil pushes the muzzle UP.

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Sign me up for a VSS or an AS VAL.

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Details, details...

Also Shas, you need this chair.

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Yeah, played the demo, loved customizing levels and shit. I should really get the actual game sometime later though.

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Hell, I can just gold plate and bling up mine if I want that. I don't really care for looks, just efficiency.

Fuck accuracy, full power total destruction.

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Fat mag is fat.

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/r/ing spears. Either faggy animu or not, all's good.

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I like my spear.

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I like style. I'm never going to use my firearms in a war or anything, so I like to have all the exotic looking shit that would probably break after a day of use.

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Mikhail has indirectly conquered the Universe, OH SHI-

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Is... that a quad stack?

>> No.10036865

Just spears or other polearms? I'm partial to anything on a stick meself.

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So I fucking hate gunblades, but there was this one that I saw that actually looked practical. It was like this broadsword with a trigger that fired a bullet from this short barrel going up the blade.

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Could never deal with tacticool stuff.

My roommate collects old C&R rifles, and recently picked up an old turkish rifle from before WW1. He could be a marksman.

Other than my Hi-point, I enjoy my Saiga and my WASR. I have had people call me a STALKER before, and I find it hilarious.

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>> No.10036921

The M14 has to be the sexiest battle rifle ever.

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>> No.10036951

Modernized lever action rifle.

Is this awesome y/n?

>> No.10036952

you forgot I'M A FUCKING TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK when you get an exoskeleton

>> No.10036958

It doesn't necessarily have to be tacticool, just odd or different.

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It is the definition of gunporn.

>> No.10036974

Yay for distant cousins of the AK that no one has ever heard of.

>> No.10036979


The hilarious part? Where I shoot, with my WASR and Saiga, I AM the different one.

>> No.10036980

N. it's not a butchery or anything, but it's not an improvement

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Speaking of which...

>> No.10037051


Plastics tend to be lighter than wood, so I'm sure it's more pleasant to carry.

On a related note, this is the definition of "Too much gun."

>> No.10037056

How droll!

>> No.10037064


Though the Barsuk might give it a run for it's money...

>> No.10037073

Red Faction 2?

>> No.10037075


It's rather hilarious. In fact, I am quite literally banned from using my WASR around here because people are afraid of it.

>> No.10037107

Except real.
If memory serves, the XM8 was derived from it when the project fell apart.

>> No.10037134

The size of the magazine, very large suppressor, and the perspective of the cartridge seemingly makes it appear as though he's firing some kind of gun using the Russian equivalent of the .50 BMG.

>> No.10037143

At some point someone said "Hey, double barrelled shotguns are bitching." Then he realized "Yet pumps are more effective and have that awesome CHA-CHIK pumping sound." And eventually he thought "What if I COMBINED THEM?"

And thus, the Remington 1740 was born.

>> No.10037177

Anything goes. I've a character in a vaguely anime-based game who uses polearms, and I'm looking for ideas.

>> No.10037191


As per the filename, it's 12.7mm which is roughly equivalent to .50 BMG.

Also, another Russian innovation - just to prove that shotguns truly are the multitools of firearms.

>> No.10037225

Oh shit son, fucking Russians making their guns do EVERYTHING.

>> No.10037262


On a related note to that, we have the Neostead which has two magazines which it can be set to utilize both at once (alternating which magazine is being used every other round) or to use either one or the other.

The first option means you can load it fully with buckshot and have double the capacity of a normal pump shotgun. The second option means you can load one magazine with, say, rubber slugs or other such nonlethal/less than lethal options, and load the other magazine with buckshot, switching between the two as needed.

>> No.10037293

>> No.10037313

Or alternate firing them, just to screw with everyone.
Hit one guy with rubber slugs, fill the next with holes, and so on.

>> No.10037316

Saiga 12 - or "You got AK in my Shotgun! You got shotgun in my AK!"

>> No.10037339


God's Gift To Shotguns.

>> No.10037362

Russian weapons engineering, aka "holy shit, it STILL hasn't broken yet?"
Soviet era stuff WAS mainly designed to be used by farmers and yokels though, and in some pretty shitty conditions too, so I guess reliability and a generally rugged design were pretty important.

>> No.10037384


>"holy shit, it STILL hasn't broken yet?"

That reminds me of my entire engineering track so far...

>> No.10037493

I long for the day they make an export variant of this.

Just so it can up-stage the AR-15 derivatives.

Which is not to say that the AR-15 isn't a good weapon system, it's pretty good, but the unfair advantage Colt has in the U.S. military ought to be rectified. By the free market.

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rolled 28 = 28

same here as far as blades and points go.


yes, very

there is no such thing as 'too much gun'

now-a-days a shotgun has more functions and different ammo types than your average victorinox knife.

yep, they believe that function should define form there as opposed to the Americans decadent ergonomics first.

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rolled 67 = 67

image limit reached, new thread?

>> No.10038407

Why not?

>> No.10038447

rolled 29 = 29

you want to start it or shall I?

>> No.10038511

New thread: >>10038466

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