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If you weren't browsing /tg/ last night, you may have missed out on The Great Unclean One's attempt to spread his influence over the board by running a game of Arkham Horror! As the atomic clock down the street from here says, it's approaching 5 PM EDT, which means it's time to resume the game. Out of six investigators, only two remain with their souls intact! Let us see who wishes to possess the bodies of their four fallen comrades, and whether the two investigators that do remain ... survived the night.

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The previous thread, after some violation of the rules of programming, was forced into the archives of sup/tg/ here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10011240

You may find the official revised rules of Arkham Horror here:

A great deal of the art assets and cards players will be using are sourced from the ever-helpful http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/

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Er, the rules are here: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Arkham_Horror/AH_Rules_internat.pdf

Finicky little thing.
The Great Old One the investigators are attempting to thwart is: Shub-Niggurath!

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The current state of the game: Turn 4, Bob's turn left to go before we move into the Mythos Phase.

We are currently under the effects of this particular mythos card.

During this turn:
-Vincent was picked up on retainer by the local newspaper after regaling them with tales of the monsters he's seen.
-Dexter experienced the plot of The Happening all at once and lost three sanity to a bunch of angry trees on the Unvisited Isle.
-Mary convinced one of the suspicious librarians of Miskatonic University and came away with an interesting tome for her troubles.
-Michael rode a zebra through the Dreamlands, and got thrown through a gate. Deciding he'd had enough of this shit, he blasted a warlock and a cultist with his Tommy Gun before turning his anger on the gate as well, closing it.
-Jack is currently spying on some Great Ones in their City. He overheard an interesting conversation, and gained two clue tokens.
-Bob gave a vampire a baptism with Holy Water and received a clue token. He also discovered that the remains of the vampire formed an Elder Sign!

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Player Locations:
Vincent: Newspaper
Dexter: Unvisited Isle
Bob: Graveyard
Michael: Black Cave
Mary: Library
Jack: Other World: City of the Great Ones, stage 1

Plateau of Leng: Science Building
The Abyss: The Witch House
The City of the Great Ones: The Unnamable

http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Cultist - The Unnamable
http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Witch - Science Building
http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Ghoul - Science Building
http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Vampire - The Witch House
http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Fire_Vampire - In the Sky

(1) - The Witch House

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Vincent Lee, reporting for duty SAH.

Fuck sleep. I have hours to go and towns to save. Let's rock.

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Monterey Jack
Sanity: 3/3
Stamina: 7/7
Money: $7
Clues: 7
Speed/Sneak: 3/1
Fight/Will: 3/2
Lore/Luck: 3/3
Skill: Expert Occultist
Ally: Anna Kaslow (+2 Luck)
Common items: Bullwhip, .38 Revolver
Unique items: Ruby of R'lyeh, Cabala of Saboth, The King In Yellow

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Dexter Drake
Sanity: 2/5
Stamina: 5/5
Money: $7
Clues: 4
Speed/Sneak: 4/2
Fight/Will: 2/2
Lore/Luck: 3/2
Skill: +1 Lore
Ally: Ruby Standish (+2 Sneak)
Common item: Dynamite
Unique item: Powder of Ibn-Ghazi
Spells: Shrivelling, Find Gate, Dread Curse of Azathoth

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Sister Mary
Sanity: 7/7
Stamina: 3/3
Money: $0
Clues: 3
Speed/Sneak: 3/2
Fight/Will: 2/2
Lore/Luck: 3/4
Special: Blessing
Skills: +1 Fight, Bravery
Common item: Cross
Unique items: Holy Water, Cultes Des Goules
Spells: Flesh Ward, Find Gate

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Vincent Lee
Sanity: 4/5
Stamina: 5/5
Money: $9
Clues: 4
Speed/Sneak: 3/2
Fight/Will: 2/2
Lore/Luck: 3/3
Special: Retainer
Skill: +1 Luck
Common items: Food, Cavalry Saber
Spells: Voice of Ra, Enchant Weapon

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>We are currently under the effects of this particular mythos card.

I might be wrong, but aren't we still under the effects of a few other Environment cards too? They only replace each other if they're in the same category, like, an Urban Environment replaces an Urban one, a Mystic replaces a Mystic, and so on.

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Bob Jenkins
Sanity: 4/4
Stamina: 6/6
Money: $6
Clues: 4
Speed/Sneak: 3/2
Fight/Will: 3/4
Lore/Luck: 0/4
Skill: +1 Luck
common items: Knife, Dark Cloak, Bullwhip
Unique items: Elder Sign, Nameless Cults

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no, only one enviroment total is ever in play

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Well fuck, we've been playing it wrong all along. It's always the same with FFG. You play it one way for months, only to find you've been playing it wrong all along.

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yeah, happens to the best of us

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I'll take a spot.

>> No.10030045

are there any more spots?

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Michael McGlen
Sanity: 1/3
Stamina: 7/7
Money: $8
Clues: 4
Speed/Sneak: 5/1
Fight/Will: 5/2
Lore/Luck: 2/1
Skill: Expert Occultist
Common items: Tommy Gun, Dynamite
Unique item: Book of Dzyan
Monster trophies: Warlock (3), Cultist (2)
Gate token: 1

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At the moment it seems I'm the only player from last night around at the moment, so it certainly seems that way.

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Current open spots are everyone except Vincent, so the first post with a character name and a tripcode receives priority. Characters from the last thread are allowed to supersede if they return.
When we have everyone present, we'll begin.

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joining as the nun, then.

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We must attain the front page. My herald must post faster!

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Don't you die on me, I'll have to perform some decidedly unorthodox surgery on your ass!

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The Mythos card affecting this round.

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I'll take Monterey Jack, if noone else wants to pick up, but I'll probably have to be nursed through my first few rounds.

>> No.10030328

Don't you fall off the first page thread, I'll have to keep posting Cthulhu Card Game and Arkham Horror art!

>> No.10030345

It takes a bit of time to update the board, so you'll have plenty of time to read the rules.

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Real Life Mandy Thompson is always related

>> No.10030391 [DELETED] 

Currently taken:
Vincent - !B.eijbt8kI
Mary - !FG1AGUd/qc

>> No.10030402

Great. Let's put the Old One back to sleep, guys.

>> No.10030409

No Joe Diamond? What the fuck kind of bullshit game is this? Joe Diamond is the only fucking investigator you fuckers will ever need!

>> No.10030434

Yeah. Old Jack here. I mean, the first one. To whom SHIT HAPPENED.

Just going to hang around and see if a spot opens up for me to go back in game.

>> No.10030437

Jack - !!MgA31eRve7T

Vincent had the chance to change, but elected not to do so. Instead he simply had an out-of-body experience.

>> No.10030447

you always need a character who can resist the powers of time-space warping and a shockingly high sanity.

Also, whiskey priests are now related.

>> No.10030461

Oh, a member of the old guard! Sorry, but it looks like he's got priority new guy.
Jack - !2z.sb8.J3E

>> No.10030478


Oh. Well, then. Disregard that.

>> No.10030501


And now things get confusing.

>> No.10030505

well, this is getting convulted.

>> No.10030517

Curse my herald for not refreshing fast enough. You've got priority, so take your pick.

>> No.10030542

Not really. Old Jack wants to come back, but he'd rather play Drake. If Old Drake comes back, I'll drop out and let him play Jack if he wants to. If he'd rather play Drake, I'll let Old Jack and him talk it out. Not really convoluted at all.

>> No.10030547


I'll take Jack, yes.

>> No.10030553


Well it's convoluted now!

>> No.10030566

Bob and Mike are still untaken? I'd like to try my hand at Bob in that case.

>> No.10030574

Okay! Jack is Jack again.
As always, if you need UP TO THE MINUTE updates or some secret communications, my AIM contact is still A Hanging Plant.

>> No.10030604

Vincent - !B.eijbt8kI
Mary - !FG1AGUd/qc
Jack - !2z.sb8.J3E
Bob - !P6N3L3ci1s
Michael - Not taken
Dexter - Not taken

>> No.10030627

(Psst. While we're waiting, Bob, you can take your turn so I can draw the mythos card and get us set up for the next round.)

>> No.10030641

Well ok. Can I pick up Bob, then? (And if he's taken by the time this is posted, I'll take Mike.)

>> No.10030652

Mike it is.

>> No.10030672

All right. That leaves Drake for the last player.

>> No.10030730

Is there a Dexter Drake in the house? He's only a little used: slightly insane, has a hypnotized ninja following him around...

>> No.10030744

Yo, Dexter. You creepy motherfucker, I'm watching you.

Get in here.

>> No.10030783

Dexter, listen. We appreciate you as part of the team, but you really need to show up more often.

And not use the Devil's magics all the time.

>> No.10030819

Now where did Bob run off to? He needs to take his turn so we can get this show on the road.

>> No.10030845

Ok, but I'm confused as to what phase of play we're in? From the old thread, it looks like Bob already took his movement? If he hasn't, I'll go to Northside Street, because I want to know what the funny glowing 1 is. (graveyard -> riverton -> merchant -> northside) Should be covered by my 3 speed.

>> No.10030847

Oh damn. I'm still catching up with what happened. And how exactly did I get King in Yellow. And how did I end up where I am.

>> No.10030868

Bob's still in upkeep. He hasn't taken his turn at all. I was just relaying what he did last time.

Jack was in the Unnamable prying the King in Yellow out of a hole in the wall when a gate opened up and sucked him into the City of the Great Ones.

>> No.10030873


See: >>10029817

Enjoy your sinister wonders.

>> No.10030937

You decide to check out Darke's Carnival. The animals they show off and the Freak Show in particular seem familiar, and disturbing, to you...
Make a Will (-1) check, or lose 1 sanity.
While you're doing that, I'll draw the mythos card.

>> No.10030957

Ok, for upkeep, I'll keep Speed/Sneak: 3/2 Fight/Will: 3/4 and change Lore/Luck: 1/3.

I move to Northside Streets like before. Now if there's an encounter, I'll need your help guiding me through, as I'm still trying to catch up on all the rules.

>> No.10030978

rolled 1, 1, 5 = 7

So with Will 4, at -1, I guess I roll 3d6? here goes

>> No.10031016


Got lucky there, Bob.

>> No.10031028

Ha haha. ha haha ha ha, motherfucker.

>> No.10031086

If you think that was lucky, let me tell you about some luck I had, and care share with you, investing in some prime Florida real estate.

>> No.10031100

You retain your sanity. Good, because you'll need it. Darke's next shipment of animals arrive, but there's an accident at the train station while receiving them.
Two monsters escape into the Northside streets:

The Cultist at the Unnamable moves out into the streets. The Vampire from the Witch House moves out into the streets. There's a gate burst.
Six more monsters emerge. Hold on while I get the details.

>> No.10031158


Shit just got real. I think I'm going to stay in the newspaper office.

>> No.10031171

Allright, finished catching up.

...so basically, I'm currently stuck in Other World? Just my luck.

>> No.10031176

The Witch House now has three new residents:

The Science Building is now sporting a new:

The Unnamable has two new residents:

Upkeep phase.
Vincent, you gain $2. You must roll 1d6 to see if you keep your retainer.
Mary, you must roll 1d6 to see if you're still blessed.

>> No.10031198

rolled 4 = 4


Cmon boss, I'll write some more stories, just don't make me go out there!

>> No.10031225

Oh, excuse me. This brings us past the monster limit. The Nightgaunt is currently haunting the Outskirts. The Monster Limit is 9, the Outskirts limit is 2.

You keep the retainer.

>> No.10031331

Need to revise that statement. The Warlock, Nightgaunt, and Flying Polyp exceed the monster limit, head to the outskirts, exceed the Outskirts Limit, and return to the monster cup. The terror level stands at 2. Mary? Investigators? Start your engines.

>> No.10031333


>> No.10031476

I need to try to pass this Book of Dyzan off to one of you guys who've got a better Lore check and more Sanity than I do. However I'd like to skip a turn and move to Arkham Asylum - I'm down to 1 Sanity, and I don't want to lose my stuff. Can I intersect anybody on the way to the Asylum and pass it off, maybe Vincent?

>> No.10031491

rolled 4 = 4


Hey buddy, if you want to deal with the Shoggoth sitting outside the newspaper offices so you can deliver me a book, be my guest.

>> No.10031502

It's go time. I'll show these obscenities of non-euclidean geometry what true terror is. Stats focus changing to:
Speed/Sneak: 4/1
Fight/Will: 4/3
Lore/Luck: 2/2

What order do I fight the Byakhee and Shoggoth in?

>> No.10031508

Woops, bit of accidental rolling there.

>> No.10031526

I would except I'd automatically end up in the nuthouse. I think I'll drop my Speed to 4 and end at the Asylum, and pay the $2 to get back to 3 Sanity. (Only bad thing about Mikey The Mick, he's already a nutbar.)

>> No.10031530

Whichever you prefer.

>> No.10031532


I'm staying put in the newspaper office. I need more clue tokens and those... things in the street look rather menacing.

>> No.10031545

You can only move one slider one space per focus point, sir.

>> No.10031548

Stay put. I'll be over next turn and clean house.

>> No.10031585

rolled 5, 6 = 11

Don't worry, friend. Bob Jenkins, Gentleman Salesman is here to help. You just stay put, and when I'm done dealing with this Shoggoth, I have some interesting opportunities for you to consider. Did you know I have shares in the Brooklyn Bridge, and you seem like the perfect investor to share my profits with.

Rolling sanity vs. Mr. Shoggoth.

>> No.10031599

You pass. You also lose one sanity.

>> No.10031683

Ha. See friends? Nothing to worry about. Now I'll just take out my trusty bullwhip, and see how this Shoggoth likes it. (I'm a bit confused on how many dice to roll here. I still get the full +1 from my whip and knife because half of 1 rounded up is 1, for a total of 2? Or is it the total combat bonus is 2, in half is a total of 1?)

Oh sorry. I misunderstood. I thought it was each slider moves at most the focus points. In that case, since I already used Fight/Will, I'll have that one move and the others stay. Totals are back to:

Speed/Sneak: 3/2
Fight/Will: 4/3
Lore/Luck: 1/3

>> No.10031695

...so when can I get out, anyway?

>> No.10031756



You get +1 from your knife, and +1 from the whip, and you get to reroll one die by exhausting the whip.

>> No.10031780

I know that, but the Shoggoth has Physical Resistance, and I'm not sure when to divide in half.

>> No.10031830

rolled 6, 3, 5, 5, 5 = 24

Reading again it looks like each weapon will give +1. So before the shoggoth's combat rating of -1, my combat is up to 6. This means I roll 5d6 and need 3 successes, correct? Wish me luck.

>> No.10031844

a a b b ^ ^ s s

>> No.10031856

Anything that gives you a combat bonus you divide in half (your whip, your knife). You need to roll your fight dice, minus one, plus the two from the whip and the knife, and gain four successes to kill it. Or you take three stamina damage and try again.

>> No.10031857


Oh yeah, of course.

It halves (rounded up) the bonus from each weapon. So you still get +1 and +1, for the full +2.

And I'm thinking you might need to spend some clue tokens for some rerolls in this fight.

>> No.10031858

rolled 4, 1 = 5

Now that is one dead Shoggoth. On to my sanity check for the Byakhee. Do you get anything cool for killing monsters?

>> No.10031864


Well, you have your reroll handy!


>> No.10031884


I meant 'had', if you failed.
I still want out.

>> No.10031922


Some of them have nifty little effects, but mostly you just get the monster token which you can spend for cool effects in various places. Or keep them for fighting Shubbie.

>> No.10031925

I'll go ahead and move you and draw your event. You get a clue token.

>> No.10031938

rolled 6, 1, 6, 2, 4, 5 = 24

How do we get you out? Looks like I took another sanity hit of -1, leaving me with 2/4 sanity tokens. Time to fight this Byakhee. This time I think I roll 6d6 and only need 1 success?

>> No.10031984


Yup. Cut that fucker down.

>> No.10032010

With a stab and a whipcrack, you make a passable lion tamer.. Of otherworldly beasts. You now have two monster trophies, worth a total of two toughness each.

>> No.10032033

That leaves Vincent, Mary, and Dexter left to go.

>> No.10032037


3 for the shoggoth and 1 for the byakhee surely?

>> No.10032047

Well, it looks like the Northside is clear once more. Vincent is safe and there's a clear path to him. Since I still have sanity to spare, I think it's time to try using Nameless Cults. Can someone explain how I might use clue tokens to pass my Lore -1 check? Or should I just wait for next round?

>> No.10032051


I'm gonna go to independence square, since my way is now clear.

>> No.10032054

rolled 3, 5, 3, 5, 2 = 18

Talked to GM on AIM and he suggested I run Dexter along with Mikey for now unless/until we get someone who wants to play him.

SO. I'm going to bump Dex's Fight/Will to 3/1, Lore/Luck to 4/1, and move 4 spaces to Arkham Asylum. On the way, I'm going to fight the Cultist. Rolling for Shrivelling first, paying 1 San, total 5 Lore with my skill bonus.

>> No.10032081


Basically before and after a skill check, you can spend a clue token to get another die roll. If you have a negative number of dice, it counts as 0.

>> No.10032088


Finally free! And with a clue, no less. This is a good day.

...uh, I am confused as to where am I now, or where can I be.

>> No.10032119

You're in stage two of the City.

The Old One you're fighting increases the toughness of all monsters by 1.

Pass. +6 to your combat roll to kill the cultist. 2 successes to kill. Should be easy.

>> No.10032128

Oh, right. Back to Unnamable.

...I should get ready to seal this thing the first chance I get.

>> No.10032175

>The Old One you're fighting increases the toughness of all monsters by 1.

Oh wow. Had I realized that I probably wouldn't have tried to fight them. I guess you have to be lucky to be good, sometimes. But my trophies are only worth 2 each, and not 4 and 2? I'm looking up what that means right now.

>> No.10032189

>Independence Square
You touch Founder's Rock. Make a Luck (-1) check. If you pass, there is an electrifying shock that opens your mind to the elder things of eons past. Lose 1 Stamina, but gain 2 Clue tokens and draw 1 Spell. If you fail, you find a strange carving. As you finger the grooves, a gate opens here and you are drawn through it.

>> No.10032201

Monster trophies are worth their toughness. This means the Old One also increases their values by one.

>> No.10032205

...Anyone saw our favorite sister, by the way?

>> No.10032223

rolled 5, 6, 2, 5, 3, 6, 2, 1, 5 = 35

Splendiferous. Right, here we go - time to kill a cultist.

>> No.10032244

Success, scratch one cultist. You gain a monster trophy worth two toughness, and head to the Asylum.

>> No.10032271

rolled 1, 5, 5, 2, 5, 2, 2, 5, 3 = 30

Where I will pay $2 to regain all my lost Sanity, and get the Book of Dyzan from an aquaintance of mine, Mike McGlen.

>> No.10032274

So what's the overview now?

>> No.10032303

We'll know as soon as Vincent and Mary take their turns. It looks like Bob's looking up the Book of Dyzan, as well.

>> No.10032319


Now that the way is clear, I'm leaving the Newspaper Office to have a poke around Independcence Square.

>> No.10032328


>> No.10032338


Shit, I really need to learn to read. I'm stronger than this!

>> No.10032351

rolled 3, 6 = 9

Third time lucky. It's totally not because I'm tired at all.

>> No.10032375

rolled 1 = 1

I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to use my movement and/or Nameless Cults (Dexter had Dyzan) because I've already had encounters this round. If I am allowed to move still, I'll spend 1 clue (back down to 4) for a 1d6 chance at Nameless Cults, and spend my last 2 moves to go to the Asylum with everyone else.

Otherwise, I'm fine waiting until next turn for all that.

>> No.10032391

Success. 2 clue tokens, -1 sanity, and the spell:

>> No.10032395

>rolled 1 = 1


>> No.10032400


Hey everybody! Party at the asylum, everyone's invited!

>> No.10032420

You're in Arkham. Do you spend $2 for sanity, stay for a free point of sanity, or risk an encounter?

>> No.10032423

Point of order: I don't understand why you're rolling dice. I don't see any tokens on Independence Square or anywhere in between. What are you trying to do?

>> No.10032439


Sanity or stamina?

>> No.10032440

Oooh! Encounter? That sounds fun. How do I do it?

>> No.10032464


I'm having my encounter there:


>> No.10032471

You find some strange medicine labeled "Dream Enhancers" in a dusty cabinet. If you choose to take it, make a Lore (-1) check. if you pass, your visions show you how to perform a ritual. Draw 1 Spell. Otherwise, nothing happens.

We need a Mary to roll her Upkeep for Blessing, then take her turn!

>> No.10032495


Come on. Don't do it to us. We need you.

>> No.10032545

...We really need to organize this so we're all there next time.

>> No.10032572

Yes, we are all learning lessons. Next game will have four players maximum. Maybe three. Things move too slowly, and the overhead is a bit taxing.

>> No.10032578

rolled 5 = 5

I knew having a low Lore was going to cost me. But spells sound really cool. I'll drop a clue token (down to 3 now) for a chance at it.

>> No.10032589

Yay. Looks like I passed. Does anyone at the Asylum want my copy of Nameless Cults?

>> No.10032607


You know, we should also leave some sort of contact info, so we know the exact time.
I mean, you gave your AIM, but some may not have it.
I sure don't.

>> No.10032610

rolled 4 = 4

Fuck it, I'll roll for Mary, who stays at the Library.

>> No.10032613

rolled 3, 5, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 4, 5 = 33

I would, but you have to discard it after use.

>> No.10032633

And I gotta remember to remove the dice from my email field.

>> No.10032650

You discard the book, spend a clue, lose a sanity point, and gain the spell:

Someone should take over for Mary so we can end the turn.

>> No.10032663

rolled 5 = 5



>> No.10032668

Mary keeps her blessing, and stays at the Library.
Make a Will (+0) check and consult the chart below:


0) Abigail tosses you out. Move to the street.
1) Abigail lets you into a private section of the library where you find an ancient tome. Draw 2 Spells and keep whichever one of them you want.
2+) Abigail loans you one of the strange items in the library's display case. Draw 1 Unique Item.

>> No.10032691

That's a nice spell. It lets you make your Lore check your Evade check for one fight a round, mechanically.

>> No.10032695

This is the state of the board at the end of turn 5. Drawing the next mythos card...

>> No.10032707

rolled 5, 5 = 10


Sister Abigail, let's just get along

>> No.10032714


Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

>> No.10032720


And get along they did!

>> No.10032725


Just noticed. Didn't I leave the otherworld?

>> No.10032738

I thought I failed with the book earlier, and was drinking "dream enhancer". I should still have my (2) sanity, book, and spell, correct?

>> No.10032852

Oh, you used the clue for the encounter? My mistake. You still have the book, and you can have your sanity back.

You hit stage two. Getting sucked in cost you a turn of movement. The next turn you stood up and had an encounter, then you moved to stage two and had an encounter. Next turn you leave.

Mary gains the Unique item Holy Water. She now has two.

The Witch at the Science Building moves out into the streets. A gate opens at the Black Cave to R'lyeh, destroying the clue there and dumping two monsters into the world. The Warlock goes to the Outskirts, and a:
The event also brings:
to join their friend the vampire on the French Hill streets.

>> No.10032909

Okay, we need an upkeep roll for Vincent, who makes another $2 off his retainer.
Mary needs to make an upkeep roll for her Blessing.

We also could use volunteers for Dexter and Mary's spots.

>> No.10032949

rolled 1, 4 = 5


Fuck yeah, I'm rolling in it.

Also, the second roll is for Mary's Blessing

>> No.10032965

rolled 3 = 3


Well, since I have a turn to spare, I could play for one of them, and since Mary needs upkeep...

>> No.10032973

Well well well. I'll spend focus to up my movement. Stats:
Speed/Sneak: 4/1
Fight/Will: 4/3
Lore/Luck: 1/3

I'll move on out to the BLACK CAVE! I heard that this is the time to buy real estate in R'lyeh.

>> No.10032976


Well then, disregard that, especially since I would fail that one.
Khm. So for Dexter, then. Let me think.

>> No.10032985

Mary keeps her blessing. Going to roll for your retainer?

>> No.10033000

Time to fight the maniac! Roll combat.

>> No.10033003

I'll do Dexter and Mike again. Give me a moment.

>> No.10033005

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.10033013

Right, then. Just to be sure, did the last person who moved Dexter regain his sanity?

>> No.10033020

rolled 2, 1, 3, 2, 4, 4, 1 = 17

I'm unsure whether I fight the maniac or get sucked right in to the portal. In case I need to fight him, here goes. No sanity roll needed for the maniac, so I get 4+1+1+1d6 = 7d6 and need 2 successes. Wish me luck.

>> No.10033023

Retainer kept. Keep on keepin' on.

>> No.10033032

Yikes. You take a point of stamina damage. Roll again.

>> No.10033068

Jack, you move out into the Unnamable. Going to seal the gate?

>> No.10033076

rolled 2, 1, 4, 1, 2, 6, 2 = 18

2/4 sanity, 5/6 stamina. Turns out maniacs can be more dangerous than shoggoths. To victory!

>> No.10033082

rolled 6 = 6

I'll reroll one of my many misses with the bullwhip. I NEED A 5 OR 6!

>> No.10033130


Yep. What were the rolls again?

>> No.10033137

rolled 4 = 4

OK. I'm moving Fight/Will to 2/2 and moving to French Hill to engage the Vampire, Ghost, and Zombie. I'll take on the Ghost first. Since I have negative Will versus it, I'm gonna spend a Clue to get 1 die.. Here goes.

>> No.10033146

You whip the maniac into submission. (snicker)
You're sucked into the gate, and enter R'lyeh.

>> No.10033151

rolled 4 = 4


Dammit. Spending another Clue.

>> No.10033162

rolled 2 = 2

Oh, you're joking. OK, third Clue..

>> No.10033172

Irony: Wasn't browsing /tg/ last night because was playing Arkham Horror.

PS: We beat the ever loving shit out of Asathoth and his fucking fanatics. Fuck the Dhole.

>> No.10033173

rolled 6 = 6

I'd take the 2 San ding, but I can't afford it if I'm going to fight the Vampire too. Last clue!

>> No.10033175

-2 sanity.
Fight or Lore, with the rating listed on the gate token. In your case, there is no rating modifier, so straight Fight or Lore.

>> No.10033190

rolled 4, 1, 3 = 8

I have both Fight and Lore on 3, so it doesn't really make a difference... LET'S ROLL!

>> No.10033204

...I am not amused with the result of the roll.

I'm staying right here, will seal later. I'll close the fucker even if it will take forever.

>> No.10033207

Alright, I'm using my ability to heal myself of one point of stamina. Then I'm going to move to Hibbs Roadhouse. I think I need a meal.

>> No.10033213

rolled 6, 3, 2, 6, 2 = 19

YEAH. OK, Casting Shrivelling. One San cost, and then 5d6..

>> No.10033244

rolled 1, 2, 6, 3, 5, 5, 2, 3 = 27

Right. Now then, 8d6 Combat versus the Ghost.

>> No.10033266

rolled 5 = 5


I sure am making a lot of 1d6 rolls lately. Hopefully this is one I can pass.

>> No.10033302

Ghost's gone.
Who's next?
"So, what's your story, friend?" A smiling man inquires about your adventures over a glass of gin. You tell him your story. If you spend 3 Clue Tokens, he introduces himself as Ryan Dean and asks to join you. Take his Ally card. If it's not available, he gives you some useful items instead. Draw 2 Common Items.

>> No.10033310

rolled 5, 1 = 6

VICTOLY. Time to square off with the Vampire. This is going to be considerably harder. First off, 2d6 San check..

>> No.10033338

Who was rolling for Mary? Want to finish her turn?

>> No.10033358

rolled 6, 4, 2, 2, 5 = 19

OK, casting Dread Curse on the Vampire. 2 San and 5d6 Lore....

>> No.10033380

rolled 1, 4, 2, 2, 5, 5, 2, 1, 3, 6, 5 = 36

yeaaaaah. 2/5 San total and 11d6 Combat check vs Vampire..

>> No.10033398

rolled 4 = 4

BLAMMO. Zombie time now - only got 1 Will vs. it, but..

>> No.10033401

Well, our magician seems to be doing rather well.

>> No.10033410




>> No.10033424

rolled 4, 5, 6, 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 5, 2 = 32

1/5 San. And I'm going to use and discard Dynamite - making this a 10d6 Combat check.

>> No.10033436


What the hell, take 3 clue tokens Ryan you lovable rogue, let's go fight some monsters.

>> No.10033446

rolled 1, 6, 6, 1, 4, 3, 1, 1, 6, 5 = 34

Please hold the applause, I'll be doing my Tuesday show in Arkham Asylum, as usual.

>> No.10033455


I guess I'll do it then. Mary goes back to the Woods. She sure likes it there.

>> No.10033459


Your magic is strong, you magnificient, nearly insane bastard.

>> No.10033493

3 tokens later you have Ryan Dean on your side. (+1 Will, +1 Sneak)
He brings a
with him.

>> No.10033531

Mary goes into the Woods.
But wait, there's a witch out in the street, and she's spotted her! Fight or Flight!?

>> No.10033551

rolled 4, 5, 2 = 11

Right. Now that Dexter's cleared the way, I'm moving my Speed/Sneak to 5/1, my Fight/Will to 4/3, and my Lore/Luck to 1/2, and moving to the Witch House. There's two monsters there, a Cultist and a Ghoul, right? I'll engage the Ghoul first. 3d6 San check..

>> No.10033626

rolled 6, 3, 6, 6, 6, 6, 3, 2, 3 = 41

That clears the San check. So, fight 4, gun 6, ghoul -1. 9d6 Combat check.

>> No.10033640

rolled 6, 4, 2, 2, 1, 3, 1, 6, 3, 4, 6 = 38

*RACHET-KLIK* Where's that Cultist? Combat checks all around!

>> No.10033644

Hold on while I get out my reaction image...

>> No.10033659

The way to the Gate is clear. I think I should probably go in..

>> No.10033677

Nice 1st ed board. I miss that.

>> No.10033715

rolled 4, 5, 6, 2, 2 = 19


Sister Mary throws her holy water on the Witch, discarding it, and spends a clue token to get +2 to her fight check. Burn hellspawn, burn!

>> No.10033718

Michael has a close encounter in the Other World... Mary's still deciding whether to fight or flee.

>> No.10033732

Great effort all around, fellow investigators.

>> No.10033742

Mary destroys the witch with a flick of the wrist. "I'm melting, melllllllllting!!" she screeches. Mary gets a monster trophy and continues on her way, getting this encounter in the Woods:
You come across a cringing dog. Pass a Speed (-2) check to catch and calm him. If you have Food, you can discard that to automatically pass the check instead of rolling. You see by his collar that he is named Duke. Take his Ally card. If it isn't available, gain $3 as a reward for returning him to his owner, instead.

>> No.10033749

rolled 2, 6 = 8

Psh, this is like a free shot at $8 - either I make it and cash in, or fail and don't take any damage. 2d6 roll.

>> No.10033774


Drawing the next Mythos card...

>> No.10033776

The one playthrough of this game I've ever seen had the players dick around and not kill enough monsters, so the horror track took over and they eventually got overwhelmed. We -have- to push on everything we've got, every chance we get, because we only have one shot at this to win.

>> No.10033785

rolled 6, 1 = 7


Aw, the poor creature. I'd better catch it and calm it down. Spending another clue token.

>> No.10033837

Nice reenactment of the Valentine's Day Massacre.

>> No.10033839

Yes, I can see how that would happen, especially as there becomes nowhere safe to go and the terror level rises. But we're on the verge of closing 3 gates right now, which I think is doing quite well, considering I've never played before.

>> No.10033877

Yeah we are. Well, part of it again was that there wasn't anyone suited to fighting the monsters on the street, so everyone ran around evading them instead of confronting them. You can only run so long, and the longer you run the harder it is to come back.

>> No.10033889

You gain Duke (+1 Maximum Sanity)
You get that increase in sanity as a free point.

The mythos card does nothing as an event, for we have no Dark Young on the board. However, a gate opens in Independence Square to Yuggoth, and two monsters emerge:
Several monsters move, and the flying Fire Vampire moves straight for Dexter.
Please do your upkeeps (Vincent: $2 and an upkeep roll, Mary, upkeep roll) while I update the board.

>> No.10033935


I'd like to move my Lore/Luck to 4/2, since with Kaslow I should have 4/4.
...unless I lost her. Did I?

Also, my Speed/Sneak to 1/3. I still have my Ruby, it's enough.

>> No.10033963

upkeep raising Lore and lowering Luck

Speed/Sneak: 4/1
Fight/Will: 4/3
Lore/Luck: 2/2

Now I think I need one more red or yellow other world encounter before I can go back to Black Cave and close the portal. Correct?

>> No.10033980

rolled 3, 3, 6, 1 = 13

You suck. That sucks. The Fire Vampire sucks. OK, I don't have the resources to kill it right now, so I need to Evade it. That's a 4d6 Sneak check, being made now.

>> No.10034010


Alright, I'm going to drop out after my action here. Need to sleep and all that. So someone else will need to take over Vincent and Mary.

Anyway, Vincent and Ryan trot along to the Police Station to see if they have any leads on what's been going on.

>> No.10034021


Oh, forgot my Retainer roll

>> No.10034032

For Upkeep I'm gonna move my Lore/Luck to 0/3, and await the rest of the turn.

>> No.10034034


And forgot it again, friend.

>> No.10034038

rolled 4 = 4


Let's try that again

>> No.10034105

Here's the new board.
Vincent keeps his retainer.
Anyone going to roll for Mary?
(If anyone's interested in playing, we have spots open to play Dexter and Mary.)

>> No.10034135

rolled 2 = 2


Rolling for mary, I hope I won't screw this up.

>> No.10034144

rolled 3 = 3

And of course I screwed it up. Goddamit.

>> No.10034173


It's cool, you only lose the blessing if you roll a one

>> No.10034188



>> No.10034230

You have to choose one.

Pass a Will (-1) check to convince Deputy Dingby to share some files with you that are very interesting. Gain 2 Clue Tokens.

This is the last one.

>> No.10034264


Do I? I was sure I had 2 focus.
Well then, I'll go with Lore/Luck 4/2

>> No.10034275

This is Michael's second encounter in the Abyss. Next turn he leaves it, same as Bob.

>> No.10034283

rolled 5, 5 = 10


I'm somewhat confident.

>> No.10034286

rolled 4, 6 = 10


It's cool Deputy Digby. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

>> No.10034297

What's my encounter for this turn, GUO?

>> No.10034305

Success. Two clue tokens.

>> No.10034318

Awesome. With that successful gathering of clue tokens, I'm gonna bid y'all goodnight.

Don't you lose the game without me now.

>> No.10034322

rolled 5 = 5

Luck -2? That's 1d6. And I'm still trying to get more players from sup/tg/ to come play, but none of them are interested yet.

>> No.10034350

rolled 3, 1, 3 = 7

Just for the record, I'm still trying to seal the goddamn gate.

Just going to roll already, mmkay?

>> No.10034371

Trying lore or fight? If it's lore you need one more dice.

>> No.10034375

rolled 6 = 6


Motherfu- I forgot the increase. Rolling the fourth dice.

>> No.10034385

Success. Want to seal the gate? 5 clue tokens.

>> No.10034390


Well, that's one gate less to worry about.

>> No.10034403


If I have the tokens, yes. I'm not sure now.

>> No.10034422

You have 8. Now you have 3, and a gate token. Want to move for Mary? Dexter's still deciding his turn.

>> No.10034438


Will do. What's her current speed?

>> No.10034452

I was actually waiting to see if anyone else wanted to pick up Dexter, but my turn's simple - sprint back to the Asylum and blow $2 more to regain all my Sanity.

>> No.10034466


After this turn is over, I'll create a new thread. This one's nearing the limit for replies bumping it, if I remember correctly.

>> No.10034495

If nobody else wants to control Dexter after he leaves, I'll take him over. Could you give us an update on your sanity, stamina, money, clues, and items before you go?

>> No.10034550

Sanity restored.

>> No.10034555

I've been controlling Dexter and Michael both - I think Vincent's leaving, and Jack's been controlling Jack and Mary, so it'd be Bob and Vincent on you. I think.

>> No.10034559

Right. Let's just go anywhere, say... Boarding House. Why not.

>> No.10034576

Hopefully, with the new thread, people will take the free chars. It's getting silly with everyone playing two.

>> No.10034594

Yeah. This would be a lot more fun with more people.

>> No.10034657

Hrm. I might also have to go in about half a hour. Either a new guy will take me as well, or... well, you're sure as hell won't play three chars per person, that would be silly, so we'd have to pick up later.

Sorry in advance, if that happens.

>> No.10034674

I'd hop in if it weren't that late. But holy hell, archive this and link to the new thread, I might be able to get crackin tomorrow.

>> No.10034680

Mary marches into the Boarding House.
You find a poorly boarded-up passage in the basement that opens into a winding tunnel. If you venture into it, you exit in the Silver Twilight Lodge. Draw 2 cards and encounter one card of your choice, discarding the other.

At the Lodge you could either:
You find an old parchment in the study. Pass a Lore (-1) check to draw 2 Spells and keep one of your choice.
Make a Sneak (-2) check. If you pass, you slip into the temple area of the Lodge and find 2 items of interest. Roll a die for each item. On a success, draw a Unique Item, otherwise draw a Common Item.

>> No.10034707

You know, actually, I think that after this turn would be a good place to stop for now. It's actually nearly 4AM for me, and I'm only hanging around because I'd hate to abandon the game again.

>> No.10034739

Sounds like a good idea. Doesn't look like anyone else is jumping to play at the moment.

Unfortunately, I will be gone for the next two days, running Call of Cthulhu under the stars. I shall return Thursday night, if the stars are right.

>> No.10034748

rolled 5, 5 = 10


Venturing in, trying the parchment.

>> No.10034787

I'd rather not jump into an ongoing game, but I would love to play sometime. If/when you guys start up a new game, I'll get involved.

>> No.10034826

Mary draws two spells:

>> No.10034892


Now that's a hard choice. Shrivelling seems stronger, but then again... Sign is invaluable against those pesky special abilities.

Shit. Allright, I'll go with the Sign.

>> No.10034918

And I have to go. Snap.

>> No.10034947

Well, crap. GM, wanna wrap up this round and start a new thread, maybe get some new blood?

>> No.10034952

And that's the game for this evening. I'll draw a mythos card and resolve it, update the map and characters, then we'll pick up the game on Thursday.

>> No.10035019

Ok. Even though we only did 2 rounds in 3 hours, I had fun. Thanks all.

>> No.10035068

For the sake of anyone reading this Thursday, Bob's stats at the end are:

Bob Jenkins
Sanity: 2/4
Stamina: 5/6
Money: $6
Clues: 3
Speed/Sneak: 4/1
Fight/Will: 4/3
Lore/Luck: 1/3
Skill: +1 Luck
common items: Knife, Dark Cloak, Bullwhip
Unique items: Elder Sign, Nameless Cults
Spells: Mists of Releh

Next turn should be pretty easy. Just using the elder sign to close the gate I just emerged from.

>> No.10035075

Yeah, the hard part is getting players that are ready with their turns so I can resolve 'em fast. We've been missing several investigators for a while now.
Gate burst:

>> No.10035107

Was fun man. I've been wanting to play Arkham Horror for a long time now, and-
Fuck us. A lot.

>> No.10035341

Oh, did anyone archive this? No, wait the archival thing doesn't WORK anymore.

>> No.10035435

It does when The Great Unclean One turns his dread gaze upon its inner secrets.

Gate burst soon, Investigator!
What?! When?

>> No.10035464

Oh, and I have an idea! An awful and terrible idea inspired by a fit of madness. I shall attempt to set up the board on Maptool to speed up the board updates for you all.

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