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Factorums, Y/N?

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I like how in some scenes they have people that aren't crossed, participating in the depravity.

Like the one where the fa/tg/uy and his family get killed, and there's just some normal guy fapping away in the back.

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but ya, sauce?

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An overrated comic. The premise is intresting, but it comes across as full retard several times.

"Oh look, we can easily justify killing children and then act like what we did wouldn't affect us in the least." <--- Full Retard.

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Crossed is fucking dumb. :/

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Yes. Yes it is.

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Garth Ennis Crossed.
Don't read it, it is probably the worst comic book ever written.
A-Grade garbage.
Ennis almost only does shockporn and he said that Crossed was some of the sickest shit he wrote. (I disagree, going on with Preacher and the Boys as long as he has was far worse)

Anyway, pure shit don't read.

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So what, is it like zombies except instead of undead cannibals they're retards with a thing for swearing killing each other and raping things?

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First comic ends with Fa/tg/uy, his wife and his kid getting raped and eaten. Mainly because Garth thinks that's "deep".
And if you open up an Ennis book there is one thing you can always expect.
Men raping other men.
It's like his goddamn symbol.

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>Don't read it, it is probably the worst comic book ever written.

I think there was that Comic in which Eminen turned into a Superspy and fucked the reader's mum in efige.

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those comics were pretty fukken fun to read.

so damn random.

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Would have been good with a little thought; instead it got a tertiary glance from the author. Forgettable characters, forgettable story, forgettable ending.

Good idea spoiled by a refusal to actually think about the subject matter.

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there's also the Eminem/Punisher crossover...

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Pretty much.

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The thing I hated the most. Crossed was supposed to be a big FUCK YOU to people like me who think they are prepared for SHTF moments. He wanted to say. HEY YOU GUYS PREPARING FOR THE WORST! YOU ARE ALL ARMCHAIR SOLDIERS WHO WILL DIE WITHEN MINUTES WHILE LIBERAL ARTS STUDENTS WILL BAND TOGETHER AND SURVIVE!

I was like :l

Seriously. I dont get his hate for survivalist.

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Pretty much this. Garth Ennis seeing how far he can go to incite shock, horror and revulsion in the reader.

Which ends up not working so well. He's not learned the trick of leaving the worst stuff unshown and letting the reader's imagination fill in the blanks - it's all out there in the open.

No, wait, I mis-speak. All the violence is out there in the open, with entrails and dismemberments and rage-zombies hacking people to pieces. The part where the rage-zombies also rape their victims to pieces is treated much more demurely. There's horsecock-as-bludgeon and some saggy old-man scrotum, but the rest of it's cleverly covered up.

Which does make me boggle, somewhat. Graphic dismemberment in comics is A-OK, but God help you if you depict a turgid phallus.

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I like Ennis and still think Crossed is pretty sub par.

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Iunno, I'm guessing these guys die about as easily as a normal human. Wouldn't the survivalists have an edge here?

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>Graphic dismemberment in comics is A-OK, but God help you if you depict a turgid phallus.
I see enough flaccid, old-man penis at work, don't need it in my comics too (general care for senior citizens if you are curious)

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Survivalists tend to be a bunch of self-satisfied douchebags who sneer at the sheeple who don't live like they do, and eagerly await the day when civilisation implodes so they can feel smug about their big heap of bullets and MREs while everyone else dies. Because in their fantasies they are all super-competent super-soldiers who will prevail through gun-fetishism and douchebaggery dressed up as post-apocalyptic survivalism.

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talking about this? she's a action mom

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well to be fair they probably are a lot more competent, well armed, and prepared than the average crowd.

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Yeah, but do you need to see people being disemboweled and hacked apart with machetes in glorious technicolor either?

I read it out of curiosity and because I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff (though under no illusions about how long I'd last in such an event). I ended up eyerolling my way through most of it, because it's basically ten issues of Garth Ennis going HEY, ISN'T THIS SHOCKING AND DEPRAVED? AREN'T YOU DISGUSTED? ISN'T IT HORRIFIC? CHECK OUT THIS TOTALLY SICK SHIT I'VE WRITTEN!, which loses its appeal pretty quickly.

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No, the bit where they come across an uninfected Kindergarten teacher who's been trapping and killing other uninfected people for food. And feeding them to her class of eight-year-olds who would've starved otherwise.

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The fuck is the premise behind this?

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Kindergarten teacher.

Class of eight year olds.

Think about this for just a second.

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Well, wasn't one of the reasons they decided to kill those kids because their teacher or whatever was teaching them how to trap and kill other people and eat them?

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on that, wasn't it the narrator that did the shooting? and really, it was a kindness since they couldn't take them with them and a quick death is preferable than the Crossed

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Thats not true at all. While it may seem that survivalist. "Most of which are ex military" are somewhat cold or not responsive to you during talk its not that they are dbags or anything like that. Its the people they hang with. Youre not one of them. Its like dropping a nerdy white guy from the suburbs to the middle of the ghetto.

Most of them are really not trying to be dicks but they come off as such.

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Did the teacher ever actually say those were kids from her kindergarten class?

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Haha, I think I'd rather look at vampire Nazis attacking London again.

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moar crossed?

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To play the devil's advocate she could have been at it for 2-3 years, or she just found some other class. I haven't read it myself (for obvious reasons), but either way I'm sure it's pretty obvious if it's possible for those that have happened

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A plague sweeps across the world. It shuts off the parts of the brain that keep people from acting on the horrific, evil, unspeakable thoughts that society trains us to reject. So you end up with a bunch of rage zombies who're still capable of thinking and reasoning and planning ahead, but are utterly inhumanly cruel and brutal - murderers, torturers and rapists all. They also exhibit the facial rash seen in the page posted, which serves as a handy way to tell the infected from the uninfected.

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A Crossed sequel about a man who is semi immune to the virus/whatever. Maintains the rash across his face but is still in control. Wears armor for PLOT REASONS that resembles 12th century templar armor. Helps a group of survivors to safety but maintains his uniform to hide his infection, keeps general distance in fear of infecting them.
There, I just made Crossed readable.

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>Slaanesh THE COMIC

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If you want end-of-world fiction, just read S.M. Stirling.
Ennis is best left unread.

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I still wouldn't bother reading it

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Sounds cool, but it looks like the author used it as an excuse for lolrandom swearing and shock-value.

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So then it's agreed - Garth Ennis is hella trollin.

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Civil wars - bullets kill everyone equally and the ones that do not stop to rape the corpses get more kills.

Normals win.

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She described herself as a Kindergarten teacher, and said they were her class. The narrator later says something about killing a bunch of eight-year-olds. There's room for unreliable narrator stuff there, it's a minor inconsistency that's pretty easy to rationalise.

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>but are utterly inhumanly cruel and brutal
oh i dunno. they seem very human indeed.

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Wow, is every enemy or villain in Ennis's comics religious, a redneck, neonazi, or any combination of the three?

This guy's a one trick pony. Doesn't he know religious symbolism and bashing on rednecks is cliche?

Pic unrelated, just felt like sharing it.

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I wounder why these people hate Ennis so much. Crossed isn't horrible, it's just OK. It is FAR from the worst comic ever written.
Ennis has done the best Punisher, the best Nick Fury, a very good, but really overrated series called Preacher, a disgusting comic that slowly becomes better called The Boys, and some good miniseries stuff.
Check some of his stuff out, but be aware that he does have this thing about peoples' dicks getting cut off. He also likes to attempt to shock people, which he has done effectively, but not in Crossed. Crossed was the equivalent of browsing /b/ for a couple of hours, though I must confess I did kind of enjoy it.

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It spreads fast, through bodily fluids. A cop gets spat in the face by a Crossed prisoner, and wigs out within minutes. It tears through dense urban populations like wildfire, to the point where by the time the government's working on a response the normals are thoroughly outnumbered by the crazies.

There's mention made of the Canadian military trying to shut down the border but getting infected as well. So now you have a fuckload of torturer-murderer-rapists who have guns and tanks and are trained in how to use them.

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>oh i dunno. they seem very human indeed.

Would you really think that a comic written by Ennis could deal with how fucked people can be while still remaining pretty normal?

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>deep down emotions society trains us to neglect

I don't know about you guys, but for me that would result in pretty much this: me, but jacking off all the time.

that's it. the only change.

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So it's magic again.

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Gonna have to go with you on that. I might punch or bite people if I got really angry about something, but otherwise it'd just be masturbating at inappropriate times all day long.

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I just keep wondering if some redneck raped Ennis up the ass when he was a kid, Deliverance style. In almost every comic he makes, there are either villainous or inbred rednecks, and almost everyone from the heartland is a redneck.

The religious thing, well, I can already tell it's probably from some childhood angst or personal grudge. Most people who are atheist dislike religion at least a little bit, but his comics reflect something more than just simple dislike.

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yeah, I might hurt someone if I'm real angry.

but I hardly ever get angry, so it's mostly ALL MASTURBATION ALL THE TIME

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When I say "inhumanly" I mean "beyond the capacity of a typically well-balanced human being". Most human beings are fairly well-balanced, in that they don't torture and rape other human beings to death and then eat their flesh. There are exceptions, yes, but they are mercifully rare.

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not many people WANT to rape people to death and then eat them. it's not "social conditioning", it's simple effort.

why on earth would you take the effort to rape someone to death when you could just rape someone? why would you eat their corpse if you could just go and loot some canned food?

being slightly civil is just easier and more comfortable.

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That SOUNDS retarded. So the disease is really that specific? Only the urges that make people utterly depraved psycopaths?

What about suicidal tendencies? Or urges to just give away shit until you have nothing left for yourself?

It feels like a bullshit plot made up after the fact to justify the story he wanted to explore.

Is this virus a "God's Curse" or some BS?

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In my case, that smoking hot thai girl at work would get raped over and over and over again.

>> No.10030227


Fuck knows, ask Garth Ennis. Apparently he thinks that deep down everyone just wants to rape people to death and eat them.

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If women get infected too then I could just spend the rest of my life fucking some psychotic nymphomaniac.

>> No.10030284

why would you rape her when you could just jack off?

the only reason I go after girls is because society says I'm a loser if I just jack off all the time. crossed, I wouldn't care.

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>Most human beings are fairly well-balanced, in that they don't torture and rape other human beings to death and then eat their flesh.
mostly because they have either been taught not to or are afraid of the punishment for doing so.

take away morals and the fear of punishment for their actions and anyone would be able to do anything.

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Capable, but not likely.

Except for a few, we all those sociopaths. People capable of literally anything.

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>implying ability and inclination are the same thing

even with all morals removed, it's a lot more effort to rape someone than to just jack off. it's a lot MORE effort to rape someone to death than just rape someone. it's even MORE effort to eat them instead of stealing their food and eating that.

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It's not really explained or explored in much depth in the comic - there's some speculation, but eventually the protagonists shrug and go "i dunno, lol".

You could explain it by saying that it shuts down impulse control, so as soon as someone thinks of doing something they do it. If it also makes you feel sick and cranky, it means you lash out at anyone around you - only rather than being snappy or curt, you claw their face off.

Or maybe it's that everyone acts on their darkest innermost urges, and those whose darkest urges involve horrible violence rise to the top - the ones who spend all day fapping get killed off by the ones who spend all day killing, until only the violent types are left.

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Never! The glorious fapping master race must live on!

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Until she cut your cock off
Because she is hot and my penis says "DO WANT"

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You don't need to be well-balanced not to rape and torture people. Most tards don't do that, most unbalance people are just depressive and sport self-destructive behaviour, ect. It's pretty silly to have everyone go RAPERAPERAPE all the time just because they can't feel themselves doing bad things anymore.

>> No.10030463

I'd probably stop cooking my steak and not working...that's about it, I'm hard pressed to believe that society has anything to do with me being lazy, or the wish to sit around watching cartoons.

>> No.10030472

Still sounds retarded. I can't imagine there being anything interesting to read within the story.
I mean if all your going to do is explore the fucks like well, OPs image. Why bother?
I'll take a good old Zombie Invasion over this. When you give them enough humanity to be "Rationalizing" and they don't use it. It throws the story off.
That's a good theory. But it doesn't really pan out.

The fact is that people already ARE capable of anything. It's the Pavlo response, we know things are harder if we go against the flow of our respective societies.
Doesn't mean we can't do it and doesn't mean we won't suffer horribly if we try.

The part I don't get is the suggestion that when you strip someone down to base parts they are automatically going to be a murdering psychopath. That doesn't sound right to me.

Now if the comic presented some that masturbated all day like many express in this thread. Some that spend all day obsessing over a detail like say getting all the plants in a garden at 90 degree angles...Maybe a guy who eats his own tongue or another that lights themself on fire. Or jump off a building/hurl yourself out of a moving car.
Maybe then I can believe it's an accurate account of a lose of impulse control. If it's just psycho killers then someone is fucking psychology in the ass.

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That is one of the premises in the series: The crossed do nothing we haven't already read in real world newspapers people have done to other people.

Most of the haters in this thread can't cope with that fact.

>> No.10030508

One of the characters (right after becoming infected, right before tumbling himself and his girlfriend off a cliff on purpose) remarks that it's like poison, but you want more and more of it.

He got infected by attacking a crossed by tearing out his throat with his teeth.

>> No.10030513


People have ejaculated on their bullets in a bowl prior to firing it at other people?

>> No.10030527

> People hate shitty comics because they don't know bout my GRIMDARK

>> No.10030554

Every nasty, sadistic, insane and/or horrible thing you can imagine and many things you cannot have been done already. Between the nature of man, several thousand years of civilisation and many thousands of years more without pretty much anything has been done one time or another.

>> No.10030577

>catching someone on fire while lighting a cigarrete

okay, that's easy and cool. I might do that.


>> No.10030616

Scale is important however.

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>That is one of the premises in the series: The Electric Retard do nothing we haven't already read in real world newspapers people have done to other people.

>Most of the haters in this thread can't cope with that fact.

>> No.10030649

Once in vietnam and I think it happened a couple times during the Spanish-American war.

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>> No.10030676


No, it's cool, we got that point because it was rammed home with great force in every issue. There's some potentially interesting stuff done with blurring the lines between the crossed and the uninfected - killing children is a pretty huge taboo that a couple of the protagonists break, as described previously, but it feels heavy-handed and forced.

It could've been more interesting if the world wasn't so clearly divided into CROSS-FACED CRAZIES and DESPERATE NORMALS. If there were some people who got the rash without the craziness, or got the craziness without the rash, that could've mixed things up and kept the reader guessing. Is that guy a crazy infected whackjob, is he a regular whackjob, or is he just a normal person pushed to extremes and doing everything he can to survive? Is that guy with the facial rash really in control of his faculties, or have the infected learned to suppress their urges long enough for their targets to lower their guard?

That kind of thing.

>> No.10030681

Cite this shit

Vietnam I might be able understand, but really?

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Are you asking whether the crossed rage zombies are real? Are you mentally deficient? I meant, really, are you a fucking idiot?

Leave out the crossed mechanism. There have been people who have knowingly infected objects with their own AIDS infected bodily fluids and attacked other people with the infected objects. Sometimes succesfully infecting the attacked.

>> No.10030694

Except the crossed plague does NOT just shut off the moral center of the brain. The crossed are still able to work as large teams, walking thousands of miles together for weeks or months at a time to hunt down an uninfected person.

You try getting 50 normal people to walk for 4 weeks straight through he wilderness.

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>Electric Retard

>> No.10030753

And I was like all what the heck and there was a needle in the coin return and a note that said WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS.

>> No.10030787


They also kill each other, in the absence of uninfected people to kill. Maybe the Crossed just don't scream and plead as entertainingly as the normals.

>> No.10030798

The Boys started out pretty good, has turned to shit now tho

>> No.10030813

>You try getting 50 normal people to walk for 4 weeks straight through he wilderness.

It's a comic from a dude who wrote Superhero-comcis. Time and distance are reasonably fucked up for the genre.

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I liked the crossed. It was a nice twist on the usual boring zombies.

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Is Crossed misandrist?

>> No.10034507

Very much so.

>> No.10034566

Crossed is simple slasher fic. There isn't anythign new, redeeming, or useful in it. He has a mary-sue style female lead who copes with the Crossed like it's nothing new (implied spouse abuse survivor), the useless guy who slowly becomes trained to be a survivor, and a slew of other third rate carbon copy characters that are there to die and make some pretense at drama.

The crossed are just conglomerations of every post apocalyptic mutant movie ever made. It's B-grade zombie slasherfic, and it's not terribly well written.

>> No.10034604

And since I can tell you are a zombie fan, that implies you are a butthurt moralfag.

>> No.10034629

The thing that bothers me about Crossed is that, well, is there any reason to root for the survivors? The Crossed are way more interesting. They have all the fun. Pain is ecstasy to them. Nothing gets between them and a good time. Even if they implode into self-mutilation and cannibalism, they'll still enjoy it.

Is there a reason to not want to be one of these things?

>> No.10034642

yeah, its not nearly as good as all the comics you have published.

>> No.10034675

Do you have to be a chef to know you're eating shit?

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What are "factorums" anyway?

>> No.10034730

Well, uh, generally humans have morality. And that keeps them from going, hey, I'm gonna do whatever I want just because it feels good.

>> No.10034762

maybe he meant factotums? its a 1 key difference.

>> No.10034774

Wrong on both counts. I have watched a lot of zombie movies, and some were pretty good. As for moralfag, I am a regular on gurochan and write a hell of a lot of it, so, that probably isn't my problem.

I think you're upset because I don't like your Ennis written shitfest of pointless and meaningless violence that will be made into a movie that will get good ratings because advertisers like sucking comic artist cock. Ennis can write good shit. Crossed isn't among that good shit, and is just shit.

>> No.10034848

I'd watch the movie, but I enjoyed August Underground, too. I just like extreme media. The Crossed was shit, but it was entertaining.

>> No.10034864

Take away morality, and man is worthless.

Ennis has a true measure of man's worth

>> No.10034881


Is that why some of the greatest empires have been forged under a stunning campaign of immorality?

>> No.10034931

Look at the Romans.

>> No.10035001

>Take away memory, and man is worthless.


Take away sensory perception, and man is worthless.

Take away higher cognitive functions, and man is worthless.

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>That is one of the premises in the series: The crossed do nothing we haven't already read in real world newspapers people have done to other people.

I think that's one of the problems. Sadistic Rape Virus seems like a considerably less interesting way to represent evil than rational thinking humans.

Look at The Walking Dead for example. For most of the series, other human survivors are about 20 times more dangerous than the zombies.

Plus, you don't have to deal with Ennis' fixation with pedophile Christians and genital trauma.

>> No.10035149

Take away niggers and niggers are niggers

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>> No.10035232

> Virus
> less interesting

But perfect in effect. A virus reproduces until it runs out of material, almost exactly like a fire. The only difference between a virus and a person is that the person can choose to stop or avoid choosing outright an ultimately self-destructive path (sounds like a good paladin setup, FUND IT /tg/!) where as the virus is just a chemical /biological force that has no mind.

>> No.10035300


>>The Boys started out pretty good, has turned to shit now tho

The Boys has just... run out of ideas. Its hook was "superheroes are insensitive imbeciles with no responsibility." Okay, we got that in issue one... and issue six... and issue ten... and issue twenty...

The gimmick's completely played out, and the only way it keeps stuttering along is becoming an evermore luridly grotesque caricature, something that's so obviously overwrought that the message is lost beneath the absurdity of it all.

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