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Evil sentient artifacts dump

The stone hand was once attached to a statue of the god Belchor, a willing priestess sealed up inside the statue to become one with her god.

The statue, which once served as an oracle and according to some rumors was able to animate itself during times of peril for the cult, was destroyed during the Purge.

Parts of it were spirited away by loyal cultists and kept as relics while others were taken by treasure hunters or Purgers as souveneirs.

Now each portion of the statue has a fragmentary intelligence, pieces of memories and motives it communicates psychically or through strange dreams. The head is said to be kept in a vault by the champion of the last Purge, and on certain days sacred to the Belchor cult it speaks to him.

post weird artifacts and things suitable for easy campaign yoinkage

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Doesn't sound like much evil.

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fuck yes, a Isis hand

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you want us to make stuff up?

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ok maybe..it's...unaligned...

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yeah go for it

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So, is Midna's mask the Hyrule equivalent of Majora's mask? Or was the twilight realm actually TERMINA ALL ALONG?
How does this factor into the split timeline theory!?


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It's a sword permanently on fire. It burns your hand when you use it.

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This thread is now about Scrubs

+2 Int, -2 Str
Speed: 20 ft
Natural ranged attack, Spit 1d6
Floating: Most Deku Scubs have some sort of leaves or petals that they can rotate like a propellor, allowing them to float. A floating Deku Scrub negates damages from a fall of any height and can travel 20 feet horizontally for every 5 feet of descent. A deku scub floats at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability).
Fire vulnerability: Deku Scrubs are flammable and take double damage from fire attacks.
Favored class: Any

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The penis of Vecna.

Name is self-explanatory. Deals 1d10 blunt damage when used as a (rather short) club.

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This is OP. I am completely ok with this. Majora's Mask in general

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>This thread is now about Scrubs

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Forgot mah image.

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The Bane Mother.
The dark knight who had this forged sacrificed his own mother upon it's blade to awaken it. It is said that her whispers of doubt we bound into the blade and that it drove the man to lop off his own head to escape it's emotionally piercing torment.

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>emotionally piercing torment.

not sure if serious...

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Emo blade

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Man this botspam fucking sucks. I'm glad I don't have a job.

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The eternal tome.
Written by a race of long ascended inhuman creatures this tome was never meant to fall into the hands of mortals of the human world.

Reading the introduction of the book tells that this book is forbidden to all but the <inpronouncible word likely the name of the race>(henceforth only to be referred to as "the race") in language that can be understood but not be spoken by humans, along with several other warnings ranging from death disease to other torment to he who seeks the books power.

Reading more than the clear warnings set in the introduction sets the book into effect.

The reader will acquire an irresistible thirst for knowledge, he will will literally be willing to do anything to finish the book only being able to take short breaks away from it for 2 hours or more depending on willpower and the level to wich he understands the book.

(to be continued in next post)

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The reader will begin to modify his own body starting with his hair being flattened into a hard cap with wax or mud(its slicked back if he haslong hair) .

Later as secrets are revealed he will learn his anatomy is not conductive to the immortality the book seeks to grant only to The Race, unfortunately the book has a full hold on the readers mind, he will begin to walk strangely and his tongue will contort strangely as he speaks while still being intelligible, he will find himself having a greater understanding of things around him, being able to understand any magic he sees as if he studied it in depth.

The character will find himself unable to read further and if forced to look at the pages will be unable to decipher it writings and sketches, he will feel that he needs to visit a repisitory of knowledge and soak up all its contents(A library or even a nearby bookshelf otherwise he will study anything new to him very closely)

Next the subject will feel an itching in his neck until he finally cuts multiple slits on the sides of his neck, underneath are working gills, though revolting and inneficient they grant a quadrupled ability to hold breath underwater but have to be kept damp or they will begin to ache excruciatingly.

(to be continued in next post)

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The sides of the individuals head will constantly feel hot and after a while will begin to dimly glow, getting brighter with each day.

The reader ater the fourth day will wake up to find that in his sleep he has carved three small notches in each of his front two top and bottom incisors, he will find himself able to produce an elaborate variety of sounds by writhing his tongue and holding his jaw clecnched,he will find himself keen to explore the sounds he can make.

The sides of his head now visibly glow and the skull is slightly elongated towards the back.

The reader will now begin to experience the negative effect, he will have a clear image of what a member of The Race looks like and how unlike one he is, he will attempt to modify his body further and attempt to read further into the book.

Skin acquires a layer that looks like glued on gravel after one day, bonus to armor.

After two days the jaw locks and the mouth can no longer be opened,

(to be continued in next post)

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The characters head now glows all over and the heat is now close to unbearable,subject may scream as "hot flushes"(goddamn lava hot) flow over him

If not kept cool the readers head will begin to exude small sparks.

Two days after the lockjaw the characters head will burst into flame without being burnt to a crisp but with all the associated pain of being immolated character will eperience a failure of the mind as the alien enrgies become active in his unfit body causing him to flail and lash at out at anyone near, he will attempt to grapple and drain lifeforce from anything near, If cut apart body will hold it shape(disconnected arm will float as if still connected by regular means) Subject can still be held down and restrained, character will sream all the time and make strange noises with the holes in his teeth.

Two possible endings

1:character desintegrates in an explosion of twisted life force, strange plant will grow on the spot of death and die after a month.

2:An ascended member of The Race reverts the reader to normal by appearing from thin air grabbing the character and tearing the altered life force out of him then vaninishing leaving behind reverted reader.

Yeah I kinda pulled this out of my ass :(

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A warhammer with a spirit of rage bound to it.

Anyone who picks up the weapon is struck with an irresistible urge to attack anything nearby, and this frenzy stops only when the weapon is taken away from the wielder, or the wielder dies (Either in combat or asphyxia)

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So they swing it at thin air if there is nothing to hit?

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I was being stupid, his mother nagged him to death

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Walls, ground, trees... anything within reach, really.

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At first I thought you were going to make it one of those fish things... You know the really old ones that think their the master race.

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Deep ones of the cthulhu mythos?

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No, no... They're a type of Aberration in DnD.

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Poison sac... what?

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Nobody knows where the Crystal Skull came from, because it creates a new psychic lie every time it's (re)discovered, convincing the latest sucker of some outlandish tale.

Its only purpose seems to be sowing confusion and conflict. The histories it fabricates, and gets its owners to falsify, muddy the waters of history, and competition over it among mystery archaeologists and cults has been known to become murderous.

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Troll skull?

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What if this is wielded by a person that is familiar with raging? Do they have some control?

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droppin this on the party

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It's even got that Awesome Face going.

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It's actually kinda creepy.

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I think I see what you did there.

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Actually I was thinking of the real-life claims about crystal skulls, but now that you mention it...

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This bowl was crafted by a witch who had simply wanted to get a certain pestering royal out of her hair for a time; he came to her, repeatedly, seeking to be rid of impotence and apparent sterility, not knowing his wife had come to the same witch to see to it that he be unmanned most occasions, and unarmed on the odd chance he managed to 'rouse' for 'battle'.

While she knew that it would be disastrous to let the magics mingle, the frequency of the visits drove her to simply not care. She crafted the item, and then disappeared from the kingdom. The witch genuinely believed that the item would never be truly used as intended. She vastly underestimated the king's vanity and desire for heirs.

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Nobody knows where George Lucas' ideas came from, because he creates a new backstory every time they're (re)presented, convincing the latest sucker of some outlandish tale.

His only purpose seems to be sowing confusion and conflict. The histories he fabricates, and gets his owners to falsify, muddy the waters of history, and competition over it among nerds and fans has been known to become murderous.

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Used this one in a game once with some people with outrageously overwealthy PCs.

The money tree.

The PC's find a wooden box with a huge seed inside on a red velvet cushion.

The box and seed's location were found in a book or treasure map by the characters that tell them about the history of the seed and such.

The seed is to a special tree that was grown by the richest mage in the world (give some legendary name like Mithrititus or something)

It states that if grown on a hoard of gems, gold, silver, copper, etc it will feed on the wealth and will in turn grow a great quantity of gems and golden fruit and nuts in a 1:100 ratio

The players of course will read this to mean that for every 1 gold they sacrifice that they'll get 100 in return. In reality it's the reverse. They get 1 gold for every 100 put in. The gems are flawed (more on that shortly) and the nuts and such are simply wrapped in a golden foil.

The main problem though is that the tree is sentient, ambulatory, is highly magic resistant, has a number of spelllike abilities, and seeks to reproduce by eating a lot of treasure.

The way it reproduces is by eating a certain amount of treasure till its gems flower. (The flaws are actually where the gem will unfold when it flowers)
Once it flowers, all the gemstone petals fall off within a couple days and there are now dozens if not hundreds of new seeds which the tree will start to fling around as far as it can (up to 500 yards distance)

In a couple of years the players could well have hundreds of these horrible trees running around the countryside.

They ended up having to track them all down to rid the world of their evil

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Phallophage is made of an exotic metal, naturally dark with a tendency to exhibit a golden tinge along its most worked edges. Blisteringly unsubtle, it is cast to resemble a vessel, or bowl, made completely of male genitalia. Its function, aside from being a tacky decorative receptacle, is a specific form of essence-transference - if filled with with male members, the magic is activated, transferring the virility and potency of the collected mass into the consumer.

The king first utilized the penises of convicted felons who were certain to never see the light of day again., prepared and cooked by a chef forced into an oath of secrecy. That night, the queen's ordeal was heard from one end of the castle to another.

The queen died in childbirth the next year, over the course of expelling nearly a half-dozen offspring. The king quickly remarried, and the bowl came out of storage.

Unfortunately, with a dearth of suitable prisoners, the king began to experiment with using multiple species of 'donors' for the required meat.

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>Unfortunately, with a dearth of suitable prisoners, the king began to experiment with using multiple species of 'donors' for the required meat.

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This cracked obsidian mask is fashioned in the form of a Elven harlequin mask. Inlaid silver spiderwebs decorate the mask, and form intricate patterns across the face. It was created by Lolth as a way to further spread treachery and chaos amidst the surface fey. It slowly corrupts it's wearer and compels them to forward Lolth's agenda.

Pretty much invented it as a way to slowly screw with some elf characters in the party. Now a villain has stolen the thing, and the PC's are unwittingly chasing after him to recover a evil magical artifact.


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hee hee hee

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The Minotaur - a plain-looking sentient steel horned helmet that will mind control you and use your body to fight crime, won't do anything irrelevant to its cause like sleeping or eating, doesn't care about you being hurt and grants no superpowers. When current user dies a new one is found. The helmet itself cannot be destroyed, if trapped somehow it simply teleports away.

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What it actually is, is a subject of great debate. Is it a naturally-occuring parasite? A demon-spawn? A magical experiment gone wrong? No-one really knows, since it's not keen on talking about itself.

Its appearance is, apparently, relative to the viewer. It looks like whatever the viewer would use to form speech, for humans, it looks like a tongue and other relevant speech organs. Rumours of its power preceed it though, so it rarely has to speak without a host. Removing one's own speech organs and allowing the entity to enter your mouth is a painful experience, but some argue it is worth the reward. The entity is very, very persuasive. Since it now talks for the host, it can use its massive powers of influence and persuasion to get whatever the host wants.

Of course, the fact that the hosts tend to end up somehow dead rarely deters the type of person insane enough to seek it out. When your power of speech is given to someone else, who knows what they'll do?

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