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Hey /tg/, was wondering if anyone has the higher rez picture of the emperor that calgar has on his wall here, in the meantime i'll dump old 40k pics.

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shit, these are deviantart grade

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well old gw in general...

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/tg/ personified.

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I love beakies

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you can find it in the 1st edition rulebook supplement, Book of Astronomicon, I think. If you download a scan you can extract the pic from there.

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I see Yagram Bagarn got chainsaw arms.

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*everyone stands on top of each others' backpacks and points guns in every direction*


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rolled 67 = 67

The Marneus Calgar model (here known as Lord Macragge) is very exploitable...

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fuck you heretic

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Wow, everything in this thread looks shittier than the thing above it. And the OP's picture is already quite shitty.

People actually nostalgia for this stuff?

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oldhammer 30k

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Shut your whore mouth.

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Though yeah, I agree this is pretty bad

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I'm still hoping someone has the picture I wanted so i don't have to go digging for that astronomicon book.

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How you folks like old orkz?

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Yea. There's the odd bit of cool art - 10019018 for example - but I'll never understand the praise the old editions of the game gets, beyond it being pure, blinkered nostalgia. Cringe-enducing comedy, idiotic 'Metal' overtones...the modern tendancy to make everthing overly GRIMDARK is annoying as well, but so, so much better than what came before.

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Because you haven't read Rogue Trader.

The rule book is filled with fluff. Every page is overflowing with it. Rules for everything, ideas for everything.

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best eldar pictures, ever

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The Grimdark was added in the 90s, as that decade did to so many franchises.

It's only very recently that 40k is approaching something resembling a respectable setting. The process is two steps forward, one step back - Every time Black Library describes a believable Imperium, Matt Ward comes along and "derp derp 1000 Ultramarines safeguard a third of the galaxy".

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>Because you haven't read Rogue Trader.

Yes, I have. I bought a copy of the old Rogue Trader book from Ebay, just to see if it was as good as everyone said it was.

It wasn't.

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Where did you find these pictures?

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Isn't the fluff shitty, and the "humor" so bad it imperils your sanity?

My face when I saw Rogue Trader mention one Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau.

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Harvested most of them over years of browsing /tg/

I also when i get a scanner, will scan several old white dwarfs for you guys, including the original genestealer cult rules.

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>polka dot pauldrons
>magazine placed as far forward as possible for no reason
>what is this I dont even

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Yeah, because eldar used to be metal space pirates.

I for one, like the old (1st and 2nd ed) 40k, it had less of the lol Matt Ward ridiculousness and more of the ridiculousness that a lot of people got into 40k for.

And yes, I also like the old models (inb4 that stupid picture comparing badly painted epic scale minis to modern ones)

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Old 40K is charmingly old/bad/etc.

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You didn't see this.

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40k was wonderful before it started taking itself seriously and ramped the GRIMDARK up to 11.

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flood detector gets butthurt the moment I find more than two fuckin files. I'm scrolling through 3 years of unsorted /tg/ pictures for these.

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Where is this from?

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This thread is full of evidence that it was patently not wonderful in the RT era.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the reason 40k's grimdarkness is so hokey is that they didn't clean off the RT-era herp'n'derp before applying grimdark.

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Before 40k proper, there was 40k 'epic' scale that focused on titans and tank regiments.

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You mean >>10019033

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Yes, because initial 40k was so over the top that when they started layering the srs it kinda broke the feel of it.

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This one isn't so old, some of you kiddies should recognize it.

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This thread is filled with evidence that 40k was patently not wonderful in the RT era.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the reason 40k's grimdarkness is so hokey is that they didn't clean off the RT-era herp'n'derp first.

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From the 3rd edition Rulebook.

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>>10019313 was directed at >>10019324 but my prescience wasn't calibrated right.

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People really need to learn how to quote

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can someone please post the picture of the ultramarines dancing to distract tyranids?

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Second one was referencing a deleted-and-reposted post.

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checkout the cool dude behind the white space marine.

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Nah, man, the grimdarkness is hokey because it goes against and retcons the earlier awesomeness.

Damn, people keep saying "40k isn't serious lol" but then turn around and complain about the old school stuff for not being serious.

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yes, i'm trying.

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If we're going to tolerate your stay here on our little board, you'd best learn how to quote posts. try >>POSTNUMBER

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What awesomeness? Shitty art, shitty fluff, and the so-called humor that's so far below "shitty" that no word exists to describe it?

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Or click the actual numbers to the right of No.
They stick the quote in the reply box for you.

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In case you aren't trolling, you either just click the post number (that's the number after No. not the picture file), or put in ">>", then type the number yourself. for an example, see the top of this post.

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hey, you lot

Cut it out.

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>Ammunition Clip

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Dude, I want one of those.

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Because nobody cares that it's called a magazine. Nobody.

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I really need to stop raging at trolls whose only tactic is to assert that "My preferences are the only good ones". So I'm just going have to disagree peacefully.

I like the fantasy in space with 80s metal stuff 2nd ed had, you do not, let's leave it at that.

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primarch in heels

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God damn that looks fun.

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Its called a magazine, faggot. Its what you put in the gun.

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rolled 4 = 4

Dammit Khan, you look kinda fabulous there...

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>Dat table

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Your image is of a clip

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beginning to run low.

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Mausers load clips.

Also, Garands load clips into internal magazines (the kind that can't be removed.)

Now you know.

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oh hey i had it the whole time

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Maybe the pre-90's stuff appeals to some of us because GW in those days was much different. It was more like a group of nerds just doing what they loved.

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This, this right here. Today it's more about the money. Back then it was a bunch of nerds around a table going, "You know what'd be awesome? Heavy metal space elves fighting some space marines. Just look at this guy, look how angry he is. He's probably pissed he'll never get such great hair."

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Oh, and adding onto my previous comment:

Nobody in real life cares that they're supposed to be called magazines. Really. Only on the internet does anyone give a fuck about trifling bullshit like that.

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Holy shit! Is that wraithlord in the distance body slamming the fortress wall?

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... Pffthahaha. That looks like Red from That 70's Show.

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Laughing at the Emperor is heresy, you dumbass.


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Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

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Yeah i'm about out, ill post some old /tg/ stuff i guess, already found what i want on my own drive. Just like to share.

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How's that?
Still want to know the source.
I thought I have seen all 40K related books. This one i missed.

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A banner with COVERT written on it...


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Please tell me someone's actually converted this. Went all the way, gave a guitar to a fucking Titan.

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Have you seen anything older than 3rd ed? Any specialist games? It's pretty hard to find "everything" 40k related

That said, probably from epic 40k or 2nd ed

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Yeah I'm done, it's been fun.

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Oh, missed one.

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A little newer, 3rd ed. But still IMO the best dark eldar picture you will ever see.

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WHFB has better Dark Elves.

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I joined the hobby in the times of the 2nd edition ,i have All codices from that edition up to the recent BA codex in hardcopy, what'smore all my codices are codices are bound in dosiers with the related WD articles.
I own a copy of the rogue trader Book.
I did plenty of research in spec games related stuff have uncounted PDF-s but i haven't seen this picture.
It's a shame and i want to know simply the source.

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I never played warhammer, but if I did, I would prefer this over the modern. Campy 80s > Grimddork 90s.

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Fuck no. Second edition bright and colorful Tonka Toy Space Warriors sucked ass.

40k started grimdark and it's returned to where it belongs.

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Love that helmet.

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Ok, well if you've looked through 2nd ed, it's most likely epic, do you have epic? that or some obscure supplement are the only other old 40k books that would have titans

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has any one else noticed that the eye implant is on the opposite side to OP's pic

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Amongst the five editions of warhammer 40,000
the only finished and balanced one is the 2nd.ed.
That's why i'm playing that.
I have tryed all edeitions since, but i tend to return to the old ways. The new editions are much simpler though. But shittier too.
I'd say, when this game was created by hobbysts for hobbysts the minis were shitty and the game was good, now when this game is brought to us by merciless businessmen the game is shitty and the minis ar more and more awesome. Art too has evolved greatly.
But ewery edition has it's own feeling and each can be liked or not.

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i have figured ot that it must come from Epic and yes, i have plenty of Epic books:
Adeptus Titanicus
Codex titanicus
Space Marine (1st)
Epic: Space Marine (2nd)
Epic: Titan legions
Armies of the Imperium
Orc & Squat Warlords
Epic 40000
Epic Armageddon
Aeronautica Imperialis

Still can't find the pictures:
Okay, the older stuff before Epic: Space Marine i have only in PDF format and perhaps the coloured pages were left out. (the others are hardcopies)

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>Adeptus Mechanicus
Must be very old fluff.

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I miss commissar sunglasses, there was one picture in the Squat armybook in particular with a commissar crouching (or squatting lol), next to a group of squats that was way too legit to quit

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Ok, after saying that I went and found the picture, turns out it was from a white dwarf compendium.

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I love anon some times

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GW then: Made by nerds, for nerds, for fun.
GW now: Jews jacking up prices, Matt Ward keeps getting work

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