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I want to lay naked on a table and have two nerdy girls use by body as a w40k battlefield, bonus if they deep strike my anus.

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rolled 3 = 3

What if they use drop pods and hammers to similute terrain bieng mashed up?

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that'll only make my erection harder.
as a finale I want to come all over the loser's general.

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That sounds very inconvenient for them
His fatty jiggling would really be more suited to an aquatic battlefield I imagine

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I fear for my species... I really do

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Deamon planet

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Bring a titan over to the lower portion of the map

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Hookers dude, this shit is why prostitution exists: to fulfill bizarre, horrific fantasies that no sane woman would consent to for free.

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See, you goddamn God Emperor?! See the mess your followers have created? Now I'll have to get working on the goddamn Golden Path.

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