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I'm thinking of opening a game-store with a friend of mine, got any tips or a good name /tg/?

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Gayums 'n Shit

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Call it T&G Games

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run it as a business and not a clubhouse.

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Name it after some fantasy, mythology, or sci-fi location that's well known. Beggar's Canyon, Misty Mountain (which exists, so don't, because I think it's huge), Midgard Gaming or Hobby Shop.

It's cliche, but it gets the point across.

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rolled 4 = 4

Name it /tg/ Related

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Magic Missile
and >>10008028 he is right club house means you close with in a year

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going out of business

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rolled 10 = 10

But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be a friendly place that people would want to come back to.

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Hire Chicks.


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You could just name it Level One or something like that.

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I like this.

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kinda lame but what about /tg/?

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cool names

We where planning it like that.

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Gamers Choice

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Rats In the Cellar

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Crazy Hassan's

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Sell lots of cool looking dice and dice bags, but don't forget about the plain dice and plain dice bags. Sell playing cards of all kinds as well as books. Have an area where people can have sessions of their favorite tabletop game. Offer dice and other items to people coming in to play for a fee in case they don't have their own. Sell lots of paper and pencils.

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Tee Gee's Dice Emporium.

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Pro-game and pro-game accessories

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Name it "The Game."

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The Gentleman Orc

Fine quality hobbies and games for the distinguishing goblinoid.

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"How I Roll"

Logo is an image of a d20.

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Love it

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Game-store +1

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Depends on what is going to be your main revenue source

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make it themed as well, so that even if you go out of business people will remember you as 'that hobby shop that looked like it was from medieval times'

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Call it Uncle Istvan's Cabin

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You have to play music from bands like Hammerfall. It will add an atmosphere. You also have to get a big building. Have several rooms set off to the side where people can go in and have private sessions but also have an area in the main room where people can have also have sessions. Open at noon and close at midnight. charge people to use the private rooms.

Cont of >>10008496

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Lair of Dice

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Slice and dices.

Logo would be a d20 sliced in half by a sword.

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Manly Dolls

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They're Action Figures, Not Dolls™

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Diversify. Don't just sell RPGs.

Run regular gaming evenings where people can come and try games out, socialise and build a community.

Organise regular tournaments - CCGs, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, etc.

Give the regulars somewhere to hang out that isn't right in front of the till in the way of paying customers.

Keep it clean, well-lit and free of stench. Empty the garbage regularly.

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It's not a strip club.

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>Level One

Hilariously, I think this might work best.

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Kobold's keep.

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>not a clubhouse
That's a vowel.

On topic, call it "The Wizard's Cove."

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The tarrasque

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Gaming sessions, smart ass.

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Lawful Awesome

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Elven Arse

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Tomb of the Neckbeard

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It's what I'd call mine if I were stupid enough to open one.

I don't know what it is about the general area I live in, but FLGS's die here.

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How about...Outland...or Avalon.

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Fighting Fighters

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New Home
Dice And Bits
Bored Games

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Ants in the Pants and other incredible games

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I have a longer idea.

The Tomb of Tarrasque.

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Dawn of War Is Canon

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Too much free time.

There's your name.

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Tarrasque sleeping basket.

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Approved. Level One is an obvious reference if you're a pencil and paper gamer, but it's not so incredibly nerdy-sounding as to keep people from entering the store. Hell, it even sounds somewhat upscale.

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Cardboard Legends

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"Twice the Dice and none of the mice of" insert other gaming shop here.

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Mom's Basement

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Generic Tavern
(PCs get in here now)

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Now to think of a slogan...

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"Because XP is over-rated."

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Roll for (whatever you want here).....natural 1, come on in (etc)

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Protip: buy lots and lots of Febreeze, nerds smell bad.

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Games Workshop

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Board, Card, and Two Smoking Barrels

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Make sure its well lit and ventilated. Don't just cater to one type of gaming have an array of hobbies. Don't start it in a tiny place, you'll want enough room for tables for the gamers. Don't hire true neckbeards and don't make it a club house for yourself. Advertise alot, expecially if the town has no game shop to date. Have scheduled gaming events every week, like Wednesday tourney warhammer and Thursday tourney magic. Don't hike up your prices, if they can get online and guy it direct for 15% off don't think they wont.

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Make people who smell bad leave if the smell starts to get too bad. It seems harsh but you don't want your shop to smell like pit and shit.

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Where, may I ask, will this game-store hopefully be, OP?

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Level 1

"Start Here"

nerds fucking stink, which is why I only go to my FLGS during the day, when its quiet.

Then again, I take at least two showers a day.

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On the other hand, it's sound advice. All it takes is an hour for a brief horrific stench to permeate into carpet so thoroughly that it becomes a hassle to unstink.

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lemmie guess, you quit buying deodorant because of the GW price hike, didn't you?

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Geez. It seems someone's butt started to hurt.

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this is what normalfags actually believe

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Man, every thread I've seen you in, you've been spamming it with shit. Go away.

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well, the ones about black people definitely are.

/former delivery guy

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>Then again, I take at least two showers a day.
That's just plain old pants-on-head retarded.

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Of course the stereotypes about black people are true.
but the whole 'HURR EVERYONE FROM /TG/ IS FAT AND SMELLY' shit is just outright trolling.
And that's why I have to countertroll the bastards.

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I can't wait for the fourth of July. Most of this bullshit stops when the British and the Americans are celebrating being free of each other.

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har har

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>implying I live in Europe or America
Good luck with that, you trolling fuckstain

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showers feel good, I like to smell good, and more importantly, I'm a chef: after a 14 hour day I smell like a cow or pig carcass. Hell, on hot days like today I'll go home on my lunch break and take a shower.

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"Start Here"

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Look, TheDeathMerchant was just kidding. He does that from time to time.

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You cant counter troll something that isnt trolling. You just made yourself look like a complete dumbfuck.

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I don't know about Merchant here but when I used to do insulation I would shower both before going to work and when I got back.

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I guess I'll have to resort to Plan B for this.

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wait a tic, I never said anyone from /tg/ is fat or smelly (except the deodorant jab, but that doesn't count)

I said some nerds are smelly. I neither said anyone on /tg/ was a nerd nor that the were fat.

some people just really stink.

chillax, bro

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How's his cock taste, bros?

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Good job Sodapop Curtis, you just ruined this whole thread. It was nice, people were casually throwing out ideas, no one made fun of Pathfinder and you come in here because one person said something. Good fucking job.

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To be fair, saying "nerds are smelly" is pretty much saying "/tg/ is smelly." >Implications and whatnot.

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He said SOME.

>some =/= all

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"Level One"

"Start Here"

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Sudden nostalgia, but where is it from?

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I'm a nerd, I'm on /tg/ and I smell like minty deliciousness tyvm. And /tg/ is full of like minded dapper chaps like myself, or else I wouldn't be here.

and hey, you leave those guys alone! No one ever says anything nice about me, so I'll defend their honor to the death!

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Include a gaming section if you can afford it, and plan sceduled games for both newcomers and old timers alike. You can use it to promote new products and it creates a loyal customer base. Put in a couple of wending machines and an arcade machine or two for that extra pocket money.

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>Protip: buy lots and lots of Febreeze, nerds smell bad.
>nerds fucking stink
Not sure if serious...

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OP, what kind of area are you looking to start it in?

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Ye olde shoppe of Dungeons and Die

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call it the underdark.

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also keeps people occupied while waiting for a friend to pick which goddamn set of miniatures they want to buy, or for waiting for a table to open up.

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I have one neckbeard friend who always leaves a stench wherever he goes. whenever he comes over, I do have to febreeze the trail he took through my house. all it takes is one smelly person to require copious febreeze. it's sound advice.

my advice: have a used model cabinet for people to sell their minis at a listed price, and just take like 10-20% from them. the only reason I go to my LGS is to check their used cabinet for warhammer deals (and often end up buying miscellaneous shit in the process).

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okay, you got me.


For the record, OP - buy lots of Febreeze, some hyper-loyal FLGS fans have bad hygiene. Kick some of them out for it if it's really offensive, you're doing them a favor.

That being said, keep that place spotless. A Clean Store is a Happy Store.

Also, develop a good relationship with the local delivery joints, if you can bring them a lot of business, they'll hook you up.

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The War Room

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Holland, in a "big" city (most places here dont have gamestores)

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Also OP - I really hope you like Level 1 - Start Here.

That being said, I gotta get ready for dinner service, I'll see you cats later on tonight.

Curtis - let's hug it out, bitch

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Call it Assmaster's Fuck Den.

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Open it close to some food shops. Only let people bring in drinks, maybe some candy.

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1) Yes, find a good name
2) Sell more items than just tabletop and video games. These typically don't bring in enough money for overhead. Sell other things too, like scrapbooking and art project materials (which some of those things can cater to both figurine lovers and NORPs)
3) Keep it clean. Just because people run dungeons in your shop doesn't mean it has to look like one. I swear, game shops with a working bathroom (not one with plywood walls) and a clean, quiet atmosphere are few and far between. The kind of store you run will determine the kind of clientele who frequent it.
4) Don't be an asshole to people. This is another thing I run into alot. When I want to invite someone who's never played DnD or the like, I don't want the guy behind the counter to act all smug and demeaning to the new player.
5) Have your gamerooms or aisles give players of respective hobbies layover/exposure. Put DnD on one side of the aise and WH40K on another (or any other hobbies that might interest someone who only plays one). Have your WH40k gametables in sight of your DnD area. Casual exposure can eventually lead to genuine interest and therefore more money for you.

Hope this helps.

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Big Bad Evil Games

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Thats pretty funny

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Guys, don't feed the summer trolls. OP, just keep the place well lit, well ventilated, and clean. All you need to do. Level 1 - "Start Here" has a nice ring to it.

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One place I used to work had emergency showers in case of chemical spills.
End of a hot day, strip down jump in haaarghbbblgh thats not your ordinary shower.
Feels good man

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3.5 Vs. 4E

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Epic Legends

>> No.10009650

Have a day a week (like Friday) where you stay open late so people can have longer gaming sessions.

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Secret Area

>> No.10009675

Monster Closet

>> No.10009678

>implying that your word is law and that the OP must end his thread and go with the name that YOU want him to.
Sure is ridiculously self-inflated sense of importance in here.

>> No.10009714

He was just saying that it has a nice ring to it. Also, lots of other people have expressed like to the name.

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Little Wars

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I truly hope this thread is full of trolls, otherwise it is incredibly sad.

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OP here

1. "Level one" Sounds like a good, simple and general name.
2. That sounds like a good idea.
3. Every dirty gamestore I'v bin was just awefull to look at.
4. My mindset is, only be an asshole to someone when he is that to you.
5. Nice.

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Don't do just traditional games. Make it a general hobby store, and include things like airplane and tank models and the like. You'll get much more business that way. Sell hobby supplies like paints and things for building dioramas. Sell card games and other things like that as well. Every Saturday, host a game day where people can come into your shop and play their tabletop wargames. This will actually increase business as well, and might get people interested in these games. You'll have to build some tables and get some nice looking generic wargaming terrain that can be used for games like Battletech and W40k or Flames of War.

>> No.10009841

Have a book section where people can buy all kinds fantasy books.

>> No.10009866

Oh, and sell books too. You'd be suprised how many people who build airplane models like to read books about WWII aviation history and the like. You don't have to turn into a bookstore or anything, just have some good history series relating to the models you sell, books on hobbies and modeling, and sell the 40k and mechwarrior/battletech novels and the like as well. Don't forget the carry all the myriad rulebooks and stuff too.

And paintbrushes. And glue. And the like. You get the point by now, just make it a modeling/hobby store and include the tabletop wargames, D&D and stuff in your inventory.

>> No.10009882

given that most dutch book store only have extremely popular fantasy books (Harry P. and Twilight) isn't that a bad idea.

>> No.10009887

Tannhauser's Gate

>> No.10009905

Elegant Gentleman Games.

>> No.10009913

Protip, have 1-2 copies of ALL the Warhammer books.
I have been looking for them for ages now.

>> No.10009933

Fill up on hobby shit, model cars, model trains, model tanks, model planes, ALL DAT SHIT, fill to the brim with paints and other assorted shit to build shit, reserve counter space for cards of all kinds, magic, WoW, Pokemon, its all good business. Have rows for Fantasy DM books and character guides and have a back area where people can play on the weekend and also a table to show off a wargame and help people to learn it.

Just try and appeal to as many hobbyists as you can really

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Not the same guy, but I feel like it could be important to point out to some people that you can get excellent ideas for your Warhammer army themes, Dungeons and Dragons characters, World of Darkness games, and the like from those sorts of books.

They had some pretty interesting paintjobs on planes that could easily be transposed onto Space Marines or Imperial Guard, not to mention the colorful personalities of ace fight pilots and the perilous missions they sometimes had to run.

Of course, you might want to wait until you know what the player is interested in before you start sales pitches. I don't know what goes into running a store of that sort, but I do know that it gets sort of awkward to try to stop a man who's trying to sell you something that would sound terribly neat if you were interested in that sort of thing.

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This is really important to me; I like playing after work which means after dark.

Maybe you could offer layaway.

>> No.10010110

Sounds great, I was thinking friday and possibly saturday

>> No.10010179

Even though you're obviously focusing on gaming and hobbies, have a small comic section somwhere in the store. Also, put up a sign that says that you offer to import comics/games on request.

>> No.10010268

My friend came with that idea to (he got it from our local comic store, very small but has LOADS of comics and will import almost anything)

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You should have a promo were people guess how long it takes GW to shut you down and the winner wins like some of the stuff your gonna have to liquidate

>> No.10010592

Not relevant in hallond (no GW shops here)

>> No.10010611

There will be if you become successful.

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Don't hire your friends without clear contracts.

Don't hire creepy guys. Don't be creepy at women in the store; all I want is to go into a place and not get the creepy 'everyone is staring at me like a hank of meatbread' sensation. I like warhams and D&D too, guys, just let me be.

>> No.10010656

Protip: Don't hire a customer if you've noticed him being lazy, loud, or rude.

>> No.10010714

thats fit in the duhh area for me.

>> No.10010735

It should still be mentioned because that's the reason I don't go to half the stores around here anymore.

>> No.10010796

then its handy to know

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>> No.10010823


>> No.10010843


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Going to have to explain this one.

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Going to have to explain this one.

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open it close to a highway or near a city

promote yourself at cons and things

dont hire anyone, just run it yourself

Dont let people leech from you, or give them more money for their stuff than its worth. Its better to be a dick to that retard that insists his shiny cardboard is worth 20 bucks and keep your shirt than be nice to him and lose your shirt.

above all, keep it CLEAN and SMELLING NICE.
you and i both know that people who game dont have alot of money and are dirty. if you want to make a profit you have to appeal to the casual while not losing your hardcore base.

Also, get into the wheeling and dealing. convince customers that something they didnt come in to buy is something that they really want to buy. that doesnt mean shoving it up their nose, it means talking about how fun it is, how many people are playing it and how little of it you have left, and how youre hosting an event featuring (x) game next week.

gl op

>> No.10011486

Dead Horse.

But, yeah, to parrot the others, sell all kinds of nerd stuff; RPGs, card games, children's card games, standard board games(monopoly).
Then sell non-perishing items that would be... ahem, wanted or sold as a joke to them; deodorant, shampoo, condoms, sodas, etc.
If you are opening a store with no food places nearby, or if you plan to stay open late, sell food you can cook in a microwave.

Finally, if you are going into this with a good chunk of money, get 4 or 5 good-to-decent computers and load them up with a gamefly sub, possibly some of the more popular free games or games with subs(World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons Online, League of Legends, to name a few). Charge $/hour to use them.

Also, make sure the gaming area isn't carpeted. I don't think I have to explain why.

>> No.10011788

might have been said already but be sure to leave up some poster board for people to post about making groups and such. our local shop has one and is frequented by alot of gamers just to find a new group

>> No.10011905


another thing our local shop does is it has the gaming tables and all that seperated into another room from the front with all the displays and stuff. in order to get to the tables you either pay a small fee for the day or a month pass to gain access back there. with that membership you also get discounts on snack foods and drinks there and i believe you are also allowed to use dice, pencils, paper, grids, terrain, books, etc. the back rooms are layed out pretty nice with one open room and a couple rooms coming off of it making them sort of by themselves.

and btw sorry to bring up an old argument again but i must say the shop only tends to smell noticeably bad on pokemon and yugioh game nights.

>> No.10012082

Read the long-ass story about a guy opening a game store and its growth. I think his name was Michael something and it starts with him getting arrested, if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

>> No.10013959

bump for ideas;

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