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Oh hey guys look what I found.

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Ohhhh so that's how it happen.

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Look at his face at the last panel.

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Guy should have said... "I shall build you a cradle!"

And the King facepalms

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Well played, Oglaf. Well played.

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...that last panel is seriously the first thing that's made me chuckle at anything on the internet in months.

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It's funny, but there are no penises. What fuck?

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The alt text is "Foolish Theasus, I built the entire labyrinth out of string!"

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I love the last panel

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That baby must e a god damn tiny if you ought to build a labyrinth out of that, besides if you even made a labyrinth out of cheese it ought to smell like a motherfucker.

Its like stuffing pillows with prawns.

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>disappointed with a lack of penis

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guys what comic is this?

I bring you a gift of Orky Emprah.

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The labyrinth is to hold the chesse, and the labyrinth is made out of string because Theasus, who slayed the miinotaur in greek myth, used string to find his way back.

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He's not offering to build a labyrinth OUT of the things, he's offering to build them to HOLD it.

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You should know that the cocks dissappeared after they tried thinking about the wagon "It'll be there faster than you" causing serious paradox and their brains or whats left of them explode.

Is still want my cocksword.

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I think he's just confused that an Oglaf comic can be funny and lack dicks at the same time.

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I think these are much funnier when they aren't porn.

I like porn, but I don't find it funny.

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Why do oglaf comics make the best reaction images?

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link to site?

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Google Oglaf, it should be the first hit.

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No idea.

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lawl, boxer kockey

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Daedalus has Dorf blood in him?

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I bet the artist goes here. Pretty sure the person who does Keychain of Creation lurks here too, so it's not unlikely.

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That would explain why Icarus act like an idiot.

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>Pretty sure the person who does Keychain of Creation lurks here too
Yeah he lurk here. Seen that picture of Tits for /tg/.

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the exterminatusnow crew lurks here. At least one of them is a /b/tard.

Yes it is a cool name. It's sonic fan character furry 'verse though. Google at your own risk.

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how long until someone photoshops the last panel of that CAD comic?

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Furry meet 40k. Great

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Yes she does.

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you think thats a hard to copy style?

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Better challenge. Somehow shop Daedalus into the CAD comic.

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Jukashi is a guy. Fat irish guy.

He also runs a quest on tgchan.

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I was talking about the author of Oglaf.

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Over 10 seconds in Photoshop.

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Sorry, I misinterpreted you.

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Half Dwarf detected

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No worries bro, it's chill.

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Your webcomic is terrible and you should feel terrible.

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I wish we'd get more of those two.

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surprised this hasn't been posted

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I'm sorry you feel that way!

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Oh god. Look at all the image artifacts cropping up. We'll soon need some kind of structure to hold all these precious, precious artifacts.

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I'm not that guy and can't say it's terrible, I actually enjoyed it for quite a long time, but can't help being WTF'd by the current SECRET'SFAMILYDRAMA arc.

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Do you feel terribly sorry?

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>"Foolish Theasus

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it's because they are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye

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Oh? They were rather pleasing to the eye after the last fountain they visited.

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I don't know about that...

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I'd feel more sorry if I knew what I'd done to make you not like it.
Is it a good WTF? It's a hard balancing act, when you try to bring a character's past more into the spotlight.

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Over 10,000 hours in Paint.net etc.

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How about a box?

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>googles keychains of creation
Not my cup of tea.

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You guys knew Bum tickley plays warmachine?



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What would you do if you found this Fountain of Girl?
Drink from it?
Pour it into the city water supply?

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Just because he likes something, that doesn't make it bad. Hitler liked art, cats, and was a vegetarian. That doesn't make those things (more) evil.

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>Is it a good WTF?
Not really. Maybe I'm just affected by inane ramblings on patternspider forums, but the possibility of Marena being Secret's mother (or father) sounds awful.
Though Misho is pretty awesome lately.

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Claim it, find an antidote, sell the water and the antidote.

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You'd get tired of lesbian sex forever.

Well, until the next city finds out there is a city entirely full of relatively weak, nubile women one over.

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Vegetarianism is pretty evil. It turns people into veggies.

>Pour it into the city water supply?
I like the way you're thinking.

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>Your mum, dad and granny are all girls now
what do you do?

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Did somebody say -4 STR?

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Don't know what do.

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ha ha now the b^u comic make sense

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no, I'm going more about the lines that he's watching you post this at this very moment.

And that his DM arc isnt just stereotypical shit since he might have contact with some real roleplayers.

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I'll spoil one thing right now: Marena is not Secret's mother. There is something there, but it's far more complicated than that.

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only if I found the fountain of cock as well

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It's not necessarily the city you like in.

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>Well, until the next city finds out there is a city entirely full of relatively weak, nubile women one over.
>of marriageable age

I have a mental image of hordes of men flock to this town and then proposing en mass.

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The sad thing is, his stuff isn't that bad when he actually draws.

Christ, I just defended Fuckley, I feel so dirty.

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The water appears to turn everything you are wearing into a bikini. This would not bode well if all the guards are wearing their only armour and weapons. And the blacksmiths their hammers and whatnot.

Try explaining to the traders that you have none of that without word getting out.

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Two weeks in a row with nothing horrible happening to a man. Are you sure this is Oglaf?

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I like to think that the Fountain of Cock won't turn her back into a man, it'll just give her a cock on top of what she already has.

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I don't see how that was implied anywhere. I guess it was just fanwankery.

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All my theories down the drain. Jesus.

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use the fountain to upgrade all hambeasts and fags to Girl level. It's the right thing to do.

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She's saving her ideas.

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That seems likely. Along with turning him/her into a giant cock. Or a normal sized one.

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> it'll just give her a cock on top of what she already has.
Instant hot shemales! Yes!

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I just figured it would turn his tongue into a cock.

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It's a fairly easy conclusion to draw, compared to some of the hints I've dropped.
Secret's mother was a homewrecker.
Marena went on a 'tour' of Creation before she calmed down.
Marena has a child that she doesn't know the location of, but Aria does.

Unfortunately, Secret's older than she looks.

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>Secret's older than she looks

Is that her secret?

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yeah 'proposing'

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There is no fountain of Cock. You need to use the Cockbats for that.

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Well, why else would them being nubile be a factor?

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One of them. I won't say anything more.

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That's not really much of a secret though, is it? I mean most women over a certain age have that secret and everyone just kind of plays along with it.

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What happens when you get impregnated by Cockbats?

Oh rite >>10003978

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How does he paint so well despite not having a single artistic bone in his body?

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Probably because he spends more than six minutes slapping together the paintjob on his minis. Unlike his comics.

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Painting models isn't called 'artistic skill'. It's "colour in between the lines". Now someone who can sculpt well and paint that is getting closer to art.

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OK, thanks. BTW, I can't really figure out what year is it in your comic. It kinda looks a bit later than standard Empress' disappearance + 5 years.

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>stating a subjective term with an objective view
troll harder

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Actually, his sketches look pretty decent.

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Especially most Abyssals, since they don't really age (unless they decide to decay rather than buy up Appearance with Essence).

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>What would you do if you found this Fountain of Girl?

>Pour it into the city water supply?

And now I have the hook for my next DnD game.

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Even if they drop to 0 Appearance, they still don't age at all.

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Take an internet

>> No.10004704

Bad memories, or just dumb?

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Not in a real since, but their appearance begins to look like "old dessicated mummy" rather than "sexy young goth chick". Their body doesn't age biologically, but they won't look young.

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I never got that joke.

Is his dick all nasty because he tried to have the cockbats go at it or is it just really fucking nasty in general and, as such, even if the cockbats DID want cock then they'd be unlikely to come down?

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The cockbats want cock. You just shouldn't give them any.

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The guide thought the cockbats wanted cock, so he tried to give them some.

It's just the noise they make.

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he tried to fuck a cockbat but it savaged him

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well done

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It's because Oglaf browses /tg/ on a daily basis. S/he knows what we want.

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Lies. I haven't seen the womb dagger pop up anywhere yet.

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You don't want to know.

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Alright /tg/, it's time to pick out an Oglaf Comic and make as many reaction images as possible.

I did this one for you.

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pinkhaze. "No Berserkers Allowed"

>> No.10005550

Ever hear of a recto-blade?

Flip it around.

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It's the horrible, weaponised opposite of an abortion.

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Dagger that, I seem to recall, instantly kills anything. Can only be used by a female (I think? Or hope?). 24 hours later you become pregnant with anything you have killed and go through an accelerated birthing process, magically sustained to survive if you do something like kill 50 giant flies, though not magically sustained to not be fucking wrecked, disgusting, crippled, and in horrible agony forever. If you are killed by something other than the birthing process, they are still spawned from the carcass.

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That was one of the better things to ever come out of a cursed-artifact thread. It's just the right amount of horrifying (which is "extremely").

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Then there's the Greater Womb Dagger, which also works retroactively, forcing you to give birth to every creature you've ever killed. You'll have litters if it calculates that you'd die of old age before managing to birth them all.

>> No.10005722

Oh, its sequential? I thought it was just all the things you'd kill would be hyper-spawned at once in one horrible, womb-bursting... urgggh I don't feel so good

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I thought for as long as the mother was expecting, she too was nigh indestructible.

That way if she killed a titan or whatever, the baby wouldn't rip her apart and kill her, her body just keeps re-healing to accommodate it (and any injuries she may sustain).

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Just so you know, Hitler wasnt actually vegetarian.

Or at least, if he was, he was terrible at it.

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Oh, no no no. That would be over far too quickly. Of course, if the wielder was, say, a halfling that had gone on a giant-killing stint at some point in her career as an adventurer, then it wouldn't exactly be pretty. A few years of constant agony as your body distends and warps, bones being forced out of position and womb swelling massively as it strains to contain the baby inside that is growing bigger than its mother, and all through it you're kept unable to die by the dagger's lifegiving magic.

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No, his sketches are just more detailed versions of his comic.
They have no depth, show little understanding of anatomy or proportion, and every character he draws looks infantile due to their enormous heads.

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>womb dagger

Here, just read the thread that spawned that monster.


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