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lolwut get

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oh my

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Well that's something

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Well shit

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A /tg/ get?


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you piece of shit

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>not 9999999

fucking fail get

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It's a fail and success at the same time

Not bad

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Look at that Baka

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I'm okay with this.

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No one cares.

Can you please get out of /tg/ now please.

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Oh well, glad that's over.

Now fuck off.

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(9) got 10 it seems.

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/Touhou Get/

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Could be worse. At least /sp/ can fuck right the fuck off now.

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AAHAHA You crazy touhou bastards did it. Well done. Now /tg/ can stop being shit and everyone can go back to their respective boards.

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Okay lads, we're had our fun, now move along

inb4 nofunallowed.jpg

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Cirno is stupid and timed the post wrong. Eye am disappoint.

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cirno get

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I am ok with this.

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I claim this get in the name of Mourihno.

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Hell yeah, Cirno get!

/tg/ Touhou games.

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Goddammit Cirno.

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And that's a wrap.

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/tg/ is forever /touhou games/. Suck it, /sp/.

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The 2nd strongest get.

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At least /sp/ didn't get it.

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Clear proof that ➈ is the strongest.

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Touhou-shit spammers out-spam everyone else.

No one was surprised.

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I think this is a pretty sad affair of things, don't you /tg/?

Remember the 4M get? Now that was an epic one. Yet this time all we get is a goddamn bunch of /b/tards and other scum, and then the thread is archived anyway like it was some kind of a goddamn triumph. Disgusting.

Have a kobold and a dragon about to engange in some rumpy-pumpy.

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See >>10000134

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OP was aimming for 9, he missed

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At least it's not /sp/get

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Oh Cirno.
You lovable little baka, always doing it wrong.
Never change, little fairy girl. Never change.

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>Implying cirno doesn't belong to /g/

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So much more fun that way. Especially since it's a Cirno failing gif

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Cirno tried for the ultimate 9 GET, but she was just one post too late. So she got a GET, but not the one she was aiming for. She failed, but in a way, she also succeeded. How oddly appropriate.

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modGET is failGET

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this one calls for a slowpoke...

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% was for the greater good too I think.

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I was supposed to try to post an image of Daiyousei in this get rush.

It turns out that my bathroom break was my doom.

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Damn I was looking for that earlier.

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The real victory tonight was seeing so many other people who didn't give a shit.

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Sadly this or any threads after it will not be archived as the archive request interface only goes up to millions, not 10 millions. Someone go get LL up to fix it.

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Nothing like a spot of good old fashioned touhou hijack.

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Today is a day for everyone rejoice, where bakas can be the strongest and failure can turn into success, even while failing.

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Why? Then this crappy thread would get archived.

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*everyone TO rejoice

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Proving once and for all that .99999... != 1

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For posterity's sake.

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so does this mean touhou is officially /tg/ material?

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It has ALWAYS been /tg/ material.

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Victory screech!

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Oh god, I remember 40kget.
Has it really been three years?

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Was that 40M, with the picture of BALDROEAL FO THE EMPRA?

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This is the everyday of /jp/.

/jp/ is tsundere for Cirno.

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The SUPER SATANIC GET was pretty ironic, too.

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>Implying anyone would want this thread to be archived

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Ah, Emprah get was the best get.

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Daytime /tg/ is going to be PISSED

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I liked the 10000001 get too

>> No.10000465

I for one like touhou and warhammers

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What the hell was this.

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shitty touhoushit

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I (the guy who made and posted >>10000450) do too.

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That needs to edited to have the always sunny dayman lyrics.

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Hey, I've never understood this, can someone help?

Why is there such a huge crossover between people who like roleplaying games, and people who like an obscure amateur Japanese shmup?

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Fucking shit.

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Is that an assleak licking fetish?

If so, there is a guy I know who likes bloody asses. I could refer you to him if you like.

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Assloads of fanart != Public availability. Not a single person outside the internet that isn't a massive neckbeard knows of touhou.

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No clue what it is either, really.

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Posting in an epic thread.

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It's very similar to a M:TG plane. This was discussed this morning but Gensokyo might as well be its own plane with its high powered beings who look like humans and engage in elaborate spell duels.

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>asspie neckbeard

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It almost won a fucking japanese culture and technology festival, it got beat by the wii, it is not obscure bro.

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Failget is fail.

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>Implying anyone aside from weeaboos would care.

>> No.10000658

This was definitely staged.
But I am ALL for seeing daytime /tg/ get all butthurt.

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Poor Cirno, always failing at everything she does.

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>>implying Japan doesn't care.

>> No.10000667

Touhou is just such a shitty fucking game with shitty fucking characters. Why is it so fucking popular, and why is it ON MY FUCKING /TG/?!

It's as bad as goddamn RubyQuest!

>> No.10000669

The world at large has no fucking idea who these little girls are and why most of them never take off their hats.

>> No.10000671

I feel that 9999999 would have beenmore appropriate for Cirno....

>> No.10000673

how was it staged, by DIVINE GUIDANCE OF THE EMPRA, I slowly picked out a picture and typed up my reply.

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>Implying anyone outside of Japan gives a fuck.

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I suspect my mother might know what touhou is and she just spends a lot of time playing arcade games on her laptop.

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Now, if you faggots would spend less time fapping over Touhou and playing the games, this wouldn't be such a big issue.

Touhoufag is exempt from this, because he's a bro, and just about everybody on /tg/ has benefited in his system-breaking expertise.

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Those best be tears of joy because you know this is exactly what she wants.

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That and his posts aren't really touhou related despite making use of touhou pictures that strangely fit the posts at hand.

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Still doesn't tell me what it is. As far as I know it's some sort of Japanese RPG...of some sort. One that I've never cared about.

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Sorry brah, it ain't YOUR /tg/.

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you said you were going to bed in the other thread

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Careful now, Slaanesh hijack soon.

>> No.10000755


Try again, after using Google this time.

>> No.10000757

>Duurhuurr referenced post
>means totally agrees with being an asspie neckbeard

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Bro, I'm a Touhoufag at heart, I play the games, listen to the music and fap to the fap-art from time to time.

But /tg/ isn't the place for Touhou unless we're talking about the Touhou PnP, or Touhoufag is posting a new way to break a new system in ways that my math-addled brain could never understand.

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>Implying I wouldn't have googled it if I really gave two fucks.

>> No.10000776

Sorry brah, there is a touhou rpg. Your google-fu sucks donkey balls.

And if you have spent any time here, you'd know there is a group working on translating it.

>> No.10000786

For the amount of bitching like a cunt that you are putting out, you sure do care about it.

If you didn't care about it, you'd ignore all of this and move on.

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Listen faggot, the majority of threads here are tangently related to /tg/ somehow, fuckers like you only complain because your hyper sensitive, if you want this to be a police state why dont you fuck off to anontalk or 7chan, I hear they ban anyone who goes even remotely off topic there.

>> No.10000797

Oh...so it's a Comic.

Oh well.

>> No.10000798

"There is a touhou rpg" != "touhou is an rpg".

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>> No.10000802

Speaking of that, how have the translations come along?

(oh god if this isn't a futile attempt to make the thread /tg/ related I don't know what is.)

>> No.10000812

You forget that /tg/ rarely gets visited by the mods, so /tg/ is made up of what /tg/ wants to talk about. So if people want to talk about touhou, they do.

>> No.10000816

guess your on my shit list too then you fucking derp.

>> No.10000842

Wow... you're really are that stupid. You can't see that is a reaction image.

inb4 "I was being sarcastic" because you didn't type anything like (sarcasm) or the like to denote it.

>> No.10000859

time to add you to list of shitty trips to block

>> No.10000867

I'm simply saying, Touhou as a whole doesn't fit with /tg/, there's a /tg/ related Touhou RPG that's currently in Translation, yes, but Touhou itself is more of a /jp/ subject, no sense in getting testy, throwing around slurs and whatnot.

>> No.10000868

Nyt vittu oikeesti.

>> No.10000872

Ah uhm...ok.

>> No.10000876

Point taken, I'll shut up now.

>> No.10000886

you fail to realize that /tg/ usually has one touhou thread going during the night and early morning

also /tg/ touhou threads are much more civil than /jp/ and the conversation is much more enjoyable, so no matter how much you *TRY* and say it isn't /tg/ related, it still is

>> No.10000887

I'm not the original Guardsman Gary broski.

>> No.10000895

Someone once tried to argue that /tg/ isn't Nerd Central.
Except it is and was for as long as I can remember (four years, I guess?). What /tg/ talks about is /tg/-related. If you want to whine, whine elsewhere.

>> No.10000902

>implying that there is an original
I can just hide Guardsman as easily

>> No.10000917

/tg/ - /jp/ / General
/jp/ - /tg/ / General

>> No.10000918

But...can you hide Anonymous? :V

>> No.10000936

Just tried it on this one greasemonkey script.

Yes, you can hide Anonymous.

>> No.10000959

What's the point of filtering anyway? I really don't get it. Can't you just ignore them the old-fashioned way, while retaining context?

>> No.10000962

Huh. I guess you would lose out on a lot of content that way, huh?

I guess I'll go do something a bit more productive.

>> No.10000965

put ! on tripcode and hides all trips

>> No.10000974

I say we adopt /jp/. That board needs some serious guidance from someone. It hasn't been the same since the mods banned WuiG and fucked it up.

>> No.10000999


What WAS the 4m get?

>> No.10001015

Wait what. Are you genuinely supporting the presence of RP threads on /jp/? Have you not seen what they've done to /tg/? Do you not remember Alice *squeeze* threads and how shit they were?

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>> No.10001083

not that guy but whats an alice squeeze thread, its either going to be awesome or horrifyingly hilarious so post one.

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>> No.10001203

I didn't bother to cap any, and for the sake of my sanity I shall assume that no one else did either. But basically they took the general form of someone posting an image of Alice (see pic) with "in-character" (for the horrible fanon version of Alice) depressed-dere tones, and then others responding with *squeeze*.

On a related note, I actually had to hunt for ages to find an Alice pic on my PC....

>> No.10001224


Alice in canon is cool and competent, fanon either has her being Marisa's slut, or depressed.

>> No.10001227


>> No.10001325

could be worse

>> No.10001334

Alice is just an anti-social recluse.

>> No.10001350

>> No.10001366

I like the canon version much better.

Seriously, how do people like a mockery of their own social ineptitude better than someone who makes being an aloof nerd look cool?

>> No.10001396

Alice is made of Cooler Than You and SEXYBOOTS

>> No.10001410

That's not a get, you dumbass.

>> No.10001425

Everything is a GET. Everything ever.

>> No.10001426


You missed


>> No.10001470


Canon Alice is badass

Fanon Alice, not so much

>> No.10001478

That damned fairy is raping this board.

>> No.10001500

>Bitch, get out of the way!
That is basically Marisa's entire world view summed up.


>> No.10001508

this is hilarious

>> No.10001544


For some reason, I picture Granny Weatherwax as an older Alice.

>> No.10001569


And Marisa is Nanny Ogg?

>> No.10001576

I'm so glad I don't know who either of these two are so I don't have to suffer HORRIBLE MENTAL IMAGES.

>> No.10001589

meh. coulda been a worse get.
it coulda been claimed by the furries

>> No.10001627

Granny Weatherwatch is the Evil Witch, only she decided to be good instead. She does what is Good For You, which may or may not be what you want but that bit she doesn't care about.

Nanny Ogg is everyone's mother and grandmother rolled into one. Her cat is a Cat Elemental.

>> No.10001637

>Cat Elemental

>> No.10001646

Its Terry Pratchett

>> No.10001651

touhoufags are no better than furries

>> No.10001656

Internet slapfight in SLOOOOOOW MOTION

>> No.10001658

Greebo is as cat as a creature can be before leaving reality and becoming an ideal.

>> No.10001675

End of /tg/.

Not by furries, but by touhoufags

>> No.10001681

the same goes with his evil, about as evil as possible without becoming a dark god

though considering he's a cat, both facets may be one and the same thing

>> No.10001693

sage goes in the sage field silly

>> No.10001704

People always say cats are evil. They're not evil. Cats are elemental DICK. It is in their very nature to be dickish.

>> No.10001723

So it ends the same way as it started.

>> No.10002187


Not always - I've read a couple of pretty good non-emo Alice takes, can't remember them though. But they were good enough to make the sickly depressing ones stand out.

>> No.10002597


>> No.10002779


Epic fail, Cirno.

>> No.10002788

hey, guise, what's up in this thread?

>> No.10002831


>> No.10002858


>> No.10003173


>> No.10003305

lol awesome

>> No.10003499

What the merry hell is going on?
I don't mind all this tohou stuff
But this genuinely confuses me
Why is this funny?
Who are these very similar looking characters?
Why should I care?

>> No.10003534



>Why should I care?

Feel free not to

>> No.10003613

Icicle Fail

>> No.10006667


>> No.10006756

Aw, I missed it.

>> No.10006794

...at least it was /tg/ related.

TohoGet 10000000. Somebody archive this shit.

>> No.10008676

oh lawdy

>> No.10009225

bumpan a GET

>> No.10009351


>> No.10009461

>Maid season
Reminded my of Bugs Bunny.
Witch season! Miko season! Witch season! Miko season! Miko season! Witch season! FIRE!

>> No.10009559


>> No.10009698

10M is a reasonable milestone. Archive?

>> No.10009710


>> No.10009725


>> No.10009741

>non-/tg/ get


>> No.10010127

You heptiple baka!

>> No.10010287


>> No.10010318

failed into success?

>> No.10010598

Isn't it sad, Cirno?

>> No.10010760

>respond to self one day later

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