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It's not really hard to use if you define for yourself what abilities the servant would serve in your story.

Like what is the point in taking on a FGO servant with all their skills, if you haven't even defined what they can do, to fulfil their role in your story. And if they're just there for show or representative of something the servant can already do, then just take them on as superficial stats on the sheet.

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You mean hueism? I know, I know racism is the word the masses use and coined but it isn't even correct. We are all, to my knowledge, human. We may be of many colors and bear many standard of the fleshly body, but we are still the same race.

Actually, is there any way in Jumpchain to allow for smooth change within an uplifted society. I just noticed that my builds are missing that and uplifts are going to be rocky roads even with the magic and technology that my Jumper has without something like that.

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Wasnt that the whole reason actual Solomon got BTFO'd because he strayed from god by catering to his wives and bringing in false gods?

>> No.78030042

D.Y.N. Freaks.

>> No.78030052

Killed the Tribunal.

>> No.78030082

In gospel, yep. In Fate? No, that was all Gods Plan.

>> No.78030144

Yup. In Fate he was just a puppet of God who didn't get to be a "human" until he got to be Romani Archaman with his wish on the Holy Grail.

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>God meatpuppet
That was rude of the big man, well, more waifus for me in that case.

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Considering that it only gives you 300cp, I doubt that you're also forced to spend an extra thirteen-hundred years just hanging out.

>> No.78030202

Why is Ichigo fighting a guy on a dragon?

>> No.78030203

>Like what is the point in taking on a FGO servant with all their skills, if you haven't even defined what they can do, to fulfil their role in your story.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. My point was that it's hard to build those Servants because their Skills/NPs are so often undefined, even though they should be major parts of the Servant. The Servant Supplement is certainly good for building OCs since you have full creative control over them from the top down; but when it comes to interpreting and building existing characters, it's a lot harder to do so in a way that fits the canon character.

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When's the update to Young Justice Jump going to be? I guess it's relatively minor and has been put off for other things since, but I was just wondering cause of what Shard Anon was talking about earlier.

>> No.78030219

My point is that you have to define those powers anyway if you're going to use them in a jump, and once you do that making a build for them is easy.

>> No.78030230

>"You have to breed all the ladies, Solomon"
>"All of them"
>"Don't question the divine plan"

>> No.78030277

Reminder that they got rid of the virus. And that only made humanity hate mutants /more/.
The evil mind control virus was holding back humanity's racism potential.

>> No.78030285

>When's the update to Young Justice Jump going to be?
When it's done. I wouldn't call it minor since I'm basically remaking the entire Jump and even rewriting what does get carried over, but I think giving ETAs is a horrible idea given that I have a hard time sticking to them.

That feels like a weird chicken and the egg scenario since your build comes before the story. You might have a broad idea for what you want the story to be like, but the exact details are going to hinge on your build.

>> No.78030301

Do any of the MCU jumps cover agents of shield stuff?

>> No.78030325

>When it's done. I wouldn't call it minor since I'm basically remaking the entire Jump and even rewriting what does get carried over, but I think giving ETAs is a horrible idea given that I have a hard time sticking to them.
Ah, okay then YJ_Anon. Thanks for doing the whole thing then.

>> No.78030332

There are 2 MCU jumps, and yeah they both include some agents of shield stuff.

>> No.78030344

But why.

>> No.78030349

Qualia the purple. It's pretty much real life with a few rare and minor superpowers sprinkled in... then there's Myriad Self a power that could solo 99.9% of fictional universes.

I rolled and my first jump is warhammer40k - Adeptus Sororitas. I don't really know that much about 40k but from what I gather the only beings who could even potentially hurt me across all timelines are the chaos gods, which the mental fortress perks prevents. I suppose the emperor could try to mind control me in all possible timelines at once? Eh, I don't think he could pull that off while dying on the throne or would even recognize the need to in most timelines until I'm to strong to be mind controlled.

>> No.78030389

It's the secret canceled ending to Bleach.
The Soul King comes back to life and it turns out he was evil the whole time.

>> No.78030411

He didn't have a will of his own, but iirc, he only received a single vision from God in his entire life.

>> No.78030412

Because they were in the same continuity, when the jumps were made.

It's not complicated anon, try to think about it by yourself a bit, beore asking questions online.

>> No.78030428

Just the description in the perk oversells how good it is. In the comic, the girl goes to crazy lengths just to come up with the answer of "tell your friend that it's her decision, but that you'd prefer her to not leave with the mysterious and evil organization." Also it turns out that her visions were all wrong because they all had the friend destined to die because that's why she activated the power.

The real value in the power is that it lets you rewrite jump documents after your chain ends.

>> No.78030445

>The real value in the power is that it lets you rewrite jump documents after your chain ends.
Go away, Generic.

>> No.78030458

It's Burn The Witch.

>> No.78030489

You could've always done that with the Omega Effect, though

>> No.78030495

What are some good vacation jumps that aren't CATastrophe or Dog Days? Nothing against them, I'm just already using them

>> No.78030530

The Witches could make a good vacation jump if you're strong and like killing things that deserve it.

>> No.78030532

The Sitcom Jump.
Have lots of carefree adventures while jumping from Sitcom to Sitcom.

>> No.78030533

Yeah. I have always been of the opinion that the SS got more in the way of making a build than helping. And with each update it seems to get worse as Val is still trying to 'balance' it, but the end user experience gets worse and worse.

>> No.78030573

The end user experience is miles better than it was. It's just that, now there's barely any point to the supplement because now everything except stats is entirely freeform where you have to balance it yourself.

>> No.78030578

Stardew Valley.

>> No.78030580

Fix your jumps Beast before you start sniping at jumpmakers who are conceptual universes about the quality of your own jumps.

>> No.78030669

Reminder to use cosmic Jumper powers for boob-related shenanigans.

>> No.78030688

Is someone making a new Star Wars jump? I haven't been around for a few weeks but I vaguely remember someone talking about it.

>> No.78030719

Which is a pain in the ass to accurately build a canon character instead of a canon recruitment option.

>> No.78030734

Plagueis is coming some time this decade, allegedly.

>> No.78030749

That, and linking Tiers to specific jumps, which just leads to stupid shit like FGO Mata Hari or Hans being able to dunk on everyone from Stay Night, because their T2 E stats translate to T1 EXs.

Honestly, Fate's 'powerlevels' are more about the narrative - i.e. whoever is currently a having their cool shounen moment - than bigger numbers. Always has been. It's why it can have, say, Karna jobbing to Sieg then 1v1 Moon Altera then tanking Arjuna Blanco's universe resetting blast. Or Herc getting punked by Caliburn, then latter tanking Sutr's planet-glassing sword, then being blow up by the Ark of Covenant.

>> No.78030776

Definitely. It should just cost 50CP to companion any servant that shows up, with a note that says Giglamesh's Gate of Babylon stays behind.

>> No.78030795

>first Shard won't make Nobilis and endjump even when it can make you flex over a full Hadou Yog jumper
>now he fills it with easy drawbacks for a lot of CP
I see what's going on here

>> No.78030869

I mean each of those moments have a explanation, not good ones, but it's explained, except the Herc tanking Sutr sword.

>> No.78030874

Reminder the Elder God and Conceptual Jumpers ultimately end up less happy than Jumpers who exclusively visit Comfy and Slice of Life settings to get friends and a soul mate spouse.

>> No.78030897

Enjoy working 9 to 5 to keep food on the table and having your chain end in a car crash while I drink the wine of conceptual joy.

>> No.78030909

>not being an Elder God and Conceptual Jumper while also visiting Comfy and Slice of Life settings to relax and have fun

>> No.78030920

The net happiness people experience balances out to an equilibrium, always swinging between boredom and misery.

>> No.78030924

Either Evolving Skills, Blessed By A God, Recorded God, or Maxed Stat should be what you’re looking for.

>> No.78030925

>not doing both
literally jumping incorrectly

>> No.78030937

Schopenhauer pls go and pay the medical bills for that woman you crippled. And stop sucking off the pajeets too.

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