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I don't really like all the micro-factions, makes many armies very same-y.
The model variety actually works fine when you only have 8-10 models on the board though, so I've been enjoying Warcry as a casual beer & pretzels game with the GF and some mates.

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Skaven, lizardmen, ogre, chaos, darkelf, vampire counts these are all still around to buy with no more gaps than they had in the pre-chapterhouse days. Even orc&goblins are an option if you don't mind the lack of normal ones, everyone else made it through.

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Shit lore.

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I guess my impression was wrong then, is the Empire and Bretonnia still available or are they off the shelves? I've been interested in about all the Warhammer Fantasy factions except the Elves, Ogres, and Beastmen but I don't necessarily dislike those factions I just haven't given any real time looking at them.

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Bretonia is still squatted as it had few playing fans and half of them used historical models. Much the same is true for empire as well though they had a more recent range of sculpts that GW still wishes to make ROI on seemingly no matter how looking it takes.

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A bunch of empire survived, but not all. Freeguild has 8 units listed on GW store.

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Bretonnian line is super kill, but there:s some good alternatives with similar aesthetics if you're interested in them.

As for empire, some of their stuff is still around, but a lot of my favorites from their line are gone now like the empire knights, the free company (GWs best ever kit for bits) and the witch hunter from 8e. You can still get a lot of their landsknecht stuff though, like state troops and great swords under the "freeguild" name.

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Comparing whfb to aos is like comparing heroes of might and magic 3 to 5.

Soul vs soulless

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If you just wanted Karl "the one true emperor" Franz as a TWWH collectors item then his sexy armored model is still for sale as "freeguild general on battle griffon"

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Truth be told, i am a RPG fag and love the old world. I don't care if the gameplay is better or worse, I can't forgive GW the decision of killing that world I grew up with and played so many weekends in RP and TT.

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You can use 2 if you want, but comparing anything to 3 is basicly blasphemy and would get you decapitated east of Berlin.

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Good, fuck empirefags, they are as bad as marine and igfags

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shit taste

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>/pol/ tier response
consume a bullet

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>why don't you like [thing]
>I find [thing] not fun
>how dare you

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>or refresh their ancient WHFB lines
Let me introduce you to everybody's favorite little green crack heads the gloomspite gitz

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Nigga dont blame others for you abysmal reading comprehension.

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These literally look like they were designed to appeal to children. I guess GW really knows how to appease their audience (manchildren)

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Old ones were no less silly, just a lot stiffer.

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>It's all moot anyway, because you shouldn't be playing big formation battles in 28mm+ to begin with
Only 2mm will get you remotely accurate numbers for mass battles. Reasonable people just treat each model as a representation for a sub-unit, so each knight in your unit of 10 knights might represent 50 knights, so your entire block of heavy cavalry is 500 strong.

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watermark edited out shittily

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The one good thing about the AoS stuff is that it looks way more dynamic than the old models, although the drawback to that is that it gets increasingly difficult to convert anything.

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In the night goblins case I'd question what there even is to convert then into which may explain why they were given such a thorough remastering

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I like to create variation in my armies wherever I can.

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If you smell burnt toast call emergency services.

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God, these are so ugly.

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Why would you take time to write this shit out when you clearly know nothing about the setting

Kill yourself mongoloid

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>these guys get 1 attack that hits on 3+ but wounds on 4+, and these guys get an attack that hit on 4+ but wounds on 3+

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They killed off Grymloq and probably Kroq-Gar since he isn't in AoS.

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I did when second started now have seven armies varying from 500 to 4000 points. Now it has an actual rules set, names and places with history that has developed over the last half a decade rather than a shitshow to try and keep selling old world models its a pretty solid fast paced 40k alternative.

Nagash is still a petty loser though.

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>square bases for anything but rank and flank

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WHFB is more fun for me honestly.

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Personally the names really kill interest for me. They're just so terrible in a way that's not even fun. I'm also just kind of bitter that the whole lightning ghost aspect of the stormcasts is basically nothing and they're still just people under the armor. It would have been really rad had they been Broken Lords style animated armor, daemons of Sigmar losing their humanity to the cause and maybe eventually turning into inhuman monsters/seige engines.

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>daemons of Sigmar losing their humanity to the cause
Don't know how much you keep up with the fluff but this part is basically canon now at least. Every time they reforge they lose a little bit of their humanity and the oldest of them are basically little more than automata.
It's not enough to redeem their overall incredibly shit execution, but at least GW attempted to do something interesting with them fluff-wise.

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Yeah if you read into more of their recent developments you would find that they are basically styled as this more and more.

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I prefer the 40k aesthetic.

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that was the point anon

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It's just 40k in a fantasy skin.

I liked WHFB specifically because of the rank and file.

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this has been true for almost half a decade, too

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Flaw 2/3 is a gift, only have to paint one eye.

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I'm aware that it's somewhat the case, but it feels very lackluster. I suppose they could lean more into it as time goes on, but it feels very overly safe and doesn't distinguish them enough from marines imho. I'd much prefer it be more dramatic, with the heavily reforged being markedly inhuman. At the very least something akin to say vordt and the dancer from DS3 or some of the humanoid monsters from KDM.

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Because, while I admit I never played a proper game of WHFB, my interest in the lore and world was rooted in the Old World.
I hate that it was killed for the sole reason of doing something new and different and totally-not-Magic tier realmshit. I hate that they made Ground Marines. I hate that they out and out eradicated the Brettonians and the Tomb Kings, even though I know neither of those two factions saw much sale. I hate that they got rid of Slaanesh in a blatant attempt to make it so parents wouldn't screech about tits, then decided that they would bring him back later. I hate that it took them something like 5 years to getting around to making new Chaos Warriors - if Chaos even matters then it should have been the second thing made after Grund Mareens.
In my opinion the entire thing was an abortion that failed to die like it should've, and now lives on with the scars from the coat hangar while aping its dead father.

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His model is. 1e lore had that unit specificly be a distorted daemon form of Kroq Gar. 2e went back with the whole order daemon lore, so it's probably not the case any more, but the model is still the same.

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>everyone you see has some small feature from whoever killed you last
Good way to turn into a paranoid shizo.

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What's with all the terrible wojack and frog threads?

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