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You have to bring back D&D Basic while maintaining enough compatibility with 5e that Basic modules can be technically played in 5e and 5e modules can be technically played in Basic (though not well). What do you do?

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Prob something like Five Torches Deep with B/X's dungeon procedures tacked on. The thing about module compatibility is that all you need to change around are the numbers, since every scenario presented in each module can be played in either (or any) game. Once you have a procedure for that, like how 5TD does it, you can basically do whatever you want.

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An interesting game. The only way to win is not to play.

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Mixing things from different time periods (cyborg dinosaurs, and maybe orcs with electric guitars, if you think of orcs as something from medieval folklore) is called anachronism.

Making fantasy creatures by giving real creatures a new ability (your flying sharks, or the flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz, or the sand seals in Breath of the Wild) is a device I see occasionally and perhaps it deserves a name, so I am hereby christening it "bulettification".

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I'd just play Into the Unknown with some of its extraneous elements stripped out. It's just 5e without the nonsense, with a slimmed-but-recognizable set of dungeon and wilderness procedures.

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Ok so instead of saying "this setting is intended to be anachronistic and have bulettified (a term no one recognizes) creatures" why not just say "gonzo" and have everyone who's familiar with the scene know what you mean?

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>What do you do?
Shoot the guy who tried to give me the job. This evil must be cut out at the root.

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And if you need to crap out videos where you "describe" products, then calling anything with unfamiliar elements "gonzo" is the low effort way to go.

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Sounds like you have more of an issue with Questing Beast than you do with the term itself.

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>vikings and saxons are heavy foot
they had a helmet, spear, and shield like 80% of the time.

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One of the things you have to recognize about Chainmail is it's made by dudes who don't really know what the fuck they're talking about, and that's part of the fun.

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Why not use the rules cyclopedia?

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Rules Cyclopedia has a lot of rules options that you might not be sure which you want to use, as well as less instruction on how to play built in. It is a great alternative if you find B/X boring after playing a bit, but B/X is a great place to start playing. Also consider looking into the Mentzer-made Basic/Expert books from 1983 if you find B/X hard to learn from.

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Chainmail is impressionistic. It's true that Gygax and Perren probably imagined vikings as wearing chain hauberks and might have statted lighter-armored reavers as light foot, but it's also reasonable to figure that since there are rules covering about a thousand years of changing warfare, the point is about relative strengths and not evaluation against some absolute measure. In the Viking Age, typical vikings could be run as heavy foot, Vikings with byrnies and dane axes as armored, and peasant levies and other bleps as light foot. After all, both sides are presumed to be on the same tech level; it's not a system for allowing vikings to fight it out against late-medieval knights or Swiss pike hedgehogs.

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I want to coin the term "funhouse naturalism". I think it's a good term. Let's use it from now on, please.

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What does your term mean?

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I thought the thumbnail was a deep one riding a dude so I was very concerned.

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The use of GONZO as a term should be preserved and even encouraged for two reasons. First, it is descriptive. When you are told a setting is going to be GONZO, you know you will be fighting giant mutant rabbits with laser cats. Second, it denotes a sort of unlimited imagination of great unpredictability where anything goes and nothing can be foreseen, something we need more of in our fantasy.

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Because it's not about actually helping Black people (who are below the poverty line). It's about making White people feel like they're helping poor black people, without doing anything.

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So much this it’s not even funny

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Would it will help if you see the word used correctly in a sentence? For example: "Nuskoolers post to their gonzo blogs compulsively as way to coming to terms with their gender dysphoria."

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Would it will help if you see the word used correctly in a sentence? For example: "Nuskoolers often post to their gonzo blogs compulsively as way of coming to terms with their gender dysphoria."

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>It's about making White people feel like they're helping poor black people, without doing anything.
I don't even think it's about that. It's a power struggle between two groups of white people in positions of power. It's not about feeling good about yourself, it's about occupying the moral high ground so you can snipe down on your enemies from there.

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anyone ever run a campaign where the PCs are a gang? i've got a big city in my setting and the players are going to be a criminal faction within that city, and i'm wondering if anyone has any hooks or advice for running such a campaign.

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It took my group 3-4 months of weekly ~4hr sessions to fully explore B2, which is about 60 rooms IIRC. But they were a big group and fairly unfocused as players, so YMMV.

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So I was reading this


What was your favorite abandoned/deleted/forgotten blog/post for the OSR movement?

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>Deep Carbon Observatory - Session 5


My players finally got into the Observatory and one of them died. I'm gonna post a review after we finish it but I'll probably gonna be an hipster and a contrarian and I'm gonna say I didn't like it that much.

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what's the best starter guide for building an old school mega dungeon?

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>and peasant levies and other bleps as light foot.
Levies are distinct from Peasants in Chainmail.
Levies: These units were local citizenry, watch, militia and the like, who
were occasionally drilled and called to arms in times of trouble. They were used
most often by the Italians and Flemish — in fact, the Flemish pikemen were good
fighters if properly supported by cavalry, but it was hopeless for them to take the
field without such support. As they were citizen soldiers, they were poorly
trained, half-disciplined, and fought in masses. Their chief arms were long
spears, various pole weapons, or pikes. Levies should be treated as Heavy Foot
unless otherwise stated. The Flemish add 1 to dice scores when checking morale.

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looking for these pfds by taylor-lane.itch io

The Noble
The Time Thief
The Kleptomancer
Monster Eater
The Obsessive Hunter

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Brazilian Portuguese. I don't know, gonzo just sounds vague and kinda gay. Like fantasy was supposed to be fantastical, but now that we have our default of dwarves, elfs etc, anything that strays from that is "gonzo".

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Not him, QB videos are useful for having product overviews, but he could up his descriptions a bit. Gonzo is a boring catch all term for tryhard weird stuff

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do you know dovahatty? you're both brazillian and use 4chan. I agree about the gonzo thing, I like my fantasy to be fantastical. I think its for the best that no sci fi franchise holds as much sway in the public imagination as lotr holds in fantasy. love lotr, but man, I wish Elric and Corum were more influential in the modern fantasy scene.

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Sounds good to me anon

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>It took my group 3-4 months of weekly ~4hr sessions to fully explore B2
I can't put into words how jealous I am that you apparently have a group that's willing to play an old module, in 4 hour sessions, every week, for months
I'm lucky if my friends can commit to playing 5e once every two or three weeks

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Try the NuSR trove out of the share thread

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Never heard of him. He lurks osrg?
Some decent movies of Elric and others would help that, but nowadays it would just ruin it

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Open table really helps.

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>I wish Elric and Corum were more influential in the modern fantasy scene
NAYRT but what do you see as being defining elements of those milieus that you’d like to see? I’ve read both of those sagas multiple times, I think Chronicles of Corum might be my favorite fantasy series of all time.
Elric has had an influence on modern fantasy. Drizzt’s a moody outcast and that Witcher guy is a thinly veiled ripoff. Corum not so much maybe.

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Made updates to this, will roll out in the next thread.

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can you send a picture of what that print looks like? I want to see if its worth it

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It's a weird module.

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I feel the same way about veins of the earth. Everybody raves over it but I read the monster descriptions and it came off like a bunch of arty farty bullshit to me.

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>The Floundering Cog
He did indeed! PDF related.

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It is arty farty bullshit. PStu is a wildly overrated OSR creator. The Void Phoenix is the height of pretension. He’s a decent writer but gaming material is not in his wheelhouse.

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Is there a procedure for chasing the party back through the dungeon with a big ass monster? Or even the dungeon is collapsing kinda way, I'm not picky, though my limited mechanical experience is getting the best of me.

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New Thread!

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>He lurks osrg?
/his/, he made a fairly successful youtube series https://youtu.be/9EOzr15h8S8?list=PLp5VE4P1YBhc05cDqiOazzTTu1WSh8MHg
I mainly want the more out-there elements from corum, stuff like the complete genocide in the first few pages, the weird conspiring wizard without overt magic so much as a collection of weird bullshit. but most of all I want the writing style, short, punchy books with a solid plot and characterization. I hate the fluff of modern fantasy

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