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>borderline homeless
Why, that would depend on the wizard thought.

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No matter how crazy the man is he's a better master than the bitter isolated old witch. At least you'll know where he stands.

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>underground fortress run by a dungeon
Do you want adventurers knocking down your door? Cause that's how you get adventurers.

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It would make more sense for sorcerers to have schools, retard.

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I'd argue a medieval feudal setting WOULD invest in schooling for wizards. Wizards are living weapons-- having a lot of wizards would be a major advantage over the enemy, and it's fairly cheap as well.
Why not quality? You're essentially creating an environment that's ideal for nurturing a wizard and giving him ample competition, resources, and knowledge.
>shared knowledge among multiple wizards
>funded resources
>competing against everyone in magical talent, more talented wizards get special attention
>can focus on research instead of just survival
>have classmates to spar against
>access to more knowledge from different teachers, students, etc
>generations of knowledge and skills builds up, constantly evolving
>people actually want to succeed because their future and families are on the line

Meanwhile, (1) wizard of unknown quality taking a (1) kid with some magical talent. As opposed to having access to thousands of years of magical research that's constantly evolving to deal with the magic of rival institutes, rival nations, etc.

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Sure, if you’re a high fantasy retard who thinks magic should just be a couple of silly words and gestures.

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Am I the only one anoyed that the bone devil's hand is outside the circle?

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A player in a campaign I took part in approached it from a different angle. He played a bard from some sort of college or university, but said bard is actually educated in literature and history. His role as a bard is really just him making those things useful in a party; he tags along because he wants to write the setting's equivalent of Marco Polo's journal, and he just likes helping people. Think of it like a geography expert applying his knowledge to make fictional maps as payment on the side. There's more depth to him than I'm describing him with, but that's most of the general concept.

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That literally didn't address anything I said.

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Yeah. For my bard he went with college of swords so it was like a knight academy where you are taught many forms of combat but you specialize in one. You were taught how to use magic but also know how to fight physically if magic is useless to you at the time

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I had an idea for a game in whence the PC's are mid level wizards, the best in the local region who could be gotten on short notice and without any blood sacrifice.
The local power person, a baron most likely, wants to add magical auxiliaries to his standing army, so he has a deal.
He'll give the players an old crumbling castle by the sea, and some funding, if they can provide useful magical items, magic soldiers, or anything really.
And then the game consists of the players trying out various random shit as they please. Maybe one tries to design a tank using a decanter of endless water to power a waterwheel wagon, maybe one player starts experimenting with skeletons, maybe they begin to mass produce fireball wands, who knows.

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The possibilities are truly endless. In a few months, your players are going to take over the entire continent.

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We call them test subjects.

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This is such blatant projection of the author's life that I just feel sorry for him now.

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t. foreveralone

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Sweetie, you should learn how to read before posting.

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You're right, that's why surgeons in third world countries who learn via apprenticeships outclass those who go to university.

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seethe harder

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Nor even an equal comparison, how retarded can you be?

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>nice witch lady
>dungeon mistress?
How much soi is in your diet?

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Clearly not as much as you who think apprenticeships produce higher quality than colleges.

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They do, that’s why you had to use third worlders as an example lol.

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No, he had to use third wolders because they're the only ones who actually teach academical fields through internships you massive useless retard. Even surgeons who train under another surgeon have to go through medical school first, and even then the experienced surgeon is training dozens of little shits.

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People have a really romantic view of apprenticeships for some reason.

I did an apprenticeship to become an automotive locksmith and another (kind of, it was was just a jr. dev position but I felt like an apprentice) to become a software engineer. The quality of education you get from University and self study are both far superior. The only benefits from apprenticeships are
1. (For software engineering) Hands on experience and learning the codebase. If you actually didn't cheat your way through Uni, this phase goes by pretty fast.
2. (For automotive locksmithing) Trade secrets. I'm not sure if this is the case with all trades, but the job itself is actually deceptively simple. Like, a retard with a little bit of training could do it, but you can hardly find any useful information or tools surrounding the job anywhere. The only way to get experience is to pay someone to teach you or work under someone for low ass wages. The whole method of passing down knowledge, retaining it, etc is borderline retarded. Nobody ever writes anything down and relies totally on experience.

You use apprenticeship to get practical experience, that's it. You need to have the understanding or you end up lacking flexibility. It's the fucking learn computer science vs "just do webdev bro, interviews are dumb why do I need to understand this xD i'll never use it on the job" argument

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>She is about to get gruesomely raped with soul extraction mid coitus.
It's okay, the warlock union's got her back on this one.

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To continue on number 2

If information on 2 was more widespread on the internet and records were kept, I'd argue that in the majority of cases, people could easily do it themselves. Now you don't need to pay 200 dollars if you've locked your keys in your car by accident or 500 if you lost your keys. (Or up to a thousand+ if you go to the dealership lmao, depending on the car)

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>No, he had to use third wolders because they're the only ones who actually teach academical fields
Trade apprenticeships exists anon.

>> No.78034772

>academic fields

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>Being a surgeon, a doctor, a researcher or a fucking wizard who learns formal magic is a trade
If you don't want to admit you're not a retard, just stop posting.

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remember that if we base magic schools on the estereotipes of british boarding schools we would have a bunch of magic teenagers sodomizing their underclasmates

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Nah, the only way you could believe this is if you've never experienced small class sizes with high quality teachers and/or were too lazy to forge one on one relationships with your profs outsode of lecture hours. That wouldn't describe you, would it, OP?

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>This is such blatant projection of the author's life that I just feel sorry for him now.

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why not both?

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>tfw you will never be the years tart boy and get your ass pounded by every older wizard in the academy

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>forge one on one relationships with your profs outsode of lecture hours
Sucking dicks for As is not a valid way of passing college.

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The only time I've seen a wizard school go right was when it was an absolute horrific failure. The entire party were wizards and had formed a cabal, we knew about the academy and ended up going there for research at some point. The professors were enormous fucking assholes and doing all sorts of weird shit and the school was in mid-catastrophic failure when we found it. We ended up getting into a giant fight with them and getting run out of town, but the school failed and is now just a dungeon with insane wizards living in it.

The aftermath of their bullshit is that the people of the city and the nobility hate magic and will openly drive any wizard they can out of town, which includes the party. The party on the other hand made friends with orcs who think magic is cool because it gets them free food and zombies to boss around.

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I have the distinct impression that a considerable ammount of people IRL would disagree on that one

>> No.78040946

Actually, a lot of people IRL feel that's pretty immoral for both parties. In fact, it's so ill perceived that there's laws about it.

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Shit, really? Imagine if I decided joke about it because of that, by saying a lot of people have done it, implying that they were too stupid to get good grades by other means.

Man, what a wasted opportunity

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Yeah, I know. You blew it.

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Except this is absolutely invented by you and both male and female pedo scum get put in the slammer on the regular.

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I like both; Wizard academies are MUCH rarer, but can churn out “reliable” spellcasters who aren’t particularly exceptional but will get a basic job done. Most won’t be exceptional but will serve their limited societal role just fine.

Apprenticeships however, can create the great masters.

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Have we reached the point where people can't be arsed to read the thread anymore? Read you dumbs niggers. You ain't clever, everything you wanna say has been commented before.

>> No.78042599

looks like you dont keep tabs on the news

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You know what’s kinda funny?
Rothfuss himself noted that NOBODY should ever have romantic views like his main character when a fan told him that she “wanted to have a romance like his”, because his views on romance were incredibly myopic and self-serving and rarely if ever took into account the reality of the situation or the other person’s circumstances.

A big reoccurring theme of the stories is the numerous ways that he was being a huge hypocrite on many subjects, which is probably why at the end of the stories he’s a sad man who failed at life.

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Anything that brings fantasy closer to industrialisation or 'real world' borefests makes fantasy suck shit.

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huh, the setting with the best magic system I've ever seen does the apprentice route (pic).

although the genre's groundbreaking work (Earthsea) features a school without any of the problems you mention. and also has one of the best ever magic systems.

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I think it's more that a wizard university will churn out knowledgeable and well-rounded spellcasters who have some in-depth knowledge of their particular field of focus. A wizard apprentice in comparison will have a an incredibly deep pool of knowledge regarding magic, but an equally narrow focus as well. However, it wouldn't be uncommon for university wizards to heavily specialize and take on apprentices, nor would it be uncommon for an apprenticed wizard to attend an university to broaden his knowledge.

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Watch Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

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